2011: Year in Review…

Fresh off the presses, here is a copy of the Ohio Innocence Project’s new publication, a 24-page magazine of sorts summarizing our activities in 2011… We put a lot of work into this, and it’s our first one of this magnitude (we used to do 2 shorter newsletters each year).  Highlights in this issue include descriptions of our 5 case victories in 2011, and excellent article by Nancy Petro entitled, “How Can Three Eyewitnesses Be Wrong?”

4 responses to “2011: Year in Review…

  1. This must have been a HUGE amount of work. A very impressive document, which I will share widely. The “message of the mission” comes across clearly.

  2. This is a beautifully done report. Kudos for focusing on the work and travails of the many people involved with or touched by OIP. Your energy and passion come through.

  3. Docile Jim Brady – Columbus OH 43209

    Received my hard copy minutes ago.

    What a work of art. Kudos to the OIP team ‼

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