Tuesday’s Quick Clicks…

  • An interview with Oscar winner Errol Morris, author of A Wilderness of Error
  • The Innocence Project of Texas is preparing to grade about 1,200 law enforcement departments statewide on their compliance with a law that requires police agencies to adopt eyewitness identification policies.  “Unless somebody is really grading their papers, nobody knows whether the law is really being implemented,” said Scott Henson, a policy consultant for the Innocence Project. Last year, Texas legislators approved a measure that required police agencies to adopt policies meant to prevent faulty eyewitness identification in criminal cases. Under the law, departments were required to adopt a written policy by Sept. 1. Last week, the Innocence Project sent the departments letters requesting copies of their lineup policies.
  • After Innocence Project of Virginia wins new trial, Virginia says it will go forward with retrial of Justin Wolfe, formerly on death row
  • Illinois Innocence Project receives $590,000 grant from state of Illinois
  • Two of six people wrongfully convicted for the murder of Beatrice resident Helen Wilson are seeking compensation for their wrongful convictions in Gage County District Court this week.Ada JoAnn Taylor and James Dean, both convicted for  the 1985 murder of the 68-year-old Beatrice widow, will present their case to District Court Judge Daniel E. Bryan Jr. in what is expected to be a weeklong trial.  Under a 2009 law passed by the Nebraska Legislature, both Taylor and Dean are seeking full $500,000 compensation for their wrongful convictions.  Taylor served 19 years in prison. Dean served a little more than five years in prison.

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