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2 responses to “Friday’s Quick Clicks…

  1. i have a brother that been trying to fight for his cases for a long time nothing have not been done about it ..he just been release last month..he did over 20 years..for a murder cases. he been asking for a dna test never did one on him at all..he been writing people about his case no one answer him people coming to me telling me my brother did not do it..some one know something about this case..for some one to tell me my brother did not do this i need some answer..not one person telling me about 3 people so far saying he did do it so who .back in the days they were do this for money crime stopper…thank u .

  2. Carla, you might consider contacting the Innocence Project of Texas office in Lubbock, TX. every 5 days until they respond. Use their website’s email, call their phone numbers & don’t stop contacting them no matter what. At the same time send duplicate emails to the Innocene Project, ACLU, NAACP & The Whitehouse. Keep copies of everything. Good luck in your endeavors.

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