Thursday’s Quick Clicks…

  • Exoneree Christopher Scott named Texan of the Year
  • The governor of North Carolina has signed full pardons of innocence for 10 political prisoners wrongfully convicted of arson and conspiracy more than 40 years ago.  Gov. Beverly Purdue pardoned the Wilmington 10 on Monday. The nine black men and one white woman, only six of whom are still living, were wrongfully convicted of fire-bombing a grocery store after police shot a black teenager.  “I have decided to grant these pardons because the more facts I have learned about the Wilmington 10, the more appalled I have become about the manner in which their convictions were obtained,” Gov. Purdue said.

3 responses to “Thursday’s Quick Clicks…

  1. Hello, just want to mention a Shaken Baby case in New York City where Baby Annie Li was confirmed with genetic bone disorder but her parent charged with murder of the infant. The prosecutors have dismissed all charges against the mother Ying Li on Jan 2, 2013. But the father Hangbin Li is still facing jury trial. The jury selection begins on Thurs Jan 3, 2013.
    I’ve kept collection of news on this case in my blog. See my blog entry on WordPress.

  2. ny121asil could you please tell me how to start and maintain a blog??


    Thank you. 🙂 🙂

  3. Congrats! Mr. Scott. We look forward to your assistance in the fight to right ‘all’ wrongs regarding the historically and systematically ignored claims relating to the Non-DNA false arrests & subsequent wrongful convictions.

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