Police Corruption: a Global Issue.

When people talk about police corruption, it is easy to look to other nations, such as China, or countries on the African continent. Aren’t reporters always telling us that these places are awash with corruption? Yesterday, the UK heard that following a disaster at a sporting event 23 years ago in which 96 people died (not counting those that subsequently died of injuries or took their own lives in extreme distress), the police not only did not act appropriately at the time, they subsequently altered hundreds of police statements and conducted a major cover-up. They illegally accessed police files to try and smear the victims and put pressure on other emergency services to change their statements to absolve the police of any blame. It has taken 23 years to finally uncover this scandal, and may take many more, before we see any police officers prosecuted or disciplined for their actions. One wonders how many years it would have taken before any police officer would have blown the whistle…  Read more here…  Hillsborough disaster 

Today, we hear of reports that a police officer has admitted to 13 charges of misconduct in a public office, after he failed to investigate offences, and falsified reports, while working in a ‘gold standard’ sexual offences unit within the Metropolitan Police. The officer faked police reports, claimed to have interviewed suspects and witnesses, and failed to pass on forensic evidence over at least 4 years. This is just one of four investigations being undertaken into this one police unit. Read more here…  Former Met police officer admits failing to investigate rape cases

Of course, one does not have to look too far to confirm stereotypes that corruption within policing is rife in other countries… The Sowetan Daily reports on major corruption and criminal activity in their police forensic laboratories: ‘Corruption at forensic lab sabotages convictions’ but we should never forget to look at what is under our noses too. A similar story has recently emerged from a lab in Jamaica Plains, where a toxicologist is under investigation. 9 years of testing is being investigated, with the potential for numerous cases of drugs being mishandled and manipulated to ensure positive test results:

Black mark on the state drug lab

If the police and forensic scientists cannot be relied upon to tell the truth, the the whole criminal process is jeopardised.

2 responses to “Police Corruption: a Global Issue.

  1. gershon sharoni;

    in march of 1990,head of serious crime squad in belgium,chief of police eddy wilmet,told the israelis where is the apartmant of gerald bull in brussel.
    went after that to investigate his murder.
    when i mailed him information from belize in 2002,i did not realized he became a post boy of the israelis,he leaked my info,to the new-room of la derniere huere,dated jan,2,2003,and jan,13,2004.
    i became infamous in belize,and last year citizen cain in israel.
    fled tel aviv,to belgium this april,from harrasment of shin beth,claim asylum.
    in july 18,2012 i met in person in dinant with eddy wilmet,he asked me to meet him,at dinant police station.
    he told me he may re-open investigation into 1990 muder of gerald bull.
    also,that gerald bull did not have a compass watch,which i saw on the hand of the israeli in 2002 in belize.
    i complained to committe p,and attorney general office in brussel.

  2. Police corruption is really now a global crisis. This results really horrible for a country. Every nation should have a straight forward law against this corruption.

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