Tuesday’s Quick Clicks…

  • Short news piece on the Alaska Innocence Project
  • Medill Innocence Project scandal makes the “top 1o” news stories at Northwestern University last year
  • Paradise Lost film series about the West Memphis 3 screening in New Haven, CT
  • Tim Masters writes book about his wrongful conviction
  • Sister of woman slain in the North Carolina case in which Gregory Taylor was wrongfully convicted wants police to reopen the investigation to try to find the real killer

One response to “Tuesday’s Quick Clicks…

  1. Rev. Dr. Kevin Gray

    I was wrongly convicted and I need help with my case by anyone who is willing to help me. I have all the evidence I need. I was stabbed several times by a man I never touched and the man told the judge he was trying to kill me, the judge said I got what I had coming. The DA also got me more time for convictions they madeup. My doctor bills were over $56.000. I stayed on the critical list for five days after several operations. I never broke any laws and did five years for nothing. I’m now in court on PCRA and need the world to know about the injustic in my case. 215-927-3806 is my home # 6637 N Opal St Philadelphia, PA 19138 is my address, Kevin Gray is my name. I need to tell my story and get this conviction off of me, and get my good name back. My victim did not get injured in any way, but was given a free pass to kill me in front of a lot of people and the police covered up the evidence. I called 911 for help, the police didn’t produce the 911 call inspite of the fact, I called for help because I was being murdered, Someone out there, please help me with this case I’m innocent of all charges against me. I need investigators, web-site to raise money and media support. Please help. Once you see the evidence, it will cause you to speak out. The man that tried to kill me, told the judge he was trying to chop my head off. The judge said I got what I had coming. Anyone, I’ll point out to you all the injustice in this case. I welcome all police, law students, AND ANYONE WHO WANT TO STAND FOR JUSTICE Sincerely, 6/23/12

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