Remember the Name Tyrone Noling…

Tyrone Noling

Tyrone Noling

Good luck to Ohio Innocence Project attorney Carrie Wood, who is arguing a death row case in the Ohio Supreme Court Tuesday morning, on behalf of Tyrone Noling.  The State of Ohio has thus far denied Tyrone the right to DNA testing to prove his innocence, despite the fact that another person, with an M.O. for committing similar murders, subsequently confessed to committing this crime.  It was also discovered (but not revealed to the defense before trial) that this person who later confessed had been a police suspect before trial.  The State did serology testing (a primitive test before DNA testing existed) and this alternate suspect COULD NOT BE EXCLUDED as the source of biological material collected from the crime scene.  But this was not turned over to defense and was only discovered years later through a public records request.

Also, all 3 cooperating witnesses against Tyrone have subsequently said Tyrone is innocent and they were pressured to testify falsely against him.  All of this, and the State of Ohio will still not simply grant Tyrone a simple DNA test to see if the alternative suspect can be conclusively linked to the crime scene.

The called Carrie’s argument Tuesday one of the 10 most significant legal events of 2013 in the U.S.

I mooted Carrie today and she was amazing. Tyrone couldn’t have a better attorney representing him in this important case. Prayers, thoughts and fingers crossed for Tyrone and Carrie.

The Ohio Public Defenders’ Office is representing Tyrone on all non-DNA issues, as they have for years.

You can watch the oral argument at about 10am EST here.

10 responses to “Remember the Name Tyrone Noling…

  1. Everyone who has a level understanding that NOT ALL people in prison are actually Guilty for what they were sent there for…should thank god for their freedom AND rember those who lost there freedom for a wrongful conviction. They should also rember to pray for the person’s who are serving time for wrongful convictions to have ‘peace one way or the other. To Tyrone…I as your common society am very sorry that this ‘terrible bump in the road has reached and affected it so,so terribly. I pray that God will see your need and send you home to your family!! May God Bless you and keep you safe and at Peace.

    • Very similar to the Romell Broom case in Ohio – see his ebook ‘Survivor on Death Row’ (on Amazon). He found 2 non-matching DNA reports in his files, both with his name on. Appeals to have new laywers and to be re-tested have repeatedly been turned down.

  2. Additional…
    Ms.Carrie Wood, my prayers are also with you that the good lord will give you the guidance that you need actually with any innocence project client’s that your privledged to have your life touched by……..

  3. Hmmm. I’m not an attorney, but I can’t say that it looked “good”.
    LOTS of “pushback” from the bench.

  4. I’ve known about this case since Ken Howe was sheriff and know Ken Howe.
    Ken Howe was quoted as saying Tyrone Noling is innocent.
    The Portage County prosecutor Victor V. just won’t let up,ass-holes are like that.

  5. The Portage County Prosecutor needs to wake up !

  6. Mark, thanks for the notice on this. It was a pleasure watching attorney Carrie Wood argue before the high court. This observer was very impressed with her effort today.

  7. My heartfelt prayers and understanding goes out to Tyrone Noling and his family. I know first hand of how it feels to be in a situation of a wrongful conviction of a loved one. It happened in my own family. Our loved one is in a prison doing a sentence for a crime she did not commit. Our loved one is a client of the California Innocence Project, in San Diego, we are fortunate to have the CIP.
    Through these hard years, I have had to take a crash course in forensics and some law terms, that is my course in life for now, probably always will be even when my loved one is exonerated. Through these years I have read and seen the flaws of these types of cases and it is truly an atrocity that these innocent people remain in prison, even when they are later to be found factually innocent. The flaws are many and they always start from the beginnning, from either poor police investigation, withholding of crucial evidence that could have exonerated the innocent person, but these errors are left to continue, from arrest to conviction, ignoring the real truth/facts is deplorable. Many defense cases do not get the full funding needed to properly present their case? whatever the reason for a miscarriage of true justice, their is no justification. My question out there to everyone is, if the facts are clear and all evidence is presented from both sides, there should not be a wrongful conviction. was the error left to continue or as I call it,”The Lie”,what is the purpose of putting an innocent prison in prison and leaving the real perpetrator/s go free.

  8. My family and I have known Ty since I was a very small child. We have always known he was never capable of murder! He did some foolish things and got into some mischief as a teenager but what boy doesn’t. He like anyone deserves his due process. This so called system of ours is supposed to keep the innocent people with their freedom…
    Way to go Carrie!!

  9. Another tall tale in Portage County of “theories” becoming “reality” in the eyes of the investigators and prosecution.
    Same folks are on the payroll 25 years later. Fighting the higher courts tooth and nail to defend their flawed decisions.

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