Germany frees innocent man from asylum after 7 years

For the last seven years, Gustl Mollath, 56, has been held in a German asylum, after his wife accused him of assault. Mr Mollath had been trying to expose bank staff at Bavaria’s HypoVereinsbank (HVB), including his wife, who he accused of smuggling millions into Swiss accounts. Instead judges ruled that he was paranoid and committed him to psychiatric care for an indeterminate period. An audit of the bank has now proven his claims to be true, and he was released from involuntary detention. Read more here…

Germany’s worst miscarriage of justice? ‘Paranoid’ husband freed after he was mistakenly held in asylum for seven yearspg-34-mollath-reuters

6 responses to “Germany frees innocent man from asylum after 7 years

  1. Worrying to think protesting your innocence could be legally construed as paranoia. Mind you, when we fight for our innocence people often say, ‘You must be crazy, forget it.’

  2. Carole McCartney

    There is potentially a lot behind this story. The confusion of mental health issues and ‘evidence’ is very worrying and I wonder how much of it goes on across the world. Protesting too much about your innocence? = you must be mad. Fits with lots of stereotypes of the innocent too (he doth protest too much…. etc.)

  3. This is frightening. The case offers more proof that psychiatry is an inexact science. Hard facts are always better than speculation, but authorities often fail to pursue them. It’s easier to brand someone with a term like paranoia or pedophilia and be done with it.

  4. german women rule the politics of this psychologically damaged land they hide behind paper and the superstitions of weak minded men who engage in mystical cult practices -the men in the legal system are also weak of mind and of BODY it is easy for a german woman to cast doubt and suspicion on any man by simply pointing a finger …as this evil woman did to hide bank fraud- the CDU and germany is controlled by a conspriacy of old women who want to have economic control over not JUST THEIR MAN but the WORLD such is the ego of german woman.
    german men simply are too weak minded to fight back as this case illustrates simply stating the obvious will get you thrown in prison

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