Petition Nicaraguan Authorities to Release Jason Puracal

Jason Puracal and family

Background on Jason Puracal case here and here.

Press release from Eric Volz and the David House Agency:

The advocacy group, who is responsible for breaking the Travon Martin story, approached our colleague Eric Volz, managing director of The David House Agency, about authoring a petition for the Jason Puracal case in Nicaragua. Eric recruited former DEA director, Tom Cash, to co-author the petition, which went public on Friday, and as of this morning, has over 70,000 signatures.
Eric said, “The petition simply urges the Nicaraguan authorities to order a review of Jason Puracal’s wrongful conviction. Its not a supplement for all the other areas in which we are advocating, but it is contributing the appropriate kind of pressure needed at this point in this case. So far Nicaraguan foreign minister has received over 70,000 emails about the case. Id say we are getting someone’s attention. Maybe we can ever crash a server or two.”

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