Arizona Woman on Death Row for Murder of Her 4-year-old Son has Conviction Overturned


Debra Milke was convicted of kidnapping, abusing and murdering her 4-year-old son. But a federal appeals judge says the prosecution was “unconstitutionally silent” on the “history of misconduct” of its key witness.

Read the full story here.

8 responses to “Arizona Woman on Death Row for Murder of Her 4-year-old Son has Conviction Overturned

  1. Read Chief Judge Kozinski’s scathing opinion on Arizona’s justice system.
    9th Circuit Opinion Milke case – Reversed conviction and sentence (60 pgs) web – corrected.pdf

  2. “Sex, Rent and the Constable?” by Wendy Halloran (Detective Saldate responsible for wrongfully convicting Debra Milke and what he has done since?

  3. Audrey Edmunds

    Very wonderful news. May the truth set her free. This is a very sad story, but wrongful convictions don’t bring righteousness

  4. “Debra Milke’s Attorney Asks Court to Disqualify Bill Montgomery’s Office as Prosecutor” – Phoenix – News – Feathered Bastard

    “On the eve of an August 1, hearing on whether or not Milke will be granted bail pending her new trial, her attorney Michael Kimerer filed a motion, arguing that MCAO prosecutors have a conflict of interest, “created by their own misconduct in this case, and the significant political, public and financial interest they have in the outcome of this case.

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