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  1. I found the article about eyewitness ID very interesting. Jason Young was recently convicted of murder here in NC. They had no evidence linking him to the murder but presented the theory that he “could have” left his hotel in VA, drove back to NC, killed his wife and then returned back to the hotel. They have an eyewitness who places him at a VA gas station at 5:30AM (the clerk). She was shown just one photo of him and said “yes, that man threw a $20 at me and cursed at me to turn the pump on”. Nothing was recorded. The police claim that the video cameras at the station weren’t working at the time. Convenient. At the trial she described him as short and with thinning hair. He was tall, no thinning hair. He was convicted partially due to this. The jurors found her credible somehow. The thing that I don’t understand is that NC has guidelines for witness ID. They apparently aren’t following them. It’s troubling to see the same “errors” occur over and over when we now know how unreliable witness ID can be.

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