Africa Illegal Detention:Two Innocent Men Set Free in Kenya

After spending 75 days ‘unlawfully’ in prison, Shadrack and Joseph regained their freedom on April 18th, 2012. Thanks to the work of the International Justice Mission in Kenya, the organisation that worked tirelessly, against all odds to secure their release. This brings to the fore the notoriously sluggish machinery of justice in Africa, that an accused person can be made to suffer scorn and odium, for an offence he did not commit. As their lawyer said: ‘There is much more to be done to set the innocent prisoners free’.

One can only hope that the lawyer can go the whole hog to sue the relevant authorities for false imprisonment; deprivation of liberty; loss of income and consequently, make a claim for monetary compensation. ‘Exemplary’ and ‘aggravated’ damages might not be too far-fetched a claim to allege. As the maxim goes, for every right there is a remedy. Read  here

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