Former death row inmate finally declared innocent

Thirty years after the murders that put him on death row, 22 years after his conviction was overturned and four years after another man confessed to the murders, an Ohio court has finally declared Dale Johnston an innocent man. It’s certainly about time.

In a ruling issued yesterday, Franklin County Common Pleas Judge Richard A. Frye said that the state’s attempt to thwart Johnston’s effort to clear his name was “illogical … absurd (and) mean-spirited.” The story about Frye’s ruling is here. A previous post about Guilty by Popular Demand, Bill Osinski’s excellent new book about Johnston’s case, is here.

2 responses to “Former death row inmate finally declared innocent

  1. Docile Jim Brady – Columbus OH 43209

    Thanks Martin and shared to ħ
    ▼ Also ▼
    As I recall , court records reveal Mr. Johnston was represented by one of the Tyack attorneys of the Columbus , Ohio firm . Among other error claimed was improper prosecutor conduct contra Brady v. Maryland , 373 U.S. 83 (1963) .

    As I recall , the Hocking County Court of Appeals sustained the claimed Brady error and The Supreme Court of Ohio did not disturb that ruling .

    Parenthetically , not one whisper of sanction against the prosecutor from a trial that placed an innocent defendant on death row ‼

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