Breaking News: Philippines Innocence Project Launched…

The Center has been working to provide support and information to representatives in the Philippines interested in starting an Innocence Network Organization there.  I just got an email announcement from one of the founders, Jaime Syjuco, stating that one had formed in the past week.  Here are some details from the email:

I thought this email beforehand would be opportune to share some good news/progress regarding the startup of the IP Philippines.

Last Saturday June 16, we held the first IP workshop at the University of the Philippines DNA lab. Attending were:

  1. College of Law, Ateneo de Davao University;
  2. College of Law, De La Salle University;
  3. DNA Analysis Laboratory, NSRI, University of the Philippines;
  4. Free Legal Assistance Group [FLAG];
  5. Give Up Tomorrow Team; and
  6. Office of Legal Aid, College of Law, University of the Philippines.

The 6 groups above have agreed to establish the IP Philippines.

It was also discussed that a tie-up with the University of the Philippines’ Film Institute may work towards getting Film Students involved in documenting the work of the IP Philippines….

More details to follow…

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