A Tale of Two Moms

Alice Leong and Leomia Myers have something in common. They both have suffered the pain of watching their sons wrongful convictions. For one of them, the suffering is over. Her son, Brian Banks, is now an NFL linebacker. The other still suffers everyday with her sons wrongful incarceration http://www.takepart.com/article/2013/05/14/california-innocence-project-marches-for-mothers-of-wrongfully-convicted
innocencemarch.aliceandleomiebrian and his mom

4 responses to “A Tale of Two Moms

  1. As a mother and grandmother, with our daughter, Courtney Bisbee, wrongfully convicted and wrongfully imprisoned (Perryville Prison, Maricopa County, AZ) this article was meaningful. These two mothers give a face to the cause, which is seldom seen by the public.

    • Camille, I hope this note gets to you, because the Change.org email is very unclear (and I do hope that you get the 100k signatures for your daughter.)

      That is why I am asking you to fix your Petition Update of April 4th so people know where to click. All I saw when I clicked on the email is that this petition has 178k signatures. So it is really (!) not clear why you are asking for 100k by April 26th. If it is NEW petition then make that clear in big bold letters. Don’t lose this chance. – And have a : “Click Here to Sign this NEW “We The People” Petition”.

      Good luck! So many people care and want to help.

  2. Camille Tilley
    Arizona Director / Founder 2009-present
    Freedom March for the Wrongfully Convicted – grassroots nationwide innocence movement
    http://freedommarchusa.org/in_your_state/Arizona/Arizona page.htm

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