A New Zealand Study of How Panties Tear to Help Identify False Claims…

From a press report:

Forensic scientists are studying women’s knickers and how they tear to help police determine whether a sexual-assault complaint is authentic.

The Otago University study on how several types of common underwear fabric tear under force has been published in the latestForensic Science International journal.

Researchers said the results could be important in cases of false sexual assault accusations where underwear had been torn using scissors or a knife.

The paper said identifying a false sexual-assault claim was difficult, and often damage to clothing was the only form of forensic evidence.

“False criminal reports are a reality for law-enforcement officials, waste police, forensic and judicial resources, and can lead to a possible miscarriage of justice,” it said.

“Damage to knicker fabrics does not appear to have been systematically investigated previously.”

Full article here.

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