Federal Prosecutorial Misconduct – Can There Be Any Difference at the State and Local Level?

USA Today just published a story about Nino Lyons, who was exonerated of drug trafficking charges for which he was convicted in 2001.  It’s a very “telling” article.  Here is the lead-in to the story:

“For more than a week in 2001, the jurors listened to one witness after another, almost all of them prison inmates, describe how Lyons had sold them packages of cocaine. One said that Lyons, who ran clothing shops and nightclubs around Orlando, even tried to hire him to kill two drug suppliers.

But the federal prosecutors handling the case did not let the jury hear all the facts.

Instead, the prosecutors covered up evidence that could have discredited many of Lyons’ accusers. They never revealed that a convict who claimed to have purchased hundreds of pounds of cocaine from Lyons struggled even to identify his photograph. And they hid the fact that prosecutors had promised to let others out of prison early in exchange for their cooperation.”

See full story here.

Quoted in the article is Pace University law professor Bennett Gershman, an expert on misconduct by prosecutors. “It’s systemic now, and … the system is not able to control this type of behavior. There is no accountability.”  (emphasis is mine)

The article focuses on federal prosecutors, but why would this situation be any different at state and local levels?  My expectation is that it’s not.  I’ve heard prosecutors quoted as saying “We will win at all cost.”

There has to be some accountability for these people who are invested with so much power, but it seems there is not.

4 responses to “Federal Prosecutorial Misconduct – Can There Be Any Difference at the State and Local Level?

  1. Docile Jim Brady – Columbus OH 43209

    An advantage of being a layman and not an attorney is that a different set of rules applies ☺
    I may not threaten nor induce panic nor attempt to induce panic , but that is a piece of cake because I am Ohio’s wimpiest wuss ‼

    An idea that may or may not work with rogue prosecutors (RP).
    0. Check with an attorney to ensure that 1-7 are neither criminal nor actionable in a civil suit.
    1. Borrow , rent , lease , buy , etc. a quality Hobart food grinder .
    2. Grind a Sus that has been humanely killed and package slurry into a transparent sealed container.
    3. Obtain a photograph of the RP or a member of his or her family.
    4. Send the container and the picture to the RP with a note explaining your kindness by grinding the Sus rather than another living being.
    5. Politely ask the RP to immediately either start and continue to work ethically or resign .
    6. Do not threaten .
    7. Send a picture of the container and photo sent to the RP , to the Supreme Court of his or her jurisdiction and ask it to formulate meaningful rules to sanction RPs.

    ▼ PHIL LOCKE ▼
    “There has to be some accountability for these people who are invested with so much power, but it seems there is not.”

  2. Accountability is the issue. It should not be necessary for someone to hire a lawyer to defend themselves against unethical lawyers or politicians. Politicians or those appointed to a political position should not be immune from prosecution for their omissions/errors or refusal to do their job.

    I have spent $$$$$ and five years trying to get an elected coroner to explain why he/she redacted and altered my son’s toxicology report and admit he was poisoned. Why make such a huge ordeal when a simple “I made a mistake” would do?

    This irresponsible conduct has prevented an investigation into where the chemicals came from, and another release of these chemicals in a neighborhood. And, cost me many, many thousands of dollars and the stress of never knowing who/what/why some strange chemical murdered my son.

  3. Reblogged this on JUSTICE FOR RAYMOND and commented:
    Accountability – that is what is lacking from political careers. A politician can get away with conduct that a private citizen would go to jail and never get out if they did the same thing.

  4. Docile Jim Brady – Columbus OH 43209

    Use an Operation Mussolini ‼

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