Brian Banks’ Story to be Featured on CBS’s “60 Minutes”



The Brian Banks case has been reported on multiple times on this blog.  See the post covering his exoneration here.

Brian Banks’ inspiring story will be featured on this week’s episode of CBS’ 60 Minutes show (Sunday, March 24th, 7 pm PT/ET). From the 60 Minutes website: “Blindsided” – Brian Banks may yet play in the NFL, but he knows it’s a longshot after spending five years in prison on a rape charge for which he was later exonerated.  James Brown reports.”  Brown speaks with Banks, his family, and California Innocence Project director Justin Brooks about the case and what is says about our justice system.

6 responses to “Brian Banks’ Story to be Featured on CBS’s “60 Minutes”

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  3. I should hope that all the girls assets from the civil suit she won were given to Brian Banks and the woman is given life in prison. Punish these women that make false accusations, or you leave it to their victims to kill them as the only punishment that occurs.

  4. Jenna Hartman

    I am seeking information on how to get my fiance exonerated from his charges. His case is closed but his ex-wife accused him of touching his daughter. The court appointed attorney told him to go ahead an take the plea bargain as they would believe the child over him. There was no investigation of anything my fiancee went ahead an took the plea deal 2 yrs in prison an 2 yrs on parole an a lifetime on the sex offenders list. He seen the court apointed attorney only once an does not deserve what happen. This man caught his brother-in-law messing with his neices an turned him to the police. The letter of discovery that his daughter wrote against him has discrepancies in it. We are poor but he needs exonerated..please any help would be appreciated . Thank you

  5. my son is in prison for molesting his x girlfriends daughter. I know you have heard this before. My son is not guilty of this crime. He broke it of with his girlfriend and she told him that if she couldn’t have him no one would. He paid his lawyer over 30,000. or more his lawyer would never give him any receipts for payment. My sons lawyer forced him into saying he was guilty one day before his trial was to start. The lawyer said to both my son and myself that if he took a lesser plea deal that he would only get one year in jail. She would not take any evidence we had he was not even in the state with this was supposed to have happened. The girl later told her case worker she was lying as well as the police. The district attorney said it was all hear say. I went to every court hearing and it was all he said she said, all based on hear say. The little girl was told to lie because her mother was so angry that my son broke up. My son is 38 years old a business owner . He loves kids and has too of his own one that is married and has her own daughter and a son that is 9 years old that will miss out on being with him the are what you could say glued at the hip. My sons family and friends know that my son is not guilty of this crim. My son has had some run in’s with the law but this do not make him who they are portraying him to be. Please help me understand what has happened to my son and what to do. It is so upsetting to see your son got prison for something I know he did not do and he is going to a 1 to 15 year sentence. Murder’s get off with less time than that. If we could get someone to take this as a pro bono case I guess that might work. He paid so much money and even 10,000 cash to get out of jail when it first started. Thank you any suggestions would be most appreciated.

  6. My husband got wrongly accused of sexually abusing my daughter! Her grandmother coached her to say things to get him convicted! He did 7 years in prison has 15 years on parole and is a life time register! I would love for all this to go away and her grandmother rot for what she did! Our county will also get a big surprise also! I would love to get help prove his innocence!

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