Forensic Lab Tech Files Disciplinary Complaint Against District Attorney in Texas…

John Bradley, District Attorney

From source:

Williamson County District Attorney John Bradley is the target of an ethical violations complaint.

Click here to read the complaint filed by the state bar.

Click here to read Former Forensics Lab Technician Christopher Nulf’s letter to the Travis County DA.

Former forensics lab technician Christopher Nulf said the actions of Bradley and others on the state’s Forensic Science Commission, resulted in a failure to properly investigate his previous complaints of negligence and misconduct at the Dallas County crime lab, Southwestern Institute of Forensic Science.

Bradley served as the commission’s chair from 2009 to 2011.

In the complaint, filed earlier this month with the state bar and the Travis County District Attorney’s Office, Nulf accuses Bradley of failing to advise other commissioners of potential conflicts of interest and providing false statements to the public, among other issues.  The complaint also names several other members of the Forensic Science Commission and other agencies.

Bradley did not respond to YNN’s request for comment.

A Travis County District Attorney’s Office investigator has been assigned to determine the merits of the case.

While Bradley now faces complaints regarding his time on the forensic commission, the Board of Disciplinary Appeals has dismissed an unrelated complaint regarding Bradley’s actions as DA during a high-profile case.

For years, Bradley fought the DNA testing that ultimately proved the innocence of Michael Morton, who spent nearly 25 years in prison after he was wrongfully convicted of killing his wife.

His lawyers argued Bradley was trying to hide misconduct by former DA, now District Judge Ken Anderson.

The board’s dismissal of the complaint is final.

2 responses to “Forensic Lab Tech Files Disciplinary Complaint Against District Attorney in Texas…

  1. Docile Jim Brady – Columbus OH 43209

    Outcome should be interesting.

    IMO , an informed and voting public is indispensable in keeping rogues out of office , whether elected or appointed .


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