Justin Brooks Update from the Innocence March…

Innocencemarch.santa monica rallySeveral of you have sent messages asking about how Alissa, Mike, and I are doing.  I figured I’d send an update. 

Today was Day 17 of the Innocence March.  We’ve walked more than 200 miles and are working our way through Santa Barbara County.  Aside from some sunburn and blisters, we are all doing fine.  The walk through Camp Pendleton, and the areas with no sidewalks along Route One in Orange County, have probably been the toughest days.  Walking around the Long Beach refineries in the rain was not pleasant at all.  On the other hand, we have had some amazing days.  Having 300 friends and family members join us on Day 1 was awesome.  Walking with CIP exoneree Adam Riojas and his wife and baby in Oceanside, while he told us about his current life as a minister, was an incredibly moving experience, as was walking with Guy Miles family through Long Beach.  Guy’s elderly parents and uncle struggled to walk as far as they could while his wife walked the full 20 miles.  We had a great rally in Santa Monica with exonerees, family members, CIP staff, and students, and on Mother’s Day weekend we walked with Brian Banks and his mom.
I feel very good that this march is doing everything we hoped for.  We’ve raised awareness through the media and public speaking events. We’ve met incredible people along the way, my favorite being the Mexican farmer who insisted on giving us free fruit and letting us use the bathroom in his home when he heard what were were doing. We’ve had people honking their support the whole way up the coast.  Most important, we’ve obtained a meeting with the Governor’s Chief of Staff to present our petitions.
Below is some of the media coverage we’ve received so far and some photos from the march.  Thanks to Pam, Hank, and Ian for their help coordinating the media effort.  Happy trails. jb

Major Blogs about March:
Videos we’ve made about the march:

4 responses to “Justin Brooks Update from the Innocence March…

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  2. Justin Brooks and all the participants, Outstanding job! Your voices are being heard. This is one of the most important campaigns done to date on public awareness of the innocent who are wrongfully convicted and wrongfully imprisoned. Keep on keeping on!!

  3. Great article and links!
    Camille Tilley
    Arizona Director / Founder 2009-present
    Freedom March for the Wrongfully Convicted – grassroots nationwide innocence movement

  4. I am still amazed everyday and every time I watch the Videos of our first day Rally in San Diego, just amazing people, supporters, advocates and families of the “California Twelve” who the California Innocence Project is marching and rallying for, “Freedom” and “Justice”, “True Justice”, is what all innocent people deserve. I am one of the mothers of the “Twelve”, I am Kimberly Long’s Mom. Thank you CIP, thank you everyone and families whom I met at that rally!

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