Innocence Project, NY Bar, Rally Today for Law to Prevent Wrongful Conviction

The Innocence Project and the NY State Bar Association are rallying in Albany, NY, today to urge lawmakers to pass legislation requiring best procedural practices to reduce eyewitness misidentification and false confessions. Laws requiring or recommending best practices are in place in New Jersey, Connecticut, Texas, North Carolina, and Ohio, but have met resistance and failed to pass in New York and other states.

The Innocence Project is expected to release data showing that no police departments in NY have reported following recommended identification procedures. These reforms are frequently said to be “cost neutral” when compared to existing procedures. However, they arguably save and protect taxpayers, since the human and financial cost of convicting the innocent and permitting the guilty to continue lives of crime are enormous.

More on this here, here, and here.

5 responses to “Innocence Project, NY Bar, Rally Today for Law to Prevent Wrongful Conviction

  1. I would like to know , what is the reason of the ” Miranda Warning to exist ?
    An interrogation underpresure . theats , persuasion and intimidation can lead to a incrimination . So if the Miranda Warning is meant to prevent this easy incrimination from happening can please somebody confirm .

    Thanks , Best Regards . Luis Silva .

  2. And also .. if happen to be ..”Miranda Warning a right .. what is supposed to happen if Law Enforcement Officer violates that right ?

    And also , can somebody tell me the whole meaning of ” Incriminating ”


    • Luis, a self-incriminating statement is something said that suggests guilt. However, this can occur in some interrogation situations that, if understood in the full context of the interrogation, could cast doubt on the credibility of the statement.

  3. Luis, studies of actual police interrogations have unfortunately revealed that many people waive their Miranda rights to remain silent and to have legal counsel. The innocent are among those who may mistakingly believe that, because they are innocent, they don’t need an attorney. They may trust the system and believe truth always prevails. Some believe that getting an attorney gives the appearance of guilt. The decision to waive Miranda rights is a dangerous one. About 25 percent of DNA-proven wrongful convictions have involved false confessions, false admissions, or self-incriminating statements.

  4. Thank you very much for your reply Nancy :
    So what is the reason to exist the called ” Miranda Warning ” if the police is not going to respect it ? Knowing that this action could lead to an incrimination ? and also , its legal to the police advice , and instruct a person and what to say to incriminate the other person ? person ( A ) is instructed by police officer to incriminate person ( B ) is this right ? I dont think so …

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