International Wrongful Convictions Conference in China this Summer…

A scene from the Changbei Mountains, where the conference will be held….

I will be attending and speaking at this conference, along with many others in the movement, and thought I would pass on these details…

From the website press release:

International Conference on
Prevention of Wrongful Convictions

About this conference:

In all countries and at all times, wrongful convictions have never been avoided in the criminal judicial field. Generally speaking, wrongful convictions usually hurt innocent people and violate human rights.

The international conference is organized by the Research Center of Criminal Justice, Renmin University of China (RCCJRUC), which is a comprehensive academic institute specialized in criminal justice. Domestically, RCCJRUC is in the leading position in the field of criminal law research, covering almost all major research fields and disciplines, domestic and abroad, ancient and contemporary. RCCJRUC has made great academic achievements and has contributed a lot in criminal judicial research, in criminal law legislation, in education and training, and in consultation for the administration of criminal justice.

The conference is funded by Ford Foundation. In the conference, more than 100 criminal law scholars, judicial personnel, local lawyers and wrongful convicted victims will be invited to deeply discuss typical wrongful convictions in the judicial practice of countries in the world.


August 6th(Mon)-10th(Fri), 2012


Changchun City , Jinlin Province, China


Deepen judicial reform and prevent wrongful convictions.

Conference topics include but not limit to the followings:

  • how to understand the phenomenon of wrongful convictions,
  • how to prevent wrongful convictions,
  • how to compensate wrongful convicted victims,
  • the comparison of systems in different countries related with wrongful convictions,
  • how to improve the wrongful conviction prevention system, the state compensation system, and the wrongful conviction accountability system in China

Key Date:

  • Paper Submission deadline: August 1st, 2012
  • Presentation PPT Submission deadline: August 1st, 2012


Prof. LIU Pinxin      E-mail:

Conference Secretary,  ZHU Mengni    E-mail:

Hosted by:
The Research Center of Criminal Justice, Renmin University of China;
Law School of Jilin University

Organized by:
The Research Center of Wrongful Convictions, Renmin University of China

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