New Yorkers: Urge Passage of Criminal Justice Reform Now

The Innocence Project is urging New York citizens to voice support of criminal justice reform to their legislators before the current legislative session ends on June 21.  The legislation is designed to reduce wrongful convictions by requiring the full recording of interrogations in serious felonies and by improving police witness eyewitness identification procedures.

The Innocence Project has made it easy to voice support for the legislation with a prepared message (here).

While these important measures have been approved in other states, the New York legislature has repeatedly failed to pass criminal justice reform legislation in spite of the fact that the state has the third highest rate of wrongful convictions overturned by DNA evidence.

Many ask what they can do to prevent wrongful conviction. New Yorkers, today is your opportunity to advance criminal justice reform, reduce wrongful conviction, improve public safety, and protect taxpayer resources. Thank you for taking a few minutes to send the important message that New Yorkers support best practices in criminal justice.

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