Wednesday’s Quick Clicks…

  • The play My Kind of Town, about police torture and wrongful conviction, opens in Chicago
  • Texas DA John Bradley, who was criticized for his handling of the Michael Morton case, goes down in primary election after opponent focuses on wrongful convictions (more here)
  • Some analysis and breakdown of the numbers in the exoneration registry
  • Commentary on the U.S. Dep’t of Justice and its failure to act when its prosecutors engage in misconduct
  • New documentary TV series about wrongful convictions being produced by Discovery Channel in Canada

One response to “Wednesday’s Quick Clicks…

  1. I was disturbed by the judgmental tone of Alexander Baron’s analysis of the National Registry of Exonerations. He seems to attribute epidemic of fabricated child sexual abuse allegations to “loony feminists,” which in my experience is rarely the case.

    Baron goes on to argue that Cathleen Crowell, who as a confused teenager falsely accused Gary Dotson of rape, should have been prosecuted for her act. Baron ignores the fact that it was only because Crowell came forward — an courageious act for which she was subjected to much ridicule — to admit her lie that Dotson ever had a chance to be cleared. Even worse, Baron reports with apparent satisfaction that Crowell “was held to account to a higher power” when she died of breast cancer in 2008.

    The most important thing I take away from the evidence presented in the National Registry of Exonerations is that we should always be careful about rushing to judgment in mean-spirited abandon without all the facts. Baron apparently missed the lesson.

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