Tuesday’s Quick Clicks…

  • Hundreds rally in Ukraine in support of father and son, Serhiy and Dmytro Pavlychenko, who were convicted in October of murdering a judge.  Supporters claim the pair were wrongfully convicted.
  • Court of inquiry into alleged misconduct of prosecutor-turned-judge Ken Anderson in the Michael Morton case delayed until February 2013
  • In Massachusetts, the Innocence Program at the Committee for Public Council Services is on the verge of its first exoneration in the DNA murder case of Michael J. Sullivan

One response to “Tuesday’s Quick Clicks…

  1. Unfortunately, in Ukraine there’re hundreds of wrongful convictions for violent crimes (murders, rape and murder etc.) Pavlichenko case is not an exemption. 4000 people went to protests 25th Nov.2012 – most of them young man and women. Because absence of rule of law, systemic problems in the criminal justice system lead to serious miscarriages of justice and everyone understands that he\she will be the next victim of this hell-machine called “Ukrainian justice”.
    If you need details, please visit our web-site, we collect and try to document all those stories. For 1 year we’ve got some 20 stories. We’re small group of attorneys, journalists and photo-artist Dmitro Kupriyan: http://kupriyan.com/photo/tortured/001_eng.html

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