Tuesday’s Quick Clicks…

  • A blogger writes about the impact that recent the Innocence Project of Florida annual gala had on him
  • Yesterday at Robert Dewey DNA exoneration in Colorado, it is revealed that the prosecutors have identified and issued a warrant for a new suspect; prosecutor apologizes to Dewey; more on the good prosecutor here
  • Story on the double DNA exoneration yesterday in Dallas
  • A blogger wonders whether those who still believe Amanda Knox “done it” are biased because of anti-American sentiment
  • A glowing review of exoneree Gloria Killian’s new book about her ordeal
  • The Croation 6:  New evidence supports innocence of six men in Croatia
  • Murder convict in the UK, Luke Mitchell, who has long declared his innocence causes a stir by passing polygraph administered by one the leading technicians in the UK 

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