Yes, America. We have executed an innocent man.

Here is a recent article by Andrew Cohen of The Atlantic, which focuses on the Carlos DeLuna case, but really addresses the death penalty in general.

Cohen A. Carlos DeLuna. The Atlantic 2012

There are link references to several other death penalty cases, and I’m sorry to say, three of them are in Ohio

2 responses to “Yes, America. We have executed an innocent man.

  1. Docile Jim Brady – Columbus OH 43209

    Thanks for the write , Phil .

  2. This story has been playing out all across this country for years. The same culprits every time. Poor representation, incompetent or corrupt law enforcement, a DA, whose agenda is to seek a conviction Instead seeking justice. The blindfold is not on lady of justice, its on the citizens of this country. We have been conditioned to believe that this is the best system in the world. But like every other aspect of our society, the justice system is ruled by money. How many people currently on death row had proper representation? Do we have any wealthy people on death row? We all know the answers to these questions. Now It’s time to go after the caretakers of our justice system ( judges & DAs)
    lets hold them accountable for their actions for a change.

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