Tuesday’s Quick Clicks…

  • In Australia, David Harold Eastman one step closer to overturning his conviction based on fresh evidence of possible innocence
  • Michigan Supreme Court limits expert testimony regarding false confessions
  • Video:  Patrick Joseph Hill, one of “The Birmingham Six” in the UK, gives a visceral account of the anger and ongoing trauma faced by him and other victims of wrongful conviction.
  • Zackary Stewart, imprisoned for four years for a murder he didn’t commit, filed a civil suit against three law enforcement officers who investigated the case and the Stone County Sheriff’s Department in Missouri.  In the complaint filed Friday, Stewart alleges Stone County investigators violated his constitutional rights, had inadequate training, and abuse of police and arrest power on the citizens of Missouri.  The lawsuit in U.S. District Court cites seven points, including malicious prosecution, false arrest, and wrongful incarceration.  Video here
  • Thomas and Raymond Highers, brothers, granted new trial in Michigan based on new evidence of innocence
  • Video of exoneree Brian Banks on the Tonight Show in the U.S.
  • An article summarizing the American press on the death of the Lockerbie Bomber, who many outside of the U.S. believe was wrongfully convicted

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