Many Medical Practitioners In Netherlands Aware of Scientific Fraud

Post written by Jaron Daniël Schoone, MA, of the Knoops Innocence Project in the Netherlands:

One in seven medical practitioners has witnessed that scientific results were fabricated. And nearly one in four has witnessed that only those results were used which were personally favored by the researcher.

These are just two results of a Dutch survey under 800 medical practitioners. The results will be published this week in the “Medisch Contact” (Medical Contact) journal, in a special about the scientific enterprise.


15% of the medical practitioners state that they have witnessed the fabrication of results. 22% have witnessed that data was selected or edited to obtain more significant results. 36%, or one in three practitioners, have witnessed that a person was added to the list of authors of a research article who was not in any way involved in the research.

Another striking fact: 72% of the medical practitioners believe that important clinical questions in their scientific field have not yet been properly researched.

It is becoming ever more apparent, at least in the Netherlands, that scientific research and published articles are not always based on proper science. For us as an innocence project this is of course a well-known fact, but it is good to see that the general public is being educated in this area as well.

One response to “Many Medical Practitioners In Netherlands Aware of Scientific Fraud

  1. Yikes. Pretty unsettling for Netherlanders, but also for anyone in the international scientific / medical community who bases further research on these fabricated results. We can only wonder what the results of a survey like this would be in other countries. Certainly, the Netherlands doesn’t just happen to be the place where this sort of thing happens most often.

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