The Wrongfully Convicted Sex Offender


(Editorial Note:  In no way do I want to minimize the issue of violence against women or children.  Rape is clearly a crime of violence, and must be dealt with appropriately.  Pedophile predation is abhorrant, and must also be dealt with sternly and appropriately.  But I think the issue has become – what actually is appropriate for dealing with the range of sex offenses, and in some cases, have we gone too far; and what does this mean for the wrongfully convicted?  It begs the age old question – does the punishment fit the crime?)

Woe be to the wrongfully convicted sex offender, because you’re not just a wrongfully convicted ‘felon.’  You’re a wrongfully convicted ‘sex offender,’ and the state makes sure you get some extra special attention.  Note that I’m careful to use the qualifier “wrongfully convicted” here, because in the case of sex offenders, when the justice system “gets it wrong,” the injustice gets amplified.  I’m not saying we should let actually guilty sex offenders off the hook, but the punitive measures have become so severe, that when someone is wrongfully convicted of a sex offense, the consequences they are forced to endure magnify the injustice.

To understand why a wrongful conviction in a sex offender case is such a travesty, you need to know a little about the sex offender laws and the mandatory, so-called “rehabilitation” methods.  (This will be a little bit lengthy.)

Over the last few decades, states have been steadily rewriting their sex offense laws to become more and more draconian.  I judge that this has been caused by something akin the to wave of hysteria that swept the US in the 80’s over preschool child sex abuse.  The primary driver for this was the McMartin preschool case in which accusations were made in 1983.  All charges were dropped in 1990, after the lives of all defendants involved were completely ruined.  Because sex crimes, particularly those involving children, scrape a particularly sensitive region in the human psyche, it makes a great issue for politicians to campaign on.  My opinion is that much of today’s sex offender legislation has had little, if any, basis in research, and is an all-too-typical legislative knee jerk to high profile cases that have created something of a bully pulpit for affected victims and families.  You can’t blame the victims and families.  Your heart has to go out to the them.  They have suffered unspeakable tragedy.  They want “justice,” but in the case of a wrongful conviction, that justice is visited upon the wrong person.  Sadly, the legislative responses have proven to be the classically inefficient and expediency-driven political solutions that treat the symptom and not the disease.  The key here is lack of research and the absence of statistically valid data.  A classic example of this is “Megan’s Law,” which established the original sex offender registry.  This law was enacted by the New Jersey General Assembly in 1994 in response to the rape and murder of seven year old Megan Kanka.  Since then, the law has been enacted in some form by every state, and has also resulted in a federal FBI sex offender registry.  However, a 2008 federally funded study conducted in New Jersey, where Megan’s Law was first enacted, found that it failed to reduce sex crimes or repeat offenders.  Read that story here.  If you’re interested in plodding through a 50 state survey of sex offender legislation, you can read the one done by the National Institute of Corrections and the Washington College of Law here.

Sentencing is just one area in which the sex offender laws have become more harsh.  Here’s one recent example – the case of former NY Yankees outfielder, Chad Curtis, who has just been convicted of “inappropriately touching” three teenage girls in Michigan at a high school where he served as a volunteer weight room coach.  He’s facing 15 years in prison.  I do not know the details of the reported “inappropriate touching,” … but 15 years?  For touching?  Does that punishment fit that crime?  Let me emphasize again that I do not want to be dismissive of the issues involving sexual aggressors and violence against women,  but it just seems to this old brain that an act that a generation or so ago would have effectively been dealt with by some other means can now turn you into a convicted (and registered) sex offender.  My observation has been that “zero tolerance” policies, while well meaning,  always run afoul of the complexities of reality.

There are as many different versions of the sex offender laws as there are states, but one thing that has become a common denominator is the sex offender registry.  Once released from confinement, a convicted sex offender must register with the state’s sex offender registry.  The requirements for frequency of registration and duration of the registration period are tied to sex offender classification levels, which are intended to reflect the measure of risk to the public.  The level for any individual offender is determined by the court in some states, and by an administrative board in others.  Here are examples of the sex offender classifications from New York and Ohio:

NY Sex Offender Levels

Ohio Sex Offender Levels

You may wonder, “How can someone be wrongfully convicted of a sex offense?”  It’s actually easier than you might think.  The National Registry of Exonerations has reported on it’s data for the period 1989-2012, which includes data for 305 wrongful sex offender convictions, and please keep in mind this represents only a small fraction of the wrongful convictions that actually occur.  The table below has the data for sex crimes highlighted, and it shows the contributing factors to the wrongful convictions.  Note the percentages shown for each of the categories of crime add to greater than 100%, because any wrongful conviction can have more than one contributing factor.

Wrongful Sex Convictions

The major contributing cause to wrongful convictions for sexual assault is mistaken eye witness identification.  It’s been well documented that eye witness identification is very unreliable.  But how could an assault victim mistakenly identify her attacker?  It happens frequently, and if you don’t believe it, I strongly recommend you read the book “Picking Cotton” by Ronald Cotton and Jennifer Thompson Canino.  The major contributing factor for child sex abuse is perjury or false accusation.  One scenario here, although clearly not the only one, would be when a vindictive ex-spouse coaches her children into making false accusations against their father.  Another way wrongful sex offender convictions can happen is when a vindictive ex-partner makes false claims about sexual assault.  This is an offense which is, among adults, almost exclusively male-on-female in nature.  Cases of female perpetrated forcible rape are rare indeed. Consequently, this is an area where it’s so often an issue of “He said.  She said.”  The wrongful conviction of Brian Banks, extensively reported on this blog, is a perfect example.

So what does happen when a sex offender is released from confinement, either through completion of sentence or parole?  Just as with sex offender laws, the requirements vary by state, but it is universally required that the sex offender undergo a mandatory “rehabilitation” program, the details of which also vary by state.  An example would be Rules for Sex Offenders in the Community from the state of Washington Department of Corrections.  There are, however, some common threads that tend to run through these programs, and typical requirements would include:

1)  You must register as a convicted sex offender.  Your name and address will appear in a searchable online database of registered sex offenders.  In most states, if the offense is anything more than minor, you can be required to register as a sex offender for 15 years, 25 years, or life.

2)  Restrictions on where you can live.  It is common for localities to pass ordinances that prohibit a convicted sex offender from living in certain areas; for example, within some specified distance from schools and parks.

3)  Your place of residence may be marked by a public sign.  Please refer to the graphic at the beginning of this article.

4)  Mandatory therapy sessions.  A key component of rehabilitation is considered to be therapy and counseling.  It’s taken as a given, that for therapy to be successful, the subject must admit guilt and express remorse.   In fact, the US Appellate Court Third Circuit, in a 2010 decision that has been classified as “precedential,” ruled that it is legitimate to require admission of guilt from sex offenders before being placed in rehabilitation programs, which is a requirement of their parole.  If a defendant fails to admit guilt, he can be denied parole, or if he is in “rehabilitation,” he can be sent back to confinement.

5)  Polygraph evaluation.  There has been much written on this blog about the questionability of the polygraph.  Mary D. Devoy is an activist in Virginia who has been pressing for data driven reform to the Virginia sex offender registry.  She maintains a blog titled, It’s Time to Reduce, Reconstruct, Reclassify, Rethink and Reform the Virginia Sex Offender Registry.  She also has much to say about the use of the polygraph in sex offender rehabilitation.  After reading the article on this blog The ‘Catch 22’ of Parole for the Wrongfully Convicted, she sent me a “letter,” which she has consented that I share.  Please read it here:  Devoy Letter.

6)  Plethysmograph evaluation.  What’s that?  The plethysmograph is a cousin to the polygraph.  A mercury filled rubber ring or metal band with a strain gauge (or sometimes an air filled cuff) is placed around the shaft of the subject’s penis, and measures “penile tumescence.”


The subject is then exposed to photographs, audio, and video of sexually charged situations, and his erectile response is measured.  This is supposed to be a gauge of how well he can control his urges.  The state of Colorado was an early adopter of this practice (Colorado Sex Offender Manual).  However, there is no statistically valid data that shows correlation with any ability of this practice to predict future behavior, with the possible exception of the use of images of children with pedophiles, which has a marginal (32%) accuracy as determined by studies.  The most definitive statement I have found concerning this practice comes from Robert M. Stein, Ph.D. from the Center for Neurobehavioral Health, Ltd., Lancaster, PA, who, from 1982-1988, was the Director of the Psychophysiological lab at the Sexual Behavior Clinic in New York City.  He personally (not through a technician) assessed and treated over 700 adolescent and adult sex offenders. His comments (abbreviated):

.          a.  Plethysmograph data is totally useless for determining guilt or innocence regarding deviant sexual acts. It would be like using a personality test to convict someone of burglary.

.          b.  Plethysmographic data have no diagnostic value of any kind.

.          c.  About one-third of offenders show no arousal in the lab.

7)  You may be required to wear a GPS tracking ankle bracelet, as was the case with Brian Banks.

So, what’s my point here?  Well  ….  imagine this:

A rape victim has mistakenly identified you as her attacker.  She testifies in court, and points you out to the jury.  You are wrongfully convicted of sexual assault.  After serving many years in prison, you’ll do anything to get out, and are willing to admit guilt and express remorse – even though you didn’t do it, and after several attempts, you are granted parole.  Upon release, you have to register as a sex offender, and continue doing so for the rest of your life.  You have to enter a rehabilitation program run by the department of corrections.  Local ordinances force you to live in a rural area.  The only job you can get is flipping burgers.  You have to wear a GPS tracking ankle bracelet.  The Sheriff puts a sign outside your residence stating that you are a convicted sex offender, and this is where you live.  You have to attend therapy sessions in which you have to talk about the rape (you didn’t do).  You are periodically subjected to arbitrary polygraph examinations.  You are periodically subjected to degrading plethysmograph evaluations.  And  ….  you didn’t do it.

Woe be to the wrongfully convicted sex offender.

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  1. Here is the problem I have with this. I agree 100% with you that we need changes to the Sex Offender laws. If you are a murderer and even though you raped the victim you will be charged with murder and from what I have seen and heard you face anywhere between 10 years and up (or even get paroled after X amount of years) for murder and when you get out you don’t need to register once a year as sex offender’s do, you don’t need to go to counceling what message are we sending here? That if you want to avoid being labeled as a sex offender just kill your victim and you won’t face the problems sex offender’s face upon release. There is a serious problem here and the laws need to be changed and reformed.

    • in a case such as described in your comment the defendent would have a long list of charges including SEVERAL sexual based charges. maybe a total of 10 or 20 charges. these charges will likely range from misdemeanor to murder 1. so if to say you rape a child, kill that child, and bury the body in the woods you would likely receive several charges for each indevidual offense. this almost guarantee’s that the defendant will be convicted! usually by means of plea deal.

      • I couldn’t agree more.. I’m actively helping someone on the inside who was wrongfully convicted of aggravated child molestation because of the most bizarre of circumstances.. the child in question was going to be punished for an incident between a sibling and herself with bullying and the child in question thru the defendant under the bus rather than endure what was to come from a sibling.. We have actual proof and our lawyer never questioned anything coming from records before the trial.. The verdict in the state of GA is mandatory 25 to life with no chance of parole! He got life + 10 hes an old man with a 0 record and ill with heart and liver.. I expect he will die there soon…

        Did you know that in the state of Georgia if you are convicted of a crime that is one of the “Deadly Sins” you can get life in prison with no chance of parole or privileges? That includes not going outside where you can participate in anything at all and once a week you are allowed outside to sit on the ground! There are no programs available to you inside either! That’s it!! FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!!!

        I should mention that the “Deadly Sins” include touching a child (a lot of these charges are false testament) and the most heinous of all.. however murder isn’t one of those! A man or woman can rape and murder a child but be allowed a chance of parole and they have full privileges!! This is just one example of religious fanaticism in government and we have to start to vote on every level!!! Judges tend to be especially harsh in these cases.. no one should have to face this as a result of a Deadly Sin!

    • Greetings to all with the love of Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

      I am a striving husband, and father, as well Godfather. I was “wrongly convicted” myself in 2009, when I was 20 years of age. I was told to plead guilty, which I had no idea what that actually meant until after I was released from prison; incarcerated for a year, and let out early. (I had a vision that would one day go to a cell, and be released early when I was a youngster) That came true for me, and before I was released from jail, I had marked down three months before that date, which was March 31 and it was exactly this date.

      No one in my family has ever been in trouble with the law. You could trace back for years.

      I was in my car one day changing my clothes, I made sure it was quick and simple, yet thought that I was alone and no one could see me, when a lady, who I forgive, came walking by with her 16 year old daughter and saw me in the nude.

      I was charged with instant liberties of a minor, who even today I have no idea how that peopen looks or who she was. I even took a lie test and passed it fully all positive results, even when to therapy and was released early from this program as well, and even released early from probation.

      Yet, I still have to register all my life as a SO. Recently my wife and I got kick out of our new apartment, two months before we moved in while she and I were pregnant with our child in the womb, for eight months.

      I am clueless as to the mind of the government laws, as they as unfair. However, if this is my cross, God help me and have mercy on me, a sinner.

      My life in the cell was full of events for better and for worse. I do not accuse or blame anyone, all these were send by God to exercise my soul. I believe, if God did not allow this to happen, I would have never been blessed with a family.

      At times, I who was physically suffering had enough to do with my suffering to fill my time, to use up all my spiritual opportunities, while my love ones who were around me, particularly when they felt helpless, had a very complex and distressing time.

      You see, it is not for me that I want to get out of this kind of suffering, but for my beloved family, whom I am not capable to bear seeing them suffer because of my own mistakes and struggles which I have brought to sharing a burden with.

      However, since then, I have learned not to perceive today either yesterday’s suffering, nor to anticipate tomorrow’s.

      Now, whether it is moral suffering, psychological distress, or physical suffering, what usually makes it so unbearable is that at every moment we seem to live and relive all those past moments of pain and anguish, and at every moment we expect that it will last forever, will never come to an end, and we cannot face this sum total of all our past suffering and of our future suffering, while more often than not we could face the actual present suffering of our body or of our soul. Yet, spiritual pain is much more difficult to bear than bodily pain.

      By the grace of God, I am ever grateful that He has allowed me to realise that when we accept whatever happens to us with ahold and positive thought, we are helped; while on the contrary, we are tormented and come apart at the seams emotionally and physically when negative and evil thoughts prevail.

      It is my prayer that we all endure and be patient in sufferings and hardships.

      Something good comes to all when we take this cross and be reminded of our repentance. There is so much more to this life than what the world makes us believe. When you find God, truly have Him in your heart, life is filled with meaning.

      It is as this question appears set in the mind of many; why do men learn through pain and suffering, and not through pleasure and happiness? Very simply, because pleasure and happiness accustom one to satisfaction with the things given in this world, whereas pain and suffering drive one to seek a more profound happiness beyond the limitation of this world.

      Yes, there are people in this world who do things which are wrong. Yet, we are wrong and in even worst fault if we do not forgive them and with our love try to bring them back to repentance for the healing of body and soul.

      In this, I as for your forgiveness and for you to offer a prayer for me and my family, and all those who suffer.

      For those who are dealing with these kind of burdens, or anything like it I as you to remember to no be dishearten; do not lose courage. Sometimes the holy nurse — the grace of God — leaves us, and we fall into ridiculous and indecent thoughts, and sometimes even words, so that we might be humbled and not think highly of ourselves, but rather become aware of our weakness, that we are unable to do any good without the grace of God, Who wants to heal some hidden passion within you, and this is why He delays in granting your request. If you obtain it sooner, when you demand it, your passion remains uncured within you. If you wait, you obtain your request and the cure of the passion. And the you rejoice exceedingly and give warm thanks to God Who arranges all things in wisdom and does everything for our benefit.

      So then, there is no point in losing heart, getting upset, complaining. You must close your mouth. Let no one perceive that you are disturbed. Do not fume with anger, as if to work it out of your system, but rather be calm. Burn the devil through patience and forbearance.

      So if you too want to see, to taste the love of Christ, endure whatever comes upon you — not whatever you like, but whatever the Lord wants to test you with.

      Do not lose hope, my dear brothers and sisters.

      Faithfully yours,
      Your unworthy and lowly brother,
      — K, the Cretan

      • Thank you for those encouraging words it was just what I needed. My fiance and I are experiencing something similar and just looking for inspiration. My daughter who is sixteen today has made false allegations about my fiance which has been an active father figure in here life while hers is never around. The thing that hurts the most is she’s doing it out of spite just because she can’t get what she wants when she wants it. She thinks the truth will never come to the light but it already has. Thanks again and stay blessed

      • Jetta, you are precisely what is wrong with this country, and an active contributor to the pedeophilic, pornographic, scandalous, child abuse, misogynistic rape culture that we live in. How dare you have the right to bed a man who’s molesting your daughter…if she never speak to you again it will be well deserved. Your job is to protect your daughter, not to do whatever you want, with whomever you want.

      • Thoughtasweak

        Klara, YOU are what is wrong, when you have a belief that every person who reports sexual abuse is telling the truth. It’s a fact that there are those who make false claims out of spite. Those who make false claims actually make things tougher for true survivors of sexual abuse.

        My own daughter is a victim of sexual abuse from a family member, she hasn’t asked or demanded that the wife of the offender leave her husband, she actually had been supportive of their relationship because she knows that him having stability makes his likelihood of reoffending much, much lower. My daughter maintains a good relationship with them, and has found a lot of healing and forgiveness through that relationship.

        I don’t blame anyone who makes choices that are best for their families, and know the details of the accusation, the compalinong witness, and accused offender.

        Go throw rocks at another glass house, unless you are in that person’s shoes, you shouldn’t judge.

      • Stay strong dear brother. Serve the Lord no matter what.

      • John ×××××

        I don’t believe your a cretan but a servant of the “Lord”…Ive found some inspiration thru ur story. “God Bless”!

      • Thank you for what you wrote. I’m in tears reading this. You didn’t and do not deserve what happened to you. I’m with a man with a very similar story and the burden is huge. I love him and we have a child together. He is a wonderful father and a gentle soul. I feel this is breaking him. I don’t know how to help him but have told him he is not alone in this and that I know the truth. This situation ruins lives and something needs to change with these laws. God bless you and your family. Stay strong.

        -Love Will Conquer

      • Hi. Im desperate. Some unjustice was done to my son. The accuser was my sister. In revenge of a personal vendetta. My son suffered mental and physical torture in prison for straight 10 yrs. And is still paying the price for something they had no evidence. Due to his mental illness. His conviction was based on that. He was 20 yrs old and married with one daughter. He lost everything. Now hes 44 yrs old. Suffers from schizophrenia heart pacer. Thrombosis. Is homeless. Cant find a long-term facility for him to live in peace. Im disabled myself . cant find fair housing for him. Do you know where i can start to him an institution or home for him. Dont know what to do. My 15 yr old granddaughter lives with me. She has cerabal palsy. This is the only reason. That the law wont let him stay with me. Also my only son needs medical attention.his life has been horrible. How can one sister of mind. Cause this destruction in my life and in my only son. That loved his aunt so much. I have asked God for forgiveness. Cause i couldn’t forgive her. How do i keep living this . and can my son keep living homeless and in a mental state. And the accuser living a happy life.

      • I really love your story it hits me deep inside. I am a mother In a similar situation finds myself helpless to protect and save my son from prison. I pray all the time and talk to the good lord to give me strength and hold on to my hope and faith to get him out of that place. It is a danger to him because he is not person that the judge sees him at. His life is in jeopardy right now and I am just barely making it pay check to pay check every two weeks. So how can I help him get out and convince this judge he is not a Mentance to society. He has no violent record and loves to work. So what can I do to help him get out now. Please I need help I do not want to hear my son is gone. God help me in Jesus name.

    • Prostitutors rewrite the statutes to fabricate probable cause and concoct cases for profits. This is especially true in this area. These godless puke swill are heading for a hot eternity bobbing about in lava that never cools

    • Yesterday, as parents, had to bear a heavy heart, watch helplessly as our son took a plea deal that has and will foever change his and all our lives who love, support our son. To watch him be handed a punishment, which it’s not so much the years, although 5 years, 3 months, 2 years probation (this too is too harsh), its the lifetime sentence of the Label, how exposed he will be for the rest of our lives. The laws written are black and white, it doesn’t matter the circumstances of what, how and why something took place. The Accuser, their families run the courts and they are not investigated to see if they have motive behind having someone suffer for the rest of their lives. This system needs to be changed, as we are discovering the many things we are finding out, this all only happened because a girl got her feelings hurt. We are going to do everything in our power to move for changes, to ensure the punishment fits the crime. We will never, and we are going to spread the word, ask those reading this to do the same, when you see the red dots on your computer’s of registered sex offenders, don’t be quick to judge, feel, hate, as trust me, there are more than not, who do not deserve the label. Think about it, you have people who have murdered someone living near you, you come into contact everyday, they don’t have to register, I fear them more, you should too. We need to move to change these laws, change the mind set of those who, like we once were, narrow minded, didn’t see the circumstances surrounding the actual crime and to get to the bottom of the accuser, their motives. They have been able to continue to control and direct the lives of so many, who’s crime does not fit the punishment because they know the current laws in place will give them what they want without question and without them being investigated to expose their motives.

      • As a mother of the victim, my daughter was told that she didn’t know what she wanted. They didn’t want to hear that she didn’t want a lengthy sentence, that she just wanted the offender to receive treatment. They only want to hear who want harsh penalties.

        We have seen how the scarlet letter affects everyone, and we have been speaking out to reform the broken system. We push for restorative justice and stop with the scarlet letter that does nothing to stop or prevent abuse.

      • I am in despair as my 24 year old son’s arraignment is rapidly approaching. He was charged with sexual assault of a minor under the age of 14 after less than two seconds of physical contact through clothing which he freely admitted to, without the presence of an attorney, because there was no sexual intent and he thought the police would believe him. Of course they told him that they only wanted to ask him a few questions to clear things up and they assured him “you don’t need a lawyer for this” and “just sign this paper stating you understand that you don’t need a lawyer”.
        He was arrested and placed in solitary confinement. He was not allowed access to his cell phone and the guards would not access it for him to get the phone numbers he needed to let someone know he was in jail. He was there for three days before anyone who loves him knew where he was. I hardly recognized the despondent, tearful, and somehow shrunken, young man who appeared on the video screen when I finally got to visit him in jail. Until that moment, he had been entirely alone and fearful that no one was coming to help him or even knew he was in trouble.
        The initial charges were hideous and included one of actual physical penetration, however, that particular charge disappeared without explanation and without intervention from the lawyer we hired, but not until after someone had taken a screenshot of his charges and texted the image to all of his friends. Now he is left with charges of “position of trust”- because he waited with this kid for the school bus a couple of times so her mom would not be late for work (but not when the incident occurred) and “pattern of abuse”, which has yet to be established.
        Since then, he has had a lengthy psychological evaluation which has determined that he is not a pedophile or predator, and he has passed two polygraph tests to verify his version of the events. Additionally, in the videotaped interiew of the child, she changed her story several times and it does not entirely match the initial police report or the prosecutors written summary of her story. None of this matters. He was accused, he said there was contact through his clothing, so he must be guilty of everything that she said, in all of her versions and of course there is no physical evidence. The law clearly states that the contact must be for the purpose of the sexual gratification or sexual arousal of the perpetrator but there is no standard of proof. That the less than 2 seconds of contact occurred at all is proof enough according to all that I have read on the subject. Even the academic literature of those who treat offenders states that if the accused insists he or she is innocent, they are not innocent, they are simply in denial. If the accused continues to defend him or herself, they are in a higher level of denial and perhaps should spend more time in jail in order to come to terms with their guilt.
        My son has always been friendly and outgoing, he was never a sullen teenager who hid out in his bedroom. As a teen, he was active in sports and had a busy social life which has continued into his adult life to include hanging out with a large group of friends for activities ranging from playing paintball on a sponsored team in the summertime to hiking and snowboarding in the winter. He has dated women casually off and on but rarely seriously (he’s just too busy) and those he was serious about did not have children.
        He had THREE jobs at the time he was accused (non of which involved contact with children). He immediately lost all three. He lost many of his friends who stopped any contact with him once the screenshot text went out while he was in jail and he came very close to being homeless. Fortunately, some friends stuck by him and offered him a home and another offered him a new job. In the past few months he has struggled with depression, anxiety, fear, and humiliation but he has focused on working hard and becoming successfull in his new job. He has developed a friendship with a co-worker who said he initially judged him as guilty and was angry but changed his mind after getting to know my son. Now this new friend supports and prays for and with my son.
        He is rebuilding his life, but it is all in a bubble because in a few weeks he has to choose between pleading not guilty and risking going to jail for the rest of his life or accepting a plea bargain and being convicted (of exactly what charges, we don’t yet know) and hopefully being sentenced to only a few years in prison before getting out and serving his lifetime sentence of being a registered sex offender.

        One mistake, one lapse in judgement, that was corrected in less than two seconds.

      • This is so true! Especially if the child is very young!! A vindictive parent or grandparent, anyone close to the child, can manipulate that young child to say anything! We have faced this in our family involving a four year old child. The father was accused. We had a strong case for his innocence. Our lawyer kept recommending he take a plea bargain because in our state, the chances of winning are nil to none no matter what evidence we had. We called lawyers all across the state and all gave the same advice. We were told by all that even though we had a good case, that he should take a plea bargain because in this state, jury’s only hear one thing, a child has been hurt, and no matter what, he would likely get life without parole. Innocence didn’t matter! So, what do you do when faced with the decision of confessing to a crime you didn’t commit and being able to come home again or go to court and face a life sentence without parole? You take the plea. It’s an unfair system and there was no investigation done at all. Nothing. There needs to be absolute evidence before a persons life is so utterly destroyed. It’s been a few yrs now and the child involved has no recollection of any wrong doing. She’s seven now and all she knows is that she still misses her dad terribly, and that she wants him home. When you explain why he can’t come home, because “some people” said daddy did bad things to you (and you explain inappropriate behaviors), her response is “they are lying!” It’s just so heartbreaking.

      • Hi
        I fell for your family.
        We are going through the same thing, the ex girlfriends daughter made a video.
        They never asked my so what happened, the child and woman were right no matter what.
        We are very hurt and our hearts are saddened.
        My son has no prior record was a out standing citizen.
        There needs to be real physical evidence.
        Not just a statement, so sad but the people who have done this will pay one day.

      • Ashley Bellanger

        My husband also was convicted for this crime and is at a end of a 8 yr sentence. It dint matter there he was innocent. He refused to except a plea. He said I will not admitted to something I did not do. He only had a speeding ticket his whole life. It was over a Custody fight. Now our lives have been changed forever. We have been married 35 yes and when he is released we can’t live together because I’m raising grandkids. Good luck to your families and prayers

      • I feel for you. Samething happened to my only son. He was helpless. I was helpless. Didnt have anyone to help him. Everyone in the courts especially the female judge. As soon as my son walked in the court room. He was already judged. No matter i said or proof that i had that he was innocent. Didnt matter. The accuser. Had a smerk and smile on her face. It was a family member. Doing it out of spite that was an unfitt mom. On drugs. And still the courts and judge. Punished and made my plea guilty. And threatened him if he didnt plea guilty he would spend the rest of his life in prison. My son that never been in jail. Before was terrified. And with mentsl illness. Made him sign a giulty plea. And the attorney i had hired to defend him. Accepted all my life savings. Guarantee me they had no evidence . promised me he would get him free. That was a lie. After found guilty. Attorney came up to me and said that the judge had the last word. There was notthing he could of done. I dont know why they call it the justice system . its not true. Justice fail my only son. Hes now 44 yrs old. . is suffering from heart problems has a pace maker thrombosis leukemia. Having a hard time finding housing. Or a safe place to live in peace its been 20 yrs. Already. I pray to God that the system does its research before they are so ready to convict innocent people of these crimes.

      • You are so right!!! What can we do though? My boyfriend was a 22 yrs old, his wife at the time made false accusations about him and her daughter, from a previous relationship. She recanted her statement… And was even sexually involved with him several times before he was convicted. He was young and never thought he could actually be convicted for a crime he did not commit. HOW WRONG HE WAS!!! Bless him. I swear he is so golden and has the sweetest heart of anyone I’ve ever known in my entire life. He he hasn’t been arrested once since then and is 46 years old now. A couple of petty crimes before that when he was a teenager. But by far the kindest most gentle considerate empathetic and sympathetic person I’ve ever known. I wish so badly that there was something that I could do for him oh, something to make his life different. Something that shows the world that he’s not as f****** monster they say he is! I have some of the ways I could suck this woman up f***** his life up, when did she get to pay for running his life? Why was she able to get away with this. There was no forensic evidence, there was nothing physically wrong with the child, all statements made from the child we’re leading. He was literally convicted on a statement of one individual his then wife?!!! Who was pregnant with another man’s baby on the day of his conviction, less9 months later!!! WOW! THIS WOMAN ALSO ACCUSED HER DAD GRANDFATHER AND UNCLE OF MOLESTING HER… And somehow that was not important enough to bring up during the trial either.
        His lawyer didn’t object one time and also didn’t file for an appeal which he thought he was going to do! It’s just a complete Injustice all the way around. My heart goes out to you all different ronalee convicted and have to register on this completely draconian sexual registry! Maybe we can start a revolution, change the old Bull shit, outdated laws! We need reform, yesterday!!!

  2. Phil, Thank you for the courage to cover the topic of “the wrongfully convicted sex offender” and use it as a title for your outstanding article. The politicians created the draconian laws and will not even speak of correcting the poorly written laws, they created during a “moral panic”, let alone admit to the damage to thousands of innocent men, women and children, their families and society, as the witch hunts continue.

    We believe this “child abuse / sex abuse” category will replace the failed “war on drugs”, as the “new” industry for endless $$$’s for the profiteers in the this billion dollar industry with lifetime registration and probation residuals.

    Read, Newsweek special report: “Lawsuit Hell: How the Fear of Litigation is Paralyzing Our Professions” – Newsweek December 15, 2003. This was the roadmap for the devious, on how to file false allegations against a professional / institution for millions of dollars and face nothing more than a misdemeanor.

    You have become the voice for all those who have been silenced and cannot speak for fear of retaliation, which we all know is real. You have thrown open the lid on this Pandora’s Box, where the innocent have been thrown into, along with the most violent of sick and depraved predators. It’s long overdue to get the “wrongfully convicted sex offender” out of prisons across America and the spotlight to shine harshly on this fraud and scam, which often originates in the Family Courts, as you mentioned.

    This needs to be added to the changes that the President and the DOJ have recently announced with reforming the broken criminal justice.

    • Right on ! Something need to be done. It all has to do with money. If you have money you can get the best attorney, if not you have to deal with it on your own. Not cool. And it’s hard to get help because people would rather believe the dirty little story then to believe the truth. They convicte innocent people ,take away lives, like its no big deal! They separate families and separate husbands and wives in their golden years. They make it to where innocent people have to sell their homes and all of their belongings just to try to get an attorney who in a lot of cases end up not being a very good one. We have too many kangaroo court systems that would rather convicte ,get money from the government to keep their towns and prisons going then to see to it that innocent people actually can keep living their innocent lives! It’s a witch hunt that needs to stop!!!

      • Berniece, Your comment says it all, except about not having the money for an aggressive legal defense – needed in the child sex crimes cases.

        In our daughter’s case, we had money and assets (homes) and hired what we thought were the best lawyers in the state, which does not guarantee a better outcome. In fact, their arrogance allows them to know whose assets to “seize” as opposed to others who have none.

        These “elite” lawyers, also ‘delegate” the initial start-up of a case to their “underlings”, which in serious cases where someone is facing decades in prison, they need to be personally involved and aggressively tackle their client’s case PRIOR to indictment.

        The prosecutor’s use “green” inexperienced lawyers to aggressively-at-all-costs, to get the client held non-bondable regardless of the lies, while stacking the charges — no presumption of innocence and no due process. Couple that with a lying detective and false statements given to the media (formulatic-strategy) and they get their career points and hundreds of thousands for the “criminal injustice industry”. This is what keeps a “police/prison” state flowing with $$$$’s, while enriching the profiteers in human misery, who value money over humanity, ethics and morality.

        The prosecutors, not the police are responsible for the growth of the prison population by growing felonies, turning misdemeanors into felonies, reclassifying the prison population from non-violent to violent (more federal $$$’s available) in an incentivized criminal justice system that is self-destructing our democracy and America “land of the free”.

      • New Study: Prosecutors, Not Police, Have Driven Prison Population Growth
        The United States prison population has exploded over the past 40 years. But why? Have police been making more arrests? Have prosecutors been charging more people with crimes? Have judges been issuing longer sentences? Have parole boards become stricter? (All of the above?) Since many accounts of mass incarceration collapse “the criminal justice system” into a single monolith, it can be hard to know exactly what part of the system has driven the growth in the prison population.

        A new empirical study by Fordham law professor John Pfaff aims to provide a more granular explanation of the causes of mass incarceration. Pfaff concludes that only one other relevant number has changed as dramatically as the prison population has: the number of felony case filings per arrest. In other words, police haven’t been arresting more people:

        [B]etween 1982 and 1995, arrests rose by 26% (from 3,261,613 to 4,118,039) while mean [prison] admissions rose by 149% (from 212,415 to 530,642); between 1995 and 2007, arrests fell by 28.6% while admissions rose by another 31.9%. It is thus clear that arrests are not driving the growth in incarceration—and by extension neither are trends in crime levels, since their effect is wholly mediated by these arrest rates.

        Rather, prosecutors have become more likely to charge those arrested with crimes:

        [U]nlike the volume of arrests, that of felony case filings tracks the number of admissions quite closely. In the twenty‐six states that provide reliable felony filing data to the National Center on State Courts, between 1987 and 2006 filings grow by 129% (from 772,042 to 1,767,202) while admissions grow by an almost‐identical 132% (from 205,733 to 476,754). The decision to file charges thus appears to be at the heart of prison growth. “

      • continued from above: “A new empirical study by Fordham law professor John Pfaff aims to provide a more granular explanation of the causes of mass incarceration. Pfaff concludes that only one other relevant number has changed as dramatically as the prison population has: the number of felony case filings per arrest. In other words, police haven’t been arresting more people: …” (Sentencing Law blog by Doug Berman)

      • My husband of 28 yrs got 14 yrs for being accused of forcefully having sexual intercorce with our 11 yr old niece that we had been raising with her and her two siblings for 7 yrs. By the time her story was done growing she claimed it happened over 100 times.We were also foster parents for 14 yrs prior to taking them in and cared for 54 children ( only 3 were males) without issues. It didn’t matter that we were foster parents all those years, It didn’t matter that she was in therapy for three years prior for compulsively lying, it didn’t matter she accused 4 others before my husband including her own biological father . ( none of this was aloud to be mentioned in court) and it didn’t matter she was still a virgin with her hymn in tack and no sign of anything being done to her . my husband refused to take a plee bargin because he was innocent n we believed truth would come out n everything would be OK. We couldn’t afford a good attorney because of my health problems. We dedicated our whole life’ helping people n working with children n this is our reward. I am living in an unfinished house with my grandson n my husband is in prison being treated horrible for something he didn’t do, n my family has totally fell to peices because our niece didn’t get her own way n got angry and got even. Who is there to protect those who this happens to n there families. Me n my husband should be enjoying our life, our family n watching our grandchildren growing up. He’s been locked up for 5 years now n I have tried to find help but I don’t have the money for the attorney fees we would need . As hard as my life is out here I can’t even imagine how it is for him. If anyone nos of anyone or any program that would help us We would appreciate it. Thank You.

      • sexual crime real or imagined equates political power these days.
        the narrative is a very deliberately misleading one, in peacetimes (war,no invasion or civil war) they unite people with an enemy, the number one enemy in these times is ´sex offenders`
        99% of everything you hear on the news about this subject is lies and propaganda

  3. Newsweek Cover December 15, 2003: “Lawsuit Hell: How the Fear of Litigation is Paralyzing Our Professions”, 11 page report. Cover photo categories: medical professionals, religious leaders, teachers, coaches, daycare workers, law enforcement and more. Cases featured: Catholic Priest Scandal, Michael Jackson, Jon Benet Ramsey, Kobe Bryant, etc.

  4. “WITCH HUNT” the John Stoll story, award-winning documentary; Executive produced and Narrated by Sean Penn

    • Another source of information is on one of my FB pages “People Against Private Prisons”.. I’ve added a number of books and articles about everything I’ve read on this page/blog. I’ve found it helpful in many ways and am collecting friends who share common cause info and on a personnel level it’s helped me with my cause.. I’m sad so many of us share such a horrible common cause~ JC

  5. Tip of the iceberg … Extortion

    “Sex Offenders Complain of Online Extortion by Arizona men”

    LOS ANGELES (CN) – “Five Arizona men conspired to extort sex offenders by claiming they will take their names and photos off websites for $500, but leaving the information online whether their victims pay or not, 10 sex offenders claim in a federal RICO complaint.”

    Courthouse News Service

  6. While I disagree with using those signs in Florida to begin with as they are nothing but targets being posted for vigilantes and affect everyone living in or visiting that home which is unfair, they should be sued for using the word “predator” on them. Most sexual offenses are not predatory so that word is just being used to scare people and get politicians re-elected by claiming to protect the public from monsters under the bed.

    • Katrina, I agree with you that the term “predator” has been distorted beyond recognition. One of the basic parts of sexual offender treatment/therapy is identifying and correcting “cognitive distortions”. Perhaps it is time for the law to deal with their own cognitive distortions and stop Maximizing and treating offenders as predatory when really aren’t what would normally be considered such. A true predator is a cold, calculating, fixated, likely sociopathic, serial offender who is unlikely to respond to any therapy and who needs to be locked up indefinitely for the safety of us all. Jeffery Dahmer was, imho, a true predator, as are many of the stereotypical “trenchcoat men” who drive around trying to entice children into the back of their van with promises of candy. Opportunistic, one-time, immature (e.g. children trying to understand what sex is), drunken (i.e. who drink too much and lose control), or ignorant (e.g. “She told me she was 18!”) offenders are not predatory. They may be offenders who deserve some level of sanctions for the crimes that they have committed, but they are not Jeffery Dahmer. By being loose with definitions, we lose perspective on the proportional danger of various offenders and waste resources.

      To tell you the truth, I don’t want to hear about the 45 year old men who, at age 18, did their 16 year old girlfriends in the back seat of mommy’s car, later married them, and now have a stable marriage, well-behaved children, and have not recidivated. It is ancient history now, and I’m much more concerned about the state of the economy or whether I will be run over by a truck tomorrow than I am about those people. Take them completely off the registry, unless they recidivate or something like that.

    • “Most sexual offenses are not predatory.” This world is regressing into the Dark Ages with a quickness if that is indeed the highest degree of intelligence you have reached to this point.

  7. Docile Jim Brady – Columbus OH 43209

    Ronald Cotton’s victim Jennifer Thompson Canino not only erroneously ID’s Ronald in trial #2 , she also testified , in good faith , that her raper was NOT her attacker . She was mortified to later learn of her mistake.

    I was fortunate to meet them both at a CLE in Cincinnati .

  8. And wrongful convictions happen all the time, especially when husband/wife are fighting over divorce / child custody / adoption, etc.

  9. Excellent article. The discussion about the increase in harshness at the beginning and the question, “Does the punishment fit the crime,” resonated with me. This is a blog entry on the topic–

    In fact, the entire topic of wrongful conviction is one I have blogged about several times.

    I found all of your points spot on with the exception of the signs in the yard of registrants. I believe this was done more frequently in the past than now. When it occurs now, there is major publicity.

    Thank you again for a wonderful article.

  10. Women Against Registry speaks out for the families and the children of those who are on the registry. Too many murders of registrants are occurring and too many children are without a parental figure in their lives all because of the registry. Laws are written to incriminate, prosecute and incarcerate people who have done nothing wrong. It’s too easy to convict someone on false allegations. No evidence needed.
    It’s time for reform in a BIG way and it’s time our voices are heard!
    Please join our efforts in reaching out to legislators and media to help families who are also suffering from the consequences of these laws!

    • I can’t express what a relief it has been to find Women Against Registry! I have been going through this with my brother for about 15 years and no one has wanted to hear how unethical and unconstitutional these laws are. I see the issue from both sides, I was seriously abused as a child by three men. Not a single one was a stranger, not a single one was a repeat offender and not a single incident would have been prevented by the Sex Offender registry or GPS monitoring. My abusers were my step-father and grand fathers. The only protection against these offenders is parental diligence and education about signs and indicators. My general rule is I don’t leave my young children alone around older men until I have thoroughly assessed the personality, body language, family history and ruled out any indicators of sexual issues. My children have been told to trust their instincts, don’t wait until someone touches, if they make you uncomfortable in any stay away from them and tell me, no matter who it is. Unfortunately there is no fool proof protection but we need to try.
      What happened to me is the most common type of sex offense. No snatch and grab, no violence, no repeat offense but life shattering all the same. Now I see my brother and family going through the system and there is no rehab, only punishment. We as his family are treated just as guilty for supporting him and not condemning him.
      In my families case even if the charge was totally true the punishment seriously out weighed the crime.
      By all means lets protect our kids but we need to find a better way. This needs to stop being a political trump card. We need to educate people about the psychological make up of most sex offenders, especially pedophiles . We need to find a way to treat not just punish and label. We need to spend the money on research and mental health rather than useless policies that do nothing but advance political agendas.
      I am so happy to see this article and the responses, people are starting to wake up and take action.
      As a victim and family member of a registrant I thank you all for being brave enough to speak out and address such an unpopular subject.

      • My daughter was a victim of abuse as well, which was committed by a family member. The sex offender registry didn’t prevent her abuse, and I didn’t know the signs of possible abuse.

        We all feel that the punishment didn’t fit the crime, and are punished too for supporting their rehabilitation. I agree, we all believe that education and prevention programs would be a better avenue, to stop and prevent abuse, rather than waiting until a conviction has been made and treat them as modern day lepers, after they finish their incarceration.

        This is something I bring to my legislators – I want to save thousands of children and women the hurt caused by abuse, rather than saving a small few who MAY benefit from the registry.

      • Jean,

        Well said. And yes, please push this with your legislators.

        Phil Locke

      • Shannon, you are right that there is a lot that is unfair about the system. Many of the most dangerous or repeat offenders go free, and their victims are harmed so much they some of them go on to commit their own minor offense, and then get victimized by the “system”, who treats them as the primary culprit and 100% at fault for everything, including that big storm on Jupiter and the impending heat death of the universe a few hundred billion years from now.

        There seems to be a revenge mentality here – that if the “system” can’t get every offender, then they somehow have the right to go totally ballistic on the few offenders that they do manage to catch and that it evens out in the end, since there was already a set amount of “revenge” to dish out proportionally among however many offenders can be found.

      • You seriously don’t think jail time and being put on a registry are appropriate for a repeat familial molester? Wow. Maybe your entire family should be on a list so I can know who to keep my kid away from if that behavior is acceptable to you.

    • @ Anne Berkeley,

      The registry is so over blown that is it now ineffective. It used to ONLY name those who were high risk offenses and repeat offenders, which was to help LE solve crimes.
      Today, it lists teens having consensual sex, public urination (public indecency), mooning, sexting, kids playing doctor, a guy who downloads child porn unknowingly (and proven by forensics), etcetera.

      I thought the registry would have kept my children safe, but the truth is 95% of sexual abuse is committed by someone who isn’t on the registry and 93% are committed by someone the victim knows and trusts. It isn’t stranger danger that the registry implies.

      No one argues that those who abuse children or who make, view, distribute child porn (knowingly) should be punished, however, once they have finished their sentence, the punishment should end.

  11. You failed to mention… “File Share” programs.. and rhe dangers of attracting unwanted child porn in your downloads. I am currently in appeal having lost my trial. I am more then happy to share my story.. with anyone…as I want no one else to go through this hell… I pray for students who use “Snapchat”…. once the police can monitor that traffic… whole classes of high school kids will end up on the register.

    • Please become an advocate of the RSOL . Your voice will be heard.

    • I am the Mother of one of these High School kids you are talking about, and the “Shame and Humiliation” alone have been Devastating! Not to mention watching him go thru the real life effects of being labeled as a registered sex offender. I’m still trying to figure out how you can be a sex offender when there is no victim! I understand why the laws were put in place, and I absolutely believe in severe punishment for any true child predator! I was taught to respect, and admire The American Justice System. What an Idiot. I now. see it all for what it really is just a business. And The FBI funding, Political Personal Agenda’s are more important. I honestly don’t doubt that their intentions were pure in the beginning, but the Collateral Damage to teenagers! from these laws are to huge to ignore for long. Something has to be done to protect all of our kids.

  12. I total agree with Kimberly DuBina. Too many children are without a parental figure in their lives all becase of the registry. Our laws are coming to the point “if SHE said it happen it happen”. There is no investagation into the accusers background. Many 19 yeas old and 20 year old girls have made a contest out of how many men can they get put in prison for rape. That NEVER HAPPEN. They have sex with a boyfriend and then set up someone else. I have seen it happen. It is TIME for REFORM in a HUGE way and it’s time to stop punishing people after they paid their time. I ask, if you buy a new car and your payments are $420 per month, you finally reach the day it is PAID IN FULL. Are you going to keep paying $420 per month car payment? Think about it. This is what the law is doing with the registry. Making them continue to pay. Do away this the Labels and Do away with the registry. Please if not for your own family think about the families that do have family and friends incarcerated. Think about the children of the incarcerated. One in every ten children has one or both parents incarcerate here in America the Land of the FREE and the Home of the Brave..

    • People like you made my life a living he’ll in high school, thank you. It was only after my rapist had DONE IT A SECOND TIME, IN THE ARMY, that I was believed. I forgive you and everyone like you because you are truly ignorant of how stupid and hurtful your comments are.

      • My child was abused by a family member who wasn’t on the registry. I also know several people who have loved ones that were falsely accused.

        Wouldn’t you want your loved one to get charges dropped if the prosecution finds that they were falsely accused. Did you know that several men have been exonerated from rape, due to DNA testing. Hr victims were raped, but identified the wrong person and the DNA was never fully tested until the Innocence Project took their case.

      • Adeline Burtt my heart bleeds for you, and I too can see the asinine thought processes radiating from these comments… from the wives who are hell-bent on turning a blind eye and fail their children on every possible level, from the parents who don’t want to see their star wrestler lose his scholarship, from the women who very clearly HATE women because no matter what, women deserve the blame or they are liars, and from the onlooker who thinks a weight room lifting coach was too harshly punished for inappropriately touching his students….. As noted in one of the previous comments, one such comment was the argument that, “Most sexual offenses are predatory.” – Katrina Kane – Where is the outrage for the fact that we live in a culture that promotes and encourages abuse of women and children, that promotes “family secrets,” the use of child pornography, sex trafficking, and pedeophilia? where is the outrage that hundreds of thousands of victims will NEVER see justice and will NEVER lead full and healthy lives, because hundreds of thousands of offenders and predators are walking about in society free citizens getting away with their crimes because, they and their crony known as American prevailing thought, have silenced, shamed, threatened, accused, humiliated, disbelieved, interrogated, embarrassed, blamed, stigmatized and abandoned THE VICTIM. Because the court system will rarely even take on a case of child abuse unless their is an overabundance of physical evidence..most victims never even get a chance to make it to the prosecution phase. Where is the outrage for that?

      • In_dog_we_trust


        Klara, I understand your point and i agree with you. I also want justice for the victims who have their lives ruined by sick, selfish criminals.

        The problem with what you are saying is that it paints a false dichotomy: there is no contradiction in supporting the capture and punishment of sex offenders, while also recognizing that many of the policies and practices enacted under the auspice of justice are ineffective, serving to further magnify the damage that is done to victims.

        Supporting the reform of the faulty legal framework of sex offender laws in America in no way diminishes the support and compassion one has for the victims of crime. Reform does not mean less punishment. It means evolving our approach to focus on techniques that DO work while abolishing those that don’t. You can support both at the same time: they are not mutually exclusive, and framing it as if they are helps nobody at all.

  13. Great article. There are too many offenders who are one-time, non-hands an non-violent. People need to fight to get these laws changed. There are just as many innocent people because both these categories are doomed from the beginning. Lawyers don’t care, they really don’t know the laws so individuals take a plea even though they don’t know what is going to happen in the future. The laws need to change.

    • You are right. Please become an advocate for RSOL Your voice can be heard. thank you

      • How do i become an advocate. I am reading all your comments and I am blown away. I am a registered sex offender In shreveport louisiana .The registration laws here are monstrous .The general public truly has no idea of what is really going on.i would love to share my story and get the truth out about wrong fully accused sex offenders.I also want to point out that this ignorance of the law (Law) is a joke in and of itself. I was 17 and charged with Attempted sexual battery ,in louisiana you are still considered a minor at 17 .My mother had no idea about the law and at the time Noone could have foreseen these new laws today .Especially the registration laws that have been put in place in all states.there was no proof of anything happening to my so called victim no dna no nothing but my mother tired of our family being drug through the mud by our so called protectors of the innocent. My story is way to common but no one is listening or cares to hear the truth.All I want is to be able to live a normal life but that’s impossible because all anyone has to do is say I did something and no matter innocent or not I’m guilty in the laws eyes and I will be throwed in not on probation or parole and I’m still treated as a monster for something that was said to have happened over 25 years ago.I am 41 almost 42 and I have a lovely wonderful woman who stands by me one hundred percent and she is put down ridiculed because she loves me and trust me .She has children and her ex husband was able to take her because a mediator said she couldn’t be around me because I can’t be around children .That’s not even true I may have to register but nothing in any law says I can’t be around children.that still didn’t stop a court from taking my fiance ‘s child from her.So if there is anything anyone who is willing to listen and be able to help me in my fight then please contact me .my email is and my number is 318 402 8352 louisiana. Address 9857 lareta st.keithville la.71047.Any help would be greatly appreciated. I work hard but with the way things are I don’t make much money barely enough to stay afloat and sure not any where enough to hire an attorney to help me so please don’t tell me to hire an attorney I’ve already been told that so many times it is not funny but everyone I’ve spoken to won’t touch my case under 10 thousand and I just don’t have that kind of money trust me if I did I’d hire private investigator ‘ s and go all out news ,t.v,you name it .thanks for your stories it means more than you could ever know.sincerly Tony Lejeune

      • Tony – check out

  14. Personally, I do not believe the registry. I have a loved one wrongfully convicted in North Dakota. Although he is still in prison and possibly will never get out, he is classified as a medium risk, when I know he is no risk because he is innocent. We have special visitation times with no children are in the room, and I have gotten to know some of the other families. They tell me if they think there loved one is innocent or not, and several are innocent, and many of the cases mirror my loved one’s case (vindictive ex-wife or ex-girlfriend with an early teen daughter who is jealous). Even a guard told me that he thought several in there labeled as sex offenders were not sex offenders. ~~ One of the state’s top sex offense prosecutors is the head of the committee who classifies these guys. What the heck is up with that? So I do not even believe in the registry because I personally know how skewed the system is here in North Dakota.

    • I myself am a sex offender I’m a tier 2 in the state of ohio I have been wrongly accused of my case the girl lied and said she was 19 and then come to find out she was 16. But any ways the registry is bad thing it don’t work and it ruins people lifes along with their family I cant date a women with children just because of me regestring I feel as if the state should do something every time I get a lawyer to look into my case the apa starts messing with me. I don’t get the system at all I know their are some sick people out there but what about guys like me the ones that don’t desrve this title something needs to be done but it seems to be getten worse. if I had the money to fight my case I would get a good lawyer from out of state and fight with every thing I have. we need more people to find for our rights for guys like me that don’t deserve this who are just normal people that got screwed by the system..

      • Heloo i have a loved one that was resently wrongfully conficted and he is facing 25 years hd has a daughter that is 1 and his married to my sister this happened 7 years ago and his bf turned on him we are fighting for his freedom and i font know where to begin

  15. “Pedophile predation”? Great choice of words there. What are you trying to change? You’re simply putting fuel to the fire with those words! IMO you are viewing things very black-and-white. “Either a predator or you’re innocent”. Let me ask you this, then; what should the punishment for viewing child pornography be? Or should there not be a punishment? I think that is a valid question. In some states, people have gotten hundreds of years of imprisonment for having collected said material. I am always so baffled what the hysteria around SEX is about? Beat your child unconscious and if you’re “unlucky” you’ll end up in prison. Look at some images, and you’re doomed.

    • Tommy….if you look at child pornography you should be killed. Those are victims on those videos and images. Every time you view that material, you are re-victimizing the victim. That fact that you ” just do not see what the hysteria around viewing sexual images is all about,” makes me very confident that you yourself are definitely a danger to our society.

      • So, a teen who engages in sexting should be murdered? A teen who is looking at their peers online (not understanding that what they are looking at is child porn)? It’s not a simple black and white issue. The person who committed that offense and recorded it and shared it should be punished.
        Most who look at child porn are mostly those who are not actively seeking it and having hundreds or thousands of photos saved and traded. Many are those who clicked on the wrong page, on a peer to peer site that downloaded files without their knowledge, had a teen send them a nude pic, etc where there are just a couple of images.

        There are those who had an addiction to porn that spun out of control and moved on to illegal images to give them the same high they had when looking at legal images.

        What many people need is treatment to address the root cause of their offense, not a social stigma, harsh sentences (especially when they have one of the lowest reoffense rates), or call for vigilante violence against them. In fact, studies have shown that majority of victims don’t want the harsh sentences and punishments we impose on offenders, but want treatment programs to help prevent crimes and prevent reoffense.

  16. Petition | Ask Kathleen Rice to Overturn Wrongful Conviction of Jesse Friedman – Join the filmmakers behind award-winning “Capturing the Friedmans” |

  17. Like with “Capturing the Friedmans”, the nightmare never ends…

  18. Seeing as how a lot of sex offenders are actually people convicted of peeing in bushes, flashing, etc. perhaps it is time to start saying that only forcible sex offenses are applicable for being put on the sex offender registry.

  19. My son at age 16 was falsely accused by his 9 year old cousin when, during a tantrum because she wasn’t allowed to attend a party, sh accused him of rape. That at age 9 she(and her mother) had already falsely accused a 5 year old neighbor boy of rape when she was age 4, and her mother had filed a false police report of attempted rape when caught sneaking out as a teenager was all rape shielded. From attorney Paul Stuckle site, every single one of these points were used to coerce my son into accepting an Alford Plea (which got him into further trouble being “in denial” going through “treatment” as an innocent person.

    The Elimination of Constitutional Rights
    Prosecutors and the child saving industry have convinced the legislature that merely creating hysteria is not enough to insure conviction for those accused. In addition, rights originally created in our constitution to protect the criminal defendants must be eliminated.

    The Rules to Have Changed to Secure Convictions

    All across our nation, state legislatures have supported child advocacy special interest groups. The following illustrates how constitutional rights have been taken away in child sexual assault trials:

    No Right to Confront Your Accuser

    Criminal law codes have been rewritten to where in many cases, the child accuser does not have to appear in court and face the accused. Instead, the state can offer the child’s testimony through a video tape made by agents of the prosecution.

    “Hearsay Evidence”

    Hearsay is defined as “a statement, other than one made by the declarant while testifying at the trial or hearing, offered in evidence to prove the truth of the matter asserted.” (Tex. Rules. Evid. 803 (2)). In Layman’s terms, “Hearsay” evidence is when a witness testifies about something they do not personally know, but were told by someone else. Hearsay is considered unreliable and is normally inadmissible as evidence against an accused. In child abuse cases however, hearsay evidence is admitted as evidence of guilt. A so called “outcry” witness can testify as to what a child supposedly said to them regarding the alleged abuse.

    “Syndrome Evidence” Is Admissible Against the Accused

    In most states, the prosecution can have an expert witness testify that the child is suffering from “Child Sexual Abuse Accommodation Syndrome”(CSAAS). This psychological “mumble jumble” is an unscientific theory of supposed traits of abused children. The psychologist who came up with this syndrome many years ago has since indicated that this theory is not reliable evidence in a court of law. Prosecutors do not care! This junk science makes its appearance in courtrooms across the country daily.

    With Syndrome Evidence, the State Replaces Its Lack of Real Proof with Speculation

    CSAAS theorizes that because an alleged victim is supposedly demonstrating certain behavioral patterns that he/she must have actually been abused. Unfortunately, a big problem with this and other syndromes is that the character traits offered to show abuse are also common for non-abused children. If the child has been crying, he/she must have been abused. If the child has nightmares, he/she must have been abused. If the child is withdrawn, he/she must have been abused. If the child is outgoing, he/she must have been abused. If the child is happy around the accused, it’s because the child enjoyed the abuse. The list of factors goes on forever. But to a jury, when an expert witness is connecting typical childhood behavior with indicators of abuse, the testimony is extremely damaging to the falsely accused.

    Convictions without Physical Evidence

    Our prisons are full of persons who have been convicted of child molestation without any physical evidence ever introduced against them at trial. In other words, the typical evidence in which the state offers to convict a defendant, such as body fluids, blood, semen, hair, DNA, are not introduced at trial to link the accused to a crime.

    Medical nurses and employees whose livelihoods depend upon their contracts with child advocacy centers will give opinions that a child was abused. Failure to give the right opinion will mean the contract is not renewed. These opinions from medical “experts” will say the findings are “consistent with” sexual abuse. Of course, “consistent with” is not a true medical diagnosis. This testimony, as demonstrated by a competent defense attorney will reveal the findings given as “consistent with abuse” are just as “inconsistent with abuse”.

    Prosecutors Secure Convictions by Manipulating the Juries’ Fear of Releasing a Child Molester Back Into the Community.

    Instead of physical and medical evidence, the falsely accused are convicted upon theories, inferences, and speculation. Prosecutors secure convictions by manipulating the juror’s fear of releasing a child molester back into the community. This fear will be combined with hearsay, expert witness “syndrome evidence”, misleading medical testimony, and the biased opinions of child advocacy investigators.

    To support this speculation, a biased child protective services caseworker will produce a videotaped interview of the child. This biased interviewer will use leading, suggestive, and coached questions to easily obtain an “admission” from a child. Many times the child does not make a statement that abuse occurred, but merely agrees with the adult authority figure who informs the child of the abuse.

    After an outcry, it is easy to find witnesses who can place the accused in circumstances in which he was alone with the alleged victim.

    • jo ann sanchez

      My name is Jo. My son is in a similar situation. i am horrified. His father is the one who began this whole ordeal after my son came home to pick up his infant son . he saw his sister in the lap of their father in a comprimising situation. This has not been the first time. Then shortly after hes hauled off to jail and convicted of this crime. His father was named as a possible sexual predator not only of my daughter but of several other girls. My son has never had such accusations. Every child interviewed showed no signs of fear or possible attacks by my son. The system also failed to recognize me as his mother and denied me any access to his discovery. They told my son I was not cooperating when in fact they shut me out.

      His step mother bore witness to the behaviors of my exhusband and my daughter which were never brought to the judges attention.

      My son is innocent. I am a mother ready to fight this fight if i fight with my last breath. Please how can we all pull together and do something. my son is 17

    • I am a registered sex offender.

      I wish I was not guilty of touching my daughter (probably not really my daughter, but that is a separate issue) but I am. However, I am not guilty of the things I was sentenced for.

      [I am not interested in minimizing what I did, I did a terrible thing. But, before this chapter of my life began, I would have expected the court room to be a place where the truth could prevail. I was so very naive.]

      My daughter told her mother something happened a year after it occurred. A medical exam was performed. Of course there could be no fluids after a year but that is not the only thing they looked for. There was no physical evidence at all, the case should have relied on the victims statement alone.

      The last time my wife and I talked face-to-face she called me to say we needed to talk, we had a lot to talk about. She talked about the medical exam, she complained about the interviews particularly the second one.

      During the first (30 minute) interview of my daughter she only spoke about touching.

      Somehow the tape of the first interview became “damaged OR missing” weeks after it had been recorded, which was it? Sadly, they did not even need to worry about picking one or the other they just made a new tape. This one took over two hours to produce, my wife was not allowed in the room this time and my daughter was not allowed out until it was finished. Eventually my daughter stated full penetration had occurred – I cannot stress enough that the medical evidence did NOT support this.

      I met with my attorney after he met with the prosecutor to go over the evidence and talk about whatever they talk about. This was my first conversation with him since I spoke with my wife, I did not tell him what I knew. I asked about the tapes: how many, how long, what they described, and about the medical evidence. He would not discuss the evidence at all, he stated flat out that the evidence did not matter. All he was willing to discuss was that the prosecutor knew what my wife told me. The prosecutor was absolutely pissed at my attorney and I because of my conversation with my wife and the only thing my attorney was going to accept from me, from that point on, was my word that I would take a plea, no matter what it contained.

      I learned that day that even if I had been completely innocent I would still be guilty when the dust settled. Reality did not matter, evidence did not matter, law did not matter. All that mattered was what the prosecutor wanted, and what the prosecutor wanted the prosecutor got.

      • DK, he clearly wanted to remove a pedeophile predator from society for the safety of children everywhere. I agree with him, except for the fact that your sentence was much too short. Hopefully your wife was not ignorant enough to remain by your side, but judging from some of the comments here, I don’t have much faith in that either.

      • The prosecutors are a joke in cases like this. They will not seek out any evidence at all. These cases are an easy win for them with very little time or effort. They do not have to do anything because no matter what, you are guilty and going to prison.

    • roxanna l zinck

      Hi Susie,

      What you have said here is exactly what happened in my son’s case. He was convicted last week and will spend the rest of his life in prison if we cannot win an appeal. His attorney is trying to get the verdict overturned for official misconduct. He was found guilty by theatrics alone on the part of the D.A. and his accuser (my son’s wife’s niece). My son’s attorney shot holes through all of the evidence. The D.A. was allowed to insert his own words into testimony given, bear his teeth and call my son a monster and a liar while standing just a couple of feet from him. In fact, he called everyone who testified as to my son’s character liars.

      I’m sure you have heard all of the horror stories like this. No evidence just the word of the accuser. My question is, why in the world do they just accept her word. In my opinion the girl should be given a polygraph before the D.A. takes the case just to determine how truthful she is being. What she said to police etc. was considered testimony. When her sister (also an accuser) told her grandfather that nothing happened it was considered hearsay.

      Both sides of the family stood behind my son 100% because we all know him to be loving, kind and gentle. My son and his wife took her from the hell hole she was born into and tried to give her a normal life not knowing she was already broken. She had not one person in her family standing with her, not even her so called mother, who had in the past been found guilty of prostitution, drug charges, and trying to sell one of her children for $500 and a car. We ALL knew her to be a sociopath who had no problem lying to get her way.

      Now as to why she might lie…She had sent my son an email that if he didn’t give her $300 she was going the go tell the police he touched her. This email mysteriously disappeared when the police took his computer. She was also very angry, for what she viewed, as my son and his wife “taking” her away from her mother when in fact she was placed with them by the state. Then we have the victim’s fund, which could amount to up to $25,000. The D.A. said she had no reason to lie???

      As a result of all of this, I am heartbroken. At this point I no longer trust the police, judicial system, and yes even this country because they are allowing all of these innocent men to be sent to prison for something that they never did. The sadness comes when you realize that not one person in this country knows what’s going on until they live through it. I didn’t, and as with many others, my view was to hang anyone who would do this to a child. Knowing what I know now I would estimate that about 95% of those in prison are innocent either by wrongful conviction, taking a plea because there is no way to win, or just couldn’t afford to keep themselves out of prison because it can be very expensive. At this point we are standing at $82,000. I truly feel that the overcrowding issue is because of the wrongly convicted not because crime has increased.

      I will close with this observation, this country has come no further than the Salem witch hunts. And that is shameful as far as I’m concerned, that in this day and age all you have to do is point your finger and cry witch!!! My son was convicted from the moment they put the handcuffs when he was arrested. They are doing the same thing as with the McMartin trial and the Bakersfield witch hunt trails just on a smaller scale as to not draw too much attention and to stay under the radar.

      • roxanna l zinck

        I just wanted to post an epilog. My son was sentenced to 85 years and fined almost $1,000,000. Then the judge sat on his bench and had the nerve to tell us, his family, that WE were in denial. I almost lost it at that point. We are the only ones that know both parties and I guess he figured we should welcome her into the fold after the lies she told. He also said that my son had showed no remorse or apogized. How can you show remorse for something you never did??? Once again I will say there was NO evidence except that she said he did it.

        I am totally flabergasted that this could happen in such an “advanced” society that we supposedly live in. The justice system has become a total crock.

        So beware, if you are accused, there is no defense. Now I see why people take the plea. If we had settled on the plea that the DA mentioned “low single digit sentence” , he would have been out in a couple of years. The DA made the offer because he knew they had no evidence. We have filed for an appeal but I really don’t think it will do any good with the laws the way they are. These kind of charges are highly emotional for the jury, and I get that, but when they were asking questions and couldn’t get the answers because of info being squashed why did they convict when they could not say beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was guilty.

        Guilty until proven innocent. We need to get this info out to John Q. Public and get these laws changed or do whatever is nessessary to stop putting these innocent men in prison!!!

      • Roxanna,
        You spoke for me when you wrote this. I already had little faith in our justice system, now I fear it. i no longer trust the police. I am certain that there are officers who bravely serve with honor and integrity and deserve public support. I have great respect for law enforcement, but now, when I see a police officer, I become filled with anxiety. I know that if a police officer were to ask me what I ate for lunch, I would not give an answer without first consulting an attorney. I simply cannot trust them.
        I have searched and searched for information that could possibly help my son but everything I read tells me that he was considered guilty the minute he was accused and there is no hope, there is no way out.
        It is breathtakingly easy to destroy someones life by accusing them of sexual misconduct. It is virtually impossible to defend yourself once you have been accused.

      • Exactly right!

  20. Kumon is dangerous for kids because of child sex molestation. I was just reading that kids got sexually molested by instructor at Kumon math and possibly there are thousands of kids all over the world who are being sexually molested by Kumon peoples. It is frightening to read that Kumon center can have pedophiles, child rapists and child sex offenders. Many people don’t know this about Kumon math. They think everything is fine at Kumon. But they realize very late that children got hurt at Kumon center. Then children hate Kumon math and reading because they are not learning anything, only getting raped at the Kumon center. I hate Kumon.

    Every parents must google “kumon molestation” and see the results. Since many small kids go to Kumon, the risk of them become victims of sexual predators or child molesters is very great. Most of the staff at my Kumon center don’t have any teaching certification. Who knows how many of the staff in my center are pedophiles and involved in molestation. Molestation is a crime wherever it happens. But when it happens at Kumon, it is serious because the students are vulnerable at the hands of their parents who think that “a tough teacher is good for their kids.” This fear of Parents on one side and the Kumon instructor on the other side forces many kids to remain silent and not tell their parents how staff at Kumon centers touch them inappropriately and try to molest them.

    Molesting children is the worst crime. Molestation at Kumon is even worse because it is perpetrated by Kumon teacher itself. I think if FBI investigates every Kumon math and reading center they will find many many more cases of child molestation at Kumon center.

    PARENTS” IF YOU ARE READING THIS, PLEASE THINK AGAIN ABOUT YOUR CHILD BEFORE YOU ENROLL IN A KUMON CENTER. There are many websites online where you can download worksheets for kids that are much, much better than the Kumon worksheets. No need to spend $400 for your child at Kumon when you can get very good and similar worksheets online. Just download and use.

  21. My name is Justin.

    I am a 28 year old sex offender. I was born and raised in Chicago on the north west side known as humbolt park. I was gang affiliated, young dumb and easily influenced. My mother was a drunk, my father left when I was 2 and my sister and I were abused as children by my fathers replacement. At the age of 17 I was arrested for the first time. I was involved in 3 counts of burglary to an auto. My mother was too drunk to care no lawyer and public defenders are only willing to do soo much to help inner city youth. My mother kicked me out soon after. And my uncle was nice enough to take me in. Shortly after I was told to take a plea for the burglary s. 3 counts of class 3 felony burglary to an auto. 6 months in cook county jail 2 yrs probation and 180 hours of community service. I took it on the chin and got to work. I got a job at McDonald’s and baby sat my 4 younger cousins 5 month 2 yr old 5 yr and 9 yr old. New place fresh start good neighborhood!!! I was happy as ever. Severed all ties and gang affiliation.
    A month after moving there I met a girl named Lauren. She was cute and funny. We started dating and everything went very fast between us. Before long we were stuck like glue. After being together for about 5 months I found out that she cheated on me. I was crushed to say the least. I felt as if my life was over, but I knew I had to end it. Hurt turned into anger and I ended the relationship viciously. I called her names at a party and embarrassed her in front of a lot of people. Two weeks later I started dating her best friend….a month after that I got a call from the police telling me I needed to go down to the station.
    When I arrived the told me that I was being accused of “smacking my exes buttocks and grabbing her breast uninvited for sexual gratification. I was shocked! Could not believe what I was hearing . Reality didn’t hit until the cuffs went on. They said it was a class two felony aggrivated criminal sexual assault. I received a recognizance bond and a week later a petition to revoke my felony probation. To fast forward two months later I missed a court date. I wasn’t running litterally just marked the wrong date on my calander. They came to my house and arrested me. Kept continuing my case by the time pre trial came around I had been in for 4 months. I hated being locked up. The public defender told me that they worked out a deal that involved no jail time so I was excited! Said I would be let out that same day. All I would have to do is report to the police station where I reside probation evaluation treatment and community service. They said that this was a great deal and if we went to trial and I lost I could get 3 to 7 yrs. being stupid I took it. Since then I made two mistakes the first was I registered my change of employment 3 days late which restarted the clock of ten year registration. The second was about three years ago when I was two days late registering which again restarted the clock and also made me an every 90 day registrant. I have sole custody of my 5 yr old son and a beautiful 6 month old daughter and a policeman came to my house today to tell me that I’m not allowed to pass out candy with my kids or dress up or trick or treat. My heart is in pieces. Now they are trying to pass a law where I won’t be allowed at any parks. The reason I write all this is not for pity. There is nothing that can be done for my situation….what about the young men that this will happen to in the future?! What if your son was accused?! Something’s gotta give. If there is anything that I can do to help change things for the people who will undeniably get a taste of what I’ve been through if not worse…please let me know. I loved your article and it meant more to me than you could imagine. Thank you


    • Raymond Patterson

      Justin my hell is similar to yours, except my “alleged” victim was a minor an was manipulated by his aunt who was my ex gf that was very scorn vindictive an spiteful after how I left her. The minor has grown up since my wrongful conviction an realized it was wrong an even the kids mom now knows because he came clean with her but they dont want to get the aunt into trouble by helping me to rightfully get off the megans pa. Law my story is very long but glad to share with anyone. There really is so much more to the story. Long story short she made him go into court an say I attempted to get him in my car. I had a bunch of charges that were consolidated one for a non related firearms violation an a non related burglary. I regrettably took a plea for everything an one was attempting to lure a child into a motor vehicle witch landed me on the list not when I was parolled but when I went back for her making more stuff up that no charges were filed but I got sent back to prison an maxed out then was told if I didnt sign the megans law paper I would not get out but be transferred to county an charges for failure to register as a sex offender an be givin a 3-7 year sentence so I signed cause I wanted to go home. Im by far no angel but if you look at my rap sheet youll see this is out of place. And for instance if I did attempt to lure a child into a motor vehicle ” witch I didn’t” how is that a sex offense? I need help ti clear my name if someone investigated this they would find out im innocent from the alleged victim an his mom not to mention my whole neighborhood. Please someone help me. I have a chance to be normal again. Again the entire story is lengthy but dont doubt me once you hear it and read the police reports an how she stole my freedom again when I was parolled you will see my point. Please someone anyone help me!! Ray

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  23. My name is David. At the age of 15 my mother left to go on the road where my step father was a truck driver. I was forced at this point to move in with my sister. I lived with her until I reach the legal age of 18 so I could move out. She was a very abusive, modern day Joan Crawford, person. Her floors could not be mopped each individual tile had to be hand cleaned and her base board had to be cleaned with a toothbrush. If not done right she would beat you across the back or head with something. I witnessed her not only physically abuse her own three children but mentally abuse us all as well. Tell us we would never amount to or have nothing that we were no good. Well as soon as I turned 18 I wanted to leave the hell that I was stuck in. On the day I left not only myself but my other sister, her husband and several of the children there heard her threaten me saying if you leave here, you will live to regret it, you will either spend the rest of your life in prison or be killed.
    Needless to say I wish I had been killed cause just a few months after my departure I was arrested and charged with raping her children.
    After I was arrested the jailer was really good friends with them and would allow my sister and her husband to have access to visit me at any hour of the day or night. I was constantly hounded day and night and told if you say that you did this then you will get to go home and lets face it when your young dumb 18 and scared for your life you will do anything you can to get out of jail.
    When I went to my preliminary hearing, I was told I was facing 180 years in prison for sodomy, rape of a child, etc. So I set with the prosecuting attorney and cried like a baby saying I did this if he said it then I did it. Mind you there was never no physical evidence to back up the story all hearsay but again when you are 18 all you can think about is your freedom and getting to go home.
    My mother was sick and dying with cancer during this time as well and this whole situation was killing her.
    They took all my nieces and nephews into DCS for interviews but all the children denied the allegations and said there uncle was not like that and never touched them only the youngest child of my sister that threatened me. A week after the preliminary hearing my sentence has went down from 180 years to 5 years probation and due to the confession I was basically forced to give I was not allowed to be tried as a juvenile.
    My sister that had accused me of raping her son even went on my bond and bonded me out of jail. I was advised by my public defender to take the 5 years probation and I would get to go home.
    The year I was to get off probation was the year that the sex offender law and registry was formed so I then had to register as a sex offender.
    I then tried to put my life back together and just chalk this up to a nightmare that I thought was behind me I went to college and got my bachelors degree in criminal justice and wanted so badly to go to law school but was denied due to a felony. mind you before this incident I had never been arrested not even a speeding citation.
    Well the nightmare ensued and is still going on 23 years later. I was able to live with relatives but my niece recently got pregnant and now ready to deliver I have to leave and now have become homeless, I cannot get a job even though I have a bachelors in literature and arts because of the sex offense. I was considered to be a violent sex offender so I am on there for life. The alleged victim in my case is now 31 years old and is willing to sign an affidavit as well as take the witness stand in my defense telling them the truth that he was cohearsed into saying everything.
    Is there any attorney out there that can help me with this situation to get me off the registry so I can find a home and get employment? The alleged victim in this case came to me and my other sister and told us what has happened to me is unjust and a nightmare that is ongoing and has been for 23 years now. I have never been convicted of another crime or been accused of such since this time so my record is clear for the last 23 years.
    If only I would have had the wit and smarts at 18 that I have now things would be much different and I could have my life that I have always dreamed of having.
    Thank you for hearing my story and if anyone has any advice or can help me in anyway please contact me at
    God bless you all and my heart goes out to anyone who is caught up in a situation like mine where you can barely hold onto sanity anylonger because you hit a wall every direction that you turn. My case was in Kentucky 23 years ago and the sister that originally accused me of this is currently on 9 different antipsychotic medications!!

    • Raymond Patterson

      I e-mailed you.

    • shari usinger

      hi david i noticed that this posting was 8mos ago, did you get any help on legally getting that reversed, my brother is going thru the same thing, im praying we can help him too

      • My friend is going through a similar situation. I am trying to fi d a way to help. His accuser recanted her story after he went to prison but she did not take it back to court. He appealed the case but the judge denied it.

      • Where does one get help when they are wrongfully convicted?

  24. What has America become? So the profiteers in all this can get obscenely rich or gain political “power” and “control”?

    Soon, there will be no one left to pay for the destruction of its people — they will be on probation, in court, in jail or prison or
    on parole for life ($$$,$$$,$$$,$$$.00). Pure insanity. Thank your lawmakers and special interests for the demise of our democracy / republic.

    Trending: Six year old suspended for ‘sexual harassment’

    POSTED: 06:16 PM MST Dec 09, 2013
    UPDATED: 10:21 AM MST Dec 11, 2013
    Student suspended

    CANON CITY, Colo. –
    A six year old boy is suspended from school in Canon City for kissing a classmate on the cheek

    Child Psychologist: six-year-old kissing girl normal…

  25. hi. my name is justin. im 18 years old and a sex offender with two sex related felonys. ive been beaten up, cussed at, and glarred at. my family disregards me, my friends stopped trusting me. i was 16 when the “incident” accurred. im not saying this for pity or a front. im saying this because its wrong to treat people like beasts when you dont know the truth and your to quick to judge. i admit my wrong doings of anything i know i did wrong. but i have nevver sexually offended. please listen to my side of the story and give me your true honest opinion, but before replying try to imagine yourself as me going through this situation.

    AGE 16-
    i have new friends now that ive moved to yelm two are girls i now go to school with and three boys whom i also go to school with. i start dating one of the girls for about a month but in that time i learned her friend was having problems at school, home, and in public. her parents would place her on restriction for months and sometimes would hit her. i felt extremely bad for her. she was only twelve years old at the time. she never smiled nor never was very energetic like her friends, so i’d do my best to make sure she fit in and tried to cheer her up. after knowing her for about two to two months and a week she’d walk home with me so the local sex offenders wouldnt try to go after her. (18 sex offenders in 10 mile radius) now im not saying i knew they were for sure or not but thats what the flyers said so i could only assume. three weeks later after her and our friends became great friends she took some prescription pills and thought she was going to get into trouble from her cousin telling her parents. (cousin aparently walked in on her abusing the pills) so she wanted to know if we could hangout. so i told her sure come on over. my father and i were in our double-wide mobile trailer. she came over and hung out with us for about an hour just watching tv and talking about typical drama. she got a text from her mother asking her to come home. (actual text – “HOME NOW!!!!”) as we were sitting on my couch with my father not even an arm’s distance away, she smiled gave me a hug and said she had to go i showed her to the door worried cause i didnt want her getting into trouble. i offered to walk her home but she declined. i didnt leave my property that entire day nor did i leave my fathers sight while she was there. the next day i get 14 phone calls from my friends and people i didnt even know asking me “is it true?” “why would you do that” and or threats of assult. i was dumbfounded by this.

    later on, about 6 days later an investigator arrives at my house and asks me to do a statement. i said sure and sat down on my couch where my father would be sitting right next to me. my father was obviously upset and wanting answers. the investigator asked me if we could do the statement recording alone, i allowed it and showed him to our back yard. he then asked me a series of question regarding the girl i was accused of raping. at first he seemed confused by our house structure he told me. he asked me if i would right a statement and i declined and asked him to read me the statement he got from her before i did anything. he was quiet and looked a little angered but continued to open his folder. he read her statement to me. she gave three seprete statements that didnt make any sence. the first one she stated she was in my fathers room that she called my room at the other end of the house. the second one she stated that she was on my couch but couldnt remember the rest and that she thought she was “drugged” yet she didnt eat anything there no did she drink any fluids. the third one she said she was in our garden room(which has 5ft x5ft windows all around it) she said it was dark in the room.(not a single curtin covered the windows) and in each one she said that all she really remembers to is coming to “like out of blacking out” she stated, with her pants unzipped and blood on her underwear.

    my statement didnt matter at this point. i was at a loss of words. all i did was be friends with her to help her.

    a week before my court date i was surrounded by highschoolers in the 11th and 12th grade. the threaten to hurt me”bury me” and pushed me back and forth cussing and yelling at me. one of them was a older brother to the girls friend. he hit me in my jaw and side 2-3 times before they stopped and walked away.

    at my court date i told my “public defender” both of how the ivestigator acted and how i had gotten beaten up. she told me that it wouldnt hold up in court because of the seriousness of the crime. i had bruises for a couple days. they gave me “release conditions” the first court date. in between the first and second court date i was arrested for possesion of a knife. yet there was no statement of why i had it or why it was pulled out. my best friend nathan was with me when we were chased by 3 people we were riding bikes and they were chasing us in a car. they stopped us in the middle of the road blocking both lanes. i was terrified i didnt do anything yet im being chased by people ive never seen ina a car? come to find out as a adult male stepped out and ran in front of us threating to “kick our ass” he also stated he was an active army ranger. he seen the knife and flint on my side and said “i dare you to pull that knife out so i can slit your throat!”. i took the knife out and threw it on the ground away form all of us to see if it would calm the situation down however in the background his wife asked to call an officer they knew the specific name to. the officer was the corporal. he showed up on the scene and grabed me and threw me to the ground. i had only the sheath for the knife and i t was visible. he put me in cuffs and asked me what i was trying to do to his friend. he said friend. not civillian or pedestrian or anything but friend. we told the officer what he said upon seeing the knife, he blew it off like i was lying even though nathan stated the same thing i did.

    i had a choice to either turn myself in the next day or be arrested and may face a longer sentence. of course i turned myself in i was fully cooperating with the law. why wouldnt i? it broke my release conditions and i was locked up in juvinile detention.

    i was there for 186 days when no ones ever been there for more than 90 before the courts decided to let them go or be sent to juvinile prison. i was day 186 on level 4 of their behavoril system. the highest on record. i never once got in trouble, caused trouble, or had any infractions.

    during the time i was locked up i went through three diffrent public deffenders and as i did i was doing as they asked me to do. yet i kept getting in deeper and deeper problems and looking at 2 years minamum. they never once brought up my father to testifie nor any other statements that wouldve helped prove my innocence. there was a doctors statement stating that there was indeed blood on her underwear but there was no penetration nor any of my dna on her or her underwear. it didnt have any effect.

    my father sick from cancer, and hep. C rolled into the courtroom in his wheelchair. when my case was called up to the court he waited till the end where the judge asks the parents for any questions he stated ” i’m dying, my son is locked up with bogus charges against him, you have atleast 4 statements proving his innocence or atleast making this case inconclusive. yet i havnt been called up once to the stand nor has my statement been read. why is this?” the judge replied back with “we have a lot of cases like these and we do look over all statements and files refering to this matter.” she never once said why she didnt call my father up to the stand nor did she ever prove my father wrong or even decline the fact that it was a bogus case.

    they only gave me one more court date on my 168th day there to either take a plea bargin for 15-36 weeks or risks serving 2 years with 5 years parol and probation. i obviously took the plea bargin a newly 17 years old i was terrified of jail so i wanted the shortest time posible cause i felt like life gave up on me and no matter what i thought i was going to lose.

    i finished up my time and now im almost done with my parole. im going on 19 years old still with no job bairly any friends and poor with a sick father. i dont believe we have a correct law system here due to the fact that they didnt even consider the evidence i had piled on my side. now i cant get a job anywhere ive applied since i got out at 17 years old. i poor, hungry, and barly make it by with my father who’s disabled now due to his sickness.

    if this doesnt make you want to atleast think about changing the laws atleast a little then i have failed and i am sorry for wasting your time. but relise this there are cases where 11-16 yr old girls say theyre older and when they get caught by the parents they simply use RAPE as a SCAPE GOAT. think about that. thank you for reading if you know of any ways that could help i’d be very greatful to you.

    • Francie Giordao

      Oh Justin, my heart aches for you, this system basically is ridiculous and damaging, hurting so many people, anyone can lie and accuse anyone and get away with it with no plausible proof. I am so sorry you have to deal with this. My son has gone through so much with the system as well, but the father of the girlfriend prosecuted him to get him out of the picture, he spent 6 1/2 years in prison and is on the last 6 months of a 2 1/2 year parole (it was suppose to be 2 years but because of a paperwork issue he gets 6 more months) once again getting screwed over by the system.Try to keep strong, you know who you are and what really happened, don’t let these judgemental rotten people change you. Will you have to register as a sex offender? If so how long? I have an attorney that is a professional in sex offender cases and mostly juevenile cases which of course you were when all this started. If you would like it, I’d be happy to share it. aybe she can help you. Please feel free to call me if you need anything. Hang tough, I know it’s easier said than done, Sincerely,
      Francie – Michigan Citizens for Justice 248-229-2698

  26. First and foremost I would like to say, I’m with you all. My heart goes out to you and the family members of the wrongfully accused and convicted. My whole family and I have been trying to get my brothers sentence overturned. This nightmare started over three years ago. Is very unfortunate what happens to the victims of rape, it happened to my niece. My brother and his wife, helped his wife’s sister come from Mexico she had recently widowed and was on her own. Raising two girls and a boy, all three teenagers she was in a very tough situation.

    To speed things up a little they make it to this country with my brothers help he and his wife help put the kids in school and helped her financially. When she was good on her own two feet the moved out but always kept very close, visiting each other . The youngest of the girls was really a trouble maker so the mom sent her back with my brother and family. My brother having three of his own he had his hands full, the girl I believe is 5 or 6 yrs. older then my youngest niece. While my niece was in elementary school her cousin was in middle school older and street wise. Very nice girl but we all noticed a certain behavior that none of us were accustomed to but kids in other countries are raised differently. A few months after she had moved with my brother and family we noticed my niece changing very quickly and drastically. We were always worried because she was very quiet and she was never that way. When we’d get together she would stay stuck to my bothers leg and refuse to do anything with the other kids. Time went by and she would stop at my moms house on her way home from school because she didn’t want to spend time with her cousin.

    We honestly never realized what was going on until my bother got arrested over three years ago. We were in shock ” not my brother” he would never, why? Well it didn’t take long to realize that it was a mistake. We bailed him out and he went to trial he was been accused of rape. The most he had ever done was get a speeding ticket and some traffic violations, he doesn’t drink, smoke, do drugs. We are all church going people he volunteered in church along with his wife and kids, with my mom and us. He was actually declared innocent , thank god! but for his sentencing trial he was sentenced to 1 yr. in county jail, 5 yr. probation and he has to register. I don’t understand why he has to register, I thought!! He’s innocent they found no evidence of any kind. I’ve been doing research and trying to get help. His wife’s niece had accused him and I still can’t believe it.

    My niece had actually confessed to a counselor in school that her own cousin had molested her. Thankfully her cousin had moved back with her mom before any of this happened. Later on my niece told her mom that her cousin was harassing her, calling her all the time, telling her if she said anything my brother would pay. My brother is actually paying for something he didn’t do. He accepted his sentence because he wants to protect his daughter so she doesn’t go thru the trauma of having to tell her story in front of a jury. Can someone please help us? All of my siblings,my mom, and I don’t know what to do. My mom is 72 yrs old and she suffers just like we all do. There’s a saying in Spanish and I am willing to do this for my brother. ” yo pongo las manos al fuego por ti” ” I will put my hands on a burning fire for you” and I will because I know my brother is innocent.

    Right now this is all I can think of at the top of my head my thoughts are clouded I can’t stop crying, I know what I wrote its a bit all over the place. I got overwhelmed reading all of the other stories and it breaks my heart knowing the injustice of our criminal system. It’s so unbalanced money talks and unfortunately without it we can’t do much. I’ll pray for all of your families. Don’t lose faith, I haven’t but I have to clear my brothers name.

  27. Hello everyone, I apologize for not making sense on what I wrote last night. Overcome with emotions, tears flowing and very overwhelmed, and certainly in disbelief. I had read about other cases and knew the miscarriage of justice that exists in our country. I honestly didn’t know the amount of victims of wrongful convictions, I’m naive to think this could never happen to innocent people. I’m now afraid to hug my nieces or nephews because of the people that know about my brothers case. What if they think I’m doing something wrong, what if they call the cops and say I touched my loved ones in a sexual way?

    My niece is the real victim, her cousin molested her and for fear of my niece no longer keeping quiet and getting older, her cousin accuses my brother of rape. My father died tragically when I was a yr old, my mom was pregnant with my little sister. My brother is the second oldest and I have my other brother that’s the oldest of ten kids. When my father passed away them two took care of us and protected us, as if we were their own children. They were only 16&14 yrs old I grew up with them as a father figure, I’m the second to last. I’m 37 and I still see my brothers as my dad. I stopped calling them dad when they got married and had their own children. This is a real nightmare, my brothers wife and kids suffer they had never been apart. My niece which is now 15 tried to commit suicide she blames herself, she thinks that by not talking to her parents when it happened my brother wouldn’t be in jail. My brother didn’t have the right to confront his accuser, the jury found him innocent and the psychologists that treated him reported that there was nothing in his behavior that would say my brother is what he’s been accused of. They both said he was not a threat. Why is he still in jail when they found him innocent? There are a lot more details about his case that can help him I just don’t know how. He’s case is being appealed. We are very hopeful, but cautious to get our hopes up. I feel he’s attorney didn’t do much, I’m now back in school I’m going for criminal justice. I want to help my brother and people like him, there are so many victims and not enough help or support . How can I help? Please anyone!! Reply I’m lost. I’m afraid that everything we have done instead of helping can hurt him. My brother never wanted us to tell anyone about this tragedy. He doesn’t want people to point and judge. Us humans have a very judgemental way of assuming and saying what we don’t know just because is easy to do, not knowing that sometimes we hurt people, true or not. I can tell you with an open heart that I have no hatred for that girl, I pray for her,
    justice is swift and if not in this world maybe the next. I fear for her own children she can very easily do to her children what she did to my niece.

  28. I Byron Thomas is a wrongful convicted sex offender. The charge was sexually assault by mouth. I was 19 and she was a 27 year old woman. There was no evidence and I later find out that the DNA test results was negative. My former ineffective counsel told me to plea guilty cause the woman is white and I’m Black.
    Now I’m facing charge for failure to register which again is wrongly and my attorney want me to plea guilty.

  29. In my town, a very hot topic of late has been about the sex registry. First off, I want to say that I have known more than a few innocent people who have to register, even though they never committed the crime. This could happen to anybody who has kids or who works with kids, or even whose neighbor has kids! And trust me, it is hell on earth having to deal with it when you are innocent! People who have to register as level one sex offenders are supposed to have complete privacy over this issue, but somehow someone got it into her head that it was her duty to tell everyone about a level one offender in this town, without even asking first about the situation he’s in. This was a FALSE CHARGE, and even the so-called “victim” came forward and said that she lied, BUT the court would not overturn it. Now he has to register as a sex offender even though he’s completely innocent. It has been a NIGHTMARE for 20 years. Now, for the very first time, we have a nice place to live,and we just want to live our retirement years in peace. The law states that a registered sex offender has the right to live anywhere, as long as he/she registers, and level one offenders are not even on the sheriff’s website because their chance of re-offending is very low. In our case, the chance of re-offending is ZERO because he never offended in the first place. But since our story has gotten out, we have been getting harassed and the neighbor kid throws rocks at our house and truck, which has caused damage. The law states that it’s a criminal offense to harm anyone on the registry, but this happens all the time, and it needs to stop. Because of the problems this one person has caused, the registry potentially could get taken down completely, and nobody will even know if a guilty sex offender moves into town if that happens. We have been one-hundred percent honest with the police, and our “friendly” neighborhood gossip has told some horrible lies, but she gets away with it because the police believe her, while claiming to be “impartial.” So, anyone can bother us and throw rocks and things at our property with no consequence, and all they have to do is claim that this INNOCENT man did something indecent, and the cops will just automatically believe it. People, you need to dig deeper before just assuming that someone is guilty, because once you are charged with a sex crime, you are tagged for the rest of your life, INNOCENT OR NOT! She posted our private business on Facebook, and someone decided that somehow we are flying “under the radar” because he’s not on the sheriff’s sex registry, but he IS registered, just as he’s supposed to be, but everyone just assumes that he’s guilty. Even if he were guilty, it shouldn’t be okay to intimidate us and damage our property, not to mention the spreading of rumors. I wouldn’t say it if it weren’t true, and I even swore in court under penalty of perjury that this was a false charge. He has passed many, many lie detector tests about this, too. It’s so stressful that I’m about to have another nervous breakdown, and certainly I don’t deserve this! Nobody will listen or help us, though the sheriff has tried. If all of you out there would learn from this, it would ALMOST be worth the 20 years of agony that we’ve had to deal with, over an issue that isn’t even true.

  30. I had filed a neglect, abuse and harassment charge in family probate court against my ex. I have medical documentation to prove the neglect and abuse. The harassment was her continually listening to our conversations on the phone. The next day she filed a false restraining order against me. 2 weeks later we go into F&P court and I was able to prove that my ex filed it in order to “gain power and advantage”. The judge dismissed the R.O. and my ex flipped. As we were leaving the court she said to the judge that “I was teaching my son how to wiggle his member in her daughter’s face” (New Husbands Kid). The court wanted to re-visit the issue in 6 months.Well 6 months came and went by and all of a sudden my son supposedly doesn’t want to go to my house anymore. The F&P judge ordered that a court ordered psychologist get involved. The 25 page report was released 2 months later where the psychologist stated “He denied anyone ever touching him, a not o.k. touch, or touched private parts.” The report that was issued was favorable for me. During this period my ex was not allowing me to speak with or see my son. I had to go to family counseling per court order a minimum 4-6 visits. My F&P lawyer had filed a motion for a continuance for 1 month so that the therapy sessions could be completed. Before the 4th visit even started I received a call from the counselor that my son was saying that I had supposedly touched him 4 times in the shower over a 4 year span.My ex did this to make the psychologist report go stale. I was questioned by the police and 4 months later I was arrested and charged. A month later I go back into F&P court, the court clerk even stated that the timing of the allegations are suspicious considering I had a favorable report. I ran out of money to fight the charges. I ended up having to take an Alford Plea. 5 year suspended sentence and 10 years probation. As a condition of my probation I had to attend classes once a week, I was also required to take an offense specific polygraph. I had stated all along that I didn’t do it. The poly came back with an opinion of non-deception. I can’t find a job anywhere. My PO keeps riding my back about not having work. I had a job landscaping but my ex called my PO and stated I was working around and with minors and that I was trying to contact my son. I was told I can no longer work for them. I just hope and pray that someday my kid will figure it all out. Anyone have any suggestions on what to do?

    • Rocco, We all know your tragic story is far too common. One where a devious parent thinks of themselves, before the children. Laws are written in Arizona where technically changing a baby’s diaper is child molest. Until, the lawmakers are hit in the rear-end with their poorly written laws, nothing will change. $$$’s are made in the “child-saver” industry and used for political gain. The government control of the family and children. Thank the Mondale Act.

      Unfortunately, this is a sick game that has been played daily in the broken Family Court system, where a CA attorney told their client they need to file child molest charges against the other parent because if they didn’t, the other spouse would. Divorce court abuse of power.

      This is a decades long, well-established “child abuse / child molest” industry. Who in the “gravy train” has the courage to stop it? One parent gains the children, child support and assets, the other is discarded. Or its a way to “take the child/children” and get rid of child support, while getting rid of the other parent, one step short of a gun. Throw them into the broken criminal justice system, with the draconian mandatory minimum sentencing and straight to prison.

      The devious are the true criminals. Those who know how to get rid of the other side — use a false allegation to send the the other parent to prison, probation and sex offender registry, where they are scarred for life. There is a special place waiting for these people. Unfortunately, your child will be deprived of their other parent, and move on into the sad and dysfunctional lives they are leading.

      Solutions: 1) Get the politics out of the Divorce/Family Court and the justice system driven by prosecutors (elected officials). 2) get rid of the sex offender registry which created a new sub-class of citizens who receive defacto “life-sentences”, while the violent predators roam free. 3) Time to go after the Mondale Act, where presumption of innocence was taken away, which encouraged false reporting, and an industry of experts and psychologists, and billions of dollars in insurance settlements. 4) Punish those who file false reports, the same as they want for the accuser, then these cases would evaporate, along with the $$$’s.

      A decade later, of studying these false allegation cases, and witnessing where it has taken us, it has only gotten worse. It’s time to punish those who play this sick game which deserves felony charges and prison time. Those who remain silent are complicit in the self-destruction of families, our society and America.

  31. I was falsely accused and convicted of Indecent Liberties with a Minor. The child confesses to me that he was sorry and his own mother made him lie, ALL ON AUDIO TAPE, yet it was hidden from the jury. Yes, hidden. I had another charge of Intimidation of a States Witness which was used to cover the confession up. I want to get my convictions overturned so I can have my life back. Read the case on my website. You will be outraged!

    Look at the photo in the petition. It will clearly show you that my lawyer had the tape and hid it from the jury. Yet, he was ruled to be effective counsel. I want you look on the Victim Impact tab. You will see a statement written by the boys mother 2 weeks before trial. In the statement, she admits her son feels like he is wrong. Read my site . The petition is under the Petitions tab. Thanks for your support.

  32. Here’s a good one as my case is the only one of its kind so far in florida, and shows how unprofessional they treat these cases. I spent the night after being up for 24+hours at a friends house after he suggested it, and one of his son’s asks if I would be willing to play a video game with him? So I said yes just for a little while, well needless to say the game got me aggravated to the point of blurting an obscene and vulgar remark that made the kid laugh. Well I thought it odd he would laugh at such a comment, so I asked if he was familiar with what the comment meant. Seeing how his attention is purely focused on the game and not me, he didn’t quite understand what I said and asked “huh what was that?” So I repeated it, and he said “What’s that?” Here is where I should have kept my mouth shut or stopped the conversation altogether, but unfortunately I proceeded to divulge what the comment meant. I said “It means for someone to perform X explicit act to you.” Suddenly the kid looked at me with a repulsive look and said “Ewww”, and I said “What’s Ewwww about it, adults do it all the time?” He than asked “Why would you say something like that?”, and I said “Because you acted like you seemed to know about it”. I than try to explain how this is normal adult behavior in regards to the subject, but all the while the kid kept his focus mainly on the game that he was continually playing the entire time during the conversation. I tried to explain to him that he seemed to be mistaken with what was asked, and further explained that when he became older he would better understand the term or definition to the comment he originally thought funny, but this is where things drastically went wrong. In the morning I contemplated whether I should mention any of this to the parent’s, but I feared it not only would possibly cause an issue with the parent’s wanting to be-friend me, but quite possibly want to take a baseball bat to the side of my head for even saying such things around their child, and quite frankly I wouldn’t blame them. Also even if they did believe me, it can also be made to look like I was trying to cover my mistake with a lie. So I instead decided to let it play itself out in the hopes that the kid would simply forget about it, and instead it escalated to something much much worse. I get a call from the sheriff’s office 2 days later regarding an accusation against me, and that they need me to come down to their office and speak with them regarding this situation. I’m thinking what the heck is this all about, not thinking about what took place 2 nights ago. Well it turns out the child has misinterpreted what was said between us as an attempt to as the law puts it solicit sex from him, and they in turn are reading me my rights before ever questioning me about this situation. Well being read my rights I can already assume they are arresting me for something I have yet to even know about, and so they explain what the child said “That you asked the child if it you could perform a particular sexual act on him.” I looked at them and said “Hell no that isn’t what I said, I simply asked if he knew what that term meant considering he thought it was funny when it was blurted out at the game for getting me agitated.” They gave me this yeah right look, and proceeded to question me until I said “No more I want to speak with a lawyer, because I don’t like where this is leading.” That is when they arrested me and finally told me what I was being charged with, it was lewd and lascivious behavior by and adult on a minor. So to speed things up here after rarely ever seeing an actual lawyer which switched on me 3X before an actual semi permanent one stuck around, and no actual court visits other than to ask for an extension it finally came time for trial. Well after pouring thru the depositions, and discovering that the supposed victim not only couldn’t keep what he thought he heard exactly the same each time other than saying I wanted to have sex with him, but by the third time he said he couldn’t even remember what was said and that he forgets things unless he writes them down, and not to mention not once did they ask if he could be possibly mistaken about what he could have heard, so instead they simply encouraged him to keep thinking what he originally thought was heard or as some put coached him into saying what he said the first time he was questioned. Now not only did I discover this out, but also one of the arresting officer’s was a close friend of the family. Also I went thru my interrogation and noticed some comments I said were not actually there, and seeing how the suspected officer in question left the room on quite a few occasions I suspected he may have altered or tampered with my recorded statement, but I would be hard pressed to prove it. Now throw in on top of all this a public defender who seemed hunky dory that we were a shoe in to win before trial ever came around, now all of sudden got cold feet that we would lose and I should take the plea offer the state is throwing my way. I well before the case went to trail asked “What are we looking at as far as how this case is going to be presented before a jury?”, and she said “It’s going to come down to nothing more than your word against his.” Now all of a sudden she says “I have no idea how they are going to handle the trial” this right here along with her actions showed me exactly how she was siding with the state, and didn’t actually want to take this to trial not because I would lose, but because she works for the state (no wonder they call them public pretenders). So here I am in a catch 22 case involving he says she says and with no real defense to disprove the child’s statement other than he has a bad memory which may or may not be admissible in court. Now from what I have researched online regarding such scenarios that it could have come down to the jury basing their decision off mine and his character, but guess what he is a child and cannot have his character attacked in any way so of course he will come out perfect, as for me yes I am not a prior criminal with no record, yet I am an adult who can have his character degraded or attacked so this will of course make me look bad no matter what. So finding myself stuck in this situation with no way out, and odds against me because if the state loses it is just a loss of money, if I lose I get 15 years + sex offender registration. So I take the timed serve offer with sex offender registration knowing full well I was screwed no matter what I did, that’s when all of sudden the judge decided nope he cannot accept this plea and trial will go ahead anyways (from my understanding he cannot legally go against what the state has already set forth as a deal, but I could be mistaken), and suddenly the prosecutor argues with the judge and throws up another offer of 1 year of prison w/o probation, and the judge agrees with this (hmm go figure). So after all is done and said here I am a registered sex offender, forced to plea no contest to a crime I never even committed and no way to ever clear my name nor disprove the case, nor could they technically prove it either but in a case like this all they need is the supposed victim’s statement and a jury to believe it and I would have been convicted anyways.

    • Shaowwraith, Since, these are NON-DNA cases, they are generally ignored and the prosecutors count on this. They know these are the “easy” convictions for political and financial gain. The “child abuse / sex abuse” is a Billion-dollar industry, with residuals from life-time Sex Offender Registry.

      Teenagers and children lie, everyone knows this, yet the devious will use these poorly written laws for political and financial gain. Once the accuser, who files false reports faces the same punishment they want for the accused, these cases will evaporate, along with all the money.

      Common sense is lacking in the prosecutors offices and the courtrooms they control, since draconian mandatory minimum sentencing is the prosecutors weapon for “easy” convictions. There are no “checks and balances” here. There is no presumption of innocence or due process as we see over and over again in these wrongful convictions. The road to Hell, starts with the initial start-up: the police report. If the “gatekeeper” — the prosecutor — has a wide open gate, innocent people are doomed.

      Who, in the “system” has the courage to stop this “gravy” train and “right the wrongs”?

  33. It’s pretty sad when judgments regarding catch 22’s, or he says she says, hearsay and such can win convictions. It’s like basically saying anyone at anytime can simply point a finger at someone and say he/she did (fill in blank) crime, and voila you are detained and quite possibly arrested and tried. Heck even our own supreme court falls victim to catch 22’s because that’s how law maker’s design them to be a law with a scapegoat for the lawmaker’s only.

    • That’s the sick game for $$$”S that has been played for decades across the nation and flourishing today with the prosecutors who use them as a weapon for “easy” convictions. Time to restore checks and balances in the law, presumption of innocence and end absolute immunity for prosecutors.

  34. I feel bad for all of those falsely accused people out there. I never thought it could happen to me until it was too late. It is impossible to win a case where no proof is required in order to combat the allegations.

  35. Not only was I falsely convicted. I can show that my lawyer and the prosecution conspired together. Look at and you will see one of the most shocking, outrageous cases you have ever seen. One of the children in my case confesses that he is sorry and his own mother made him lie. Just look at the Victim Impact and Confession tabs, I would appreciate your signature on my petition. I am not guilty and my convictions should be overturned because the facts point to my innocence.

  36. Welcome to the club silver, where lawmaker’s create laws for the sake of money. Where sending guilty or innocent people to jail, and/or prison is good business.

  37. silverballwiz The lawyers, D.A. and judges are all in cahoot’s together to bleed you dry. Most judge’s are lawyers and heaven forbid if they let someone off and they were actually guilty of doing it. So they presume everyone is guilty regardless and bilk you of all your duckets.

  38. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    I’m just now beginning my research to clear my name. My wife, Vanessa Jane Chapman Wennerstrom in 2008, who I had been attempting to get her help for personality disorders suffers from delusions that are possibly Narcissistic and sociopathic accused me of rape.

    I asked my legal team to get a psychological assessment of her to prove she was not capable of telling the truth due to personality disorders. I was ignored. They did one on me that proved I was honest and could be believed, yet they never introduced my psychology evaluation in as evidence for me.

    I had confronted her about cheating on me with a guy I discovered was a serial user of prostitutes, and his own wife suspected him of having sex with their 10 yo daughter but she refused to give him up.

    When I told her I was divorcing her and getting custody of the kids she accuses me of rape. It was only her word against mine, in the UK.

    She had admitted to the police many times that she was afraid that I was going to take the children away from her. Yet, not once did they bother to listen to her.

    She used the accusation of rape to stop me, aided by a police officer. Even the Crown Prosecution Service did nothing to challenge the reason she was crying rape was to stop me from getting custody of our children.

    My wife had even admitted in court that the word rape never entered her head, yet my trial went on. I was sentenced to 10 years in prison for a rape I did not commit.

    Now she withholds my children from me, illegally, with help from a solicitor who knows she’s in violation of our children’s and my Human Rights to a family life.

    I have a website offering £20,000 for her arrest and convictions along with those who helped her.

    I encourage you if you or a loved one has been wrongfully accused or convicted take to the internet and tell your story. Someone out there has the truth for you.

    Gerald W. Wennerstrom

    below is the link to my website:

  39. Well I know this hell all to well. To be honest, I do not even know where to begin. I am a 43 year old current registrant. In 2011, I was wrongly accused of touching a 15yr old family member, and her friend, while they were babysitting for my wife and I. The story of that night is ridiculous in its self, but too long to include. After a few months of dealing with b.s. I was charged with 2 first degree sexual abuse. After two preliminary hearings and no shows by the prosecutors and families they were going to indict me. Before the second preliminary hearing I received a call from my wife’s uncle asking me to check on his wife. She had been ill with cancer for sometime. I went into their home and found her deceased. I had to carry her from their bathroom into her bedroom so that her small children and family would not see her that way. Even after that I made it to the hearing, but they could not? Totally ridiculous. Anyway, the day before they were going to indict me, the prosecutor called my attorney and offered me a single misdemeanor charge with a sub charge. A battery and a 3rd degree sexual abuse. She stated that I would have no jail time, no fine and MOST importantly no sex offender registration. Even then I had to seriously consider taking it because I didn’t not do anything wrong. The next morning I receive a phone call from my attorney stating that he seen in the law where I would have to register for a period of 10 years, but said that the prosecutor’s way around that may have been to combine the charges. He even said that there were not doing the separate hearing for the registration. At that point, I almost cancelled the hearing because there was no way I was going to be subjected to that. At the courthouse, my wife and I talked with my attorney again. He told me that we had a defendable case, but you never know what kind of jury you will face. After some time of discussion I agreed to it. To back up a bit, my sister in law and niece tried to have the charges dropped but the prosecution refused. This case was no case at all. At the plea hearing there was no mention of registration either. In fact; no fine, no jail time. I was given 1 yr unsupervised probation with the condition of no contact with the other juvenile. My niece was not included in that because she and her family had been to my home several times since the accusation and also tried to drop it. After everything was gone over in court, the judge said that she would accept the agreement and that I seemed to be a fine young man. I then signed the agreement, which I still have. Hear is where the hell begins. 16 months after my hearing. 4 months after my probation was over, I received a certified letter from the state police stating that I have to register for LIFE as a sex offender and had 10 days to contact them. I will leave out the calls to my attorney and other such info since this is getting too long. So I go in and even the officer in charge of the registration was a little baffled. He said that he had been hearing my name from the state, but had no documentation about it. Early last year my niece wrote a letter on behalf that I still have possession of stating that nothing happened and told me that she tried to tell everyone from the beginning that nothing happened. She even said that she did not want to throw her mother under the bus, but her mom would not listen to her. She also said that the officer kept trying to put words in her mouth. She said that she thought it was odd, but that she was also 15 and didn’t really know what he was trying to do. My attorney then took the letter and had a meeting with the head prosecutor. He said that she said that she could not go along with setting aside my plea and possibly dropping the charges even with the letter. She stated that she did not want to open the flood gates. The flood gates to what?! All the innocent people that they have coerced into plea agreements just to raise their conviction rate? Since then, my sister in law has apologized to me and we had a very long talk. All of my in-laws have supported me from day 1. Even the grandparents of my niece. I am now in the process of trying to find an attorney to petition the court for me to vacate my plea under Habeas. My attorney has been assisting me all he can, but stated that he even contributed to my situation by giving me wrong information on even the possibility of a 10 yr registration. I would not have even considered it if I had known that. Even with the agreement being I did not have to register. I still have all of my court documents showing that it was never mentioned. I also still have the letter of recanting the episode. This is the first time I have put any of my story anywhere online. I just don’t know what to do anymore. I have been suicidal. I worry about the future of my family and my sons. One of which is an 8yr old sufferer of Autism. Even though I live in a small town in WV I have had nothing but support. I left my Facebook page open when everything first hit our local media through the newspaper and radio. I was in tears over how much support I received. within the first few hours of the story breaking, I had 4 pages of people saying they did not believe it and that they support me. I also had several phone calls and private messages on Facebook of people offering support. I have since sold my small business and have been fighting severe anxiety and depression over what to do. I would love to get through this and possibly write an article or even a short book over my experiences and the huge injustices that many of us face. I appreciate any advice or information of agencies that may be able to assist me with my situation.

    • Good luck trying to get work once your registered. I got laid off from my job and have had a hard time even with the help from friends and family members trying to get me into their places of employment.

  40. Living this nightmare right now with my 18 yo son. This girl comes out of the blue and says he violated her once at school then raped her at our home… 2012. She can’t tell us an accurate timeline, she snickers when she uses the word “rape” to describe what happened to her when asked by the investigator. She displays no emotion what-so-ever when talking about her alleged rape. She gave a totally different story to her therapist, which is what sparked this whole thing, than what she gave during her interview with the detective. She cannot accurately describe our home, she says they texted ALL THE TIME when setting up their little secret meets to “make-out”….however, we have only been able to find two …. TWO times in the span of the 4 months that she claims this happened on his phone bill where SHE texted him and he did not respond. She claims they cut class once a day every day for 3 weeks straight together to go “make-out,” according to my calculations that means there should be at least 15 documented times where they cut class at the same time but again we only find 7 documented times where they cut a class at the same time, HOWEVER, he also cut classes like 70 times in one year, several different classes. All of this stuff I had to dig for, the so called “investigator” SHOULD have found it during his “investigation” because if he had why in the hell would the DA’s office ever have picked this ridiculousness up! She admits to having a crush on him and liking him and seeing him talking to one of her friends at school and that she acted like a “jealous a$$h&^%” when she approached them. The detective did NOT show her a photo line up. He’s being charged with TWO counts of an F3 strong arm sex assault…….WHAT???? Now we are paying for a lawyer with money we didn’t have to begin with and also worried about my sons future, he’s NEVER been in trouble, had aspirations to go into law enforcement or the military but now what? They wouldn’t even allow him to return back to school (he’s supposed to graduate) because of this crap……it truly IS a nightmare!!! It DOES happen and it IS NOT ok!!
    Sad and scared in Denver!!

  41. The object of the D.A. is to prosecute. They don’t want to know the truth, they want a conviction. I almost went into bankruptcy. My girlfriend was willing to put her house up. I said no, I took an Alford Plea instead. Even though I’m innocent and not in jail, I feel like a prisoner in my own home.

  42. my son was convicted of sex asslt w/force and sex asslt w/o force on 15 yr old girl he was 32 years old at time i have spent almost 25,000 dollars on appeal that was denied he had ineffective counsel who told him to admit charges has no record at all and got 20 years and 15 probation because of where crime occured girl lied she was drunk test showed no alchohol in system no vaginal damage he was sentenced federally my son is not a rapist i love him and will keep fighting until my demise im not sure what happened but it wasnt rape I love my son unconditionally dont know what else to do

  43. raynell mills

    my husband was wrongfully convicted in Michigan I was the only witness for his case not to mention the jury fell asleep in the middle of the trial not to mention the kid who made the accusations said he did the touching in july kept coming over until November. the accusations were made bc my husbands daughter got grounded from seeing the friend and that’s when she made up the story of him touching her not to mention I was the witness but all the jury heard was im the wife and just protecting him. I would never protect anybody in the wrong of sex crime with a child ever I do protect the innocent though and well the state of Michigan need to change the laws and cant press charges on a he said she said basis they need hard evidence to put somebody away not just on word of mouth. my husband is innocent I know bc I was there when the kid said he scared her.

  44. I’ve been through this whole corrupt system…. my living hell started at 20. I went to a party for my 2nd cousin’s daughter’s graduation, to make the story much shorter, I noticed that there was an attractive looking guy there he seemed to be about 19. I went outside because I’m not a social person, and this person and his sister came out and started talking with me… I was a bit annoyed at first, but I realized this guy was hitting on me…. he touched my neck and arm in a suggestive manner and ended up giving me his number. we started hanging out and I eventually came to find out he was actually 13. by this point he had started flirting with me quite frequently, grabbing my hand in public, and asking me things like ‘do you want to suck my dick’ well, admittedly he was attractive, but being 20 and never having been in a relationship I wanted to be loved so badly by anyone that I just kind of ignored it and went on feeling bad for and hanging out with this person. this continued on for awhile until I realized this guy was basically using me for free money, and had more or less owed me more than 70$ that he said he was ‘borrowing’ but never offered to pay me back. I told him I was done hanging out with him, and for some stupid reason I went to give him something of his he had lent me, and we argued and it escalated into a fight, which needless to say the police got involved in. I was then arrested and face 26 counts of immoral communication with a minor…. for every time we had txted in the last week. only one of the texts I sent was sexually suggestive, and it was jokingly stated. at this point, I want to say I’ve never been attracted to anyone underage before or since this incident, and to me (and my grandfather whom went to court with me) he did not look remotely 13. he easily would have passed for 19. and I understand if I did do something wrong, I should have to pay for it. that is fine. but here is the part that makes me mad, in a official police report. he the follwing ‘I asked ____ why he thought Ben might have been interested in him, and he replied that he often flirted sexually and jokingly(when I say it is jokingly it is a lie, when he says it is the truth, even if it wasn’t) with Ben and another individual’
    why if he was aware that he was sexually flirting (or joking) should I be made to take all the blame? I really don’t understand this logic. when I was 13 (hell even at 8) I knew better than to hit on someone older than me and I never attempted to do so. things like this have become very common anymore with most of the people in my ‘treatment’ group being of the ages between 16-20 when they were initially charged with such charges. I am truly confused as to why someone being charged like myself, with the ‘victim’ knowingly flirting and engaging in sexual behaviors like this should be treated the same as someone that is actively seeking out underage children for sexual activities. this is only the tip of what I could say about the corruption I’ve encountered and the weird and backwards level system that I have SEEN being used to protect an actual rapist and child molester in our group (he is definitely a pedophile) whom is a lvl 1. while my charge (communication with a minor for immoral purposes) is the lowest sex offense you can get! and I am a lvl 2 (because I am Homosexual and my ‘victim’ was male’) apparently female kids are not worth protecting with notification that a rapist lives next door or in the same complex as them. this is not a singular incidence either. almost all the men with female victims (regardless of guilt or not) are lvl 1s.

  45. I agree with everyone! The laws have to change and soon! So what do we do to change them? Im there and ready to help, just not sure where to start.

  46. My Son spent five years in Prison when the Rape Culture was Negative and the DNA did not match, the Girl and her Family recanted their statements several times.

  47. It keeps on getting worse. Who’s going to put a stop to the madness?
    We must destroy the children in order to save them

    Radley Balko, The Watch, Washington Post: “But the most pressing concern here is why this kid was pursued with such vigor in the first place. The very notion that the state of Virginia would need to sexually exploit a minor in order to protect minors from sexual exploitation serves as a tidy microcosm of the “sexting” debate in general: Too many schools, police, judges and prosecutors have concluded that we must destroy these kids in order to save them.”

  48. My husband was charged with endangerment of a minor that was all stemmed from a jealous daughter… He is a Veteran that served 9 years for this country and was in the Police Academy when all this came about. All of my husband’s friends are Officers or Sheriffs and all state the same thing that she placed the blame on him because he could handle it. My husband repeatedly has stated his innocence but after many indications that his lawyer was unwilling to help him regardless of how much evidence that we had to prove that he was not guilty he told my husband to take a guilty plea to be able to see his son grow up or he would be incarcerated. He did take a guilty plea and they didn’t make him serve prison time due to his honorable military service, but he is a level 2 registered offender and will be on parole for life. We are appealing this after she has went to other family members and stated that she wanted to know how he was doing, and that we have written evidence and video evidence showing things that she stated were false. The sad part is my husband retired from the Military because his daughter wanted him to be around more, but also did not want him to have his own family. She became jealous and spiteful, and now our son will have to pay the price.
    I think that if someone recants, or it is turned over in court that the accuser should have to finish out the charges that were initially put against the accused.

  49. My brother married a woman with 4 kids, 2 boys and 2 girls. My sister-in-law was always being called at work because her children were out of control at school. Their natural Father was killed in an accident when they were very young, and their Mom had been through a series of boyfriends before she met and married my brother. Once when I visited, I took a nap in a recliner and woke up to find the 11year old girl digging in my purse beside me. Her hands were down in it when I asked her what she was doing in my purse, she told me she wasn’t in my purse. Every time we visited over the 2 years my brother was married, this same child told us all that she “hated my brother and would do anything to get him out of her house”. Her older sister, at 15 accused her ex boyfriend of raping her right after they broke up. They later dropped the charges. The youngest daughter, according to her 9 year old brother, was sneaking out of the house to visit her 17year old boyfriend. She was 12 at this time and accused my brother of sexually molesting her. My sister found him a lawyer and because none of us had the money for an attorney, she signed over her house as payment. My brother gave this attorney a list of people to talk to about this girl. He didn’t interview one single person! Two of my sons had lived with my brother for awhile, he didn’t talk to nor subpoena either one of them. The only 2 people he did subpoena were my sister and my husband. He called my sister to the stand, but told my brother that he “didn’t like the way the DA was questioning witnesses”, and never called anyone else. Before the trial started, my brother and husband witnessed the defense attorney and DA coming out of the Judges office laughing and shaking hands. When the girl testified, my brother had to insist that his lawyer ask her about sneaking out to be with her boyfriend. The DA objected that her past wasn’t on trial and the judge wouldn’t allow the question, even though it could show that someone else could have made the marks on her. The CPS that testified for the DA was allowed to have her notes in her lap to reference to, she gave 2 different accounts as to how the marks got on the girl. She got so flustered by her mix up, that she finally stated that “the marks were consistent with what she stated that he did to her”. When the jury was sent to deliberate, my brother’s ex, who had divorced and remarried by the trial date, came forward and wanted to testify that she did not believe her daughter, and would not put it past both her daughters to have come up with this story to get my brother out of the home. Her new husband refused to be alone with the girls for fear one or both would try to accuse him of the same thing. The judge wouldn’t allow the jury to hear them. The girl said that my brother had, pulled her panties off, but at trial she said he pulled them to the side. The jury never knew she changed her story. My brother got 25 years for something he maintains he never did, and I believe him. He has done 14 and is taking classes in prison designated for sex offenders. They tell them not to confess to something they didn’t do, then tell them that if they don’t confess to their crime, they are in denial and will probably not get their parole. So what are the ones who are actually innocent to do? Since my brother has been up, we have lost the other brothers and sister we had, plus other family members. He is now diabetic and has high blood pressure. The meds he is given in prison crumble when he opens the foil containers. I need him home! Thanks for reading his story. I know there are things I left out, like the fact that a year or two after my brother went to prison, he got a letter from his ex, that stated that the same child broke in to her Mom’s storage shed with 2 young men and when she was caught, she accused the two young men of raping and forcing her to do it! She was sent to juvenile hall. But my brother still sits in prison because she said he did this to her.

    • Dear Ruth, I am sorry that you are having such a difficult time coming to terms with the fact that your brother is a pedeophile and sexual abuser of an at-risk twelve year old child (at-risk children are always perfect prey for child molestors). Have you considered seeking therapy for your inclination to defend an abuser, even though a close family member, and also to automatically vilify a young child and deny her her right to humanity?

      • Klara, maybe you need to seek help yourself since you are so intent on attacking anyone here who defends their loved one who was FALSELY ACCUSED.

      • New British Union

        Paedophiles need stamping on. The adherents to, and propagators of poisonous political and idealogical dotrines, which have infected our societies across the West need stamping on also. The corrosion and degeneracy pushed by the latter has ultimately lead to an increase in the former, and if that is not enough, is responsible for such shameful miscarriages of justice we see growing, primarily motivated by political and financial interests as opposed to the upholding and rendering of justice, fairly and honestly. The ‘social workers’, a product of our poisoned educational institutions, are no better. You display all the symptoms of this corruption, in that you find it acceptible that a forced/coerced ‘confession’ gives you the right to deride innocent people as paedophiles, offenders etc alongside the guilty. People like yourself propagate myths of ‘rape cultures’, but as here in the UK, ignore real ones such as the Rotheram incident where police, social workers and even members of the local government covered it up because it might ‘give oxygen to racism’, over a decade of organized and systematic paedophilia and rape, (and this is NOT just here it is happening all across this country) allowed to continue as it conflicted with another social engineering program championed by those like yourself, and did not want to throw it into disrepute. There are grassroots movements pulling together in Britain now, which are built around strength, traditional family and moral code, social responsibility, accountability and duty so that children born in the future are not subjected to the psychological warfare we have had waged against us for well over half a century. Paedophiles, rapists regressive nihilists, traitors, cultural marxists and other freaks of Nature will (I give it about 5 years) start to feel our boots at their throats.

  50. I am a victim of this staggeringly ignored issue. I was 15 years old when my drug addicted, schizophrenic mother decided to convince my then 12 year old brother to accuse me of touching him after my father died in order to assure that I couldn’t get my brother and I removed from the home after I found out she was giving meth to my brother and his friends. I spent 12 of the last 17 years incarcerated. I’ve never had a driver’s license, never held a job that pays a living wage and I lost all custody of my own child during my divorce almost entirely because I am a registered sex offender. I am living in a house with no electricity because I can’t find work. I have an IQ well into the genus range, and I have a college education. I have no family support and no one gives two flips about an alleged sexual predator. As a juvenile I wasn’t even afforded my constitutional right to a trial by jury, because in California juvenile court cases are decided by a single judge. JUDGE JAMES T. WARREN never gave my case a chance with no actual evidence that a crime even occurred. GOD HELP US ALL!!!

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  52. I have only just recently been exposed to the opposite side of the registry coin, so to speak. I have never given a lot of thought to hostility, judgement, violence and isolation challenges registered sex offenders face once released from prison, until this year, when my sons’ father and I decided to get back together after a 16 year separation. My boyfriend was convicted of “Indecent liberties” in 2005 after an intimate partner in a drug fueled tantrum became angry with him. He was released in 2013 and is required to register for upwards of 20 years. In our home state of Washington the registry does not provide an EXACT address for offenders, but rather a block range for the public. Providing a general city block of residence for offenders is better than giving exact address’; by giving an exact address for these men, not only are they targeted but now their partners and children are made targets for violence and in some instances the loss of the man in their life. Now being that “partner” for a registered sex offender it has become alarmingly clear just how unfair, unjust and quite frankly, just plain criminal this registry is! I work in a prison and I live in a very small community in which dozens of my colleagues, who also work in the prisons, live also. everyone in my neighborhood now knows about my boyfriends past and are starting to make me feel uncomfortable at work. My landlord wants us to move because he feels having a sex offender as a renter some how reflects poorly on him. So now my oldest son and I are at risk for losing our home and jobs at the very least of the concerns and potentially being harmed physically because of this registry providing our home address! I am also a part of the community, don’t I, my son AND my boyfriend have the right to live without the stress and worry of being targeted and victimized by the surrounding community members? Am I no longer a tax paying citizen, that deserves to be safe and protected in my home?
    If we are evicted from house we will be homeless because NO ONE will rent to “sex offender” and hence the snow ball begins…. loss of home, job/income, health and maybe even life! My boyfriend NEVER commited a crime against a child, he is not a sexual predator, he is not even a rapist, his charge was little more than inappropriate touching of a female he was having a relationship with that angry with him one day.
    I am desperate to find a way to stop the unfair labeling of men who are slapped with the “sex offender” scarlet letter for nothing more than inappropriate touching, or consentual sex between 2 older teens, or any other offense that was not a violent act against women and children. we just want to be given an opportunity to live in peace and earn a living to support ourselves like anyone else.

  53. Peeing in public can be a cause for having to register sex offender. My husband before he was my husband, had a traffic incident, and a lady flipped him off, he grabbed his crotch, and ten years worth of crap started because she took him to court and said he exposed himself to her. Was told life time registry twice a year. How is this okay, and convicted felons of murder can be done with jail in three years for good behavior and not have to be recognized unless they are applying for a job, and even then you could be done with that “label” after 10 years??!!

  54. I am crying as I read these accounts of wrongful convictions. It greatly saddens me, and not only for all of you, but personally my own child, as well. Believe it or not, it is in Florida, and a young female ‘sex offender’, also a 1st time offense with no priors at all.
    In fact, child porn possession for p2p sharing over the internet were the charges. This young lady is a college graduate, with a BFA in cartooning/illustration, a copyright holder for web based art, commissioned artist, with work featured in various art galleries, etc…
    Ineffective legal representation is an understatement, which also prompted a plea agreement, for fear of jeopardizing chances at a trial. Not one defense was presented on her behalf, and as a person who has used p2p-Limewire, Bearshare, and the like, there are so many errors of downloads through these sites, that it is an obvious defense to be explored when facing such charges. Forensic exams of any ‘evidence’ supporting a charge in this area[digital], should be a no brainer for defense attorneys. Yet, in this case, not!
    At this point, an appeal is being sought, after long deliberation, not just about the manner in which the case was presented and defended, but for her and her siblings, but money above all else. At this point, I can’t afford another attorney, and time is running out for Florida appeals process. As a mother, I can’t sit and watch a life, promising career, future just be essentially ended, and because of an attorney greatly unfamiliar with such cases and unwilling to present every defense possible, challenge anything presented by the prosecution[after all, their job is to convict…..that’s it], and throughout it all, consistently urging his client to take a plea deal. All she kept saying was that she wanted it to be over. It was overwhelming to her, and when presenting a question to the attorney about whether her responses were misconstrued by investigators during their search and seizure, there was no response or acknowledgement made by her counsel. He kept pressing the fact that judge was an elected official, political figure and the public cringes at the mere mention of the topic. Where is the concern for your client? With this plea, he never outlined the conditions that come with it….. essentially a life sentence….you know the rest.
    I am seeking referrals, anything to help my child. Anyone, please………
    This is just the tip of the iceberg in this case, and bottom line, never should have made it to this conviction. If you saw her, spoke with her, knew her life, where she lived, this would never have happened. It is so unfair, and I just want to help her from a ruined future in Florida and everywhere else…for life….she’s only 24

  55. Lawyers have no problem taking your money, They don’t want their name associated with this issue. They tell you to take a plea deal because the know you can’t win and laugh all the way to the bank.

    • Well said. $50,000 up-front, non-refundable fee at the start up — knowing they will coerce a plea, because of draconian mandatory minimum sentencing. So why is an obscene $50,000 needed when they know this, and can haul out the “plea bargain” template and be done? Another lawyer years later, told us Arizona’s people have no rights, so there was no way he could win the case. That was honest of him. So the falsely accused in Arizona are “presumed guilty” and must fight to prove their innocence. Who is going to restore presumption of innocence?

  56. Exactly…. who IS going to restore the essence of the presumption of innocence for all entrapped by the justice system?… a dysfunctional system at the local level at best!!
    Where does one begin to restore this system to its purist form, less mis-interpretations, misuse, and the abuses that influence the wheels of justice to overwhelmingly benefit the ‘haves’ as opposed to the ‘have nots’ in society?
    Seriously, what’s next? What are the options besides the obvious: grin and bear it”? How do we fight for those who are unable to take on the fight themselves and without financial means to afford counsel with experience, competence and resources characterized by strong personal and professional ethics and committed to ‘the best interest of the client’?
    And one willing to challenge conventional wisdoms and ‘the way things have always been done’ attitude……Do they even encourage law students to discover or uncover an underlying belief system grounded by their personal philosophies regarding their view of human nature, a strong sense of right and wrong, and that insightful awareness, to pursue the study and eventual practice of law?

    • New British Union

      The only thing that will ever be strong enough to throttle the corrupt elements of our societies all across the west, and the financiers who put these corrupted and perverted degenerates in positions of influence, are the growing Fascist movements rising across Britain and Europe. Peaceful discussion and debate have failed for decades, now the shift to violent insurrection against states that WILL destroy us just the same if nothing or nobody stands up for us is inevitable.
      (I know these comments are old, but your reservations are valid and could answer based on what I see around me, the future for Britain is going to be traditional morals and family ethic and personal and social responsibility and duty embodied in an authoritarian nationalist government, or the slavery of dhimmitude under wahhabist Islamic doctrine. The ‘democracy’ and’liberal values’ we have now are already proven weak and unworthy of the people they claimed to serve, choosing betreyal and capitulation to international financial interests (globalism) instead.)

  57. Please our family has lived with this hell for 15 years and it has destroyed our family unit my children are bitter and angry because our once happy family they are devastated that their father has to live with this injustice and fear that he may hurt himself just to end the harassment since they were elementary school they see this trickling down to their younger sibling and are very tormented with the thought of his public harassment not only by fellow students but by teachers and administrative staff..I stood beside my husband I know him and I know he was never capable of attempted rape he took a plea because I was pregnant at the time and was in fear of going to prison when he still had children to raise..he was only suppose to be on 5 years probation and 10 years registry we had an attorney whom at the time we refused to see the warning signs due to being so fearful and traumatized
    that we failed to act on his dealings with the state and police we should have known not to hire him as an attorney because he was recommended by one of the police officers we just were so naive because we were scared so much that we weren’t thinking of the corruption and the intent from ppl that were involved in the case we have never had something so scary or overwhelming such as this to deal with..It’s left a once positive handsome hardworking trusting soul to be a walking machine of emotions and doubt he amazes me of how he hasn’t given up on his family and to my children and I he pushes forward with always having to be questioned about it he has always worked but not being able to hold the position he is so qualified for it’s very devastating because at the time he was accused we owned our own business he started the business when he was 22 years old a year after breaking his back he had gone through therapy and rigorous rehabilitation to be able to work and walk again only to have everything taken from him after this accusation and court process he had to close our family business because of being on the registry the stipulations in someone on the registry doesn’t allow them to enter onto properties …I just want some justice for my husband and my wish is for him to have his name cleared before his passing and for him to feel some self worth before he is called on.I am heartbroken for him because the accuser is my family member and that very family member to this day comes to our home takes vacations and allows her children to stay here and I know my husband is tormented with the fact that the accuser will not fix and undo this tragedy because of fear she will be chastised and ridiculed or jailed for her false accusations…which adds salt to our family wounds…

    thank you Cindy

  58. My sister a cussed my son of molesting her daughter. At the time I didn’t want to believe it, therefore I didn’t help him fight it. My niece has since said that she has no knowledge or memory of anything ever happening, and that she only knows what her mother has told her. My niece has been physically examined (at the time), has been to see many counselors, even been hypnotized and still no proof of anything sexual. My son received a sentence of 15 years because my sister would not bring my niece to court.
    Now 13 years later it has come to light that my sister accused other boys/men of the same thing with no convictions, but my son is still serving his sentence. My niece is 17 now and wants to clear my sons name, but her mom refuses to let her get involved.
    My niece has made statements such as, I feel as tho my uncle was stolen from me, he was my hero, and I love and miss him.
    There is not money for an expensive attorney to try and fix this, so I am hoping someone has ideas on what I can do
    Please help

  59. My niece was wrongfully convicted.Basically she was the scapegoat for the police officer who killed me niece’s friend in a car chase.The officer used the police chase maneuvers by hitting the side tail end of the vehicle causing the vehicle to slide sideway n eventually flipping which than causes me niece’s friend to be thrown outside through the window which than the vehicle landed on top of her.However,nothing was said or done about this matter in court and of course having a horrible defended lawyer did not help.Now my niece who is only 26yrs of age is now sitting in jail for a crime she did not committed.She was given 50yrs for man slaughter…AM SO HURT AND ANGRY AT THE SYSTEM.MY NIECE IS NOT A DRUG USER OR GANGBANGER, SHE’S A MOTHER AND A WIFE….. PLEASE HELP

  60. All the stories of coercion hit home for me. I’m 33 now. When I was 24 my brother and his soon to be ex wife started a lengthy custody battle. It was brutal on both of them and I was support for both of them. I’m not the type to pick sides. If I consider someone family they have my loyalty. It came to light that my sister in law was sleeping with her boss and that she planned on moving to Colorado with him. My brother was of course opposed to having that much distance between him and his two kids. My mother’s neighbor used to babysit for my brother and one day told my mom that my niece stated “mommy says uncle Charles touched me” My mother laughed it off because she knew I hadn’t even been alone with the kids not once at her house where this was supposed to have happened. My sister in law didn’t know but I had moved. At the time I was living with a buddy on the other side of town. And since my mom knew there wasn’t any way I could’ve done those things she didn’t think it prudent to tell me. I have mental disorders from my own childhood abuse that I was trying to work out and she didn’t want to add any unnecessary stress in my life. Sidenote..The neighbor later told me that my niece would randomly say that I touched her but that over a few months it changed from mommy simply he touched me and whenever she said that it happened my sister in law would say what a good girl she was and give her treats. My niece was 4 and I’m pretty convinced my sister in law was telling her over and over that something happened and rewarding her so much that she started believing it. Anyway…one morning I was on the way home from work and I got a call from a detective saying they’ve been looking for me for months and I need to give myself up. Since all of this was news to me I was of course terrified. I’m not claiming to be an angel by any means. I was involved with gangs at one point. sold drugs. Hurt people. I was not a respectable person. I was doing everything I could to stay away from those kinds of things. That’s why I moved in with my friend. His dad was a police officer and was like a father to me. He kept me in line and helped me see how harmful I was to myself and others. So after some serious soul searching and changing myself for the better being told that I was being hunted by the police was devastating. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what I could’ve done wrong to be considered a fugitive. Turns out police say things like that to people they’re intending on interrogating to turn the fear factor way up. Helps them by ensuring their subject is scared and willing to comply easier. I went in for my interrogation a week later and immediately they told me I was a horrible person and that I was going to prison for 20 years. I insisted I had no idea why I was even there. They said that on Halloween 2005 I touched my niece inappropriately. There’s no way I could’ve done that even if I was that type of person(which I’m not) because I was in jail from Sep 19th until Nov 22nd. I missed traffic court in another county and after being picked up for disorderly conduct I had a hold until I could get the bench warrant resolved. I’ve since done a search on my record and now there’s nothing indicating I was even in jail or was arrested. But the 4 friends from the neighborhood I shared a jail tier with wouldve testified to it. After I told the detectives I was in jail between those dates I watched the guy detective get on his computer and change the date of the original accusation so that it happened before I was in jail. I was locked in that room with 2 detectives that were telling me over and over that I said one thing an hour ago that I didn’t remember saying at all and trying to get me to agree that I said other things and twisting my words so much that I was just confused beyond anything I’ve ever been and screaming at me that I was lying and the questions and accusations just kept piling up and the threats about how they would make sure I die in prison and how easy it was gonna be to make sure I get there so it could happen and around the 4th hour of all this a third guy came in the room and pinned my face in the corner and said your gonna say what we want you to say or your never walking outta here. For me that was it. I have fear issues with older men in a position of power because I was abused in every way as a child. My step dad was sadistically cruel. So much in fact when I was 8(yes that is an 8) I tried to murderer him because of the things he did to my siblings and I. And after being threatened for so long and then having the detective physically hold my face in the corner I gave up completely. The one guy typed up whatever he wanted and I didn’t even read it. I just signed it because they promised me everything would stop and I could go home. I was arrested a week and 2 days later. I spent 9 months in the psych ward part of the jail because I was suicidal. They wouldn’t let me have visitors. They kept letters from my family from me so that I felt like I was completely alone in this when in fact my mother, brother and numerous others were trying to get in touch with me to figure out how to be witnesses for me. My public defender said she tried talking to my family and friends but nobody would talk. I found out a few years later she never even tried to contact anyone and anytime someone tried to talk to her she ignored them. At almost the 10 month mark she came to me and said if I don’t accept probation I was facing up to 20 years in prison…. For a crime there’s no way I could’ve committed. After being locked up for that long and seemingly abandoned I jumped on the idea of probation. I did 5 years of probation. Did the sex offender counseling the whole time. Even became friends with the counselor. His group helped my life for the better without a doubt. Doesn’t change the fact that I had to sit through endless stories of people sexually abusing their friends. Family. Very small children. Had to sit through endless hours of being grilled about what I had been accused of but could never talk about because there was nothing to even talk about. Being scared Everytime I walked through the probation departments doors that I was never gonna see my loved ones again. Humiliated and taunted by the police every week(I was homeless for almost a year and had to register weekly). NOBODY deserves to be treated this way. I used to despise sex offenders. I thought every one of them was a child molester and needed to die. Spending 5+ years with them in group counseling(I say 5+ because even tho my probation ended in 2010 I still go and help where I can) has changed my mind. They aren’t monsters. Most of them are just men and women that made a mistake for whatever reason. I did meet one person that should’ve went to prison and stayed there and eventually he did. But that’s ONE person. Out of hundreds. The modern day witch hunts and endless persecution needs to stop. Letting the possibility of not being elected by voters or losing funding unless insane and obviously unconstitutional laws are passed is just infuriating and completely unjustifiable. Yes. There should be penalty for this and any other crime. But essentially ending someone’s entire existence without actually killing them is beyond inhumane. Especially when there’s not one damn reason to do it. I’m not now nor have I ever been attracted to children. But because one person found a way to finally take my brothers parental rights away now more lives are ruined than I’m sure were intended. Mine. Certainly my nieces for having to deal with a mother that basically brain washed her into saying what she needed for court against my brother. My brother for losing his kids. My own daughter who’ll never get the chance to have me see her at sporting events. School functions. Show her the wonder that is nature. Or having a father that’s able to provide her with the life that she deserves. This madness needs to end…

  61. Monika Williams

    My boyfriend has been wrongfully convicted of sexual child abuse where his stepdaughters were coerced by the ex-spouse. Just as you say in your article. His defense attorney has admitted, under oath that he was not prepared for his trial, and coerced him in to a plea. The Judge denied the Motion to Overturn the Plea. Please help me to help him? What do I do? We are in CA. Any advice is appreciated. In addition, this county has several wrongful convictions for sex abuse-3 of which have been overturned on appeal, and I feel there is a conspiracy in this corrupt county.

  62. An empirical study is needed to document, what we already suspect, is how many cases in the broken Family Court system have child sex abuse / child molest issues used against the other parent directly or indirectly.

    • False accusations of child abuse by angry spouses, and ex-spouses, have become epidemic. Yes, we need data.
      These false accusations are incredibly difficult to defend against. Just as with SBS, it’s a case of guilty until proven innocent.

      • Mr. Locke, Worse yet, the politicians use “child abuse / sex abuse” as a weapon for “easy” convictions. The police/prosecutor team give it to the media, job done – “guilty-by-media”. The lawyers collect “easy” up-front, non-refundable fees, i.e. $50,000 for starters, knowing they can get an ‘easy” plea bargain 9with draconian mandatory minimum sentencing in place) then rush to get the next CM case. Easier than handling a murder case?

        Once, this sick game being played, in the billions of dollars “Child Abuse / Sex Abuse” industry, is exposed for what it is (replacing the failed “war on drugs”?) and laws are reformed, then the mass destruction of people, children and their families, and their future will be halted. But the legacy of the decades long destruction, continues for the tens of thousands of those, whose lives were shredded by this political and financial shredding machine – the Family Courts, Criminal Courts, Civil Courts, Probate Courts – an entangled ball, that will last for generations.

        Mr. Locke, Once again, thank you for your courage, to actually write about the wrongfully convicted sex offender and opening the door for a place to read one horrific injustice after another, that we recognize for what it is. Who will work with you to right the many wrongs of this hate and money-driven category that has destroyed presumption of innocence?

      • An epidemic promoted by lawyers for their own financial benefit. I’m 99 percent sure that the State bar associations used to deny ambulance chasers to ability to advertise for the very reasons we see coming into play today.

  63. My son accidentally downloaded cp thru Limewire. Among the 2315 music videos , our forensics proved the 2 he opened and deleted and 1 he never saw. he has to take a plea or they would up charges and he was looking at 25 years. He got 30 months in federal prison. He got out this jan ’14 and has 15 years probation and 15 years on the registry. He’s depressed and I worry about him making it in life. He’s only 24.

  64. My brother was wrongly convicted yesterday. Being faced to 15 years with absolutely no evidence. What the hell can I do where to I start please help email me anything

    • Amber, I’m very sorry to hear about the tragedy in your family’s life. Your hell-on-earth journey through America’s broken criminal justice system, has just begun. There are no words to describe the horror you and your family face in what you once believed. I need your email address, in order to send you information. Our nightmare began, in 2004, when our daughter, Courtney Bisbee, AZ,a new hire, high school nurse was falsely accused by one teenage friend of her babysitter.

    • Unfortunately the only thing he can do if he’s already been convicted is appeal. If he’s on his way to prison there are organizations that will try to help get an actual lawyer for him. The name of one escapes me at the moment but I’ll reply again in a bit when I’ve found it. Did he take a plea? If so getting things over turned might be harder because he’s already agreed that he’s guilty. I wasn’t aware of that nugget when I took my plea but public defenders don’t really tell the accused much of anything that would actually help with decision making. Or anything for that matter. That’s why most places see 90% out higher conviction rates. If you can’t afford a real lawyer it’s basically impossible to defend yourself. I was in a cell with a hitman for a cartel and he admitted that he burned down a house with an entire family in it that he and 3 others tied up because the father stole drugs. He served 6 months in prison because he could afford an insanely expensive lawyer. In my case there wasn’t any evidence either but I’m still on this registry for life. But don’t give up hope. That was one of my biggest mistakes. I gave up and just let the system do whatever it wanted. If he truly isn’t guilty then fight till there’s nothing left to do and then fight some more. Another thing I wasn’t told was that a sex offender is only given 3 years to appeal a case. I was 9 days to late to get my case back in court. I couldn’t find a job to save my life because of the felony and it took that long to save up enough to buy a competent lawyer. Every lawyer I went to looked at the case files and shook their heads in amazement that I had to even entertain the thought of taking a plea but none of them would take the case without money. But a writ of habeus corpus if I remember is what he needs to look at. IF he’s granted it they’ll retry the case like it’s the first time in court. If he’s on probation he’ll have to go back to jail and relive the entire process over. If in prison he’ll have to go back to county. As I’m not a lawyer obviously I’ll have to check up on what exactly the motion is called or you could do some Googling yourself but being as proactive as possible is the only way he’ll have a shot at clearing his name. And for the sake of another person not in need of being branded like this for an eternity I hope all things work out for the best

    • Amber,
      If I’m correct the organization I was thinking of is the innocence project. I could be wrong but it’s that one or one similar. Good luck to you for sure

    • Amber
      Here’s a site of a lawyer that specializes in getting things like your brothers situation taken care of.

      • Iam telling the story about my son when he was twelve ;He was ask to go to the river with a girl 9 and her big brother whom was 14teen ; the big brother told the sister to get on my son ; he didn’t have a clue what was going on ; he went to school the next day ;the cops came and arrested him and he immediately stared sex affender classes once a week ; he was teased humileyated ; he didn’t want to go to school because of the teasing ; we moved back to our home state where my husband and I grew up ; he had to register and got into the wrong crowd ; he hated his life ; my family was all hurt because of how he was treated and is He went to a party I. Bismarck one night by then he was 19 teen the girl he walked out of the party with was 15teen he had no clue ; so he was put on high risk because he wS with this girl they had no physical contact ; never seen her before that night and never seen her again ; the state of wash were the first I fence took place was taken off the records because of age and circumstances he doesn’t have to register there but North Dakota hold him on a mistumenore and he has to register here ; Google has the story and they lied about him; so when he goes to get a job he wants they of course look him up and there goes his job ;

  65. If the registry is such a great idea why is there not a drug dealer registry?

    How many children could be “saved from harm” then?

  66. Michael D. Holman

    January 11 at 6:44am ·


    Well, I hope some people are happy. I am heading to prison for 33 years for something that did not happen. There was no evidence in this case at all, but the judge still found me guilty. I tried to tell people that the court system in Muskegon County is dirty. Especially if you don’t have money to fight them. I had no way to hire an attorney to fight my case, so i was appointed a public defender whom gets paid no matter what by the county. If you have never been locked up in Muskegon, you cannot comment on how the system does or doesn’t railroad people. There is a reason that Muskegon’s conviction rate is over 90%. I refuse to keep my mouth shit about this, I’m putting everything out there. Im also going to the news channels and there are people in my life whom know i didn’t do this, that are in the process of making a Facebook page and webpage about this. There are lies and statements in my police report pertaining to this case, and stories that change in my trial I had in front of Timothy Hicks, Circuit court judge. The “Alleged Victim” admitted to lying about it.She also said she lied and made this all up because she was mad at me, she had also admitted to getting a brand new laptop after she blamed me for this, and had to help her with her termonology. This all indicates coerced statements and bribery. I don’t know, all i know is they got the wrong person. She said all of this to the Judge, and if you ask me there is a reasonable doubt in the case, but that’s not everything. There are more stories and lies that will be put out there when the time is right. All i know is, Im lost. I can’t believe that im dealing with this stuff just because i was trying to help people out. My mom did always tell me that my heart is too big, and that i would get myself into some crap someday. I wish i could control my heart but i cant, it is who i am. I feel sorry for people too much and want to help them. My attorney said that there are 3 reasons why this came out the way it did with me being the blame.

    #1 – “Alleged Victim” was bribed or coerced into saying the crap to get me out of the family due to jealousy. ( Ex-Boyfriend wanted the family back ) Her termonology was too advanced for her age on how i “Supposedly” did these things to her.

    #2 – Something did actually happen to her and she is confused on whom did it. Maybe it was something from the past and she is remembering bits and pieces of it, but she doesn’t remember a face to whom was doing it to her, and the best face she could place to the puzzle was mine because i was always around her.

    #3 – She really was mad at me and made it up. She was watching movies that the kids should not be watching at her age, like American Pie, American Wedding and movies like that. She could have picked up things from these movies to throw at me.

    I don’t know, these are just theories. All i know is i didnt do anything wrong. Maybe my friends and family can help me by throwing some fundraiser together to get a paid appeals attorney so he/she can fight my case properly. I was sentanced on January 5th 2015 in judge Hicks courtroom and i had some choice words to say about his verdict. He didn’t even deliberate on the case like he is suppose to, he just came out with a verdict of guilty right after the closing arguments on November 26th, the day before Thanksgiving. That man was trying to go home, fuck my life huh? I want to thank the people who are still here fighting and helping me fight this case, you know who you are. I even have family coming forward that i least expected to get involved. Thank you all, I really need you all. I will do my best to keep my facebook alive while I am locked up. I will also keep people updated on my status as i go through the appeal process and the state supreme court. There is mroe to all of this nonsense but too much to write at the moment. My facebook page will reveal all.


    • Linda, in reply to Michael D. Holman’s letter, he is right that I cannot personally reply to Muskegon County because I have not gone through the system there. However; every time I read an article like this in any Michigan county it causes me to believe more that it is a statewide issue in Michigan. My case went through Monroe County and if it had not been for my sister fitting the bill for my own defense attorney, I would of had a public defender appointed by the county that would have sent me to prison with a felony. I am still an RSO, but my attorney plead this false charge down to a misdemeanor probation. What I am trying to say is that if I were to replace Muskegon with Monroe in this letter, everything stated about the system would be true here also. Although I wish to have justice and be exonerated for a crime that I did not commit while exposing the investigating officers for their lies; I am more concerned about others than myself as I have not been hit nearly as hard as most, I am actually beginning to put my life together, and I have a strong support group. I pray for Michael and any other RSO caught up in this travesty of justice, especially the falsely accused.

  67. Linda, in reply to Michael D. Holman’s letter, he is right that I cannot personally reply to Muskegon County because I have not gone through the system there. However; every time I read an article like this in any Michigan county it causes me to believe more that it is a statewide issue in Michigan. My case went through Monroe County and if it had not been for my sister fitting the bill for my own defense attorney, I would of had a public defender appointed by the county that would have sent me to prison with a felony. I am still an RSO, but my attorney plead this false charge down to a misdemeanor probation. What I am trying to say is that if I were to replace Muskegon with Monroe in this letter, everything stated about the system would be true here also. Although I wish to have justice and be exonerated for a crime that I did not commit while exposing the investigating officers for their lies; I am more concerned about others than myself as I have not been hit nearly as hard as most, I am actually beginning to put my life together, and I have a strong support group. I pray for Michael and any other RSO caught up in this travesty of justice, especially the falsely accused.

  68. I believe my boyfriend of 11yrs was wrongfully convicted of repeated sexual assualt of the same child in which the child that said allegations on him was my 13yr old. He was convicted On Hearsay alone and the interview tape of my child. Before anyone jumps to conclusions I love my child and would die for her and even require a death sentence if I believed it happened. Someone please I need legal advice. We have two common children who may never see their father until they are 18 and they love him and miss him very much!

    • My Husband was arrested on 4/22/15 on allegations my daughters have made against their step dad. I am in the same boat as you because so many people judge me for not shutting him out of our life. I can’t we have two boys together. My father passed away when I was little, I would never wish that for my boys. They need their dad. My husband hasn’t been through a trial yet though. I guess not many people could possibly understand how hard it is to be in this spot. I’m sick of everyone trying to make him out to be a monster, in my eyes he is a loving hard working husband and dad.

  69. It is disgusting how many child molesters are aquitted and go free because of “lack of physical evidence”.. For those that do not know almost all cases of adult/child sexual abuse leaves no physical evidence..fondling and oral sex..penetration with digits leaves np evidence that can be these monsters go free..and the childs truth is labeled a false allegation..shame on our legal system..shame on you.

    • Dee, you obviously don’t have experience with the legal system regarding sexual abuse. 90% of sexual abuse are resolved on a plea deal (even when the defendant is innocent), and the conviction rate is just as high. The jury only needs to hear the victim say the abuse occurred, no proof at all, and the defendant is found guilty – serving decades in prison.

      The legal system does need to change, you and I can agree on that, but it needs to change the way it handles sexual abuse. Our justice system was built on the premise that you are innocent until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt. It has now changed to guilty unless proven innocent without any doubt.

  70. Can anyone help me out? I am in need of the best appeal attonery there is. My brother was given ten years for something he didn’t do! Any information!!! Thankyou

  71. Since most of the people writing these blogs are professors , let me hit everyone here with some street level reality and not from a pedestal looking down.Ok , here is where your cause starts to fall apart :

    Child is molested.Statistically , children are more prone to tell the truth about molestation due to it being a traumatic , life changing event .

    Parents report this to the police . Police make the child tell the story with the parent in the room.The parent is then asked to leave the room and child is asked to repeat story to see if it matches prior account.

    Police turn it over to CPS/DCS . They bring the child AND siblings AND parents in for interviews 1) with social worker 2) with detective 3)with detective and social worker.

    Child is then sent to a state sanctioned doctor who specializes in sexual trauma recognition . Child is asked once more to tell the doctor what happened to match up story to any damage that might be found.

    Case is referred out to the State’s Attorney’s Child Sex Crimes Unit . They spend , on average , 3-6 going over EVERY SINGLE DETAIL OF THE CASE .

    They then call the parents in and shoot completely straight : If there is not enough facts to back up the child’s story , they WILL NOT ATTEMPT TO PROSECUTE !! Ive had a state’s attorney tell me that NO STATE’S ATTORNEY WILL PROSECUTE UNLESS : 1)Offender admits they did it 2) SEVERAL(minimum 5 people) people all claim identical stories of having witnessed the sexual abuse 3) There is video evidence that shows the offender in the act of molesting the child

    The child is then relegated to a lifetime of pain,heartache,depression,drug abuse,severe sexual promiscuity and in some cases…they offend against children which is a continuation of what happened to them .

    I do not doubt in this day and age that some people in this country are wrongly convicted BUT EXPECTING FOR ANYONE TO FEEL SORRY FOR A CHILD MOLESTER BECAUSE THEY HAVE TO REGISTER….THEN YOU HAVE A MENTAL DISEASE YOU NEED TO BE CHECKED FOR….What about the life sentence that the victim suffers ? The PTSD ? The Anxiety Disorders ? The emotional scars they bare for THE REST OF THEIR LIVES…


    • Dear “Stomper,”

      Nobody on this blog has ever even suggested that an abused and/or molested child is anything but a terrible tragedy.

      Child molesters need to be dealt with by the law, but the problem is when they get it WRONG, and they get it wrong a lot. And when they get it wrong, it is every bit as much of a tragedy. Innocent people bear those scars for the rest of THEIR lives.

      The National Registry of Exonerations has hard, nationwide data that shows that FALSE ACCUSATION is a contributing factor in 80% – that’s 80% – of child abuse wrongful convictions. The most typical scenario being estranged spouses seeking revenge on each other who coach their kids into falsely accusing the other, but that’s just one scenario. People will also coach their kids into making false accusations so they can sue an institution for money. And on and on.

    • Stomper,
      You obviously have never gone through the court system and only rely on what you are told by prosecutors on what they will and will not prosecute.
      My child is a sexual abuse survivor. She is not forever damaged, like you like to insinuate. The best advice her therapist gave her was, “this was a terrible event in your life, but it does not define you.” Too many times we try to tell sexual abuse victims that they are damaged individuals, who will never be able to get past the abuse. Which in return, they never heal. The best way to heal, is to forgive the abuser. That doesn’t mean what they did was ok, or that it didn’t matter, but that you no longer allow that transgression to have power over you.

      As far as how we treat those who had been convicted, (notice I said convicted and not those who committed the offense) doesn’t help with public safety. We don’t treat any other offender, after they complete their sentence, the way we treat those on the registry. Sex offenders have one of the lowest rates of recidivism, yet are treated as modern day lepers. Even those who committed murder, aren’t treated the same as those on the registry.

      Those who did actually commit the offense they were convicted of, the best say to help prevent recidivism, is to ensure housing, employment, and a support system. Including treatment into that mix, and the recidivism rate drops by 55%.
      You say you have no sympathy for sex offenders, and only for the victims. I say why can’t you have sympathy for both. By working to help those released to reintrograte back into society safely, can prevent them from committing another sexual offense. Wouldn’t you want to prevent sexual abuse? 90% of those who have been convicted are released back into society. And it doesn’t make sense to keep them all incarcerated as many will never reoffend.
      Tons of research has been done, that proves exactly what I am saying. If you do work with victims, I commend you. In the mean time, I volunteer to help those who paid their debt to society and don’t want to reoffend.

      Oh, btw, the prosecutors don’t take all those steps to validate claims of abuse. They didn’t with us…

      • TalkingHead

        You don’t get to decide how sexual abuse impacts your daughter, or any victim. You cannot choose the best advice that was given to her, this is not your struggle to claim. Her abuse is her own, whether it defines her or not is out of your hands. My abuse was rugswept, I have limited memory of the incidents as many victims do, but no one can tell me my childhood abuse did not forever damage a part of my soul.

    • Dear “Stomper”, I am not a professor, but our family is a victim of failed and broken child sex crimes that put all at risk for a false allegation and destroyed lives. Without the innocence movement and professors, the innocent and wrongfully imprisoned would still be languishing in the prison-Hellholes across America. Unfortunately, their 1,500 plus exonerations, are a fraction of the hundreds of thousands of wrongfully convicted men, women and children held in the lucrative mass industrial prison complex of America – “land of the free”.

      This blog is about the FALSELY ACCUSED, INNOCENT and WRONGFULLY CONVICTED sex offender, a horrific tragedy, as well, of which our family has been made a victim by a broken out of control system created by politically and media driven moral panics, for “easy” convictions; obscene legal fees and enriching the profiteers and politicians who drive the ‘BILLIONS-of-$$$’s-Child Abuse/Sex Abuse” industry – gone wild.

      Our daughter, Courtney Bisbee, Maricopa County, AZ, and her family have had our lives devastated by this false allegation, by one teenager for an alleged crime that never happened – a “he said, she said” case. She was entenced to 11 years in prison and sex offender registry after that – a “second punishment” – a Scarlett Letter for life, with no place to live or work – banned from society. If it happened to you, what would you do?

      New evidence and exculpatory evidence – proof of innocence – came forward in 2006, and has continued to be ignored by the Arizona Courts. Why? If this can happen to her, it can happen to anyone and this is the ongoing tragedy in the rapidly growing ‘BILLIONS-$$$’s-Child Abuse/Sex Abuse” industry. An industry that has blanketed across society, used by the politicians for political and financial gain, while enriching the profiteers and extortionists, paid for by the taxpayers. See “WITCH HUNT’ award-winning documentary; “THE HOUSE I LIVE IN”, award-winning documentary; “CONVICTION” movie.

      Once those, who file false accusations, including the prosecutors who drive felony convictions and wrongful convictions, receive punishments equal to what they want for the “accused”, then these cases will disappear along with all the money. It’s a sick business, that is “rape-by-the-system” in itself. The prosecutors will keep the innocent in prison so they do not have to face the civil lawsuits that follow. This should be a felony for those who are complicit.

    • Dear “Stomper”,
      I stopped reading at “minimum of 5 eyewitnesses” to the sexual abuse.
      I am a survivor of child sexual assault and I am doing just fine, thank you.
      I am concerned about the children that you work with though, it may not be in their best interest to be around someone with such an obvious anger management issue not to mention such a lack of critical thinking skills.

  72. Well I will just say this…. I wish more people would be like you and think like you do. I am one if those people who have been wrongfully accused. I would like to share my story…. it began in 2003, I met this guy who told me he was 18 fixing to be 19. I was 23 at the time. We dated for awhile and we partied too. Of course we had sex too. Well after about 6 months is when my life spun out if control. We had just came back from a day of spending with the my family. When the cops showed up saying they had a warrant for my arrest for having sex with a minor. I looked at the cop and Said he had the wrong person. I wasn’t with no minor. He then asked the guy who I was with how old he was and he said he was 15 fixing to be 16. So I was arrested. I was torn away from my kids that I had a long time ago before I met thus guy. Well I am sitting in jail this whole time hoping this will all be dropped. Well it comes to just before court and my lawyer says the state wants you to go to prison. I said no I can’t I have to get to my kids. Well we fought like hell. It was hard cause I had the guys mother lying on me saying i am writing her son while in jail. Well the truth came out I wasn’t. But I still had no choice to plead out to a crime I never committed. My youngest son was in a bad situation with his father and I needed to get to him as soon as possible. My lawyer told me I needed to plead out to probation time. Cause I had no way if beating this case. My only person who could have testified for me was the one who caused me to get arrested. But he was no where to be found. So I ended up pleading guilty to the charge. Well needless to say the only thing that could have been considered good out of all it is that the judge granted me custody if my kids. But after that I have been in and out of jail and lost custody of 3 of my kids cause I had to register as a sex offender. Cause I am not the one who preys on kids. I was lied to and made a mistake. By this mistake I am judged for the rest of my life. It is not fair to my kids I am able to raise now cause I can’t do what a regular mom can do. I am not sure how to tell my kids when they get older. Right now they are 2 & 1. I have now registered and us staying out of jail. I had my 2year old in jail and that was do hard and it changed me I am now doing what I have to so I can bevy there for my kids. But to be wrongfully accused and to be judged your whole life is the most hardest thing. I tried the new Romeo and Juliet act. But was shot down. Was told I have to not get another sex charge from the day of my conviction for 25 years to be able to reopen my case and file the Romeo and Juliet act. I have 13 more years left. It’s not right. Just want to live a normal life. Is there any words of wisdom out there?

  73. How do you get legal help for a person wrongfully convicted of a sex crime when you don’t have the money to pay for a attorney to fight for the person.

  74. I understand that whole situation because it happen to me I'm in a program now and I had to take a lie decetor test to see if I did the crime and I said no and I pass the test but the state if Mississippi told me if I didn't plead guilty they was going to

    I understand the wrongful convicted I was put in a situation that I had to plead guilty because the state of Mississippi told me that if I didn’t they was going to give me thirty years as of lately I have taken a lie detector test and pass the questions was did I do it so is there anyone out there can lead me in the right direction I did 9years and 7 months and have to register for life if you can help email my wife

  75. Oh my goodness! I have been scouring the internet looking for information like this. My fiance’was convicted in jan of class A sodimy and class B molestation in MO. the only “evidence” was the childs statement which was then lifted to gospel by 4 “expert” witnesses. There was NO physical evidence n the childs younger sibling was deemed “unfit to testify” due to age. Girls were 9 1/2 & 11 when this was alleged to have happened. Child testified to prosecuting attorney to the opposite of her original statement. Fiance’ is doing 15 years in max security now and will have to register AND have GPS monitoring for the rest of his life. Prison programs require him to admit guilt. We are currently seeking appeal but he lost his job and entire 401k plus everything he owned to fight this and now we are looking at $35k just for appeals attorney. Thank you for all the links and articles for research. I am contacting all of my legislators to try and get some sort of answers/help and this will help me greatly in writing Informed letters.

  76. My man was false aquized of rape for a crooked cop realestate scam
    Now military wants to erase t all n thats also illegal rather than take the false aquzation.where are the masses.

  77. The Sex Offender Registry laws must change for the “wrongfully convicted sex offender” to even survive. Imagine living in a defacto-life sentence in prison or an invisible prison? They won’t change these broad brushed laws – that make all offenders equal with the sickest predator – because these laws are at the “root core” of the BILLIONS OF DOLLARS” “service” industry that has replaced the manufacturing/productive industries. With manufacturing done by prisoners (cheap labor) instead of by ordinary citizens in our society. This shift in society poses a huge threat to all but the profiteers in human misery and the criminal justice industry.

    JSTOR: Journal of Law and Economics, Vol. 54, No. 1 (February 2011), pp. 207-239

    1. IntroductionJump To Section…
    Sex offender registries that contain the names, addresses, and photographs of sex offenders are now easily accessible on the Internet. People appear to value this information and pay to avoid living near a registered sex offender; homes close to a registered offender sell for about $5,500 less than comparable homes farther away (Linden and Rockoff 2008). The major justification for the existence of registries is to protect the public. Are sex offender registries effective at serving this purpose, or do they create fear without increasing public safety? Two channels exist through which registries could plausibly be effective. Registration implies a larger penalty for sex offenders, which could deter new offenders and recidivists not yet on a registry. For those offenders who are on a registry, registration could reduce recidivism through target hardening (potential victims’ taking increased safety precautions) or through increased police monitoring.

    This paper evaluates the effectiveness of such registries from two angles. First, I use variation across states in sex offender registration laws to explore whether the introduction of sex offender registration or community notification changes sex offense rates and whether offenders who are released into states with registration laws are less likely to recidivate. Second, I use variation across census blocks in Washington, D.C., to evaluate whether the presence of a registered sex offender in a block leads to higher rates of sex offense there. The first analysis addresses directly the effectiveness of sex offender registries. The second addresses the potential effectiveness of registries by considering whether where offenders live is predictive of where they offend.

    I find little evidence to support the effectiveness of sex offender registries, either in practice or in potential. Rates of sex offense do not decline after the introduction of a registry or public access to a registry via the Internet, nor do sex offenders appear to recidivate less when released into states with registries. The data from Washington, D.C., indicate that census blocks with more offenders do not experience statistically significantly higher rates of sexual abuse, which implies that there is little information one can infer from knowing that a sex offender lives on one’s block.

    I use three different data sets and designs to test these different aspects of registry effectiveness. First, I answer whether the existence of a sex offender registry or public access to this registry via the Internet decreases the rate of rape and other sex offenses. I use state panel data from 1985 to 2003 that includes rape incidents and sex offense arrests reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) program. Demographic control variables and variables representing the general crime environment are included. I then run a fixed-effects regression to examine whether these measures declined after the introduction of a registry or public access via the Internet.” …

  78. I’m a wrongfully convicted sex offender. It is making it hard for me to get a job anymore. I appealed my conviction and lost the appeal, due to state of kansas not wanting to overturn my conviction, because if they did, a lot of other convictions would have to have been overturned. My court appointed attorney was disbarred for drug usage and was incapable of defending me properly. No one wants to hear it though. And now I will be punished for the rest of my life.

  79. MI: Federal judge: Sex offender registry law is vague, unconstitutional

    Federal judge: Sex offender registry law is vague, uncon…
    Some requirements under Michigan’s Sex Offender Registry Act are so vague they are almost impossible to enforce.
    View on

  80. There is nothing said about the people arrested in ICAC sex stings on adult web sites like Craigslist where police are posting ads as adults and then adding an underage person into the conversation. There is no one even remotely a child involved but the people are told they will get a minimum of 15 years jail if they fight it as the public has been told these are people that are harming children and have been taken off the street. Most plead and in on sting 19 were arrested one committed suicide the rest got a combination 5 years jail 10 years probation all got registry for life. The judge even said he was going to be fairly consistent with his sentences. The sheriff was up for reelection and the assistant state attorney became a judge within a year. One had 20 mitigation letters 3 people spoke in their behalf had never been in trouble a college degree in criminal justice and homeland security and never been in trouble. That person should have never had been sentenced to 27+ months but judge did not take anything into consideration. That same person had answered the ad one day with his description, picture and phone number, after reading the ad, and was expecting adults. The next day they added in the underage person and were asked if they were police. That person went to a minute market went inside and didn’t come back out so police went in and was arrested. A case were person met an officer pretending to be a mother a underage girl got off as judge said they were not in a place to have sexual contact with a child. The police use these stings for nothing more than money from ICAC and to make public think they are protecting them. THAT IS NOT THE CASE. Politicians sympathetic with what is happening say when they get out of office they will help so that speaks about why nothing will ever get accomplished in changing the laws. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AN OFFENDER AND A PREDATOR BUT THE NEWS MEDIA AND POLITICIANS WILL NOT DIFFERENTIATE BETWEEN THE TWO.

  81. My brother is wrongfully convicted too. He was a massage therapist and a client accused him of touching her private part. He’s the most innocent guy in the universe. This has caused him so much pain and suffering. He had to register as a sex offender. This is ridiculous!! The justice system is ruining an innocent person’s life.
    Can he get this clear off his life’s record?

  82. My husbands Veteran medical records and long term use of medications were quashed by Prosecutor…….My husband did not knowingly or intentionally do anything wrong, I was there….a 20 second mistake. Indecent exposure conviction. Polical race in which the judge lost and malicious prosecution. Was a simple he said she said until Prosecutor saw my husband at preliminary…”looks like a pedaphile”. Jury members knowing the witness’, all normal DA says.

  83. Camille Tilley

    Texas Voices: “Grits for Breakfast: Texas Voices standing against sex offender residency restrictions | May 2015

    “Texas Voices does not suffer from such conflicts. As their name implies, they give voice to the truly voiceless. And last week those voices were at the capitol in force to oppose draconian new sex offender residency restrictions in HB 1064 by Sheffield and HB 1872 by Murphy. I asked Mary Sue to describe the group’s efforts to oppose these bad bills and she replied via email thusly:
    Both HB 1064 by Sheffield and HB 1872 by Murphy are residency restriction bills. 1064 would create a statewide residency and child safe zone restriction. 1872 would allow General Law cities to adopt their own restrictions up to 1000 feet. Both bills are based on the myth – research does not support the theory that children are likely to be victimized by strangers at places where children gather than at other places – and – there is no correlation between residency restrictions and reducing sex offenses or improving public safety. Additionally, over 93% of sex offenses are committed by someone who is not on the registry.

    To sum it all up, there is no evidence, there are no statistics, there are no studies, and there are no reports to support the theory that residency restrictions or child safe zones improve public safety. NONE. In fact, research has shown that these types of restrictions do more harm than good.

    We are still trying to kill both of these bills!
    HB1064: The hearing for 1064 went really well. Approximately 50 Texas Voices members attended, 7 testified ‘against’ and 2 law enforcement officers testified ‘for’ (one of which admitted to problems with the bill as written). The final witness registration tally was 42 people AGAINST HB1064 and 1 person FOR. Here is the link to the video – Scroll to 1:24:28 to watch and be sure to watch the end at about 2:05:54. We emptied out the room when the bill was over. It was awesome to have so many of our members fill the room.

    HB1872: I think about 4-5 people testified against and a few were for the bill. Rep. Schaefer and Rep. Elkins asked some great questions and made good points about the unintended consequences of these types of bills. Here’s the link to the video. Scroll to about 3:49.
    See more from Texas Voices on the residiency restriction issue.” …

  84. Im a homeless sex offender wrongfully convicted about 7years im in need of help dont have a job can’t find one got my case throwed out by judge clay of Gadsden al then about a week later it was picked up by a new judge of the name Kimberly now im forced to live a parking lot a cant get no help.please help me in Jesus name this town is taking people freedom with pleas jus because someone says they touched me this needs to stop please you can contact me 256 613 4874 thanks and have blessed day

  85. I have started a petition to change the law to protect the innocent men and women from going to jail for having sex with minors when the minor lied about their age and consented to the act. To the link below and join the fight!

    Thank you

  86. Hello my name is Charles Trent and I am a sex offender who is trying to fight my case. I was accuse or first degree child rape did I do it? No! did 11 years in Washington State DOC. I was pressure in taking a plea. there is no evidents or DNA I am still trying to fight it but all the attorney’s I talk to say it is to late. I need help I do not have money so if someone out there that hears my cry please help I am out of option.

  87. Thomas Gauthier

    I’m living this hell of a reality; 5.5 years in on a 4 year sentence. “Strict liability crime”: I couldn’t defend myself in court against the accusations. I was 20 and she was 15years 8months there was no other way to charge the crime. Oh well I guess social security and welfare have a + 1 with me for life.

  88. When a win is not a win, but more so a career win for lawyers. The justice system is a fucked up system. My best friend brother who is in deed a knuckle head is always in some sort of mess. He has never been into child sex of any sort, because he is not a pedophile. He is just dumb and lets be honest we all have that dumb family member couldn’t a hurt fly, but is always in a mess that leads to pill of garbage. In this case it landed him as a sex offender. Straight to the point my best friend brother who was busted hang out with big time drug dealers which happens to be family is bust under conspiracy charges by DEA (<you only get this charge if you don't talk to help build a case against their client). So that was his start as a criminal. Then he got in trouble for having troubles with his girlfriend which lead to domestic arrest, so i don't know what he was charge in that case if that was a case to begin with. These to case go on together as he is now trying get life together and see what is doing isn't worth the headache. The DEA is gets him on conspiracy and he serve 3 year.

    Now for the biggie. He gets out and is now realizing his dumb habits of getting caught in things that has nothing to do with him. I guess you can say the 3 yrs in jail has scared him straight. Now 3 month's he gets caught with a girl who claims to be of age with a fake I.D. that prove his story to the cops. This is where things gets funny for me because i don't know if it ture or not but the young girl claims rape. I this where the story falls apart for me, but he claims that everything was consensual. As she lies to her parent saying it was rape. Don't even know how he got busted with the young girl. But none the less he is being marked as a sex offender because he took a plea deal that didn't allow him to serve 9 yrs in jail on rape charges. He couldn't hire a lawyer and could only go with a public offender who served his case. This guy is now realizing what his plea deal in-tales. From finding a job, to family with kids, to housing, and the public label as sex offender.

    I don't know if he could re-open his case and have another moment in court but his life is gone and now has thoughts of suicide. I was told he felt it was better being dead than the crap he has to endure. Mean while the girl is serving community hour for her fraudulent behavior.

    The family would have help him with his legal services, but he's done so much dumb things that got him crap that they felt it wasnt worth spending their hard earnings on him. It's sad but that is his new bed and it is worst than prison he feel right now. Right now his sister her brother is looking for housing for him and a job because he is not allowed to used the computer.
    My best friend is engineer who is trying to save her mother's knuckle head son. He is not a sex not a sex offender.

  89. Florida makes it easy to become a sex offender my best says and makes harder for sex offender to find help. I get the reason because I myself and society don’t value the life of a sex offender. It can only get real when your innocent and you must live on the other side to avoid your dumb mistakes. O ‘well that’s life.

    My best friend ask me I could help him get a job where i work at , but i only said no because i don’t have time for hard head men and women. With that said said i didn’t want to work with anyone that has family ties. I’m already in that mess and looking to get out. Dont ever work, hire, or even partner with family and friend’s because it will be your life lesson.

  90. I’m in need of some help. I know someone that was charged with sexual assult and went to the supreme Court wroth his case and it was over turned. The victim admitted in court that she lied about it. Yet they are still treating him as one. Making him register as one and serve that sentence. This is not right nor fair to him and his family. I need help getting the state of Kansas to stop this. This doesn’t make any sense. Why should he be treated like one when he didn’t do it and why should he be serving the sentence that goes with it. I belive this is wrong and needs to be addressed quicky. Can someone help please

    • Emily – I am not an attorney, and cannot give you legal advice. But it looks to me like the only way you’re going to unravel this is through the courts; and to do that you will need an attorney. And unfortunately, that’s going to cost money; and yes, it’s a travesty.

  91. My stepson is being accused of molesting his own daughter but the weird part about that is that he did a year in prison before the accusations was brought up he was in prison for creditcard theft then brought back to the jail to face these charges me and my stepson never really got along I guess the stepdad-stepson thing but anyways I’m going to help him anyway I can to prove his innocence the woman that lied on my stepson died right before his prison release but then to top all that off he’s also being charged with molesting his ex – girlfriend kids which is bull seems funny all the accusations got brought up like a year while he was in prison he needs help we don’t have money to buy an attorney but he needs help and alot of prayers like I said don’t have money we both live off of disability and it sucks that people can lie manipulate and the whole nine yards

  92. Sex Offender Registries and Calls for Reform | Diane Rehms Show NPR | 7/8/15

    “Teenager’s Jailing Brings a Call to Fix Sex Offender Registries” – The New York Times 7/4/15

    SO Registration Archives – Collateral Consequences Resource Center 2015

  93. “Most” sexual offenses are not predatory? Who says? Where is the proof? Are they just ‘mistakes’ that happen.
    Being wrongfully convicted of child sexual abuse or sexual abuse is a miscarriage of justice w/o any question.

    For the guilty, ‘most’ predators do not get caught. Too often the victim(s) do not tell or do so years late(r). For the guilty of child sexual abuse, placing a sign up is the least of what they should have done to them.

    The nice man who just happened to prey upon a child, deserves the wrath of a society sick of their crimes.

    Let it be your child and then tell me what ‘most’ do or do not do.

  94. I had to know someone that is going through this.
    1. He is mentally handicapped
    2. He was the step father
    3. The mother was going through a custody case
    4. The child in questioning told the State that he did this and that to her. Later after all was done, she said you said I could go home again if he was gone. When he left and she was not returned she said when she was about threes older than when it began that she made it all up just so she could go home to her mother.
    5. He to this day lives under that umbrella, and we have no clue how to undo what was done to him.
    So yes the law needs to be looked at, and revamped.

  95. This is Bill shut if she’s old enough to say. You done it she should be given a lie detectetor test and put on the stand just as the acussed

  96. I was wrongfully convicted 25 years ago. To see how this negatively impacted the remainder of our lives read the “Odyssey of Toby Grated:

  97. Moral panic over sex offenses results in cruel and self-defeating over-punishment | Nathan Goetting | Collateral Consequences Resource Center Jan. 2015

    The drafting and enforcement of our criminal sexual conduct laws, particularly those targeting crimes against children, are driven by a powerful collective feeling of visceral revulsion. Our shared emotional response to these crimes has created self-defeating policies, unconstitutional laws, and cruel punishments. We aren’t reasoning toward justice and prevention. We’re raging toward vengeance—and are abandoning basic constitutional values in the process. We suffer from a problem as ancient as it is apparently incurable— how to prioritize enlightenment over prejudice and devise a system capable of fairly judging a small and intensely hated minority.

    Only in this instance the problem is especially acute because the rancor toward the minority group is especially virulent. Sex offenders are the safest and easiest people to hate. Politicians, a category that certainly includes judges, never lose by condemning them and never win by coming to their defense. To argue too forcefully even for core legal protections afforded in other types of criminal cases is, in many contexts, to risk ostracism and raise suspicion. For this reason, politicians routinely lapse into self-serving demagogy, often deploying morally charged and unhelpful metaphysical terms like “evil” as substitutes for scientific or clinical concepts that might inform and enlighten. Demonizing sex offenders has become a reliable and effective campaign strategy in judicial elections. To appear “soft” toward a sex offender is to draft a campaign ad for one’s next opponent.

    2014 was perhaps the best year yet for cynical judicial campaign ads showing how inflexibly punitive incumbent judges have been toward sex offenders. In my own state, Michigan, a television ad ran on behalf of two sitting state Supreme Court justices, Brian Zahra and David Viviano, entirely devoted to convincing viewers that the justices have “thrown the book at child predators” and that they will “keep affirming tough sentences.” Sex crimes represent a tiny fraction of that court’s docket, but the ad would have you think that Zahra and Viviano together composed the state’s only bulwark against an onslaught of slavering pedophiles.

    In “Disgust, Dehumanization, and the Courts’ Response to Sex Offender Legislation,” Alexandra Stupple argues that the fears such ads engender and exploit are radically out of proportion to the actual dangers we face. Friends and family members are far more likely to sexually abuse children than strangers are. Stranger child predator cases are actually quite rare, especially when measured against public perception, and recidivism rates are lower for these types of crimes than those for many other violent offenses.

    The popular image of the lurking child molester is largely a “myth . . . which serves to distort perceptions of everyday risks.” This isn’t to say that such attackers don’t exist or that they don’t inflict incalculable pain and anguish when they strike. But stranger sex crimes, including those against children, don’t occur with the kind of epidemic frequency one would expect given the hysterical laws and practices that have been created to combat them. Stoking panic this way helps judges and legislators get elected. Stupple explains the psychological underpinnings that have caused and continue to sustain the moral panic against child sex offenders.

    Just because politicians luxuriate in chest-thumping rhetoric against sex offenders doesn’t mean that they don’t take their own message seriously. Stupple argues that the “disgust” legislators and judges feel toward sex offenders has led to their dehumanization in our courts. This dehumanization has in turn resulted in a failure in the courts’ essential function of protecting the individual liberties of criminal defendants.

    The more despised the accused, the more vital it is to our constitutional scheme that courts protect him or her from any temptations legislators might feel toward circumventing their rights. The failure of the courts in this regard has resulted in the continuation of a host of inhumane and ineffective punishments.

    These include massive, over-inclusive sex offender registries, which do far more to stigmatize and shame offenders, many of whom pose only a minimal recidivism threat, than protect the public. In many instances, inclusion on the registry is simply an internet-friendly method of public branding, what puritan judges would’ve done to Hester Prynne had laptops been available.

    Judges have also imposed and upheld a vast array of behavioral and residency restrictions on released sex offenders. They’re applied broadly and on a massive scale, often in purely punitive ways that make assimilation back into society even more difficult.

    Perhaps most troubling, both ethically and constitutionally, is the rise of civil commitment laws that redirect inmates who have served their sentences into mental institutions. These laws often function as de facto sentence-extenders. They turn medical professionals into jailers and punish the same individual twice, and the second time indefinitely, for the same offense. Stupple doesn’t deny that there are a certain number of repeat-offending sexual psychopaths from whom society must be protected.

    Rather, she argues that the response to this threat has been hysterical, disproportionate, and emotional rather than rational and effective. It has inflicted the double harm of exacerbating old problems, such as mass ignorance, fear, and the reinforcement of stereotypes, while creating new ones, including a metastasizing system of widespread overpunishment. Our legislatures and courts have promoted myths, exaggerated bogeymen, and recklessly fanned the flames of thoughtless rage and panic.” …

    • excerpt: “For this reason, politicians routinely lapse into self-serving demagogy, often deploying morally charged and unhelpful metaphysical terms like “evil” as substitutes for scientific or clinical concepts that might inform and enlighten. Demonizing sex offenders has become a reliable and effective campaign strategy in judicial elections. To appear “soft” toward a sex offender is to draft a campaign ad for one’s next opponent.”

  98. How would a person go about clearing their name if they were “wrongfully convicted” after being out of prison for almost 5 years and currently still on parole for something they didn’t do????

  99. wrongfully convicted

    I believe myself wrongfully convicted. My story is becoming commonality these days, however. My case all started with a Craigslist ad seeking an adult, on their adults only personals page. I was not breaking any laws nor conspiring to do so. Yet, I was still contacted by an undercover detective posing as a 14 year old girl, sending me pictures (some became quite provocative) of an attractive adult woman seeking a sexual relationship. I never once sent a single lewd photo, nor ever went to meet this person. In fact I challenged their identity on numerous occasions, and even ended the conversation twice, the final time definitively, declaring them a no-gooder seeking to cause me harm. Yet I was arrested and charged with two felony counts of Internet Luring of a Child, one of which was with intent to exploit, which carried a maniacal indeterminate sentence, i.e. potentially life in prison. Ironically, it was I who was lured…

    I ended up taking a plea bargain of misdemeanor non-consensual contact, which I was counseled by my attorney to do. I was filled full of empty promises and falsehoods that the DA saw my case as completely innocuous, and my punishment would be light. The risk of going to trial was great and expensive, so I took the plea thinking I’d get 2 years of probation. Come sentencing, after it was too late, the DA bared her fangs, and painted me out to be a scourge on society (mind you I have no prior record in my 30+ years on this earth), and was ultimately sentenced to 5 years of intense supervision (the highest level available by probation) and sex offender treatment, where I will undergo “treatment” for a false and non-existent disorder.

    The law I broke states simply that I had to know or believe the person was under the age of 15 and there had to be a conversation about meeting. The intent to exploit falls on a believe that my intentions were to have sex with “her”.

    My whole problem with my case and “offense” is that I was never out looking for anything like this in the first place. I did my due diligence and was on a website that proclaimed itself for adults only, 18+. I should not have to live in fear of being tested by my government, simply for the sake of doing so, and then punish me if I fail.

    There are numerous dilemmas with the way this entire process is conducted. First, despite popular belief, mainstream mental health science shows that it is completely “natural and inherent for all ages of men to be sexually attracted to pubescent, fertile, nubile girls”; we evolved that way. This makes any man an easy target of these tactics. I was nothing more than tempted at any point. I’m not a super religious person, but I don’t mind using the Bible metaphorically; God did not kick Adam and Eve out of The Garden of Eden for mere temptation. I.e. I did not partake the forbidden fruit, nor even attempt to.

    Next, the ethical dilemma of their tactics boggles my mind in its acceptance. The mere act of playing devil’s advocate or agent provocateur is unethical, if not down right evil in a sense. They set the stage and manipulated me into making poor choices simply for the sake of punishing me. Again, as religion as a metaphor, nowhere in the Bible does God (playing the part of benevolence) trick his followers into sin so that he can punish them. He tests Abraham by commanding him to sacrifice his son, yes, but then stops him once he has proven his faith. He does not let Abraham go on with it. The devil on the other hand, convinces Eve to take a bite of the Forbidden Fruit knowing full well what punishment laid in store for her. I.e. the tactics used by LE are in all sense of the word, evil. Benevolent people steer others away from bad choices. Evil people steer them toward bad choices, and even more evil people do so with the intent to cause them further harm.

    The evil continues once realized that the fantasy person is considered a real “victim” in the court of law in order to justify the punishment dolled out to you. I am considered a victimizer of a person who not only doesn’t even exist, but voluntarily sought me out for sex. What is evil, and still mind boggling is that if what I did was so horrible, then what of the detective who, if this fantasy person is real for the purposes of court, put this innocent girl in a situation with the full intent of traumatizing her, hurting her just so he could hurt someone else. That is; what is worse? A man who was tempted by a large breasted, adult-looking female, or a man who forced her into a situation as mere bait, knowing she would be hurt, without care for her well being in order to hurt yet another person? The idea that they do it to protect anyone is a farce. The fishermen does not put a hook through the little fish in order to protect the little fish, he does it to catch the big fish without care for the little fish.

    Our nation is controlled by an evil presence. There is nothing benevolent about lying, tricking and manipulating people into committing crimes for the sole purpose of hurting them financially and emotionally. The only person hurt in all of this is me and me alone. I am being forced to pay fines, pay for expensive evaluations, treatment, monitoring software, landlines (simply to call in for curfew each night), take drug tests (I have no history of drug or alcohol abuse), etc and it will all cost me about $50,000 when it’s all said and done.

    Furthermore, the fanatical lunacy of the system shows no remorse what so ever for me. In treatment they spread an incredibly 3rd wave feminist view that men are all rapists and every choice I make is wrong. I had to bring my girlfriend in once to talk to the therapist, and he asked her if she was ever a victim of sexual assault. Never once have I been asked that by them. I simply don’t matter.

    I was forced to undergo an evaluation where it is mandatory for them to give false diagnosis. I asked the therapist and he said verbatim, “I cannot legally say there isn’t anything wrong with you”. They do this by legal mandate so that they can force you into treatment that you may not need for a non-existent disorder. They even tell you up front that their brand of treatment has “a bad reputation in mental health circles”. You’re not allowed to choose any therapist who isn’t trained and licensed by the state. IMO, it’s a human rights violation in every sense of the word to purposefully misdiagnosis someone in order to administer treatment upon them. A legitimate doctor doing the same would lose their license and go to prison. Not the government. No they are above the law. Above conscience.

    This whole system and justice system is the antithesis of benevolent, ethical and just.

  100. To Wrongfully Convicted: To get at the core of the “evil” when one studies our history, which in recent years has begun to unfold – the reality – never taught in our schools, then one will see, “the slaveholders and slaves”, who gained the real wealth of our nation, exploiting slavery and now “cheap labor” by incarcerating the non-violent, innocent and grabbing the middle class who cannot afford to defend themselves against a local, state and federal government with all the resources to destroy an individual. We, as a nation, are the “evil”, self-destructing America, “land of the free”.

    So how long will this continue, when “they” have all the power and resources as “they” battle among themselves for the “riches” and power grab, and the “ordinary people” mean nothing to them except as a commodity to be used for financial and political gain? A system they created for themselves and is entrenched in our laws and policies, and who gets elected.

    • This is serious and a crisis “they” did not want the public to understand or learn in school. Why do we see Governors favoring incarceration over education, as they allot hundreds of millions of $$$’s to the private prison corporations, while slashing high-education/university budgets? An uneducated society who follows like “lemmings” and doesn’t ask questions is what they need to maintain their cheap labor and power.

      Nothing brings $$$’s in faster than the Billions-of-$$$’s child sex crimes/child abuse industry”. Point the finger, inflammatory story to the media, “easy” conviction guaranteed! But unfortunately, it has destroyed the innocent, men, women, children and families and their future. It will have lasting, long term consequences for generations. It’s been unfolding before our eyes for decades and will replace the failed “war on drugs”, though “they” do not want that discussion or those “measures” and statistics done.

      Phil Locke has opened the lid on the Pandora’s Box, of shame and tragedies “they” do not want to discuss or solve.

      Who will step forward to end this “gravy train” that is well established? Ask your candidates for office bought and paid for by the prison lobbyists and special interests?

      • wrongfully convicted

        To Camille Tilley:

        Thank you for taking the time to comment to my post. Slave labor is alive and well in the corporate industrial penal system. Prisoners make a variety of goods at next to zero cost for corporations, e.g. Whole Foods’ prisoner farm raised fish and cheese, subsidized by the state and produced for nearly zero labor cost by prison slaves. Yes, I am fully aware of what’s going on around us. But who, indeed, is going to stand up to them? More and more I find myself considering just leaving the country. But how does one do that with an open sentence and the extradition treaties with the US? There is nowhere to hide anymore.

  101. correction: But unfortunately, it (this ‘evil” game) has destroyed hundreds of thousands of innocent lives of men, women, children and families, and their future – across America. A sad legacy which continues for our nation.

    Wake up, folks. it could happen to you or you are enabling and paying for this destruction, while those who created it are basking in their lucrative retirement/pensions or those who are are using this destruction to move on and up, in their political careers. Who has the blood of the war on the people, on their hands?

  102. In January of 2008, visiting my biological dad, his wife,talking to them in full view, and my 6 yr old step sister, Sam Cooper, whom I was holding in the crook of my right arm, with my other arm on my hip, I was accused of digital penetration on her. Last time I seen them before I spent 6 months I Dodge county jail in Fremont Ne. Sam was tested for penetration, at Fremont Area Medical Center, all test results come back negative of no penetration whatsoever. I was interrogated by a Detective Joyce Henke in January 2008. After being asked what happened and what I did countless times, I would tell her the truth that nothing happened. But being badgered and under pressure, which I cannot stand being under at all, I lied to Detective Joyce Henke and told her what she wanted to hear just to leave me alone. I went to jail for 6 months on a lie I told. I have been illegally forced to register as a sex offender for 7 years out of 15. The Dodge County Courthouse in Fremont Ne has no evidence or test results of any kind on record. My court appointed attorney was Leo J. Esky. He also failed to provide evidence in the court of law. When I asked him if he knew there was any evidence for me, he told me, word for word, and i quote, “I know there is evidence for you Mr. House, I just do not want to go get it.” End quote. How do I go about getting my evidence out of the hospital, and clear my record of illegally being forced to register for a crime I did not commit, for lying to a detective and telling them just what they wanted to hear?

  103. I am about to married a man who has spent 20 years in prison in the state of Michigan he was accused by a 14 year girl for having enter course he says he is not guilty but found guilty and said he took 2 photograph and past that they did not hold up in Court plus he said that it was a closed court in which no family or no one to entend but had jury he is 3 rd tier I just would like to know could he be possible telling me the truth and to all that he did not do it I just can’t understand how he spent 20 years in prison if he is not guilty plus he was on probation at that time for prior crimes robbery and other in whish he spent 10 yeasrs before the CSC charge and he said that the judge said that he should be put away for life because of his past and plus the CSC charge that he should not be in the world and that is why the jury found him guilty could this happen to be true please help me this well be my 5 th marriage and I am scared I can’t see my only granddaughter she is 8 because he mother found out about his charge his name is patrick Edward Dibble April 19 1956 birthday thanks Kim

  104. How do u fight a wrongful conviction

    • Jen,

      Please understand that I am not an attorney, and so cannot give you legal advice.

      To achieve any kind of post-conviction relief in a case of wrongful conviction, you will require an attorney. When people try to do it themselves, they invariably mess it up, and may destroy any chance for post conviction relief that may have existed. Don’t engage “just any” attorney. Make sure it’s one that has experience in achieving post-conviction relief, and is familiar with the ‘time’ and ‘procedural’ bars built into the law. In my experience, bad defense lawyers (incompetent, inexperienced, uninformed, etc.) are responsible for as many wrongful convictions as anything else; and the last thing you want is someone who will take your money, and then screw up the case – it happens. If you cannot afford an attorney, contact the innocence organization or state Public Defender’s Office for your area, but be aware that they cannot accept every case. Here is a link to the member organizations of the national Innocence Network:

      Be aware, also, that this is a long, arduous process with no guarantee of success. The justice system is set up so that once you’ve been convicted in a court of law, the deck is pretty much stacked against you. For the innocence organizations with which I am associated, the time from when we start investigating a case to when we achieve an exoneration (IF we do) averages 7 years. So be prepared for a long battle.

      One thing that some advocates for the wrongfully convicted do is to set up a web site pleading their case. I have no idea how effective these are or what they actually accomplish, but they may help build some public support – which, of course, means nothing in court. If you do choose to create a web site, my advice would be to avoid emotional arguments, and stick to the facts of the case. Many of these sites that I see contain little in the way of logically compelling, verifiable facts or information that would cause me to believe in their case. I am skeptical that a website does any good, but one thing this may do is to help you document and organize the facts of the case for presentation to an attorney – which, of course, you should do anyway.

  105. Very good advice. I attempted a post conviction appeal that failed. After it failed the attorney i hired informed me that she was an intern under the Judge that convicted me. If she would have told me that at the time I hired her I would have found a different attorney. At any rate I wrote a document and have a web site so perhaps other people can avoid the mistakes I made.

    • Toby, Your comment, once again, shows a pattern that is similar in many of our cases. Our daughter’s attorney was a “friend” of the prosecutors and the judge – found out on the eve of the trial – no backing out. So her defense attorney was like having another prosecutor in the courtroom. He should have been disbarred but continues to rake in the obscene, upfront, non-refundable legal fees. Once that’s paid it’s too late, as to find out the truth.

      • correction: Once that’s paid it’s too late, to find out the truth. They know it. It’s a “strategy” that’s been going on for decades, as the prisons fill up with their former “clients”.

  106. I know someone who was wrongfully sent to prison because of his ex wife hr wasn’t even their when the rape supposed to happen they wouldn’t let him witnesses that with him because of their background. So he done ten yrs . hes back in prison because they said he broke his probation without proof . his name is Charles R Hobson.. Hes in Lexington Oklahoma . I was molested when I was a child I can tell you who is a rapist or not im usually after hearing his story he was railroaded by the county of nowata ok. He has a lawyer now he was wrongfully sentenced he needs help . hes a kind person . he worked and help anyone he could i want to help but dont know how

  107. I have read this blog on wrongfully convicted sex offenders as I am going through a situation involving a tier 3 sex offender. My ex is seeing one and wanting to involve my 3 year old daughter. I took her to court last year and put a stop to it. They ended, or so I thought, and now involved with each other again and swears to his innocence and has since day 1. Even tho she only knew him for about a month. Everything I can see about conviction literally terrifies me to death about him being around my daughter. Especially playing a father role. If in fact he was wrongfully convicted of sexual assault with intent to penetrate on his mentally retarded 21 year old sister with a mental age of 13, how can it be proven that he was wrongfully convicted? What evidence would there be to support that? Because honestly, wrongfully convicted or not, there’s no way I will ever know the truth and as a father, I can not simply have blind faith at the expense of my daughter.

    • All it takes is an accusation. There doesn’t need to be any evidence. He may have taken a plea deal, so there didn’t need to be any evidence to ensure a conviction.

      I understand your hesitation, but your daughter could be abused by anyone that her mother dates, not just the guy who is on the registry. She could be abused by another family member, a teacher, coach, clergyman, etc..

      You can help protect your daughter by obtaining facts about sexual abuse and how to talk to your daughter about safe/unsafe touch. You can find information from Erin’s Law, Darkness to Light and even RAINN. This will help to let her know whay is appropriate and what isn’t. And talking to her all the time about sexual abuse (in an age appropriate way), will let her know that she can always talk to you.

      As far as the man who is dating your ex and is on the registry. He should have a safety plan in place. Even if he is innocent, he should have a safety plan in place to prevent another false allegations to occur. Talk to your ex and him. Find out what the safety plans are; you may be surprised to find that they have plans in place which will ensure that he is never alone with her.

    • Sorry, but it sadens me that people are so brainwashed by hysteria-driven propaganda that they actually believe that simply because a man is convicted of a sex offense he is automatically a danger to every boy and girl 0-18. Even if a man had sexual contact with a 14 year old girl, that doesn’t make him gay or a pedophile, let alone a baby/toddler rapist. That’s like saying a guy who is selling illegal raw milk is at risk of selling heroin. That kind of absurdidty is tountamount to how irrational society has become.

  108. A moral panic, campaign cycle and the Mondale Act spawning the child molest billions of $$$’s industry (sick and disturbing in itself) destroying innocent of those falsely accused. Read the history in this new book:

    “WE BELIEVE THE CHILDREN: A MORAL PANIC IN THE 1980’s” by Richard Beck 8/2015

    “A brilliant, disturbing portrait of the dawn of the culture wars, when America started to tear itself apart with doubts, wild allegations, and an unfounded fear for the safety of children.

    During the 1980s in California, New Jersey, New York, Michigan, Massachusetts, Florida, Tennessee, Texas, Ohio, and elsewhere, day care workers were arrested, charged, tried, and convicted of committing horrible sexual crimes against the children they cared for. These crimes, social workers and prosecutors said, had gone undetected for years, and they consisted of a brutality and sadism that defied all imagining. The dangers of babysitting services and day care centers became a national news media fixation. Of the many hundreds of people who were investigated in connection with day care and ritual abuse cases around the country, some 190 were formally charged with crimes, leading to more than 80 convictions.

    It would take years for people to realize what the defendants had said all along—that these prosecutions were the product of a decade-long outbreak of collective hysteria on par with the Salem witch trials. Social workers and detectives employed coercive interviewing techniques that led children to tell them what they wanted to hear. Local and national journalists fanned the flames by promoting the stories’ salacious aspects, while aggressive prosecutors sought to make their careers by unearthing an unspeakable evil where parents feared it most.

    Using extensive archival research and drawing on dozens of interviews conducted with the hysteria’s major figures, n+1 editor Richard Beck shows how a group of legislators, doctors, lawyers, and parents—most working with the best of intentions—set the stage for a cultural disaster. The climate of fear that surrounded these cases influenced a whole series of arguments about women, children, and sex. It also drove a right-wing cultural resurgence that, in many respects, continues to this day.”

  109. I so after the laws regarding sex offenders need to be seriously changed. For now the law is doing nothing more than leaving more victims and this includes the offender and victim both. The punishment does very much need to fit the crime. Yes, I believe sex offenders needs to be taken seriously. But we do have different forms of them. To the mild to severe. I’ve heard that if a man is caught peeing in the bushes he can be charged as a sex offender. That’s too harsh. And you have those who get the internet sting. They never see or touch the other person. Or have any physical contact. And these one’s caught up in an internet sting, how do you know if the other person is even being truthful. It’s dangerous and dumb I’d admit. But these two examples are not close to the devastation of rape, molesting and underage pornography. The punishment should fit the crime. And the less harmful offences even yes the worst one’s have their right to be heard. And the less offensive crimes should do as not an intense punishment, each person needs to work for their rehabilitation I agree. But I do think some of them are not monsters. And these guys deserve to redeem themselves. I’m a victim of child sexually abused nearly my whole childhood. And I can recognise a sick-o pretty fast. And I know when a person is wrongfully accused. It breaks my heart. I know a man now that lives in my town. Best man ever. He had to put up with mental and physical abuse from his ex wife who was a severe drug user. He was stabbed over her demanding money. He even took care of the kids and one wasn’t even his while she splurged on her drug binges. He had to take care of the kids and seldom left home. And nobody to talk to or help. And so he began looking for site’s on internet for release from his troubles. From internet friends to dating sites to yes sex sites. And he came across a person claiming to be only 14 and he couldn’t believe it since he’s a father himself and went along with them just to see how far this internet person would take it. He was asked to meet them and do physical things to them but he replied it was wrong and they could never meet or ever even talk over phone. But his life has been torn apart. While his cheating, drug addicted ex wife hasn’t paid any consequences she also told lies. Basic he said she said. But if you look at the situation he was a caring father and husband while she wasn’t caring for her kids and stealing and being violent to the point of stabbing just to get money for drugs. And he shows remorse and wants to be able to move on with his child. The one he actually fathered. He lost the other child through Dhs completely mainly cas he not the father. But he loved that child as his own and from birth to day he was taken. That would hurt me too. Yet the mother didn’t even try to correct anything and gave up here rights to her own kids with no fight. But kept stealing from the very home the ex husband supplied for his family. Anybody can clearly see were her priorities were at. And yet it seemed the man is the monster the nobody. While he is fighting back his charges from being charged a sex offender and i think it’s a mild case if it did hold. But he still wants his child. He going to counseling for both the sex offender issue and the violent bestowed upon him and additional counseling. And he never had a drug or alcohol problem and never was a cheater. He is done so wrong and it makes me hate the law. I love this man.And again I’m a victim of child abuse this is coming from a victims point of view. And that should count for a lot. And also can I receive any ideas or what I can do to help this man. Plead help and thank for your time. Replied are greatly appreciated

    • wrongfully convicted

      Ellen, this is pretty much the same scenario I was caught up in. I was on an adult 18+ personals site when I was contacted by someone claiming to be 14 as well, but sending me photos of an adult woman. She wanted to meet, I never did, and also ended the conversation telling the person I knew they were a fake, and believed they had nothing but malevolent intentions of harming me in some way. That didn’t matter. It turned out the person contacting me was an undercover detective. I was charaged with 2 counts of felony Internet luring of a child – ironically, it wasn’t I who was doing the luring, but them. I faced a maniacal indeterminate sentence (no set sentence which often ends up with life in prison), intimidation, lies piled up on lies…I ended up taking a plea bargain misdemeanor non-consensual contact, even though I never touched anyone. I though taking a misdemeanor would have been easier because it’s a lighter charge, but I was still hit with the maximum 5 years of probation, intense supervision, monitoring of everything I do (I’m actually not supposed to be on this site, but I have a 1st Amendment and I’ll be damned if I give that up), intense sex offender treatment, polygraphs, etc. I can’t go or do anything me and my girlfriend want anymore. She’s probably more affected than me. It’s an absolute atrocity what law enforcement is doing to create criminals these days. Don’t be fooled by anyone saying they’re doing it to protect children, because it’s all about the MONEY. *See my post above* I’ll be forcefully pumping about $60,000 into the economy over the next 5 years. Currently, I’m spending $1000/mo on monitoring software, treatment, fines (including paying for my PO), additional land line phones to call in for curfew daily, UA’s, etc. When polygraphs come up that total is $1250 for that month. The financial burden alone is absurd!

  110. My fiance and I were wrongfully accused of downloading CP on our home desktop. Of course, even though it was equally both of our computers, he was the only one they really went after. Fast forward to a year after the indictment and he was just sentenced yesterday to 36 months in prison. There was ZERO proof, no email address, no credit card payment…. just a few files ambiguously downloaded from a P2P program. We even had verifications that he wasn’t home for at least 2 of the download times. He passed a polygraph test. We even believe we know who did the downloading. None of it mattered, and now we are on a journey that will very much affect the rest of our lives.

    Believe it or not, the 36 months is a “good” sentence compared to most people I’ve talked with. I am now in contact with several family members of loved one who got 25+ years for have the material on their computer. Is viewing underage pornography wrong? ABSOLUTELY! !!!!!!!!!!!!
    It should be handled swiftly and appropriately. But there is NO psychological evaluation or interview until AFTER the sentencing to determine actual threat level, and how does that make sense?

  111. This hits extremely close to home for me. I fell in love with my boyfriend in 2011. I had just turned 21 and he was 22. Shortly after we began dating, he was arrested by homeland security at his job. They arrested him 3 years after they had raided his mothers home(back in 2009). The FBI raided his mothers home for a series of 3-4 images that were downloaded from the IP address. The federal prosecutor did not want to proceed with the charges of downloading and importing, he felt my boyfriend was too young for the charges, and gave the case to the state of Connecticut. The state took the case and we had no money for a lawyer. My boyfriend ended up serving 1 year jail time when he was 25 years old. The case was extremely dragged out, and we put our all into fighting for justice. My boyfriend had never harmed anyone, and never had anything even sex related on his computer after being charged for the 3 images. Jail was easy compared to the reality of what came after, registering as a sex offender. Here we are 25-26 years old, wanting to have a life together, start a career, have a family, but can not use the Internet, can not go to the mall, go see a movie, hike up a mountain, enjoy an amusement park, go to the town fair, or farmers market, basically anything or anywhere where children could be…we probably aren’t allowed to be. And this isn’t just for a few months, it’s unfortunately 9 years!!!! I understand the severity of rape, touching, molesting, and obtaining child pornography of young children against their will being victimized and assaulted, those crimes in my opinion deserve harsh sentences because it is the killing of ones innocence, but to have anyone and their families have to go through this amount of pain and seclusion from normalcy for having 3-4 images of a girl who “may have been” in question 11-13 when you are barely 19 years old seems extremely unjust.

    • Couldn’t agree more.

    • The truth is that the vast majority of “child pornography” is being voluntarily produced by unattended children. If it’s going to be illegal for an adult of any age to view under the pretense of victimizaion, then the parents of these children need equal or worse punishment for the percieved endangerment of the child.

  112. Wrongfully Convicted

    I want to bring a lawsuit against the detective who lured me in using a fake identity. Can anyone point me in the right direction or give me advice? If you look back through my posts, you will see a full description of my “offense”. In short, I was lured on an adult personals site by an undercover LEO sending me pictures of an adult woman, claiming to be 14 and seeking sex. I never went to meet anyone, but since a conversation existed, I was still charged and ultimately convicted of victimizing a fantasy person.

    It’s my belief that if the girl is legally considered real for the purposes of convicting me, then she must also be real for the purposes of the LEO forcefully and intentionally exploiting her and intentionally endangering her well being in the process. The “girl” is now “traumatized” and would not have been had he not intentionally put her in that position with the full knowledge of the consequences.

    In human trafficking scenarios, it’s not just the John that gets fined, it’s also the Pimp. The same must be true in this case.

  113. Make sure if you are on the registry you cross your tees and dot your i’s. My husband recently was arrested after the swat team surrounded our home and took him away. Reason was he neglected to register his Facebook account. Class 3 felony. 4 days in jail, five thousand dollars bail. Now waiting for court hearing. $4500 for an attorney. Happened twenty years ago and was falsely accused by step daughter who has admitted that he never touched her. What a society we live in.

    • Wrongfully Convicted

      That’s not surprising. It’s the same with false rape allegations. Once convicted, you’re stuck in the system, even when the person admits they lied. The false acusers are often times exhalted as heros and elevated even after the truth comes out. We live in a sick man hating society. When a certain group of people become less than everyone else, bigotry knows no bounds.

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  115. I know someone who was convicted of second degree rape and ILWM, , he was forced into taking a plea to these charges even though he had a paid defence attorney beside him that spoke a total of 172 words throughout the entire bench trial and not one of those words were used to defend his client. He served 4 1/2 yrs and is on satellite monitoring for life. After finally receiving his case file he found every witness interviewed by the state would have proven to be in his favor if used in court, a negative DNA test for semen, witness statements completely different from the alleged victim buy for some unknown reason the defense attorney choose to sit on his fanny and present absolutely nothing. The judge that was to hear the case from the beginning recused herself from doing so but them turns around and denied his MAR and she is blocking his direct appeal from ever being seen by the higher courts. Still no one thinks the attorney did any thing wrong or the judge who by her own act was recused from his case. He can’t get help through the innocent project because even though he didn’t know about theDNA test for semen his so called attorney did so they won’t help. Where do you go when you have evidence to back up your story but no one wants to help?

  116. Douglas Thurber

    A paperwork mistake in DOJ resulted in me being forcefully registered, while in prison no less, as a sex offender, putting my life in grave danger. I fought with the administration for years, claiming that they were wrong, I have never had to register, oh, I should say at this point that they claimed that I have had to do this registration thing since 1987, this fight and the danger and fear of discovery went on for years. I was in constant fear of discovery, and when someone found out I was required to pay $ to stay alive. This went on for almost 4years, upon my release the night mare got worse.
    After release I was told, you can live here, very pricey dump will others of my type, or under that bridge, my only options, I chose the sex offender riddled house. At this time I shared with my parole officer my dilemma, the saving angel that she was, calls DOJ (DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE) and the possibility of an end is in sight.
    DOJ admits a mistake, I get to cut off the monitor and move.
    While I was in prison, hit squads regularly went around cleaning up the yard, this means killing of maiming sex offenders. Since I’ve been out one guy at the sex offender house was rundown and killed, the house was shot up, act’s of violence all around me for years.
    To my question, I’m off the state registry, but I’ve found myself on private sites, and what should I do about this, I have lived in fear for my life for years, and now I’m afraid my life is ruined.

  117. My soon to be husband had a juvenile case and now he is 36 and got caught down loading pictures and now he might be in prison for awhile dont now what to expect i hear 2nd ofinder alot but thats not the case this all happened before we got together can you give me some kind of help in mn

  118. Just curious what the Florida laws (as of 2015) are on exchanging “obscene” material through text message?
    Someone I know (won’t mention names) started talking to this girl through a “dating app” and he traded obscene pictures with her through text message using his actual phone number. He got a call from her dad at one point, where he was told by the father that his wife had said something to an attorney and that he talked to an attorney but he didn’t mention charges to my friend. He said he would forget about it if he never spoke to the mans daughter again. The girl was 16 and my friend is 19 but the girl advertised as 18 on the site and he said she looked like she could be 18 so he never asked.
    I am wondering if the father can actually just drop that situation entirely and forget about it. The guy scared my friend by saying it’s a class C felony.

  119. In 1991 my current Husband did a plea deal to avoid going to Jail (which is what he was promised) He was 19 had a motorcycle and enjoying life. Megan’s Law was not around then. Now 24 years, 2 marriages and 4 kids later, he still has to register. And because of where we live and the conviction being out of state, he has to register for a lifetime. He has missed graduations and sports events of his own children.
    If you were convicted before Megan’s Law then you should not have to register. Especially if you are not a repeat offender. Just because you are out of state shouldnt make you have to register for a lifetime either.

  120. Hi my name is sharon kline and i feel i was juged wrong i am didabled adout i want to get this of my name i not afend agien like topeka people said i. Would do. I was charged in 2003 ×e

  121. my son is 23 and now was charged with with sexual battery put in jail for 15 days false police report and let go so what do we do now he is a an emotional wreck they had an in jaill with all these murderous child killer volusia county branch jail help

  122. Great article. I did a blog about a guy, Jeff Duffett, who was wrongfully accused of molesting his ex girlfriends daughter after he decided he didn’t want to marry her. He was convicted and got 60 years to life despite the victim saying she wasn’t sure what she was saying was true. “It might have been a dream.”

  123. I am women that is dating a sex offender. He got wrongfully accused in 2009 because he kissed and spanked her in 2008. She was a freshman in high school and he was a senior in high school, he never saw her naked and he never wanted to have sex with her either. He was homeless so he stayed with them, but she already moved on and she was dating other guys. She texted me that her mom made her turn him in and if you want proof then we can show you the texts after we get them and she said it on August 18, 2015 and that was this year. It is against the law to say my mom made me turn him in for kissing and spanking her, so she is in the fault. We are trying to save money, so we can get a lawyer and take her to court to prove that she wrongfully accused him and we got the texts to prove it. Have fun.

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  125. I was convicted as a juvenile, served my time, and was granted 3 years early release on my sex offender registry. Reason why my attorney argued I was a 16 and have not reoffended nor have committed another crime,period. Although some cop lied about my last known address, and now I can’t rent because I now have an ADULT CRIMINAL FALURE TO REGISTER AS A SEX OFFENDER. Is a felony. I was granted my name to continue to raise my childern and provide a better and productive living. Now I have to come up with 2500$ to pay for my name all o er again. Please help.

    • Juan del Pueblo

      Please help me give me your advise I dont sleep well thinking whats gonna happen I’m 28 awaiting federal trial since september 2015 for possesion and transportation of child pornography I use to have a thing for teenagers 13 trough 19 and I got caugh with a lot of videos the first offer they gave me if I plea guilty is 10 years in a federal prision my lawyer is gonna try that they give me 5 😥 is there a way to get deffered adjudication or probation since this is my first crime in my life

  126. My son has been accused of rape , not even at paleminary and they are putting in the paper and news stations, never been in trouble and bond was 50,000. And it listed his town, which if you looked up can find his address. Can they publish this? Can you really not do anything to the one who falsely accuse if proven innocent? Oklahoma

  127. They do it all the time. My sttreet was listed and my husband is innocent.

  128. I am a wrongly convicted sex offender and I’m trying to start a re investigation into my case.. I have no idea where to start I’m 19 years old and just feel awful… I’m terrified of day to day life.. I feel as though life is over for me and just want my life back…. please put me in the right direction….

  129. My friend is having the same issue and has been denied court appointed lawyer even though he cant pay for one. he will be sent to prison and he IS INNOCENT. where can we turn!

  130. I was never convicted of a sex crime, nor ever owned a gun, but was told, wrongly, that I had to register. I was in prison at the time for criminal threats, which made this a very long stay indeed, oh there were gun allegations also, so to anyone looking I was a gun toting sexual deviate.
    Years of trying to prove that they were mistaken, I’m talking once a week for almost five years of my sentence, got me nowhere.
    After my release I had to face the parole guidelines for a gun toting sexual deviate, but at least my parole officer found my paperwork and plea possible and started a DOJ investigation. 30 days later I had accomplished what could not be done in years inside, the DOJ paperwork snafu was straightened out, no more polygraph tests, or any of the other humiliating things your put through, I was free at last, HA, the fear of discovery that I have lived with will never go away. I have seen people killed for just the allegation of being what they wrongly called me, my life feels like it’s over, all for a paperwork mistake from the gate keepers at the Department of Justice.

  131. In 1992 I was convicted of a sex crime I did not do. I demanded a trail and was convicted despite a lack any real evidence- just an accusation. It is well documented that I am not alone, so this begs a question–What is gained by making felons out of those who are not? Who benefits? Someone must or it would not happen. After ward congress passed the Whetterling Act committing me to a life time obligation to register as an SO completely without the opportunity to defend myself. As per the studies done on the SORS are mostly ineffective at reducing recidivism. So this begs more questions. Why implement an ineffective regulatory regime? Who benefits? Why indenture individuals to the maintenance of a database that will have little or no effect on promoting public safety. IMHO the reason is clear POLITICAL SECURITY. It is not so important for the political class to actually provide security for the law abiding but it is important to provide the appearance of security

  132. I was GIVING a sex case in Tx, i got my case case they say i didnt stop the crime. When getting out you hv to take the sex class, i was showed the victims statement and she wrote 4 lines stating i never touched her. I would like to know if i been telling them from start i never did this she said i never this its no dna on me why im i a sex a fender and cant get no help if i dont hv a lot of money. Can you tell me or someone i can talk wit to help me wit this problem im tired im tired.

  133. There is NO justice in the justice system.. a girl lied to her boyfriend about her age.. he leaves her.. she says come back or I will destroy your life.. next thing u know he’s being arrested for sexual misconduct.. has a horrible lawyer.. it’s a misdemeanor yet he’s a sex offender for life.. btw the young man is intellectually disabled. WHERE IS THE JUSTICE..

  134. In 2011, Assistant State Attorney Erin Daly in Hernando County, Florida misled the judge when she asked for an arrest warrant, stating that she had truthful testimony and probable cause to charge Martin Peterson. All she had was the self-contradictory, inconsistent, false testimony of a rebellious teenager who was mad because her step-father took away her cell phone and laptop when she refused to do her chores. Sadly, Martin’s then-wife was having an affair and backed her daughter (or put her up to it) in order to get out of the marriage without having to admit any wrongdoing. No DNA, no corroboration, no eye witnesses. And, when you watch the videos of the teen’s police interviews, she keeps changing her story and it’s obvious that she’s making it up as she goes along. During the trial in 2012, in an attempt to create sympathy for her witnesses and add credibility to their false testimony, this same prosecutor changed the sequence of events, fabricated corroboration, omitted medical evidence that proved the daughter was lying, introduced facts not in evidence, testified for her witnesses, added her own opinion/bias throughout, and told the jury 8 times that if they believed the accuser, then the Defendant is guilty. Mr. Peterson did not testify, was convicted, and is now serving a death sentence of life in prison without parole. To add insult to injury, I discovered 9 months ago that the jury Foreperson (who ASA Daly did not strike, even though the juror indicated during questioning that she was “for” the Defense) lied to EVERY question asked of her at the Voir Dire. She conveniently omitted the fact that her father is a convicted sex offender, her step father and mother are career law enforcement, her mother has been a case worker for the DCF and Children’s Home Society, her grandparents have fostered and adopted over 600 children, and her daughter is friends with the accuser. I presented this evidence in July 2015 to Judge Daniel Merritt, Jr., ASA Daly, and Clerk of Court Don Barbee (who charged Mr. Peterson while in the State Attorney’s office and who then selected the potential juror in his capacity as Clerk) but nothing has been done. One has to wonder why this juror would commit a felony in order to get on the jury. Was it to enforce her own version of vigilante justice? Or, was she placed on the jury in order to ensure a “win” for the State? And, why does it appear that the judge, prosecutor and Clerk are protecting her? Regardless, the law is clear that Mr. Peterson’s Constitutional rights were violated and a new trial is warranted. However, once again, it appears that we – the people – are not afforded the same civil liberties as those who have sworn to uphold the Constitution, and I want to know WHY!

  135. My husband is a sex offender with multiple counts of rape 2nd and then a sodomy and a sexual abuse. Why? Because he was that cute guy in high school. It’s all stupid. The sexual abuse charge he actually completely was wrongfully convicted of because in our state you have to be at least 19 to be charged with it. He was 18 when all this happened and he didn’t even turn 19 until he was already sitting in jail for 4 or 5 months. He got denied youthful offender status also when everything was consensual but this other guy I know was convicted of raping his little sister (I think he was also wrongfully convicted) but he got his YO status and it was rape 1. We live in Alabama by the way. Everyone is very crooked here except for a few. Actually we even talked to an officer in a different county (my husband had to report to him for work) and the guy said “you actually got convicted?? That’s not supposed to happen. If all this had happened here they would have dropped the charges on you and just told you not to do it again.” My husband served 13 months in county jail because he took the plea bargain or it would have been 15 years in prison. His family didn’t have the money for a lawyer so he was appointed a shitty one that isn’t even a criminal defense attorney but a divorce and tax attorney?? The guy doesn’t even look like a lawyer. He looks like a hobo and isn’t even decent enough to come in in a clean suit. Doesn’t care to shave his face or even keep his beard neatly trimmed with his hair flying all over the place like it hasn’t been washed in a decade and smells like old beer. That’s who represented him. And even when they told the judge “you can’t charge him with sexual abuse. He’s only 18. The law says you have to be 19.” The judge said “18, 19, what’s the difference?” (The sexual abuse thing is what started all of it to begin with. The girl wrote in her diary about something that happened at a party while they were both intoxicated and her mom found it and reported it. Not only did she write about that but about other girls he had been with that were just a little too young for him. But the girl actually lied about it saying it was forceful because he wouldn’t date her so she made up that he forcefully did it and has even admitted to her friends it was a lie and cried her eyes out to my husbands father about it) anyways so yea not only was everything he did while he was in high school and with other girls in high school, it was all consensual and even the other girls tried to tell them it was consensual and their parents were ok with it. And then the judge took the law in his own hands and convicted him of something he didn’t even qualify for because he wasn’t 19. I do believe my husband has histrionic personality disorder and that’s why he was such a “player” but he actually did care about the people he had charges for its not like he was just out to have sex with everyone. Nonetheless whether he was or wasn’t he shouldn’t be labeled a sex offender and never be able to go to any of his sons’ school events or parks or parties. I’m extremely mad at the justice system for taking that away from him and labeling his crimes as violent felonies when they weren’t. There’s actually people around us that think he is a child molester because of the notice they get in the mail and it just infuriates me. While he’s still young it’s easy to be like ok I understand your situation but as he gets older I’m scared of ignorant people judging him or even attacking him just because they don’t know even the beginning of it. I just wish people could realize how corrupt the justice system is and stop classifying everyone who has some sort of sex crime as a predator. It’s just getting ridiculous.

  136. Hello I stumbled across this page which is odd as im a victim of rape. I totally understand and think its come to a very sad world that anyone would ever lie about such an awful crime. Why would any one want to admit to anyone that their where raped its so hard when your a victim to even report it. Its disgusting anyone has ever lied. I disagree with many comments its actually very hard to get some one convicted of rape. I also believe sentencing should be pu up more years not bought down. It happened almost two years ago whilst i was actually asleep at a person i knews house his girl friend was asleep next door I work up and id been attacked no clothes on and he was raping me. I tried to shout I couldnt he scared me threatened me and stopped when he realized id scream. I have not slept more then 2 hours at a time since. I moved away from everyone i knew as he was following me and police didnt do alot. Its still being investigated now even thou they had closed the case NO conviction. Im now affected for the rest of my life. I already had not had a partner for years and now i dont see how i can for maybe even years down the line because of trusting people after what happened. Im celibate due to how disgusted it made me feel. I see a comment back up and it says about murderes getting less time. Well i think rapists should get at least the same as a murderer if not more. Sometimes life may have been easier if id been put in a ditch the night i was raped. The stigma you get why did you put your self in a dangerous situation??This is seriously how messed up this world is the victim gets blamed what a disgrace.I had gone to someone i knows house how is that dangerous. Surely people should think how awful someone would do this to someone Anyone who can do this harm to another person should be in prison for life. Ive got a life sentence why should they get out have a normal life the opportunity to ruin another persons life. Id had early stages of cervical cancer and that happened not long after id had operations. The last thing any one needs at any point. This distress of police finding it hard to get enough evidence with him following me around my home town was too much. Why would anyone minimize this crime and to even say lesser sentences im sorry is truly disgusting.I do understand that to be wrongly accused must feel terrible and its an absolute awful and also women or men who do that should also be sentenced not as long as a true rapist thou. Because its not as damaging as being raped. But rapists should no get less time and it should be easier to prove too many are walking the streets the streets are not safe anymore. Any person who is or has sexually assaulted anyone should be put in prison for the safety of all. I disagree hugely with any false accusations and hate the people who did it as now if it happened it is harder to prove. you guys could all have more to worry about you could have been raped or murdered think ur selves lucky I say not minimising whats happened as it is awful but at least you was not me.

    • I’m sorry for what happened to you. Have you sought counseling? I know others who have been either raped or molested, and have been able to heal. It does take time to trust people, but they do move on.

      I have personally seen where only an accusation, and nothing more was enough to get the person arrested and convicted. For whatever reason, the District Attorney felt like there wasn’t enough to ensure a conviction. That does hurt, but it would hurt a lot more if you found out that someone you knew and believed was innocent was convicted on nothing more than an accusation.

      The victims of sexual abuse found a lot of healing even they learned to forgive and let go of the anger and pain. They never had to speak with the person who hurt then, this was something they did for themselves, NOT for the other party. I pray you too will find healing.

  137. Glad I found this today.

    My dad was a sheriff at a prison. And today he had his sentencing date to start his 14 year prison sentence. We were lucky enough to go up where he is at the beginning of the month so he could meet his first and only grandchild.
    My dad will be put away with sex offenders for at least ten years and I can’t fathom it. He lost his job, his wife divorced him, and all because the judge wants to make an example of my dad since he worked in law enforcement.

    What did my dad do? He was tracking sex offenders on his own time and had the evidence on his computer. He had lists of ISP (computer identification numbers) written down as he was making headway on tracking them. Of course, my dad was caught, they surrounded his home, and arrested him last April.
    He and his wife and put up motion detecting cameras in their home, some of the footage showed his teen stepdaughter undressing/dancing and it was used against him.
    He couldn’t afford a lawyer, as each asked for $25k down, so he had to opt for the public defender who did nothing for him but lessen his sentence from 25 to 14 years.

    My dad told us of a teacher not that long ago looking up information of the subject of child pornography for something to do with a school essay and because she had certain things on her computer, she was also sentenced to ten years, lost her teaching license, and will have to register as a SO.

    My dad is a GREAT guy. He loved his wife and her kids. He has this grand baby who needs him in her life more than just a visit here and there.
    But because the judge wanted to make an example of him, they didn’t let him explain his side and why he had any of the evidence found on his computer. The judge said it doesn’t matter why you had it, only that you had it.

    Thank you, judge & public defender for your unfair call on a man that was only trying to do right by society. Had he known that most of everyone would turn on him, that even his own brother (who is state patrol) would cut ties, he would’ve never even cared to find them.

    As a lesson, if you’re reading this, please don’t even look up anything regarding child pornography even if it’s for good reasons. Just leave it to the pros.

  138. So, are there any statistics regarding charges brought against those who wrongfully accused or mislead the “perpetrator”? My husband’s ” crime” occurred when he was 27. His roommate had been involved with a girl. She dressed and acted like she was older, and she was also purchasing cigarettes with a “valid” ID showing her to be 18yrs or older. The girl and the roommate had a fight and broke up. Soon after, she and my husband became involved(this was years before we met). Shortly thereafter, my husband was arrested for having sexual relation with a minor. A minor, whom was a fifteen year old runaway in possession of a false ID. To top it off, her ex-boyfriend was not charged although she had been with him first and moved in with him as a couple into my husband’s apartment. Or, there is another case I know of where a police officer’s life was ruined by a girl posing as older. Again, the girl looked and acted older. She was in possession of an ID showing her to be 21 yrs or older. They had been dating awhile and he took her to the local police department picnic. Imagine the young officer’s shock when a fellow officer recognized the girl to be one of his daughter’s 16 year old friends!! So, while men (and women) get to spend their lives with that big red “Predator” label, no one rarely cares to hear how many of the poor “victims” are actually the ones doing the victimizing. When are these little girls (and boys) who want to play grown-up going to face the consequences of their actions and the individual’s and families’ lives they have broken? Once one is labeled, wrongly or not, it is hell…. I read the account of the gentleman wrongly accused, his telling of having no course but to admit to the crime in order to have any hope of release and meeting parole requirements. My husband endured the same hell. The “monsters” are also required to list all their “victims”. Anyone they have ever had sexual contact with, looked at, kissed, hugged…. Yes, I could be considered as one of my husband’s ” victims”. The rehabilitation counseling? A joke!!!! The individuals are told they are monsters, worthless pieces of sh&%, and deserving of all sorts of horrendous treatment. I tell you, the counselors? They are often more perverted and abhorent than the individuals they are supposed to be “rehabbing”. Another thing, not often reported is that many repeat offenders are as such because they are easy targets, or scapegoats if you will. I met my husband shortly after he was released on parole for his ” second offense”. He was charged and convicted of false imprisonment. Although he’d been seen in the company of the accuser and admitted to have been alone with her for a brief time behind a partially closed door in a hotel, there was nothing to prove he was involved in the supposed attack a short time later. However, since he had a prior conviction and didn’t have the funds for an investigation or an attorney other than a public defender, he was advised to plea guilty and hope for the minimum sentence. If he chose to fight it and the case went to trial and he was convicted, he faced life in prison. Not much of a choice, is there? My husband is not a saint..none of us are. He is also not the monster the sexual predator label implies. However, we get to live with that hateful label daily….people judging based on the label rather than caring enough to hear the whole story. Ironically, given how the system defines the “monsters”, how many of us should be wearing that label? Me? You? The lawman? The lawmakers? We are human, many of us have had our indiscretions and seasons of poor judgement and bad choices. How I’d love to dig into the closets of those who proclaim to be working to keep us safe from the boogeyman!

  139. I was arrested for statutory rape.i wasnt totaly guilty an was told i didnt have to be on meagans law but had to do a lil jailtime.i cluldnt afford a lawyer and the public defender didnt want to take it yo court so i was told to take a plea bargain. I was on parole and got sent back to jail for a parole violation.. In the meantime laws changed and to get out of jail I had to register for meagans law evin tho it wasnt part of the plea bargain witch I accepted because i didnt have to register is there anything i can do to not have to register?

  140. My husband has been wrongfully accused of child molestation by fondoling and touching by my neice. He is 20 years old the case was started on saturday at 1:30 am im 18 we have been in a relationship for 4 years and married for one. This man is the love of my life . He has never even had a prior arrest and there is no evidence but hersay! He has been in jail since saturday morning labled as a child molester with a bond of 100,000 dollars.
    I was the only person awake there when this supposedly occured and wasnt even qiestioned on the matter the police report starts at the hospital after the cops allowed my mother to take her to the hospital (with no immidiate injures) by herself in her vehical befor the ambulance arrived. There is no mention or interview of the 4 other people in the house hold that night. Or any of the 4 -5 hours between the inital incident and the inquiry at the hospital.

  141. This false as I was in the court room

    • So was I. This is all lies. Nothing being said about the trial is True. Mary didn’t get 94,000. She did get 6 thousand. The other life insurance policy went to the estate. It was all done under the clerk of courts supervision. Mike doesn’t know what he is talking about. 12 jurors found him quilty

  142. Just out of curiosity where does Mary’s son even come in to this

  143. Stephen stewart

    I have lived this life for 15 years now. It’s exactly as you describe above. I have never ever crossed the line in even thinking of touching a minor. Much less anything else. Hearsay ruled my case no matter what. I feel the judge, lawyers, and entire court were bought out. Being falsely accused took my sanity. My mind is what I miss most.

  144. Sharon Orem Provencher

    MY 25 year old son is having to take a plea to get his Felony charges reduced to a misdemeanor. This all happened in Clermont Florida. He stupidly went through a parking lot while trying to pee in a water bottle, no gatorade bottle available. Okay, he is an idiot. But regardless, he was in a truck which is higher off the ground, he has tinted windows and the windows were up. Three girls were walking across the parking lot and one girl a 15 year old thought she saw something. She told the other girls about what she thought she saw and she told them “YOU GOTTA GO SEE” Mind you this is in the 15 year olds deposition. She first said she didn’t see anything and than she said she saw a little bit. The second time she saw him, one said they saw one thing and the other described what she saw differently. So their stories didn’t match. The third girl saw nothing but his face and she was walking right with them and kept going to her vehicle. So obviously, the other 2 girls stopped to look. They said he went past them again, which doesn’t make sense. Than she says he went over to an empty side of the parking lot where there were no cars and sat. That is when they ran to their car and got their cameras and took a picture of his tag. The 15 year old said in her deposition that she didn’t think it was that serious, but the 17 year old thought they should report it. It was the right thing to do. Yet, the 17 year old did not show up for her deposition because she had a school game to go to. Really? My son is studying to be a computer engineer and was commuting 100 miles a day. He is not some dead beat perv. He has supposedly one of the best attorneys in Lake County Florida. Yet, if he goes to trial, he may end up a sexual offender because of this 15 year old. So he would be taking a chance. So he has decided he is just going to have to take the plea and deal with 1 year of probation, plus all the fines and lawyers fee of 12k His girlfriend even testified via depo that she was on Skype or another one where she could see him. The Prosecutor doesn’t believe her. She only believes this crocked up story that these 2 girls are telling. Than what the police did and said is a whole other nightmare. They lie. horribly. The detective told the young girl that she should press charges because this is just the gateway to him becoming a rapist. Yes, he did something dumb. But it was on the news that he was going around flashing people. No one else in the parking lot saw this except for these 2 girls. One stupid mistake and the law believes the victims. We were afraid the jury wouldn’t be reasonable, because the prosecutor would make them look like little girls. Anyone that would like to see more details about this case, I will be more than happy to provide. Because any idiot can see it’s a WITCH HUNT.

    • Your son should of use a restroom than there would have been no problem

      • Camille Tilley

        Obviously, there was no restroom, as there usually isn’t when there is an urgent need to relieve oneself. How often do we see men relieving themselves, on the side of the road of miles long state highways with no rest stops? Most wouldn’t even know this was a felony, subject to being put on lifetime sex offender registry, if caught.

  145. I think the justice system has failed us! My 24 yr old son is charged with 2nd degree rape and was arrested and remains in jail 3 weeks ago and his bond is set at 100,000! He’s completely innocent! What happened to innocent until proven guilty? It’s guilty until proven innocent! The victim? We are the victim!!!!! Where is justice?

    • Camille Tilley

      This crime category is the biggest scam going. A billions of dollars industry that the gravy train does not want to change. Meanwhile, the real victims are lost in the mass and their cases “cleared” like the over 432 child sex crimes cases under Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas/Sheriff Arpaio (during 2005-2010). 432 real predators and rapists, and one murderer ran free in the county, state and elsewhere. Read the book “If they were innocent …” by the police chief who exposed it. How were they let free while thousands of others, many falsely accused and wrongfully convicted were sent to prison for decades and when released face lifetime sex offender registry? Read, “If There Were Any Victims” . Ex-Police Chief’s Book Details Arpaio’s Negligence in El Mirage Cases | Phoenix New Times 6/2012

  146. My brother was convicted of sexual battery to a minor. The alleged victim was his girlfriends daughter. My brother was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole. He is innocent. The ex-girlfriend wanted him to be punished for not staying with her. My family and I have begged several organizations to help us prove his innocence. No help has come. My brother has been in prison since 2007. Please help us. There are a lot of factors involved in this case. I ask that someone please save him.

  147. Looks to me like your being play I looked up Daniels fathers death records and the funeral was two -three day after his death Daniel could of fought the civil suit as it was his right to I pulled up the script for court and actually no one from the da side got caught lying and there was no coaching on the audio tape the da has nothing to do with the Imamate getting out and his niece did not change her story at all and I give credit it to her as that is hard think to go through I can only imagine her pain and her family’s and they didn’t say they couldn’t find him they don’t have enough evidence and that case is still open for you’re information his of has to be local because all pd are for the country there for she is local and they did talk about the money but that was excuse was squashed

  148. I found this article informative. My husband was falsely accused of “touching” by my niece over her clothing and “trying” to kiss her when she spent the weekend with us at my mother’s home. She said it happened during a time and year that no one lived in the house but my husband and myself with our two infants and we had last seen her when she and her mother and grandparents helped my mother move from the residence the October before this allegedly happened. Her story changed three times once the accusation was told to her mother yet my husband who hardly had a chance to defend himself and before I was even questioned by authorities, was “founded” indefinitely by children and youth services as doing what he was accused of. Even though we appealed the decision and the local children and youth office said they were done with the case and we would have to contact our Harrisburg office. I wrote an appeal letter. Had little evidence except my account of the situation. And he was still founded. No charges were pressed but my husband is on an abuse list now. And now can’t ever be apart of my children’s extracurricular activities when they start school or I can’t have a friend over with children my kids’ age so they can have friends and not be isolated. How fair is this when not all the facts were collected before they found him guilty. And they found this “he said she said case” on the fact that my niece did not “appear” to be coached, She “acted” like a victim. And was “consistent? Anyone that KNOWS my niece and her mother KNOWS the stretch the truth and lie. But my husband and our children and myself suffer from something that one of my niece’s mother’s many guy friends probably did! Sorry I had to vent. I know there ARE guilty people out there. But there are also ones that aren’t and falsely accused. Government needs to reevaluate the laws and procedures. And if it is a case that even the district attorney won’t pursue then an accused person SHOULD NOT be put on a list UNLESS PROVEN GUILTY and then have to register every year for how many years when they DID NOT DO ANYTHING.

  149. Thank you for posting this kind of stuff because it is really important to me. I have a guy that I am really in love with, but I break up with him because his child like ways, he does jealous game with me because he is jealous of me, he likes to me upset and he is a sex offender too. He told me his story, I told lawyers, law enforcement, Department Of Corrections and they took my emails seriously. He lost his mom when he was thirteen years old, so he lived in foster care. His parents lost him at a young age because the law enforcement caught his parents at a bar with him when he was a baby. When he was eighteen years old he got kicked out of foster care. He met his victim when she was fourteen years old. He kissed her and spanked her once and they were dating at the time. They really liked each other, but he told me she was really mean to him and he wrestled her down because she was mean to him and he couldn’t take it. He lived with her, but she admitted he was down stairs most of the time and he had a job too. The mom took his car to steal money from Sonic, the nephew dressed up like him and stole money too and they tried to get him in trouble, but the nephew ended up saying it was him. In 2009, the victim accused him of raping her, they took the rape test, the DNA test said he never raped her, the Polygraph said he never raped her and she is telling people he is rapist, but that is not true because the Sheriff’s papers said that they never had sex with her and I saw it too. So he is going to court in September to see if he is able to get off the sex offender registration. I have been fighting with him for a long time. The victim called me a twelve year old that needs to go back to Elementary School, she said that I am an idiot, he is a liar, he is crazy, I really do want him to get off there. Please pray for us. She is not a very friendly person. She was telling the judge lies and she admitted that the Parole Officer was sending letters to her and they were sending letters to her about me. They told her what I was saying about her to the lawyers, law enforcement, this man works for the Department Of Corrections and that is not right. Have a great day. I have dealt with this for two years to try to get this off his record. God bless you. I hope you make a difference in people’s lives.

  150. Another important point, is the wrongful conviction of simply looking at an image online. Not producing, distribution/posting images, simply looking… This is the mass hysteria witch hunt of our generation. I couldn’t agree more, arrest people hurting people, posting and producing abuse… not solely looking at pics, especially considering the laws are so vaguely written that it’s meaning is left up for the individual to decide. The argument is, looking at the pics is harmful and can facilitate more abuse. If that’s true, why allow violent images online? Why can you watch videos of war atrocities? Couldn’t the same argument be made in both cases? The problem is this is a win-win for politicians and for-profit prisons, and a huge loss for common sense (as well as a very real physical/emotional loss for people prosecuted). No politician has ever lost any election for being too tough on c*p*, and putting more people in jail than another other country is good for the for-profit prison system in the U.S. Now, I ask, why not block those sites if they are convinced simply viewing images is harmful in and of itself? Don’t believe for one second they can’t, they could easily, the only issue would then be file sharing sites. Which would be the only sites you’d have to avoid. Why don’t they, simple, it again goes back to the for-profit prisons. Don’t kid yourself, that’s exactly why, and politicians who love easy targets to make themselves look like heroes. I know my comments can easily be dismissed… Except the facts are on my side, if you are just willing to look. We allow 16 year olds in many states to get married (this may come as shock but that means they have sex, I know shocking right), some states even lower the age with parental consent. Tell me how a picture is wrong, but early marriage and sex in those situations is perfectly okay? Simple, it’s not, it only is cause “they” say so. Still not convinced, why does Sally Mann, Jock Sturges and David Hamilton all have such huge success. Why are their images sold legally on Amazon or at your local book store, yet, if you search similar images and the government kicks in your door. Again the answer is simple, you (i.e., any average person) likely doesn’t have the financial means to fight them, whereas, they have deep pockets. Let’s not stay silent, fight back, abuse should be prosecuted, looking at images found widely available online isn’t abuse (don’t allow others to conflate the issue). Stand up, fight back, write congress, write the senate, start petitions… it’s not a popular subject, don’t let others intimidate you, remember nudists view nudity for what it really is, nothing more than a human body. It’s our thoughts that they object to, not our actions, because they are simply coming after us for viewing. Also, it’s easy to see why so many don’t fight back, 1 in 6 girls takes a chastity oath because of parents misguided over protective fears. Abstinence only education is also all over in most every state, and it’s a complete failure. Enough already, fight back!

    • Thom, instead of trying to get the rest of society “on board” with the idea that there is no harm, no crime, and nothing inherently unacceptable in the fact that you are a child pedeophile who thoroughly enjoys consuming child pornography…….you could consider approaching this whole issue from an entirely different angle… seeking mental health therapy and counseling for your problem.

  151. The justice system needs to look more into these sexual crimes, cause we all know kids that dont get their way will do just about anything to pay a parent/ step parent etc. back. My brother has been sitting in prison for 6 yrs due to his two step daughters claiming he sexually assaulted them, This man has no mean bone in his body at all. He loved them like they were his own because their father didnt give a damn about them. When my brother got with their mom which she had 3 girls from her prior relationship, i knew them before they got together, these girls were so out of control ran their mom as if they were they parent and she was the child. So what im getting at is when my brother and their mother got married he put his foot down & showed discipline which the girls didnt like. Years go by girls got older and started doin sexual things to older boys outside and one day my brother caught the first step daughter and he grounded her and few days go by and the other step daughter he caught doing oral on some older guy and he told the guy that if he comes near her again he will call the cops and he also grounded her, thats when they came up with a plan to get him out of the picture which was ” he sexually assaulted us. they even went to the extent of trying to get their younger sister to go along with it. She refused to her words ” No, thats a lie and he never touched any of us”. the police recorded that but it was never used in the court proceedings. the states attorney told my brothers mom that they didnt have any evidence. And during the court proceedings the mother of the girls kept saying he didnt do it. Then Dcfs got word of it and threatened her that if she didnt switch her story they will take her childern. I beleive its a race crime cause he is a black male. The girls also refused to go and have a doctor check them out. Oh i forgot to mention that in the court room BOTH Girls when they went up on the stand they looked at my brother crying saying im so sorry.. Am i the only one seeing a mistrial here and lack of evidence. Why would they girls say sorry? i have been malested before and i didnt want to be by the person or even look at him and i sure damn didnt say i was sorry..

  152. I think that it’s crazy and unjust for some individuals who’ve been convicted of the lowest level of sexual offences, registered for ten plus years before being removed from the registry, still have to suffer the social stigma and stereotypes from people who fail to do their homework. People need to educate themselves because lives are being destroyed due to the lack of knowledge and understanding of each individual case.not all cases are the same.

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  154. I’ve made this same point before, however, iI thought is best to repost in an easier to read format.

    The mass hysteria witch hunt of our generation is our big brother overreaching porn/sexting laws. I couldn’t agree more, we need to arrest people hurting people, posting and producing abuse… not solely looking at pics or what consenting teens do with each other, especially considering the laws are so vaguely written that its meaning is left up for the individual to decide.

    The argument is, looking at underage (under 18) pics is harmful and can facilitate abuse. If that’s true, why allow violent images online? Why can you watch videos of war atrocities? Couldn’t the same argument be made in both cases?

    The problem is this is a win-win for politicians and for-profit prisons, and a huge loss for common sense (as well as a very real physical/emotional loss for people prosecuted). No politician has ever lost any election for being too tough on c*p*, and putting more people in jail than another other country is good for the for-profit prison system in the U.S.

    Now, I ask, why not block those sites if they are convinced simply viewing images is harmful in and of itself? Don’t believe for one second they can’t, they could easily, the only issue would then be file sharing sites. Which would be the only sites you’d have to avoid. Why don’t they, simple, it again goes back to the for-profit prisons. Don’t kid yourself, that’s exactly why, and politicians who love easy targets to make themselves look like heroes.

    I know my comments can easily be dismissed… Except the facts are on my side, if you are just willing to look. We allow 16 year olds in many states to get married (this may come as shock but that means they have sex, I know shocking right), some states even lower the age with parental consent. Tell me how a picture is wrong, but early marriage and sex in those situations is perfectly okay? Simple, it’s not, it only is cause “they” say so.

    Still not convinced, why does Sally Mann, Jock Sturges and David Hamilton all have such huge success. Why are their images sold legally on Amazon or at your local book store, yet, if you search similar images the government kicks in your door? Again the answer is simple, you (i.e., any average person) likely doesn’t have the financial means to fight them, whereas, they have deep pockets.

    Let’s not stay silent, fight back, abuse should be prosecuted, looking at images found widely available online isn’t abuse (don’t allow others to conflate the issue). How would you like the thought police to arrest you for what you watch on TV? Oops, you clicked on and downloaded the wrong TV show, now you go to jail, and your life is ruined.

    Don’t kid yourself, the internet is what TV was 20 years ago to everyone that surfs the web. Stand up, fight back, write congress, write the senate, start petitions… it’s not a popular subject, don’t let others intimidate you, remember nudists view nudity for what it really is, nothing more than a human body. It’s our thoughts that they object to, not our actions, because they are simply coming after us for viewing.

    Also, it’s easy to see why so many don’t fight back, fear of being ostracized by the abstinence only and purity ball movement crowd is very real. Enough already, don’t be afraid anymore, fight back to change the laws! Sexting between teens and simply viewing images (any image) shouldn’t ever be illegal!

    Stats you should know:

    54% of teens “sext” (sent nude images)

    Another study put the number at 25%

    A study in the southeastern U.S. found that 53 percent of boys and 28 percent of girls (ages 12-15) reported use of sexually explicit media. The Internet was the most popular forum for viewing. (Note: doesn’t it make sense that at least some of the images they viewed were of teens, close to their own age?)
    *Brown, J. & L’Engle, K. 2009, Communications Research, 36(1), 129-151, X-Rated: Sexual attitudes and behaviors associated with U.S. early adolescents’ exposure to sexually explicit media

    So our answer is to make them criminals in order to protect them? That’s nonsense and the laws need to change, time for some common sense.

    Why the hysteria?
    1 in 6 girls take an oath (under pressure/coercion from her parents) to her father to remain a virgin at a purity ball.

    For-profit prisons –

    Politicians “When ‘tough-on-crime’ measures appear on the ballot, they almost always win, and often by large margins.”

    • American Slave

      The problem is, Tom, we live in the age of entitlement. The fact that the nation’s/world’s youth are the number one producers of “childporn” is not considered the fault of poor parenting, giving their children untethered access to the Internet, nor that of their children. A 14 year old can be charged and tried as an adult whenever it suits the courts, but as soon as sex is involved, they’re naive, ignorant and incapable of understanding anything. Until this nation/world regains it’s grasp on personal responsibility, does away with double standards and emotionally motivated legislature, we will see no end in sight of these absurd policies.

  155. there is one more thing they had NO evidence in both our case’s.. look it up LUZERNE COUNTY PA CASE OF 1995.

  156. Rebecca Bergeron Laborde

    I was mad cause my mom and dad split up. We had to live with relatives. That was ok. Then some people wanted to adopt us. We stayed with them for a while. When they want to adopt us my daddy say no. Mrs. Renee got real mad and said he sexually abused us. They taught me and my brothers what words to say to the doctor and therapist. Mr. Camille the DA told us too and prepared us for court. They said it happened almost 2 years before they got us. That made me about 5 and my brothers were 4 and 2. They made us testify in court. My daddy never did this to us. They lied and made us lie. My daddy is in Angola for 3 life sentences for aggravated rape of us. He never did this. Uncle LJ the doctor he lied too. We have recanted our stories and told the truth but nobody cares. My daddy been in prison 24 years and he is innocent. They had plenty prosecutorial misconduct to. That sheriff Webre in Thibodaux, La. Just want to make his name. What can we do? We want my daddy home!!

  157. After reading this I said to myself, that’s only facts. To be convicted of a sex crime you didn’t do. Well that’s a whole degrading other story. I recently talked with my uncle ” who I haven’t talked to since all this went down 20 years ago.” I told him my storyand how it felt to have gone through what I have gone through. And I feel like no other person should have to go through all that if they did not commit the offence. NOT saying true sex offender’s should get off free, but the system should work better to find out the facts. How it feels to be a wrongfully convicted sex offender, we’ll it is the most degrading, disgusting thing you can imagine. It really messes with your head. I was accused when I was 20 of indecency with a child by touch of breast of a 4 year old. It never happed, and C.P.S ended up dropping the charges because it was” B.S.” But the state of Texas picked the charges up a year later. And I couldn’t afforder to beet the charges. I have alot more to tell but I feel that I have rambled on long enough. Feel free to email me about it. I’m tired of all the restrictions and hoops I have to jump through. Thanks for listening

  158. My name is Marc Anthony Crespo, I am 16 years old and I am a registered sex offender, I live in the state of Virginia. At 13 I was placed in and out of mental hospitals for self harm and suicidel thoughts and actions.. At the age of 15 I made a foolish yet stupid mistake inside of the mental hospital, I met a boy who was 13 at the time and me and him started to have a liking to eachother.. After a day of flirting back and forth via notes because we werent allowed to make any contact to eachother in that manner, he started to touch me sexually and tell me how he wanted to do sexual things to me, I told him “No” after he kept pushing me to allow him to give me a blow job, and I didn’t want to tell anyone because they would of put the kid into residential which is when they live there for up to a year or more. And I know how it would feel to be in a mental hospital for half of my life and I wouldn’t want to wish that upon anyone so I kept my mouth shut and allowed him to do so, and i returned the favor.. After he wanted me to switch rooms to be his roommate so “we” could do more.. I told him No and said I was going to my room to sleep because I was getting discharged the next day. After getting discharged my mom recieved a call saying that the boy is claiming I raped him and I had to do a statement.. After that the first month into school Virginia State Police came to pick me up and put me in a detention center. His mom was pressing charges, I was in the mental hospital for a week or 2 having several mental breakdowns because of how scared I was, eventually the judge allowed me to stay home for the rest of the court case, at that point things got worse.. I started taking my anger and frustration out on my family because I didnt know what else to do.. And finally The last day of court I was given a choice.. Plead guilty or not guilty if i pleaded guilty my laywer and the judge said I would NOT have to register and I would just have 5 years of probation. But if i didnt plead guilty I would go to trial and I would have 5 years to life hanging over my head.. And my lawyer made it seem like that the commonwealth of Virginia had something up their sleeve to make it look like I was guilty so i took the plea.. After a month of taking the plea Virginia state police calls my mom and informs her that if im not at the police station within 15min registeringn i will be arrested, and of course we go there and register. My mom and I shocked at this event didnt know what to do or how to appeal it, and we have contacted our lawyer several times only to reach his voicemail. He has yet returned our calls. After registering one of my mandatory things for probabtion was to take a poloygraph and the questions where all mainly about if i forced the kid to give me a blow job or not, after the poloygraph the results came back that i was telling the truth. Due to this entire case my depression has gotten stronger and I have given up hope on how to get Myself off the registery.. And fearful for my life aswell having to soon attend public school, knowing my name, address, school is all on that website and if a praent or student finds that they will target me or maybe attack me. I honestly havent left my room since then.. I have only left the house is when my bofriend takes me places, and he is fully aware of my registery and is always trying to protect me and calm me down when i have mental breakdowns.. I hope someone can make it so children my age dont have to go through this just because of a stupud mistake.

  159. Melissa Hunt-Hoover

    My husband a yr before we met went on a camping trip with his “best friend” and his 4 daughters. 2 of them 17 (2wks from 18) yr old twins. On the night return from the camping trip the 2 adult men had some beer, dad of 1 of the twins asked her to bring the beer from the fridge to them as she opened the beer she drank a bit each time. As the men got drunk so did she. Everyone but her and my husband went to bed. He asked her how her life so far was going. (The girl grewho up knowing him as uncle Tom). She went to the bathroom and he laid down on his camping mat on the floor. He heard the toilet flush and that’s the last thing he remembers. He woke up the next morning with “best friend” standing over him asking what had he done to his daughter. He was in complete shock. He didn’t do anything to her. She wrote a letter to her dad saying she laid down on my husband’s camping mat and then he laid down with her and he groped and “dry humped” her with close on. She said he was fully awake but she was face down and never seen his face. She also said he forced her to drink the beer. I told my husband after he told me all this (we weren’t married yet) that he needed to press charges against her because she had her own bed and she decided to lay down with a grown man while he was passed out drunk. I told one of his “best friends” about what we were planning and all of a sudden all the sisters come forward and say they felt uneasy around my husband. His lawyer says we have no case and talks him into taking the plea deal. Sexual battery with 10 yrs on the registry. BS… we have a 5 yr old that we can’t take to the park. And he can’t go watch his kids at school functions, because this young woman didn’t want to sleep in her bed.

    • I do understand how difficult this all must be for you to process. But, eventually you will have to realize that the reason you cannot take your son to the park or to school functions is because your pedeophile husband chose to give alcohol to, grope, and dry hump a 17 year old child. Dealing with the truth (not with fiction), along with taking personal accountability and responsibility, is always the first step on the path to healing and peace….which could explain why your life and mental state are still in so much turmoil.

  160. Hi, my name is Marc.

    I’m 16 years old and I’m a registered sex offender. When I was younger and I was in middle school I was in and out of me tal hospitals, because I was severely bullied for being openly gay, and one day back in September of 2015 I was paced in there for a suicide attempt, where I met this boy, he was 13 and I tried talking to him because he obviously didn’t seem comfortable inside the hospital and I wanted to help him feel better and actually get treatment, but after I tried talking to him he started passing me notes which is agaisnt the hospitals rules, and he started calling me cute and such, and I wasn’t going to be rude so I complimented him back.. Eventually he start trying to unbuckle my pants under the table and give me a handjob I told him no on several occasions and he eventually stopped, but soon afer we were transitioning to the gym he started touching my butt and there I told him to stop, eventually at the end of the day where we where doing hygiene and getting ready for bed he begged and begged me to allow him to give me a blowjob, I honestly didn’t feel very comfortable with this especially him being only 13 so I refused and refused until I gave in, I wasn’t going to tell the staff because it was the boys first time in a mental hospital and if they found out he would be out in residential for a year plus. I wouldnt want to do that to him so I didn’t tell anyone I just allowed t to happen, after He gave me a blow job I returned the favor. And I got sick of it because he wanted to do more, he even told me to ask to get my room changed to his, but I was being discharged the next day and I told him no and went into my room to bed.

    The next day after being discharged I didn’t hear anything about it until the day after that. My mkm recieved a call from the hospital saying the boy accused me of forcing him to give me a blowjob and I need to write a statement so after writing the statement I go home hoping the parents dont press charges and that when it happened the first week into school the police came and arrested me, I spent 3 weeks in the detention center before the judge allowed me to leave, he certified my charge into circuit court, where I was given false information by my lawyer stating that if I took the guilty plea I wouldn’t have to register and it would be seal under my juvenile record. So now I’m currently trying to appeal the case and get off the registery but I’m also terrified that if I go to trial i will be found guilty for somethings i never did and go to jail for 5 years to life for forcible sodemy.

  161. Omg I am so glad for those wronged by misleading or false information causing suffering pain loss of time reputation and basically their identity. I hope I’ve not been the cause even unknowing or otherwise.. I pray for each and all affected due to whatever excuse or reason find strength in knowing that faith and perseverance will ease the burden and my heart goes out to you xx GH

  162. I was wrongfuly convicted of what I believe for being a 12 year old although this was dragged out till I was 18 and then arrested and forced to plead guilty I have been trying for over 30 years to be heard and know one will listen, this has ruined my adult life and my career. I just want to be heard to set the record strait anyone give me any info on where I can turn??

  163. I think the laws NEED and SHOULD be rewritten regarding “sex crimes”. How many of you adults recall knowing classmates who dated older than their age? How many stories you remember of BF & GF sneaking to see one another behind their parents back? They get caught & told by their parents they better stop seeing their BF/GF. But they don’t stop and the parent(s) find out and decide to go the most extreme route to ensure keeping them apart – and that is, going to the police. And boom! The teen is arrested & being charged with severe crimes of “molestation” “sexual predator” “statuatory rape”, etc. That teens life is ruined. Every state has a different age limit. Even if they fall under the “Romeo and Juliet” law the police still arrests them and the poor teen is charged. On top of that you hope the parents can afford an attorney who specializes in these types of arrests, because otherwise the teen is stuck with a public defender who will most likely talk them into a plea bargain. When the teen pleas, it is like admitting to being a “child molestor” when they are not. And having to register as a sex offender when they are released is a severe punishment that shouldn’t apply to these types of cases. Angers me to remember my HS giving permission to bring a Prom date as old as 20 years old!! What message is that sending? The old rumor has always been that is the night most teens lose their virginity. So your principal can ok bringing “an adult” to prom, but at the same time, you cannot date an adult. What a confusing message to high school teens.

  164. I am dealing with a similar situation, my husband was sentenced to 12 years because my 17 year old niece said he touched her inappropriately. This all stems from rumors of her being gay. She was the president of our youth group at church and when the rumors started circulating church members began to complain. My husband being the pastor had to remove her from the position, she got angry, upset, and afraid he was going to tell her parents. When she made the complaint the Department of Human Resources investigated and they found it to be not true due to other interviews and inconsistencies in her story. Her dad signed a warrant, we went to court, they had no evidence only her story. She changed her story numerous times from what she originally said when she got in the courtroom. DHR was the only investigating party and the judge did not allow their report to be used as evidence on his behalf. We also found out several days later, after the verdict was handed down 2 of the jurors were related to her and 1 juror was a friend of the family. I am at my wits end about this and I really don’t know what to do. Is it really that easy to convict someone over he say she say?

    • Yes, Felicia, I’m afraid it is that easy. We see it all the time. And the situation is only being made worse by so-called “victim centered” investigations.
      I hope you have a good attorney who is working on the inconsistencies in the “victim’s” testimony and the fact that the jury was unquestionably tainted.

  165. The acts of the guilty are hanus, but the innocent are guilty even before they have any chance of finding out the truth. It sucks, but then again look what Hillary did she is running for president. It’s who you are n how much money you have. So if you innocent, have no money to defend yourself your pretty much screwed.

    • Moral panic media conviction of innocent young men driven by Trump (not Hillary). Search Trump, the Central Park Five and full page ads to bring back the death penalty.

      • How sad it is when someone takes the word of another person : I beleaved the darkness is working overtime in today’s world I beleaved We need to be on our knees ; because it’s a spiritual battle today more then ever Persistence in prayer is the hope we have , God always see the situation So I pray no one would quiet and would persist in prayer and fasting ; that will stop the darkness

  166. I made a website for my stepdad due to the fact to bring awareness of how corrupt our system and our legal attorneys are. No investigation 2 men same statements both sentenced for the same crime. The prosecutor told the girls what to say i have that on court transcript my stepdads attorney had the amunition which could have proven his innocence but instead he knew my stepdad had a cognitive issue being he only has an iq of 62 had him sign a plea without explanation. The stepdad has not admitted guilt all through the proceedings but he is stuck anyway. When i gave the prosecutor the documents to show its all a false allegation police reports and such, he emailed me back and stated he don’t care about no documents or anything in black and white he will do nothing for his case. So i now am going to send the documents to his boss showing how the prosecutor set this whole thing up.

  167. My son was wrongfuly accused of a sex crime that never even happend by leslise marie grice the one that thought she loved him and used him to babysit for nothing and he was accused of touching her daughter the one he kept everyday and nite and thats not right for her to take a innocents childs like and freedom away from.

  168. I believe nobody should be judged by what they’ve done in the past and paid for it with time severed and been on a list,my dad was mistakenly registered as an offender and it took the help of more than going to court several times and paying legal fees,the sites that had them on didn’t remove them even with court injunctions on them,which really affected him from getting a good job since everytime a background check is carried out,the records kept coming out but then it took the help of a group of ethical elite hackers to totally remove his name and records from everywhere it ever existed and then he was able to get a better job,if you are facing something like this contact eliterealhack(((at)))gmail(((dot))com. They garantee 100% money back ,you can thank me later.

  169. Thank you for your wonderful web site. My son was arrested in Midlothian, Texas on bogus charges of ‘photographing a nude female who appeared to be under 18 years of age’. The arrest was due to a vendetta perpetrated by a disgruntled neighbor whose father-in-law just happened to be a detective on the Midlothian police force. My son was arrested, incarcerated, placed under $300,000 bond, and the police confiscated anything in his house that was electronic. They sent his computer to the FBI lab. The FBI lab returned it with the comment that they found nothing illegal on the computer. Then, the Ellis County DA decided to have the computer ‘examined’ by his personal computer expert, and guess what? They said that 5 images of what appeared to be child pornography, none of which contained an image of my son. Needless to say, they coerced him into accepting a 5 year prison sentence, which he completed in 2008, telling them that an Ellis County judge or jury would give him a much longer sentence. This is occurring all over the nation. It makes me ashamed to be an American. Black lives matter, but so do the lives of all of these wrongfully convicted young men in these trumped-up cases of ‘child pornography’. My son was not allowed to renew his Master Electrician’s license upon his release from prison, which to me seems as unconstitutional as anything that I have ever heard of. He is constantly harassed by the police, who seem to have a goal of finding some small excuse to put him back in prison. As others on your website have already said, it is like these young men, who have, according to our justice system, served the time for their crime, even if they did not commit the crime, are still walking around with a large target on their backs, fodder for the crazies who are led to believe by our news media that these men are a threat to them. I would like to get involved in helping you with whatever you might want to do in order to get the attention of the public that these ridiculous ‘Sex Offender Lists’ are more costly to the individuals and to society as a whole than they are worth. They cost the taxpayers millions of dollars every year just to be maintained, which includes the cost of the salaries and expenses of officers whose talents could be used to try to catch real criminals if they weren’t preoccupied with tracking down these ‘offenders’. Strangely enough, just today, the news is blaring reports of a young man who had ‘abducted’ a 4 year old girl. But, you have to read between the lines in order to find out that, not only is the young man not on any ‘Sex Offender’ list, not only has he no criminal record, but that he is a friend of the family of the young girl. Lived with the family for a while. But, the Adam Walsh Act crew and all of the local police would rather have you not know that. One of these days, if the country survives, they will look back on this phony ‘war on sex offenders’ as we do now with the burning of folks accused of being ‘witches’ many years ago. God help us.

    • The Natuional asssiciation to Refirm Sex Offender Laws is an organization trying to make change. Please consider contacting them to learn more and perhaps volunteer your time.

  170. You might also add to your list of things that ‘happen once a convicted sex offender is released’. He is denied his Constitutional right to vote in many states. He is now allowed to apply for or renew a license in any profession, such as plumber, electrician, defying all of the so-called ‘right to work’ laws that we spend so much time trying to enforce. He has to apply for a drivers license every year in most states, while others only apply every 8 or 10 years, 8 years in Virginia.

  171. All one has to do is read to see what is going on. Here is a malicious prosecution case; where the records of corruption make a joke of the entire govt. and justice system.

    That you could be subject to the harshest punishment, on the most baseless hypothetical nonsense, and be the best lawyer in the world; and still suffer 8 years in prison and a lifetime of collateral punishments.

    In order to obstruct justice, the corrupt officials are still threatening to prosecute Jason for simply putting Bible verses in his appeals; attempting to define figurative quotes like “the wages of sin is death,” as terroristic threats.

  172. Couldnt agree more I was charged when a minor at 11yrs old… for criminal sexual assault still dealing with it today at 28yrs old….was 5kids playing truth dare 9-9-10-10-11…3girls 2boys we all did exactly same thing ..kissed…boys touched breast area girls touch boys private area all had cloths on never did anything else was never no skin contact but the kisses …how courts were involved girls were telling friends at school… teachers reported it… parents never wanted press charges or kids ..detective only came to my school talk to me by myself in room… told him what happen few months later cop comes n serves my mom court date… I go court every month cause state took it over ..end up going court for almost 3yrs was giving probation only one charged with crime n to this day I’m sex offender ..its 99% effects my life growing up kicked out school cops always following me tell friends taking my license lost so many jobs….worst feeling dont like to be around kids n have big family 18nefews neices..4sister never had problem growing up being around them all of them talk good love me favorite uncle … but other kids just its there eats me alive hate the feeling …scared have my own kids wont be able be in his her life like should be school plays games teacher conference nothing …have a beautiful wonderful fiance she loves kids and so do I … as kid charged with that on probation i didn’t have child hood always at meetings be locked up other nothing.. It was hard but I’m still here looking for help wont stop tell the truth comes out.. this systems broken in if there’s anyone reading this that can help me please contact Me email

  173. I have a son who is wrongly convicted of a sex offense. The girl speaking with her friend on facebook finally admitted she lied that what she said happened never did. Now what? He is a convicted sex offender who took a plea to keep from being in jail for ever. So now what do we do?

  174. In Australia, you just need to have be accused, not charged, not convicted but accused of a sex offense, and it will show on a ‘working with vulnerable people’ background check.

  175. Robert Monaco and his side kick Harry Everhart get a kick out of beating young girls and women into submission someone please step in ! I fear for my life if they find out I let the Truth out and about!

  176. These men try to live off women and younger girls but continue to beat and harass plus degrade the girl so she will continue to pay rent witch he hasn’t done in 15 yrs please help this girl

  177. Can you used a sex offender’s background for your own benefit in your court case?

    • Lara, Thank you for your well informed and very spot on comment. Since 2004, when our daughter Courtney Bisbee, was falsely accused, convicted in a Bench trial and was just released after 11 years in prison and is now on 18 months parole, GPS, curfew, and can’t be around her niece or nephews born while she was in prison. Arizona is a VIctim’s Rights state (write about VR). No rights for a defendant, no presumption of innocence and no due process!

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  178. I live with someone who was greatly wronged. His ex-wife wanted divorce and even went to a friend to ask her to claim he had sexually abused her child. The reason he was convicted is because he had two children who would have gone into foster care if he did not confess. He confessed without hesitation. He put himself on the list so his children would stay together. I have never met a more amazing man and father. He suffers for a crime he never did and his children hate him for what he confessed to.

  179. I was wrongfully convicted and now I have to live the rest of my life with this felony. Many times I have contemplated suicide cause I can’t deal with being labeled a “sex offender” I live in Michigan and when I was found “guilty” I have to serve a year in the county jail and lifetime registration which is bullshit in my eyes.

  180. Where can I get help for someone who was wrongfully convicted in Colorado? Lives have been ruined by one person who repeatedly lied. There was no evidence presented, there were no corroborating witnesses, nothing. Who can help???

    • Brenda – here’s what I can offer by way of advice:

      Please understand that I am not an attorney, and so cannot give you legal advice.

      To achieve any kind of post-conviction relief in a case of wrongful conviction, you will require an attorney. When people try to do it themselves, they invariably mess it up, and may destroy any chance for post conviction relief that may have existed. Don’t engage “just any” attorney. Make sure it’s one that has experience in achieving post-conviction relief, and is familiar with the ‘time’ and ‘procedural’ bars built into the law. In my experience, bad defense lawyers (incompetent, inexperienced, uninformed, etc.) are responsible for as many wrongful convictions as anything else; and the last thing you want is someone who will take your money, and then screw up the case – it happens. If you cannot afford an attorney, contact the innocence organization or state Public Defender’s Office for your area, but be aware that they cannot accept every case. Here is a link to the member organizations of the national Innocence Network:

      Be aware, also, that this is a long, arduous process with no guarantee of success. The justice system is set up so that once you’ve been convicted in a court of law, the deck is pretty much stacked against you. For the innocence organizations with which I am associated, the time from when we start investigating a case to when we achieve an exoneration (IF we do) averages 7 years. So be prepared for a long battle.

      One thing that some advocates for the wrongfully convicted do is to set up a web site pleading their case. I have no idea how effective these are or what they actually accomplish, but they may help build some public support – which, of course, means nothing in court. If you do choose to create a web site, my advice would be to avoid emotional arguments, and stick to the facts of the case. Many of these sites that I see contain little in the way of logically compelling, verifiable facts or information that would cause me to believe in their case. I am skeptical that a website does any good, but one thing this may do is to help you document and organize the facts of the case for presentation to an attorney – which, of course, you should do anyway.

  181. Your scenario of a wrongful conviction is spot-on however consider also spending years in prison and not admitting guilt because you will not take responsibility for a crime you did not do and still getting out and being faced with all of what you said. That was my case or a vindictive ex wife accuse me and the military in there judicial system of a military court-martial convicted me sentenced and now I carry a lifelong equivalent a federal crime

    • Jerald:
      My brother is serving a life without the possibility of parole sentence. He’s been in since 2007. I know, beyond a shadow of doubt, he is innocent. Because I was working as a Probation/Parole Officer, Corrections Officer and a Sheriffs Deputy in the county of the alleged crime and court proceedings, I was not allowed to testify. He too is serving a sentence due to a vindictive ex. After exhausting all the appeals and not being wealthy enough to hire counsel for him, we are at a loss on what to do.
      He too was a Corrections Officer. We believed in the Judicial System. He refused to admit to a crime he didn’t commit. I, since his conviction, do not have faith in the System any longer.

  182. My daughter, who had experienced 2 major traumatic events before she was 10 years old has been manipulated and completely brain washed by a 39 year old level 3 sex offender who was convicted in 2 different counties that totalled in 3 level 3 sex crimes.
    He slithered in when I wasn’t looking and completely erased my daughter, replacing her with a complete stranger.
    The sex offender has multiple mental illness diagnosis including paranoid schizophrenia and has beaten her, even breaking her jaw.
    So needless to say I have no sympathy for these slugs and am at a complete loss as to he continues to fail drug tests, refuses lie detection evaluations, commits multiple and charged with felonies but is continually released onto society. ..
    But all this being said… it is a HUGE problem that people are accused of these offenses when they are completely innocent.
    Even if by the grace of God they are found not guilty, society still very much looks at them with suspicion and the personseat life is destroyed.
    There needs to be some kind of law or evaluation in place to protect the innocent.
    When someone makes a false rape accusation they are spitting in the faces of actual victims of this highly traumatic event.
    So how do we do this, without alienating and traumatizing victims further into not reporting which puts even more victims at risk of the same offender.
    Such an awful situation, so many women (and men) and children being hurt by those who make false accusations.
    If it is proven that someone has made a false accusation and the accused loses time, life experience, career opportunities, marriage and other supportive relationships then shouldn’t there be a public apology made as well an announcement regarding their innocence and how it has been determined that they indeed are innocent?
    We can not prosecute or use threat of prosecution against people who make false accusations because real victims will be afraid, further. ..
    What a terrible mess

  183. Someone very close to me had a horrible experience with the Public Defender that he had. I was so shocked to hear that he had been accused of molesting his daughter, on specific days that I had been at the house all day and my testimony was refused. He had full custody of his kids and his ex wife was angry that she was paying him child support and having to take parenting classes (she had the kids taken from her and given to him because she had them in a house full of animal feces, no food and was taking them to parties with gang activity) as well as supervised visits. Long story short, she got mad and convinced her daughter to say that her dad touched her. His public defender investigated nothing, an examination was never done on her and during the preliminary hearing, the DA led the “victim” to say specific things so they could add charges and added enhancements as well. I know his PD investigated nothing because there were people who were at the house when these alleged things happened and those people were never contacted. I later spoke to his daughter via face time and she told me “my Mom said that he wouldn’t get that much time, I didn’t know… IF I lied, will I be in trouble?” I asked her, “Did this really happen?” Her response, “If I lied will I be in trouble? Can I talk to him? It didn’t happen and I didn’t think he would get this much time” … well, she NEVER wrote this stuff down, so Have no physical proof, but something isn’t adding up. This man’s public defender told him he was screwed, that he was a black man fitting the perfect description of a child molester and that if he wanted to risk his life … to go ahead and go to trial. He was so scared, he took a deal because he had no idea what other charges the DA would try to add. This man was a good dad, always worked hard to provide for them and I never saw him do anything inappropriate and i was around him and his kids for years. Is there anything I can do to help him?

    • He can file a Habeous Corpus petition that proves he had ineffective assistance of counsel. He can bring proof of his innocence that wasn’t discussed at trial, which includes testimony from other witnesses, and the mother can be charged for making the juvenile daughter lie about the abuse (but talk to an attorney to see if the daughter will be charged).

  184. Thanks Jean, the Innocence Project actually picked up his case and then said they would have to put it on hold until we had tangible evidence. His daughter told me via facetime so we have no written proof … the only thing I had in writing was her going back and forth about what if she lied and that wasn’t enough. I will talk to him about filing Habeous Corpus and see if he wants to go that route. I just feel so bad for him

  185. My son was accused of touching my neice in her leg in 2006. Since then my son has been send to prison 3 time’s. I need help.By the love of god please tell me what i can do. I have gone through alot of pain and suffering.

  186. What can one do to be exonerated

  187. My fiancee was wrongfully accused of fondling. He was married to a woman who had several children that were staying all night at their house & were all sleeping in the same bed. The girl was 9 years old & woke up & was saying someone had touched her. The girl’s mother automatically blamed my fiancee. There was several children girls & boys in one bed all young. Anyone could have touched her with their hands or feet across her. He was taken to jail & had to go to court for it. When he went got out his wife at the time was backing him until he planned on going back to Alabama to live from Mississippi. They had been having problems & he was going to get a divorce. When he told her he wanted a divorce she turned on him like a snake. He went to his mom’s in Alabama & she sent the law there to get him. When he went to court there was no evidence & they told his family they weren’t having court when they were. They wouldn’t let any of his family in. The appointed lawyer talked him into pleading guilty & said if he didn’t he would get 40 years. He did it because of that & got 7 years. Then every time they released him they would set him up to stay in Mississippi even though all his family was in Alabama. He had no where to stay there in Columbus, Mississippi. He has been sent back 2 times because of them. He’s out now & Praise God & about to be off paper. The only bad thing is he has to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life for something he never did in the 1st place. He served 21 years in the service & been a hard worker all his life. This has took about 14 years of his life away for being wrongfully accused.

    • I have not read the comments that have been posted.
      I can say that I understand at many levels.
      In 2007, my brother was accused of the same offense and went to trial because he is INNOCENT. He had an “IDIOT court appointed attorney” to manage his defense. His case was held in the same county as his alleged offense. We asked to have the Judge recuse himself because I was working in the county as a Probation/Parole officer for the state and also a Sheriffs Deputy and Corrections Officer; the county i was assigned to was the county of the alleged offense. Then, we found out that the alleged victim’s Grandmother had a relationship with the judge years ago and the “IDIOT” public defender had plans to run for District Attorney in the same County.
      Needless to say, he was found guilty and then sentenced to LIFE WITHOUT THE POSSIBILITY OF PAROLE. Basically, he will die in Parchman Prison, Parchman, Mississippi.
      Everyone in the jury knew my brother and our entire family.

  188. None of your business what are you the fbi

    You do realize theres pedophiles out there that are not convicted yet, ever think about that. Theres always pedophiles in every city, you just dont know who they are, they can be family. Just saying, dont put a sign up saying pedo free zone, when that is a lie, i know someone who was raped at 9 and that person was not convicted or caught, so dont post anything that you know that isnt true

  189. My husband convicted 24 yrs ago for a crime that never happened. Aggravated rape of 3 of his children, Ages 3,4,5. The children told stories of sexual abuse by about 15 different people. None of this was allowed to come out in court . My husband was the only 1 charged. One other man was identified but he was found to have lived in California for 10 years. The DA never investigated anyone else. Someone adopted his children after 5 mos. illegal adoptions that took place. He’s still in Angola and we now have all the evidence to go back to court. Accusations, recantation, affidavits.
    Only now to run into another problem
    NOW WHAT???

  190. This is like someone I know. He was wrongfully accused. His cousin had friends over at his house cause he was watching her and while he was at work he would let her have them over. While he was at work they would take pics of them and send them to the boyfriends it got out that they need this. Because it was his house and Internet he was accused. He was going to fight it but the lawyer talked to his mom n dad they took the plead. Now his life has been ruined. Some of the girls ended up getting money from the church that he was the youth director. I know of some more like this. It is so easy for anyone to get mad and accuse the other for a crime they didn’t do. I watch my son so closely cause I don’t want this to happen. I wish we could change it. I don’t understand why they do not judge each case and label to that case, have different levels. I can’t get anyone to listen to me.

  191. Marilyn Cargile-payne

    Hello, my brother was wrongfully convicted of a sex offender crime, I personally took him to the police department every year, for almost seventeen years, just reason he had a housing issue, which he had been on section eight for sixteen years, sex offender cannot receive section eight housing, during this process, our family had to hire a criminal lawyer to represent him,for a case that happened, almost twenty years ago, well to make a long story short, we won the case in court, the judge stated, they never ordered this 290,he should have been a 291,can we sue the system, for this unexceptable error. PS,looking for a lawyer.

  192. My grandkids maternal grandmother wanted custody of my sons kids at any cost she accused him of molestation when daughter was 2 months old this was proven unfounded then she accused him again when she was 4 she coached the child she testified in two different judges chambers that nana told herhat to say at7 yrs old she made a tape stating she was forced to lie the da then had me arrested saying i coached her to make tape when it came time for jury trial child refused to testify aginst me my son was in jail for 25 months the da and judge would not allow any custody issues at court he had no choice but to take a misdemeaner plea deal and 15 years on megans drs could not find any kind of abuse he is not allowed to see his children until they are 23 yrs old the other grandmother has custody of the kids

  193. Excellent article. I know first hand about wrongfull convictions and over zealous prosecutors. My 18 year old autistic son is now a sex offender in wv. The 2 sisters that sent him pics walked away with nothing. Including the fact they were taking pics of each other. The courthouse here is full of their family. They even admitted what they had done. 1 girl had sent the same photos to several boys. Still nothing happened to her or the other boys. Cops didnt take the parents electronics or the one sisters either. My son pled to an alford plea. He was not able to aid in his derense due to the fact he suffered a head injury in jail. My son lost 19 years of memories. Including me. His own mother. He had to learn to read. Eat with utensils. Everything. Dr. After dr said the same thing….my son never was a danger to anyone and he had a brain injury. Prosecutor didnt care. Neither did court appt. Lawyer!!!
    My son did ask for pictures. This happened after the 17 yr old had already sent them. Cops here know whats on these girls phone but my son was the target. All boys are in this small town. To beat all the officer in charge of sex crimes was fired for having sex with a minor. Nothing else happened.
    There are people that shouldnt be on this registry. The law states that not knowing the other persons age is not a defense either. Some girls lie about their age. Moral terpitude cannot be held against a person either.

    • Leslie A Smithson

      I’m so sorry for what your going through. I truly feel your pain, unfortanetely. I don’t understand these self righteous people in legislative that know absolutely nothing about this topic but continue to let this rediculous blanketed law be in affect. Don’t get me wrong, there are defenitely the ones that deserve the title of sex offender, however, every person should be a case by case situation. These girls can play these sick twisted games and nothing will be done to hold them accountable. Something needs to change! These girls, in the time we live in now, are not like they were when I was 14, that’s for sure. Blows my mind how in the state I’m in a girl can have an abortion without parents consent but then the state laws say their age isn’t old enough to make judgments calls pertaining to sex! Am I the only one seeing the problem here??? Again, i am so sorry for what you’re having to go through now and what your son will have to go through the rest of his life because of scandalous girls that think this is a game.

  194. Leslie A Smithson

    I don’t know where to turn. My son, whose is barely 21 now, was arrested at 19 for being involved with a minor for a 3 month timeframe. He was arrested 8 months after he ended it with her. My son has been on medication most of his life and had difficulties making friends, let alone getting attention from girls. He sat in jail for the last 20 months when the prosecutor told him take the plea or go to trial, BUT, if he loses at trial then all pleas are off the table and he’ll be in prison for life. They had him on, initially, 13 charges. It got dwindled down to the 4 main ones which was because he told the police that, yes, they had sex. He thought it was a relationship. His comprehension of age didn’t exist. Doesn’t help that this girl lied to me and him about her age for months. And she looked all of the age she said she was. But that doesn’t matter apoarently. The law protects her. We hired a lawyer and $45,000 later he was given the choice of plea out to 5-10 yrs or take a chance at trial which would be $2500 day and a big chance since the law was on her side. He plead. The judge decided on 8 yrs and I am beyond devastated!!! Per the sate, an expert was called in to do an assessment which ended in a 30 page report stating my son is NOT a predator and rhat his brain functions as a 14-16 yr old. So in his mind, he was doing nothing wrong. But hes being punished as an adult, Irregardless if his body is of a 21 yr old…..his brain is not! How is this fair? He passed all polygraph tests and any test the state threw at him. I am so scared for his safety. He is not what a sex offender is. This girl, the last 20 months, has put another guy in jail and is currently dating a 29 yr old. The parents have weapons charges, drug history, the mom had the daughter at 13 and have been recently removed from them by the state. I am relieved for the girl to be out of that environment. She was being the only way she knew and saw….by watching her mother do what she did for the drugs and step dad doing things to her. She is in a safe environment, however, apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Can someone please give me advice on what to do? Where to go? Who to talk to about this? 8 yrs is overkill for a first time offender who now has lost his college scholarship. Not only is he being punished wrongully but when he’s released he is now labeled as a sex offender and will have to register for the rest of his life, will have to be on probation for the rest of his life and will have to worry that if he messes up just one tike on anythING then he’ll be in prison for the rest of his life, as all pleas are off the table and he will serve the max, which is 25 per charge, consectively. THIS IS BEYOND OVERKILL. please somebody help my son. Guide me in the direction to save him.
    Thank you for reading!

    • Ms. Leslie
      I write this with a heavy heart. Your sons case sounds like my sons case. The prosecutors only care about the win. Not whats right. If you feel your lawyer didnt represent him properly you could try to use that to get back into court. After the plea, options are limited. It amazes me how they charge mentally handicapped people. It also amazes me how so many girls are continually allowed to get away with this.
      Look up NARSOL. Dont stop fighting to change the laws!!

  195. I had made a post earlier and I’m not certain if it went through. Because of eye issues, I need to keep limited on viewing the screen.

    Every family member and close family friends was aware that my father-in-law made odd comments and had strange actions that were ignored by officials. My mother and mother-in-law had spoken to this DSS official to express father-in-law’s comments and actions. My mother-in-law also expressed that he violated her daughters and two other family members. She had even shown her a letter from a close friend of her youngest daughter (my wife) since grade school expressing the she told her directly the same thing and expressed her concern of our children being around him. EVEN AFTER RECEIVING TWO VERBAL AND ONE WRITTEN COMPLAINTS AGAINST HIM…HE WAS DISMISSED WITH SUCH EASE WITHOUT FURTHER QUESTIONING. When allegations came against me, he threatened my wife to keep her mouth shut and forced her to leave the state before proceedings were completed. My wife has posted on various websites that he instigated everything and expresses that he controlled her to the point that she lost her family. When she got called in for questioning, her father insisted to be included in the discussion and he was allowed to do so even after receiving the complaints against him. My wife felt extremely scared to speak freely with him being there. I have much more to express and I have plenty of documents to confirm everything.

  196. When my wife and I met, she wanted me to meet her father. She was happy to see him, but she was resentful about something. It was clearly apparent to her that his disliked me from that very moment.
    When being intimate, she had unusual behaviors, which I asked her to stop.
    She mentions on many occasions that she disliked her maiden name.
    As we discussed marriage, she did not want to invite her father.
    **As long as we lived with, beside or within eyesight of her mother, her father very seldom visited or not at all.
    After one of his visits, she cheats on me, while our son was on the couch, uncovered and unsecured.
    When I discussed a job opportunity in the area of my wife’s father and mentioned that we were moving to that area, her mother begged me not to move to that area, that if we did, we would have trouble. I didn’t understand her certainty at the time.
    Before we could get unloaded, he visits. He visits daily, before and after work. After he leaves, she becomes upset and cries…even our son notices her reactions.
    After one of his visits, she takes both of our children to a neighbor’s while he and she drinks alcohol. I came home to find her buzzed and questioned her if she thought it was a good idea to be at a stranger’s and drinking, that our children or her could have got hurt.
    Her mother and sister visits…as well as her father. While her sister and father were outside smoking, he makes the comment, “I’m going to split those two up and I’ll do whatever it take to do it.” My wife heard it too, but I wasn’t aware of it till much later.
    He mentions that his landlord needed a maintenance person and had a trailer for us.
    Shortly after we moved in, he and his wife began to take advantage of her when she was taken to get groceries…getring half or more of our food stamp allotment for themselves and she was scared to tell me.
    My wife begins to notice that our son was not wanting to be hugged, toched or picked up by her father. She also notices that he’s beginning to bite his sister and having other odd behaviors.
    While my parents were visiting, he makes the comment, “We’ll watch A***, but not the faggot.” My wife walked up as he made this comment, but she nor my parents mentioned this comment to me.
    My wife consults with a neighbor and tell her that she was abused by her father and his wife…which they became upset at her when they found out.
    My wife finally explains why we didn’t have the food as we should and asked me to keep the card. When he found out that I was going to prevent their access, he became highly upset with me.
    We went to visit my family and left our son there for his usual 2 week vacation.
    From the moment we returned, he makes many calls to my mother.
    We received a visit from a DSS official stating I had done something to our son. My wife and I made it clear that it wasn’t possible. She spoke with my wife alone and she was told the same thing. We were told that A*** had to stay with someone else and our only option was with her father.
    My wife and I had an appointment with the investigator. After he and I had a discussion, we exited. She got up and headed our way, assuming that he was going to speak with her. He dismissed us without speaking with her.
    Days later, her father forces her to file a domestic violence report against me. The way she and I see itnow, Iit was the quickest way to get me out of the house so he could get our daughter back.
    After bonding out, I went to her mother’s. Without hesitation, she says, “I know J** is behind this, I just know it.”
    She and her neighbor went to see my wife. Her father goes into a rant as they arrive. My wife tells both of them, “Jason didn’t hurt me.”
    Days later, her mother and I was informed that J** had our daughter again. She went to the DSS official and expressed that J** violated her daughters and two other family members. Then she shown her a letter written by a friend of my wife’s since grade school, expressing that my wife told her directly the same thing and expressed the concern of J** being around our children.
    Our son tells a family member, “Daddy didn’t do it, Pa Pa J** did it.”
    When J** heard of his comment, he told my mother, “You can’t believe a G.D. thing he says.”
    I agreed to do a polygraph…and I PASSED…but I was told that I failed. Already under distraught and then being told I was a liar, I made a false statement that all family members and close family friends could had contradicted.
    Now in jail, J** continues instigating issues. An officer at J**’s job made the comment to my employer among others, “Jason is being set up” after hearing J**’s varying and conflicting comments.
    My court appointed lawyer never quested my wife nor any witness. He gave me numerous opportunities to take a plea, but I turned all of them down. He offered pleas that would not had been charged as a sex crime, even so, I turned them down.
    I made a request for a speedy trial which he failed to file.
    He was told of evidence and it’s whereabouts, but he failed to aquire it.
    The witness who wrote that letter called him to express what she knew and her concerns…only to be told, “I don’t have time.”
    My wife is certain that her father had made a complaint while she had our son…considering he’s made it clear that he disliked our son. An offical arrives and informs her that if she didn’t sign over custody, they would be taken anyway. J** didn’t realize that his actions caused A*** to be taken away from him as well.
    She asked her father to take her to see them, he tells her, “No”.
    When they had to be transferred to the children’s home, she was asked to come as well. Her father told her bluntly, “You can’t go.”
    J** told her to keep her mouth shut and forced her to leave the state.
    The morning of court, I received a letter from her stating that she was no longer in N.C. I didn’t take my sleep aid from the night before because of court the next morning. But when I received her letter during med pass (6-6:30a), I took my med just to calm down. She was not subpoenaed as I was told. In the courtroom, my lawyer mentioned the sleep aid, but he did not ask for a continuance.
    In transcripts, it’s noticeable that confusion was apparent.
    I filed an appeal promptly, although it took another lawyer to insist him to help me file it.
    Although an appellant was hired, he wasn’t notified of the hearing, therefore he was present at the hearing. MY APPEAL WAS DISMISSED WITHOUT COUNSEL PRESENT.
    My appellant lawyer came to see me and after we discussed everything, he says clearly, “You have been railroaded.”
    **I’ve had 2 lawyers, with one saying it in front of my wife, “You have been railroaded.” I’ve had a DSS official, whom had the job of taking children out of abusive homes, tell me the same thing once she saw my notes…of what I had at the time.
    J** forced my wife to file for divorce and each time her and I would get close, he would instigate issues between us…most recently in 2014.

  197. Francine Wertz

    Can some one be held in jail for years because a girl said that the male has raped them and made all kinds of False reports to hold someone in jail.

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  199. I have a notarized affidavit from the victim in my case I’ve had it since 2015 I cannot get any action because I’m broke I don’t know if I can live anymore life is just too hard this way and all the people that think I did something don’t understand that I didn’t do anything and basically being a sex offender has basically robbed me of who I am I don’t even like myself anymore because how can you let yourself when you know that everyone hates you just on General principal I don’t know if I can make it I’ve been strong for so long it’s just getting to me especially since I actually still have a relationship with the victim and their family like nothing happened because nothing did I don’t know I just feel like I’m wasting my breath I need help

  200. Kage (anonymous for protection)

    So I’ve read several opinions here. Many on both sides have relevance. Many on both sides are over stated and angry or biased. I am biased. I freely admit that as I am a victim of a false conviction. I want to thank several parents I’ve seen on here that freely post that they believe this is too much. It is you that gives me hope that some day I will be free. Not a prisoner in my own skin.

    I was convicted in a case where every eye-witness stated that the allegations were false. However, the rules of evidence prohibit use of evidence that would cast doubt on the statement of a minor “victim”. I can not fathom to guess why this young girl said the things she said. I very much hope she has found a better way.

    While incarcerated I was beaten and molested many times. I was bullied into a plea deal, being told I would not have to register on an SIS probation. That was not true. The allegations were that I briefly touched a girl’s breast over her shirt. But I was forced to take a class that tried to get me to say I was stalking her and grooming her and that I planned on having several other victims and simply outright demean myself. I eventually failed my probation because I could not do this. I served my full 5 year sentence, and am now serving a life sentence in my own personal hell.

    I am unable to find a job, as even factories will not hire a SO. I will never be able to support a family and be a decent father. I will never be able to even support myself, and when my grandmother passes will likely be on the streets homeless waiting to die. Not a day since my release has passed that I have not wanted my life to end.

    Now, on top of it all, another girl is saying that I touched her, because she got caught running away from home and did not want to get in trouble. The supposed witnesses refuse to testify against me because they know it is a load of crap. I do not even know the girl. However, I have less than a 1% chance of winning because I am presumed guilty already because I have a prior. I am not under the protection of presumption of innocence. I have viable proof that my accuser is lying. I have alibis. But none of it is admissible. I am most likely at this point to be forced to make a decision between prison, followed by a lifetime of “civil commitment” in a facility beyond whatever sentence I receive, and simply ceasing to exist so I no longer have to face the world we live in.

    I do not support rape or child molestation in any form. But neither do I think it is worse than murder or giving methamphetamines to a 10 year old, which are both treated much less drastically.

  201. I totally understand what you are saying. this will probably blow some minds. I am a level 1registered sex offender. The lowest level in Washington state.there is levels 1,2, and 3. 1 being the least level to offend again, and 3 being the most likely to re-offend. 2 is in the middle. I really liked you’re article about accused offenders. The reason I am commenting on you’re article is because I too was convicted of a sex offence, that I never committed. My ex girlfriend and our son accused me of molesting our son. The reason I am commenting is I know what hearsay can do to an innocent persons life. It has truly ruined my life. Nobody will rent a place to me to live at. I stay at a clean and sober house, and the only option I have is to live here or be homeless. I recently lost my father this year in January. Things are so bad,that I can’t even live on the 2 house’s, 2.5 acres he left me. Why, because it’s near a school and a day care center. All because of the nature of my alleged crime. So to all of you wrongfully accused offenders, my heart goes out to you. All I can say is hang in there, and that God will be here soon to straighten all this mess out. Take care and God bless you all my brothers.

  202. That’s terrible & it’s terrible there is so much of this that goes on in that state! They may get away with it there but, not when they meet the good Lord!!


    My husband just got sentenced to 5 years in prison for rape that he did commit,thes no evidence,no DNA nothing. The caregiver of the so called victim don’t like my husband so the prosecutor talked to the caregiver and she was on the caregiver said. My husband is wrongfully convicted,and I don’t know how to go about it….Any advice please

  204. Michelle Weathers

    I am in love with a man on the sex registry I in my heart know that he did not commit that crime I know how women get when they can’t have what they want and they’ll do anything and they can coerce a child into saying something happened that didn’t happen. that was the case of my friend. I as a child was molested by my stepfather who never got convicted of his crime everyday I have to live with that not only him but Brothers to molested me from the time I was three years old till the time I was nine. this man that I am dealing with is a black man that got caught up with a white woman and guess what a white woman word stands before black man. The mistake of marrying her and when the relationship didn’t work and she couldn’t have what she wanted she destroyed his life. I will stand by him because I know Joseph story and I know he was wrongfully committed of a crime by the deceit of a woman. I am not in no means taking up for this man but I know a child molester when I see one.

  205. In Court they announce…..”the Honorable Judge___________”, Nothing Hononrable about any of these self-righteous people…..self serving, arrogant and evil!!

  206. I know all too well wrongful convictions. My kid brother accused me. The police forced me when I was 17 to confess by telling me everything he told them. And I wasn’t allowed to leave until I did. The states attorney wanted to give me a slap on the wrist. The judge wanted the maximum. I have to register as a juvenile (thank god) for life. And for not playing ball, I have to register every 90 days for life. I used to register every year. I have to pay $100 a year I don’t have. I took a polygraph text, court ordered, at the beginning and I recanted the confession, and passed, but polygraphs aren’t admissible in court. The judge threw out the victim’s testimony, so I was convicted on my own confession that I recanted and passed through a polygraph. The biggest fear is if I hate pedophiles and wanna kill them, how many pedophiles are safe. And am I safe if word got out. I have never gotten in trouble over anything else in my life, except that, and forgetting to register one time, and not registering my information. Unless I break the law with my cell phone or email address I don’t want a fricking cop having my info. He better do his job and the judge should give me a stronger punishment. Since the law can’t stop crimes before they happen, who the hell is dumb enough to use registered info to commit crimes?

  207. My son who is in a wheelchair and was accused of this, in Pa , A young lady got on top of him and wouldn’t get off him, so in self defense he pitched her breast and grabbed her thigh to get her off him, no sex or fluids , and he’s on a tier 2 , help what can we do please help me, help him.

  208. Sad part is that so few people – and particularly employers – give a shit when someone’s life falls apart. I lost a job for giving someone a quick hug and kiss on the cheek and it’s carried over throughout my life. I’m as kind and well meaning as one could be. No one cares, because it isn’t them that’s dealing with a lifetime of injustice.

  209. I was wrongly convicted of a sex crime and spent 15 mandatory year in the Mississippi Department of Corrections. I would very much appreciate any information anyone has for attorneys or organizations that would look into a wrongly convicted persons trial transcripts and determine for themselves if they would be willing to help someone that was wrongly convicted to clear their names. And to get off this ridiculous sex offender register. I won’t go into all the details here but I will say this I went to two trials I didn’t take a plea agreement and the charge that I was indicted for sexual battery I was found not guilty. So they came around the back door and convicted me of fondling and hit me with the maximum 15 years day for day. Hope and pray that there’s someone out there that would give my case a look and free me of this good old boy system that’s been going on for centuries in the south.

  210. I wish more judges and prosecutors could see the after effects of their action with people who are not a danger to society. I am a registered offender, and my “victim” lied because she was upset at me. There was no contact, certainly no knowledge that she was even home, but she walked in on me masturbating. I get charged with KNOWINGLY exposing myself to a minor.

    On the day of the trial, she testifies, under oath, that she lied because she was mad at me. The judge ignores this and continues to find me guilty. I cannot live with my family, have to register multiple times a year, have to go through “therapy” where my money drives his business (oh yeah, apart from registration and other MANDATORY things, I have to foot the bill for it as well) and because I got probation instead of a prison sentence, I can’t even appeal. My family wants me home, I have two jobs and am still greatly in debt (when outside of this situation, I could’ve lived comfortably with just the one main job). My offense had no force, had no contact, wasn’t even something done knowledgeably, however, my “victim” was too young to know what she wanted when she asked for permission for us to have contact. I couldn’t afford a high priced lawyer (or any lawyer at all) and had to go with a public defender. I didn’t know anything about the law so I talked to try to “clear things up” so that I could go home after one night in jail. And ultimately, I find that there is CURRENTLY no way to change my situation for the better. I have never plead guilty, nor will I admit guilt to something that doesn’t apply to me. (Charge of KNOWINGLY exposing self, when I was unawares that she was still at the house)

  211. Please tell of an organization who can help me prove i didnt comit the sex crime i was bullied into pleading guilty to.i have no money.prosecution had no proof that the young men in the gay porn photos i had were minors.a guy i knew printed them off internet sites and he let me have copies of court appointed attorney did nothing to defend me & lied to me saying they needed no proof that the young men were actually i plead guilty to avoid harsher punishment.cops found photos while searching my home for stolen happened about ten years ago.please help me.thank you.

  212. my dad is an offender I’m in the only one it happens to one time I had to go through court when I was 16 and again when I was 19 and I told them I didn’t want to the second time I am 28 now and I feel like he has paid the price I want him to be out of thiwr so bad I dont want my dad to die in thiwr any help on getting anything done to get him out I have always been a daddy’s girl and it kills me to think he will actually die in thiwr I never wanted that I just wanted him to get better……

    • Your not the only survivor to say the same thing. My daughter is also a survivor and she also just wanted him to get better, and didn’t want the sentence they gave. Unless God intervenes, her dad will die in prison. I am also talking to legislates to get them to change the system.

  213. My husband was wrongly accused in 1984
    To this day he has to go report every 3 months.
    I encourage him to find an attorney and fight this monster that has plagued him for many years now.

  214. My brother is serving 95 years in Indiana for child molestation. We did not have money for a lawyer and we took the case to trial with a public defender. The child was documented as being a virgin even after aligations against my brother of sexually assaulting her. She claimed there was blood every where yet there was no DNA found in the places the child claimed to be assaulted. There was no physical evidence or DNA my brother was convicted on her testimony alone. He has filed PCR and was denied. He then filed a reconsideration and was denied. I need to know why the next step is or if anyone has any advice on legal representation at a low cost. Please help with any info. I am at a loss right now

  215. In 1995 I also was convicted of a sex crime I did not commit. There was no sexual contact whatsoever between myself and the alleged victim yet my attorney (public defender) advised me not to take the stand because I was drinking excessively the night the accusations were made and in his mind I believe he felt I committed the crime but didn’t remember. After a night of drinking things tend to be a blur. Yet in my case I remember going into a deep drunken slumber and waking from that slumber in custody. During the trial the alleged victim takes the stand and blatantly tells untruths and leaves out critical information from the night in question without any in depth cross examination. Nevertheless, I was sentenced to 7 years in prison 3 years probation and a lifetime registration that is nothing short of a recurring nightmare. It’s been 22 years since my conviction and any and all lawyers I consulted are asking $100,000+ to take on the case. And the Innocence Project has more pressing cases due to people being incarcerated needing release which is understandable. I have no clue what to do next but I’m prayerful and will continue to build my arguments leading up to filing a Writ of Actual Innocence. I only get one shot at it so it has to be well written… It’s shocking to realize so many people are wrongfully convicted. There is no statute of limitation on ones innocence and it’s up to us to continue the fight until justice is ours. Thanks

  216. I’m really glad I just found this article. I was arrested and convicted of Rape and sodomy on a four year old girl in the state of Oregon in 1995 in spite of the fact that physically exculpatory evidence exists and was in the possession of the courts during the entire case. I have been fighting the case for twenty three years and no one has ever given a damn weather or not the truth existed. It does and I have it. Is there any way you can help me?

  217. God bless America.

  218. Coming from someone who knows of someone who has been wrongfully charged with tier 3 sex offender charge. It’s nice to see someone wants to actually change the laws. Yeah, the person I know had multiple felon charges before (when he was a young adult). It doesn’t mean he raped the victim or touched her inappropriately. He had all the proof; lie detector stated he was telling the truth multiple times, he went and got std testing done because the victim had gonorrhea (he was negative), he rarely goes to the hospital (once a year), the list goes on and on…. but it’s her word against his and his proof he never done it. Looking around to see what I can do to change it from tier 3 to tier 2 or 1 or even have it expunged completely. It’s not easy now he has gotten marked with it. Well, this caused an uproar. I had child protective services show up at my house to “check on my daughter.” After they saw her then they started asking questions about my friend. I tell them what I know, I saw the paperwork. I’m not stupid. Protective services told me that he could rape her orally. I go in, so your telling me that after 7 years of going to health classes about pregnancy and stds that I don’t know that gonorrhea is transferable via sex and oral? Oh give me a break… judge charged this guy because of hatred, not by the evidence.

  219. Total disgrace make me ashamed of our Leagle system especially the way juveniles are treated by the system!
    Something is terribly wrong here!

  220. I need help proving My boyfriend not guilty .Theres not proof that he did anything and the older boy cant remember anything and the youngest one say nothing happened. This was his ex wife that waited 7yrs to say anything and If anyone can look into his case ,PLease He needs to be clear, He was a firefighter for 13 yrs that was his life , he would never do this , My nephews and my neice love him and He has Nephews too and would never touch a kid. Can someone help me heko him PLEASE

  221. I don’t know about anywhere else, but. I was wrongfully convicted in Oregon for a sex offence that I successfully proved never occurred. There was no DNA collect. There were several signs that no sexual abuse took place. There was no crime committed so no conviction should result. Multnomah County Oregon circuit Court case 94-09-35604.

  222. Why am I a sex offender ?
    Having a wrongful conviction even when you have 100% irrefutable evedence all the judge has to do is just ignore it. And plea agreements with government don’t mean nothing.

  223. anthony searles-harris

    I am a US Army Veteran and now a registered sex offender in the state of California. I was framed by the Kern county sheriff office for reporting one of their officers for murder. I went to trial facing 15 felonies. I was convicted of 3. One alleged victim recanted on the stand. The other did not. I was physically tortured by Kcso while in custody (electrocuted, sodomized, burned with cigarettes, etc. ). I would like to share my story as well as provide evidence proving my innocence with anyone willing to review it. I took polygraph for parole and passed. Further verifying my innocence. I can provide parole officer name and number for confirmation.

  224. Thank you for your stories. There once was a time when I would have believed that every single person on a sex offenders list deserved to be on there. Things have changed for me since I personally know of someone who entered a plea deal due to the amount of money it was costing him to defend himself. Lawyers are expensive. He also had to take time off of work and travel to another state for his court appearances. He had been told that it was no big deal. SURPRISE! It turned out that he had to register on the sex offenders list in his home state. This was a shock and the local police were not very kind to him. Originally he was told that he didn’t have to register so he didn’t. Once it was determined that he did have to register the police swooped in on him. Police officers seem to be under the impression that everyone on that list is guilty too. I understand that since it’s set up that way. We all have children in our lives who we love. We would do anything to protect them. The fact is that there are vindictive spouses out there who make up stories in order to destroy their husbands. It happens all the time. This is the most effective way to do it. Any time a person is accused of molesting a child it must obviously be true. It’s a nightmare that never ends. Thank God the person I know has been able to get the legal help he needed. However, even though you have been removed from the registry the internet will always be your enemy. Anyone can find things about your past on there. It’s never fully removed from internet sites. Isn’t it amazing that you can be a paroled murderer and no one will ever know about it? I am not condoning those who are true sexual predators but I do know that just because someone is charged with that crime they aren’t always guilty even if they agree to a plea deal.

  225. Good Evening and regrettably, I too am on this list. I am a single mother of 3 and my story is much like others on this blog. I was involved with someone who was abusive to me and my kids. I finally got the courage to get away from him. He told me that he could hurt me without touching me. I didn’t understand what that meant. Months later I found out just what he meant when I got a call from our local police. I was scared to go to the district alone and was trying to get money for a lawyer to go with me. Within a week there was a warrant for my arrest. At this time, I still did not know what I was being charged with and what I supposedly did! Well I found out when I turned myself in. This sick man got his son to lie about things I supposedly did. I fought these charges for 3 years, $10k in the hole and the father of my children dying from cancer. I couldn’t hold up any longer. I plead guilty to something I didn’t do in order to get house arrest to stay out of jail so I could take carer of my kids. I passed the lie detector test, and am a current life long registrant of a law that has ruined my life, my kids life. My home has been burglarized because of my registry, my kids can’t post our family pics for fear of someone knowing. I don’t know what to do. Yes, there are people who need to be on this list. Those people are out there. However, for those that are wrongfully accused, we are just STUCK! I am always looking over my shoulder for vigilantes since my home invasion. If anyone has any info that will help me, please reach out! Hopefully this law will be reformed sooner than later! I just want to be free to live my life and enjoy my family!

  226. My father was the cutest of using a computer’s listening child within the first few hours new was not a 13 year old child me being 9 at the AMC now 14 my father went to prison for 3 years and probation 3 years he has 90 days left and as well people in the neighborhood no he is innocent of a crime. He proved cop who wrote the initial statement was a liar in court and his lawyer never followed up with you his lawyer never used an opening statement my father tried to stop talking to him for 3 days and they just kept harassing so then he started he started asking questions if they were on duty why ain’t you typing fast enough my daughter is 9 years old she can take care of you then we start again personal and asked personal questions but he never asked her to come but he never asked her to come over he never ask for them to come over he never asked for any sexual favors you never gave no address and he never went to go meet this person after they tried meeting up with him several times my father believed in justice system this is father was a police officer but after he was arrested he couldn’t believe how crooked the system Justice. I want to grow up and become a lawyer because of what happened to my father and we are still looking for people to help him fight his case because there were worse people let go for entrapment the judge has stopped the court proceedings because my father took it to trial six drawers and told his lawyer to look in the log books because they are a lost check my case and he wasn’t doing a good enough job he did not follow up on the line at the police report that we caught them on then the cop had 6 months experience training another cop who had two weeks. Which quit after I was saying sentence and and went to work for AT&T there is a lot of corruption in my dad case which me being 14 can notice it there was no black juror they were all upper-class older people who had no idea about social media me being 9 years old had more knowledge and like I said his lawyer did not explain and him being such a terrible sex offender by law the judge still allowed me to live with him and for him to have full custody of me at the age of 11

  227. In 1995 I was wrongfully convicted of a sex crime that i did not do. My life has been turned upside down, my career ruined, and my family split apart as a result. At times i get depressed as the years trek on but i haven’t given up hope that one day i will be free of this. It’s been 23 years since my conviction and everyday i pray that no one else will have to endure this injustice. For those who were wrongfully convicted dont give up. Your case can be potentially overturned especially if you pled not guilty.

  228. I’ve read a few of the comments posted here and it truly breaks my heart to know that I’m not the only one suffering from a wrongful verdict. I was charged with 2 counts of aggravated sexual abuse and 1 change of battery. Last week a jury found me guilty of all charges. I appear before the judge for sentencing in 2 months. In my case the state did not meet the burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt, was allowed to introduce “evidence” that an earlier Illinois appellate court ruled was inadmissible, extensive amount of hearsay testimony was allowed in to bluster their case and the state shifted the burden of proof throughout the trial. I learned from my attorney that 7 out of 12 jurors thought I was “innocent” at the beginning of deliberations. Their rationale for flipping had nothing to do with the evidence or lack of evidence presented. My attorney has strong conviction of my innocence. My accuser sited 6 different accounts of what she claimed accused. She was inconsistent on big and small issues. My daughter was awake just feet away from my accuser when she claimed the events happened. No one who knows me believes I could ever do what I’m being accused of. My accuser had a prior history of mental illness and unsubstantiated claims of cyber bullying. none Of which was allowed in at trial. I’m not a mental health professional but this young woman always seemed to have some illness or conflict with her peers. She was 16 almost 17 at the time while my daughter was 14 and my adopted son was 18. She new my wife and I were contemplating divorce and my son used her as a confidant to complain about me. He was abandoned by his biological father when he was 2. I adopted him when he was 5. As a result he had many emotional issues. He was known to exaggerate and engage in attention seeking behavior. Our relationship became strained when I grounded him from his cell phone and restricted his driving privileges for not taking school seriously. Unfortunately, because of his codependent relationship with my accuser he got himself ensnared in the situation and the state used that to their advantage. I was found guilty because the state effectively played to his naive disposition and used his prior statements about our relationship. The states entire case was built on discrediting witnesses that supported my innocence and innuendos of my character. I plan to appeal unless my attorney is effective in a motions to dismiss or retry the case. My challenge is that I’m running out of money to keep fighting and if my employer finds out I’ll most certainly lose my job of 18 years. I’m confident as is my attorney that we have a strong case but in these emotionally charged times it’s difficult to win even if there’s no evidence to support the accusations. I’m innocent!!! I’m a 55 year old male who is terrified and for the first time in my life have considered suicide. I don’t know where to turn. Is there anyone that can help? Are there organizations that provide assistance in these cases?

  229. What do i do because i have been wrongfully convicted even the therapist told me the same thing and in any of the text messages and recordings does not refer to me wanting anything sexual from him or him to me i thought i was trying to help him because he didn’t know what his family would say or his friends and i thought i was helping him because he was confused and a person from high school killed himself for the same reason, i need help because people don’t believe me and now i feel like the guy in high school cause i don’t want to live because of what people think of me and i didn’t have any sexual desire and now i don’t know what to do, can you help me? Ps: and they searched my house and computer and found nothing because i have interest in children that way.

  230. My name is Bob I was wrongfully convicted of a misdemeanor annoy of a minor in California , Ruined my life I had a beautiful wife three Beautiful children all torn away because of an accusation when a sexual thought never crossed my mind nor would it ever IM a good looking Young strong Man forced to wear a monitor as also took a polygraph witch I passed and Counseling , Lucky I had an understanding doctor who know IM farthest thing from a predetor and she did not make ME attend Meetings with the other 290s .IM a great DaD hard worker until recently some one posted the registration on line I was assaulted by several gang members on my job site. I spent years in prison fighting for my life. I M innocent and I would like to find a probono lawyer to reopen my case and clear my name . And try to get my life back on track.
    Sincerely Bob Campos

  231. Charles Miller

    I was wrongly accused of touching a nine year old, which I believe her mother cohersed her to lie in 1987 I’ve been registering for 32 years. Her word against mine how does this go on how can a person sleep at night, knowing that they’ve destroyed someone’s life.

  232. Stephen Meshell

    I thank you for this story. I am a wrongfully convicted person. I committed no crime. Yet was convicted and sentenced to 4 years in prison and registration. The laws are out of control. There needs to be change. Those of us who are innocent should not have to bare perpetual punishment for something that never occurred.

  233. I can’t even write this without crying. It constantly feels like the walls are closing in. And it’s not for me but my brother. He was falsely accused and convicted for an offence that was never committed and I know the truth because I was there and still am here to try to help as best I can. We went through hell these last couple years and I’ve gained a lot of knowledge so I will say it here:

    You will either go through the system THEIR WAY. Or you will fail. You will lose dearly. You will be beaten at every turn. And mocked. And the world won’t shed a tear for you. And even the court’s ability to help you is diminishing as they pass more pro-victim legislation and nothing to help the falsely accused. And they’ll side with whoever is in power, democrats or republicans. It can happen to anyone and they’ll cover it up with every new law they pass. If you win even the smallest victory they will fight back and pass new laws at the next election. When you have the will of The People you have near carte blanche.

    There isn’t much to live for but you HAVE TO. They put you on this road because they don’t care. They only care to keep the gears turning, term after term after term. So better you get smart and just try to survive. We haven’t seen the end of this and maybe none of us will. I care SO much and have literally come to my near end. The system is a steam roller, sparing none.

    Nothing can equate to the pain we’ve had to endure as a family over this FALSE accusation. So my hat’s off to those of you who’ve made it this far. Whether guilty or innocent.

    • Dear F Munos,

      I read your post this morning and am deeply saddened to hear about your circumstances. I too have been falsely accused and can empathize with the the challenges your brother is facing. I have been fighting for my innocence for 5 1/2 years now and after 2 trials, the first ending in a mistrial and the second the state used such misconduct that I was found guilty. My attorney filed an appellate brief this week and that’s now my only hope for recovery of the wrongs done to me. I’ve lost my career job of 19 years, friends have all disappeared, and I lost my beautiful home. And with a conviction there’s little hope that I’ll find employment. The torment of the situation like yours is unbearable. I don’t know your circumstances accept that you know that your brother is innocent because you were there. Like you my daughter was there and knows that the accusations are lies. The most remarkable thing about all of this is the the SA will stop at nothing to get a conviction. The after math of their actions are destructive and has left me uncertain of obtaining even the most basic of needs to survive; where to live, how to get a job, and worst of all social isolation. I’ll pray for your brother that he finds the courage to continue the fight.

      • Wendy Andrews

        All of this is so wrong. There are so many wrongful convictions and so much information and explanations are not allowed. I know that not everyone is innocent, most are not, there are some who are innocent! When it comes to accusations of sexual misconduct involving children, you are considered guilty no matter what. No one wants to hear anyone defending themselves! All they hear are the words sex and child and you’re a goner!! Nothing else is heard or believed! It’s sad, infuriating and just plain wrong! Not only is the accused ostracized, the family is also. Especially if you defend the accused. I’m our case, there was no investigation done. He was accused and arrested, now in prison and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt he is innocent but it doesn’t matter. Our system is skewed when it comes to these cases. Men’s lives are forever ruined and no one cares. I feel for all who are dealing with this.

        On Sat, Aug 17, 2019 at 10:15 AM Wrongful Convictions Blog wrote:

        > Greg Snow commented: “Dear F Munos, I read your post this morning and am > deeply saddened to hear about your circumstances. I too have been falsely > accused and can empathize with the the challenges your brother is facing. I > have been fighting for my innocence for 5 1/2 yea” >

  234. Fear F Munos.
    I have read your post and I can not say that I am a bit surprised I have been trying to prove my innocence for 19 years and every time I think I am making some ground they put up another barrier. It is so hard too try to fight a system that is so corrupt especially when it comes too sex offenders I love in a small state and it is virtually impossible to try and get someone to help you,we can not even get the local aclu to help us challenge these stupid sex offenders laws .So all I can do is encourage you to keep going and do not quit because that is what they are hoping you do.Good Luck.

    • I appreciate all the comments.

      During all this time I’ve been digging into the details and found some interesting things. The courts use the calendar to their advantage. A case might be tied up until the passing of some law or someone’s re-election. A September trial, an October sentencing, 6 months jail time. Released from jail in January on good behavior and made to report to probation in the first 5 days after release. Get probation paperwork and terms, all the while your appeal was started by your public defender and set for an April review (because they have “other cases”).

      Keep checking in with probation, take the fliers for sex offender classes, and keep being pressured to enroll by the PO. April 30th rolls around and your conviction comes back “affirmed” and 10 business days later if your “court appointed” appellate attorney hasn’t appealed the decision…you’re right in time for…

      Operation Broken Heart.

      The sex offender sting they say takes place in April, May, or June. In June last year were the California primaries…where some officials are looking to get a 5th term in office and uses these stings to promote their platform. This is especially problematic if you have a birthday in those months, since registration has to happen during those times.

      You get picked up and violated for any of the easily violated terms such as “not complying”. The court then has you up for resentencing on the remainder of your “felony probation”.

      And then you get an attorney to “modify” your probation terms. And you’re off probation!


      They go and start passing legislation to make THAT harder.

      So I’ve come to an an excellent observation: these people it seems like to play a brand of chess where they can change the rules on a whim. They want you to move so you can leave their jurisdiction. They want to close every possible way an innocent person can fight back. 99% or 100% conviction.

      AB 433 was sent for engrossing and enrollment today, a process out of the view of the public. The Democrats in California walked right into this trap for their war on Trump.

  235. I’m one that’s been wrongfully convicted and I’m still fighting it been fighting it for 20 years I can’t even get the judgment and sentencing right that’s the S&J it went from a statutory to a forceful too forceful with consensual sex on my goddamn registry list just goes to prove Elijah’s builds itself bigger and bigger and bigger and I still can’t get it removed DNA prove that I didn’t do it the lady even said I didn’t do it but then yet the state won’t reject the conviction so what’s a man to do mine was over a damn divorce allegations made against me

  236. Dorothy Christian

    To whom it may concern,                                                             9/1/19

    Matthew Bryant Christian dob 01/03/1990 was walking in the street on 10/04/2017 from Wal-Mart on Sheridan to 6th and Bell where the incident occurred.  This couple Lottie Tatum and a tall black man, possibly her husband Esau Tatum were driving their car saw Matthew and they said he was yelling at them. The tall black man gets out of his car and tackled Matthew. That is when Matthew was able to find a brick on the ground.  Matthew trying to get away from them feeling threatened threw a brick that struck Lottie and now Matthew is charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon locked up since 10/04/2017 to stand trial for hate crimes committed against him.  Matthew ran to the police station for help and was charged at that time and locked up.  Case CFF-2017-681 Even if Matthew was yelling at them does that give them the right to attack and tackle Matthew?  Matthew’s only defense was what was on the ground, they had their car and could have gotten away but that was not their intent.  Yes, Matthew is schizophrenic and he was dressed like a girl but does that give people the right to attack, tackle, beat up or whatever else they may want to do?  Yes, Matthew is guilty of self-defense and schizophrenia and cross dressing and he has been in the county jail since 10/04/2017 and this was the second time he’d been in trouble with the law.  First case CF-2016-670.  His first offense 11/10/2016 was indecent exposer. This incident occurred in his own home in his own bed!  An aggressive homeless woman recently released from jail on meth charges, Bethany Mammedaty invited herself to his home thinking he was gay because he dresses like a girl.  Then she climbed in his bed and he was found guilty and sentenced to 10 years and will be a sex offender for life.  She should be the predator and sex offender not Matthew.  

    Dorothy Christian  
    ‪511 NW Arlington Ave‬
    ‪Lawton, Ok 73507‬

  237. Does anyone know of a high profile civil legal team that can effectively pursue a prosecutorial misconduct lawsuit in Illinois?

  238. My son was wrongly accused of molesting 2 girls under the age of 10. He was going thur scikmeds changing and did not realize all that he was being accused of. The county and his attorney did not do anything to try and see who was telling the truth. They took the dirty money that the other family offered and my son was convicted without even talking to the witness on our side. My son done 3 years in prison and now has 2 kids of his own and only gets to see them for a hour every 2 weeks. It took all the money we had for his attorney. And for this so called attorney to turn his back on my son was just unbelievable. Now he has to put up with all this for the rest of his life us so unfair. His lil kids have to grow up without their father and we can’t even be in their lives is not fair to them. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. May God be with the ones wrongly accused.

  239. Simonya Crozier


    I have read so many of these and it saddens my heart. My son turned 18 on November 27th. Just after Christmas he and a girl age 16 decided to meet. They started fooling around (with her consent) and then she changed her mind. They had words and she ran off. He came home and later there was a knock at our door and the police took him outside to talk to him. They came back in and allowed him to put on his shoes on before they prepared to take him to jail. I asked to talk to him but they wouldn’t let me. They assured me that they had read him his rights. Later talking to him he said they questioned him way into the night and early morning. He had to write out a statement and sign it. He said he talked to them because he hadn’t done what they were accusing him of and that they would see that. She also made a statement. When I read the statements they were the same except for a few details. We could not afford an attorney so he ended up with a court appointed attorney. I could not be in on the sessions he had with the attorney and since nothing like this had ever happened in our family before we didn’t know what to do or expect. His attorney told him he was looking at 25 years if he went to trial or he could take a plea and get 5 years. He took the plea. He will get out 01/2021. He is worried about his life once he gets out. He has had to suffer much during his incarceration. He developed high blood pressure and has suffered from depression. None of his friends have stayed in touch with him. He feels like he is a burden. He doesn’t know where he can go when he gets out, They want him to parole out to family but his sister is still at home, and his brother has two girls. We aren’t sure how to help him. He tries to be positive but sometimes he becomes despondent. It breaks our hearts. I wish they wouldn’t lump everyone together and just assume they are all a stereotype. He was innocent of rape or fear and flight.

  240. My heart goes out to you and your son. My prayers are with you. I too have learned the hard way how the system is corrupt and have been falsely accused. I’ve lost everything and no one will hire me. May God bless you and your family.

  241. My son was wrongfully convicted of a sexual assault on a minor. He lived with some people that beloved my son owed them money and threatened to ruin his life. They said he exposed himself to their grandchildren and forced them to touch his penis. (My son has no priors of this ever happening before and to this day still has never been accused of this by anyone else to date.) There was no evidence against him, but the appointed public defender told my son after my son sat a year in county jail, if he was offered a plea agreement to take it! Because if he pled not guilty and took it to trial the counts would most likely go this the victim’s statement and if he was to loss in court he could face up to sixty years in prison! Anyone that knows my son knew he was innocent of this crime! It was clear that these people were getting there revenge and kids were lying! But my son who had never been in any serious trouble before and was scared took the plea agreement offered. He was ordered to go for treatment and was place on Probation for 7 years and was order to register for life as a sex offender. This as truly ruined his life. He is only 28☹️😢😖

    • Karen,
      Your son’s situation sounds EXACTLY to the “T” like my brothers situation! He was wrongfully convicted of sexual assault on a minor after befriending a female co-worker, eventually ending up staying in her home with her and her 2 daughters (ages 6 & 3 at the time i believe?!) all because he was at the time living either out of his car, or staying with me periodically. After they became friends, hanging out after work etc. she felt sorry for him and invited him to stay with her instead of sleeping in his car. He would later find out that he accepted an offer from the DEVIL. Both of our parents passed away in 2008 & 2011 leaving us to depend on each other. My brother has never before been in trouble, nor had a record of ANY offense. He stayed with this female for a total of 2 weeks. The 2nd (final) week he was there, both of her children had left to go down state to visit with their Father for part of the summer. Therefore, my brother was only in their presence for a week. Along with my brother, another female friend also stayed there on the other sofa in the living room across from my brother who stayed on the other sofa. Once that 2nd week was nearing end, the female homeowner asked my brother if he would mind finding somewhere else to stay because she wanted to “Live it up” according to her words, while her daughters were still gone a bit. My brother willingly obliged, and leaves. Fast forward 6 MONTHS, (yes, that’s right, 6 months!!!!) My brother has moved on with his life, and actually found his happiness down south about 5 hrs from me. Hes obtained a great job at KFC, and was actually sitting to take his Gen Mgr test to better himself even further! That’s when the dreadful news came…
      It was early one morning when I was getting my daughter up and ready for school. She was about 10 at the time, and LOVES HER UNCLE TO PIECES! So when I was sitting in the living room with the local news on my TV, and on pops a breaking news statement saying that the local authorities were looking for whom? MY BROTHER! Saying he was wanted on lewd and lascivious molestation on a minor! Talk about frozen, I WAS. I had to immediately push my daughter out the door and off to school with a quickness before she saw that madness accusation! I was furious.
      To make a long long story, kind of shorter…. Never having any sort of criminal record, Never ever being accused of something so horrible in the past or present besides this one, having multiple personal witnesses and support members, with ZERO EVIDENCE against him except the child’s word, even having the child’s deposition questioned for “coaching” by the parent, even finding out and having record of the accuser child having been EXPELLED (not suspended or sent home for the day, but EXPELLED) from her elementary school in the past for behavioral issues, even having knowledge and confirmed statements made by the child’s mother that the child had a problem with LYING. None of that did my poor brother any good. The story is so much longer than this, but to sum it up… He spent a year 1/2 in county jail before doing exactly what your son was told to do by his PD, took the plea deal! He was sentenced to 7.5 years in prison, AND has to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. I’m so sad and disgusted at the systems lack of real care or dignity of these innocent individuals. There are too many of them! My brother and I aren’t “well off” nor to we have ANY sort of means to fight this or the system. Our parents are deceased, so we cant ask for their assistance. I don’t know what were supposed to do from here. He will try and survive when he gets out this November in time for Thanksgiving with me and my children whom miss him terribly! He missed he birth of my son and getting to watch him grow or be a part of his life…or watch my oldest son GRADUATE high school (who he was VERY close to all of his life)!! All of this because of someone’s “WORD”. Nothing to back it up, no proof, nothing. Just awful. I’m at a loss reading everyone else’s stories that are so eerily similiar to my brothers, and it just sickens me to no end. WE NEED SOME SORT OF JUSTICE! Does ANYONE care?! 😥

  242. I truly believe my son’s innocence! Not having any evidence nor priors why was he order to register for life just doesn’t seem right!

  243. They built an incredibly entrenched system to convict people. Victim protection laws such as Marsy’s Law make it impossible for anyone falsely convicted of sex offenses to seek justice. The accused is IMMEDIATELY and VICIOUSLY dragged into a system they didn’t ask for. The prosecution and district attorneys become emboldened by their self-righteous cause, selling their souls beyond redemption to secure a guilty verdict.

    So now anyone can be accused of a “misdemeanor” sex offense that never happened, by an accuser who is granted such near-prosecutorial immunity that they might as well be a phantom at that point. A name on paper, a face to convince a jury. Add to that when a case comes up that “falls through the cracks” they go out of their way to peddle their filth up the legislative chain. They’ll re-draw the lines. They’ll rewrite the laws. They’ll tie up the system in legal jargon. All while chanting “public safety” or “for the victims” knowing they’ve exposed the easiest route to secure their jobs, term after term.

    This is what they built, a system to outlive everything and earn them a free ride at the tax payers’ expense. And when they get their fill the next person comes in to take the helm of their great machine, making the same mistake as before. They’d rather convict innocent people than admit the faults of this system and make the change that needs to happen.

    Sounds scary? It’s happening all around you, people just don’t care because they drank the “victim’s rights” kool-aid. Stop Marsy’s LIE.

    • Back in 1994 if you were convicted of 1986 state statute falls underneath 1994 you could be convicted of a unclassified crime. I myself was convicted of a Unclassified crime. Meaning you don’t know if it’s an ABC or D misdemeanor. When ABC D felony. I’ll try to get this taken off my record it seems nobody knows how to do it so the state classifies it as a dangerous offense that’s a felony. The reason for this was given to me as the state statue no longer exists because you fall underneath a 1980 RSMO

  244. I was convicted I’m Indiana 20 something years ago did not do it and it had rimmed my whole life and not for being very strong and putting up with the shit the judicial system has thrown at me most people would have killed there self but I really don’t want to take it to the grave and be remembered that way ever the balif in the courtroom looked ate and said you didn’t do that it I had to please guilty or they we’re going to give me 35 years I plgead giulteey to 6

  245. So true and so sad

  246. I believe that someone should be punished for a serious crime but so many people are getting pissed off at others and to get back at them they lie on u now the person they lied on can’t have a normal life with there family because of it. Now how do I deal with that..

  247. My Request for Commutation of Sentence:

    Dear President Trump / Mr. Kushner:
    I submit directly to your office for review / approval, my Petition for Commutation of Federal Sentence, complete with supporting documents attached herein, under the “OTHER” option; Extraordinary Circumstances exception. I have indeed exhausted what appears to be all possible avenues for relief from my wrongful conviction; I am actually, factually innocent.
    During the past 11 years of incarceration, I have tried the following proceedings in the 11th circuit, all to no avail: Direct Appeal, Habeas Corpus #1, Habeas Appeal, Fed.R.Civ.P. Rule 59(e), Rule 59(e) Appeal, Writ of Certiorari, Habeas Corpus #2, Habeas Appeal, Rule 59(e) to Chief Judge and Rule 59(e) Appeal.
    I am now 7 months into a 10 year period of supervised release under a Probation Officer / Sex Offender Treatment Program Counselor, neither of which can identify what my criminal activity was under Title 18 US Code §2422(b), Coercion and Enticement, and therefore request immediate termination …
    MR. PRESIDENT: Ever since you’ve been WONDERFULLY pushing back on many issues, more specifically, slowly peeling off the many layers of this rotten onion known as the CORRUPT Dept. of Justice [a commercial venture], you are providing hope to countless thousands of Americans like myself who have been sucked into the CRIMINAL federal justice corporation by being entrapped, tricked, pressured and threatened into pleading guilty to a VICTIMLESS crime, all in an effort to avoid a much worse sentence.
    Still, to this day, nobody can accurately identify the exact, alleged illegal activity because nothing illicit took place to support a criminal conviction under §2422(b) …
    In my case, it was undercover Task Force members who presented an ADULT social networking MySpace profile of an 18-YEAR-OLD female used to trick and deceive me into a series of sexualized conversations for entrapment purposes. At some point, the Detective pretended or stated she was a minor, although I can’t recall and they never could produce any chat session texts as evidence. Here I am – a convicted sex offender, 11 years incarceration, currently on supervised release; various local, state and federal registration requirements and restrictions for the rest of my life for engaging in two online sexualized chat sessions with undercover police who encouraged and enticed the behavior! Having said that, sexualized chat sessions are NOT criminal conduct under 18 US Code §2422(b) …
    I did NOT persuade, induce, entice, or coerce anyone into meeting to engage in prostitution or any other criminal sex acts; I was obtaining sexual satisfaction vicariously ON A COMPUTER SCREEN with whom I was led to believe were like-minded ADULT females, engaging in nothing more than sexually explicit ONLINE fantasy chat, via ADULT social networking website MySpace and Yahoo! Instant Messenger …
    Nonetheless, on March 9, 2009, without probable cause, nor properly authenticated chat session records, nor actual documented proof of interstate nexus, nor any chats / text messages of me communicating with ANY verified minors, nor any US Attorney overview, Special Agent Richards filed a fraudulent criminal complaint, misstated evidence, referenced incorrect Florida Statutes, and misled Magistrate Judge Hopkins, such that an arrest warrant was wrongfully issued …
    The government proceeded to create the crime by intentionally providing false documentation / testimony to mislead a secret grand jury and court; they successfully accused, indicted, charged and convicted me through an invalid plea with “Use Of A Facility And Means Of Interstate Commerce To Persuade, Induce, Or Entice A Minor To Engage In Sexual Activity;” a crime I could not have possibly committed with an undercover police officer! It should have been Attempt. On ALL levels, the government has misinterpreted / misapplied §2422(b) and have misled all involved.

  248. The punishment for someone who has images on the computer is the same as fir those who sexually abuse a child. How unfair is that? It is still wrong to have those images, but after serving time for the Charges against the person, that person should NOT have to register for life as a sex offender. These laws need to be changed. Too many lives are ruined that need not be.

  249. In 2001 I was convicted of sexual misconduct. A class b misdemeanor. I was at a public swimming pool with my girlfriend’s three daughters. Another child ( there was a bunch of them) showed up and I was lifting them by armpits and I was throwing them all around in the swimming pool like you do with kids and she said and I quote she heard me say I want to f*** you underwater well that wasn’t true I didn’t say anything like that at my trial I wasn’t actually convicted of that what I was convicted of was supposedly I was touching her on her breasts. I swear to God I didn’t do anything but I was an ex-con in a small town this little girl was a policeman’s daughter. Since then I have one failure to register as a sex offender because they keep changing the laws they want us to follow and nobody ever tells you what they changes are. How are you supposed to follow a set of rules that are always changing and you don’t know that they changed. Since then I have lost several good paying jobs and a bunch of other jobs it weren’t so good paying. I am now homeless and can’t get a job. My wife left me even though she believed me to be innocent. She could not handle the requirements and harassment by people and the police. Since 2001 I have been assaulted 14 times. I’ve been shot at twice. The police don’t help me when these things happen. About a 3 year’s ago one of my ex-girlfriends children told me that little girl then went to school the next day and bragged how she’s lied on me. I asked her if she would help me testify in court to what that girl had said. She said no she couldn’t because she had to live in the area afterward. I’ve always been an introvert but since my conviction I avoid other people. I am extremely paranoid. My anxiety attacks have gotten to the point where I can’t do anything. These days I go around with the big survival knife on my belt and a baseball bat in my truck just so that I can protect myself. When I report where I camp often the police wake me up in the middle of the night when they see my location that I reported because I’m required to. So ot would have been three nights ago now that somebody threw a 2 liter soda bottle full of urine on top of my truck in the middle of the night when I was sleeping. As you can imagine it all ran down into the bed of my truck when I was sleeping soaked all my stuff. I’ve lost track of the number of tires I’ve had cut or different types of vandalism that have happened to my truck. I feel like I’m in danger almost all the time which sooner or later will cause me to react violently. I’m sick to death of being a victim. I had one guy jump me not too long ago unfortunately for him my dog got him. He’s an 80 lb Pitbull. I can’t get a job not even flipping burgers. I am heavily experienced landscaping supervisor. But that part of my life is over. I’ve been trying to get my CDL but I can’t find a school that will accept me. I went to the career center here and they told me before they found out about my sex offender stuff that they would send me to school and pay for it. I then told about my sex offender conviction and they quickly told me they wouldn’t send me to school. I want to work and take care of myself and my dog. What am I supposed to do if I can’t find a job or a place to live. I have decided that I just don’t want to live this way. I am going to try one more year after that if things don’t get better at least a little then I’m just going to kill myself.

  250. In 2001 I was convicted of sexual misconduct. A class b misdemeanor. my understanding was that my public defender at the time has since been disbarred for being a drunk. It takes money to hire a lawyer to fight this but I don’t have it.
    I was at a public swimming pool with my girlfriend’s three daughters. Another child ( there was a bunch of them) showed up and I was lifting them by armpits and I was throwing them all around in the swimming pool like you do with kids and she said and I quote she heard me say I want to f*** you underwater well that wasn’t true I didn’t say anything like that at my trial I wasn’t actually convicted of that what I was convicted of was supposedly I was touching her on her breasts. I swear to God I didn’t do anything but I was an ex-con in a small town this little girl was a policeman’s daughter. Since then I have one failure to register as a sex offender because they keep changing the laws they want us to follow and nobody ever tells you what they changes are. How are you supposed to follow a set of rules that are always changing and you don’t know that they changed. Since then I have lost several good paying jobs and a bunch of other jobs that weren’t so good paying. I am now homeless and can’t get a job. My wife left me even though she believed me to be innocent. She could not handle the requirements and harassment by people and the police. Since 2001 I have been assaulted 14 times. I’ve been shot at twice. The police don’t help me when these things happen. About a 3 year’s ago one of my ex-girlfriends children told me that little girl then went to school the next day and bragged how she’s lied on me. I asked her if she would help me testify in court to what that girl had said. She said no she couldn’t because she had to live in the area afterward. I’ve always been an introvert but since my conviction I avoid other people. I am extremely paranoid. My anxiety attacks have gotten to the point where I can’t do anything. These days I go around with the big survival knife on my belt and a baseball bat in my truck just so that I can protect myself. When I report where I camp often the police wake me up in the middle of the night when they see my location that I reported because I’m required to. So it would have been three nights ago now that somebody threw a 2 liter soda bottle full of urine on top of my truck in the middle of the night when I was sleeping. As you can imagine it all ran down into the bed of my truck when I was sleeping soaked all my stuff. I’ve lost track of the number of tires I’ve had cut or different types of vandalism that have happened to my truck. I feel like I’m in danger almost all the time which sooner or later will cause me to react violently. I’m sick to death of being a victim. I had one guy jump me not too long ago unfortunately for him my dog got him. He’s an 80 lb Pitbull. I can’t get a job not even flipping burgers. I am heavily experienced landscaping supervisor. But that part of my life is over. I’ve been trying to get my CDL but I can’t find a school that will accept me. I went to the career center here and they told me before they found out about my sex offender stuff that they would send me to school and pay for it. I then told them about my sex offender conviction and they quickly told me they wouldn’t send me to school. I want to work and take care of myself and my dog. What am I supposed to do if I can’t find a job or a place to live. I have decided that I just don’t want to live this way. I am going to try one more year after that if things don’t get better at least a little then I’m just going to kill myself.

  251. People I hate to tell you all this but god or any other power has nothing to do with any of what we sex offenders deal with. It is and always will be that we are nothing more than a witch hunt of our time. I was 27 at the time of my crime and while I did do what I was put in prison for sexual abuse of a minor who was 17 I was arrested for 1st degree rape. I had prof that the at the time of my crime I had no reason to think a crime was committed because she had a fake id that stated she was 18. I was told by the judge that it does not matter I was still guilty of a crime. I grew up in west virginia where age of consent is 16. I was given a sentence of 5 to 12 years and spent 10 years in a box. I was granted parole February 14 2016 and finally was released june 18 2019 and discharged my number as of July 1 this year but was held until July 8 before I was released. While in jail fighting my case I learned that I was not the first person that she had done this to and 6 months in I was not the last as two people came on for the same thing from the same person. Now I would like to know what the hell is wrong with this country that I thought I loved and why I should care about any of this. I understand that most of us are afraid of going back but where does anyone think that I will let someone else tell me that my life does not matter as much as the next person. I am not a conspiracy theorist but I bet I’m not the only person to think that before long I can see all sex offenders being basically put in a place like was done in Australia. I find that I just dont care anymore as I am only one person in this fight and over the years most sex offenders are useless because they are scared. I guess because of how I grew up im to stupid to be scared I will live my life and the laws or anybody that wants to otherwise better bring a hole bunch of body bags cause I will never let anyone put me in a box again.

  252. I stumbled across the article, and couldn’t help but think of my own misadventures. The laws, perhaps well intentioned, fails to account for the reality of how life is in America. I grew up in Tennessee, where the age of consent is 18. A teenage girl tends to like older boys, which means when you are a 16-year old going on 17, the older guy is actually a young man. Among teen girls, getting the attention of a college guy is a status builder. A freshman is good, a sophomore better, etc. YES, he has to be cute/hot/both, but the higher grade level a girl can get the attention of (attention = he’s flirting, perhaps trying for more), the better for your status. For the most part, teen girls are just seeking the attention, and too scared to actually follow through with anything. Yet, as with any group, there are a few that are a bit more bold, principally those of us who had already done some things with a boy(s) closer to my own age, like the high school senior boy I had been dating for the last six months. Being the brain that I am, I was selected to go to MTSU the summer between my junior and senior year of high school to take real college classes and stay in the dorm just like a real college student. The floor I was on didn’t allow boys to visit like a regular college dorm does (because we were all high school students), but other than that, it was just like I was a regular student. Now, guess what else is at college in the summertime? College boys. Lots of them. Being almost 17, I looked like I belonged there, and guys were checking me out (yes guys, you are that obvious). Well, this college senior in my music appreciation class started chatting me up, and I was loving it. Then after two weeks, he invites me to a party; instead of the “I have a boyfriend” answer I usually give, I accepted the date. He was very much a gentleman, I had a fun time dancing and got a magnificent goodnight kiss. Well after that, we were off to the races. The student ID that I had was just like everyone else’s — it didn’t say high-school kid on it; so, while he couldn’t visit my dorm room, I could visit his. And well, after several weeks of steadily progressive physical activity, we went all the way. Sixteen year old me and a 21-year old senior. He just committed a felony. He wasn’t taking advantage of me. I knew what I was doing. I wanted it. I smiled the first time he looked my way, and was very receptive to him from the first time he said hello, and when idle chat started moving towards flirting, I was just as flirtatious as he was. I reeled him in so to speak. I would be mortified if my parents found out what we had done because I wouldn’t want them to know I did something like that. In hindsight, the 30-something adult me would feel horrible if we had been found out, and he ended up with a sex-offender label the rest of his life. At the time it happened, I had no idea that what we did was a crime. I knew it was illegal to mess with little kids, or for a teacher you hook up with a student, but I had no idea it was illegal for a 21-year old to have sex with a not-so-innocent “grown-up” teenager. I now know about a couple of guys in similar situations who were found out and now live with the label of sex offender (statutory rape) for the rest of their life. Interestingly, they pleaded guilty, and both were sentenced to one year in jail, but the actual jail time wasn’t served, and they instead did probation. If those guys really were a threat to society, they wouldn’t have gotten off with zero days in jail. I don’t think a lifetime penalty for consensual sex is right. Especially if that same sexual thing had happened in a neighboring state and it would be completely legal.

  253. John Q. Publius

    I know a wrongfully convicted sex offender. In his state the Defence is not allowed to cross-reference or question the “Victim” he was young and allegedly was told if he did not sign for probation they were giving him 15 years in prison. Just to have his P.O. revoke him for a political bump a few years later.(confirmed). He served 2 yrs in prison, if he fought it, they were threatening the 15… His kids and wife have been harassed due to his record. Strong woman… It’s been 20 years since his case and no new convictions, of any sort… For him to start fighting it it’s going to cost $5,000.00. That’s just to start.

  254. The got an ol boy to confess. Rape and murder. He went to prison. They tattooed his head. He didn’t do it. He got released. Of course the authorities said they don’t know why he confessed. Bastards. That was 20 yrs or so ago. Seem like the child was drowned in a river.

  255. My friend who is in Garland county jail and is waiting to go to prison for a rape charge when he was 15 yrs old now he’s 40 yrs old he was 10 days late on registering as a sex offender he called to schedule a appointment but at the time there was no one to process the visit so when he finally got a hold of someone he was told to come the next day so when he arrived and did his appt register as a sex offender he was arrested because he was 10 days late he has lived his life known as a sex offender when he is innocent Arkansas laws are so screwed up the prosecutor was so happy and tried to pin him with more charges and was laughing at him and her colleges and judge was blown away by her actions

    • Offender laws are designed for failure. Without being vigilant of even the most basic detail theres almost no way of being fully compliant. Being late with registration by a day should be excused. I know an older gentleman that was late by a day and he got 8 years in prison. He was 76 and hadn’t ever messed up on registering. If I remember correctly he was put on the registry the year after it became law. To me that’s ridiculous. Your friend was late by 10 days. That’s kind of his own fault. Unless there was literally nobody at the police station or sheriff’s office at any point in time for him to do what he needed to theres really no excuse. The registry is an absolutely pathetic draconian form of continued torture but it’s still our reality and still needs to be followed.

  256. The system has become a joke of insensitive fools that judge others without full knowledge of the circumstances. I’ve been falsely accused by a mentally ill neighbor whom my adopted son befriended. He was angry with me for taking away his privileges to drive, use his iPhone, and limited use of computer (all of which I provided) because he was failing in school not working and not contributing around the house. I recently had a similar experience where I temporarily relocated to a town to be close to my amazing daughter. The PD was not available for me to register and I received no return calls. On the third day I showed up and insisted that someone register me. I was taunted and threatened to be in violation. Thankfully, I was able to reach my PO before any actions were taken. I have to register weekly because I don’t have a permanent residence. Every time I go to register I fear that I may be incarcerated. Consequently, I’m moving away from my daughter again which is very painful. I’ve already lost everything I’ve worked so hard for. What more do these so called public servants want from us? I used to support law enforcement but now I see how evil and heartless many of them are. I’m sorry about your friend’s situation. It’s horrible.

  257. Joseph John Pellicano

    I downloaded a program called limewire I was never in trouble with the law. I was in Orlando going to UCF and I was about to get married. I was cheated on and she left and my life slowly fell apart through the medical issues. I started mass downloading pornography not realizing the horror that was behind the scenes.

    I walked out one day with fdle and three tactical teams pointing guns at me. They went through my computers and realized exactly what happened and decided not to arrest me. 8 months later they called me up on my phone and asked me to turn myself in. the weird part was they even set up bail for me of $700 which is 70 before a bail bondsman.

    I also learned later they were investigating my therapist which was truly dealing in pornography of an illegal nature as crazy as that is.

    My lawyer eventually stabbed me in the back claiming I wasn’t paying him enough and because of how he was acting I’m sure he was going to throw the trial. I was forced to take a plea deal to preserve what future I had.

    They had me take a psychosexual test and a polygraph test which I passed. the purpose was if I passed I would not have to register and I would not have to go to jail it would just be a 2-year probation. As soon as I passed everything they retracted the deal.

    I was falsely accused and lied to by FDLE I’ve had deals retracted and my life has been ruined if there is any guidance that anyone can give me please contact me.

  258. I know of a case his name is Matthew Henderson. He was convicted of having sexual relations with his sisters. He spent 8years behind bars in a adult prison at 16.. but what was never discussed was that he was taught and raised to believe it was right. He was only 2-4 years older then his sisters. He also was molested and raped which was never mentioned, nor were any charges brought against his parents. He should of received treatment not prison time. And now because of that he was accused of a new charge that sent him to prison for more time. HE’S INNOCENT! Even had gps and work transcripts proof but because of a faulty court system he still was convicted and doing time now… #85388 2 Lansing KS 66043
    That is his address.. write him if you want..

  259. I was going through a custody battle during my divorce. This battle lasted three years but in the end I had full custody and my ex husband had supervised visitation. I decided to move to Montana so that the kids would know their dad and I could supervise the visits. My ex and his mother picked us up one week later and we drove the 900 miles from Seattle. He pulled into a police department when we got into town, insisting i sign over custody or i was going to jail. Eventually I was left at his moms and the police arrived with a suit case that my ex had given them. I gave consent to search as long as they printed anything found and if my prints were on anything illegal I would agree to go to jail. They searched and found a bunch of empty baggies, around 8 broken meth pipes. i pointed out that most drug users and dealers dont make it a habit to drive all those miles with all those broken pipes and no dope. they left me on the side of the road 100 miles away from any town and said i couldn’t have my kids unless i got a car . then the next morning my ex called and said that i helped my boyfriend rape my daughter.
    Eventually i was arrested and in oct 2004 i was forced to take an alfred plea. in 2009 my daughter went on the stand in my co-defendants appeal and said that she had lied because her dad told her that she would get to stay with him and that i would not get into any trouble. she also said that the detectives and her dad kept aggressively interviewing her until she just agreed.
    My co-defendant was found not guilty of rape of a child but found guilty of molestation (since the physical evidence showed she was not raped). I was told with my points i would get 10 years to life if i didn’t take the 4 year Alfred plea for indecent liberties with a minor without forcible compulsion. in 2009 my co-defendant won his appeal. the state informed his parents that they would be taking it to trial again or he could plea to indecent liberties with a minor without forcible compulsion. they had exhausted every dime they had i know it was over 150,000. so he took the plea. I had waited all this time for him to win. I figured then i could fix my case because i couldn’t be the accomplice to a nonexistent crime. well because he took that plea i don’t think I have recourse. maybe its expired. idk because i cant even get a job to pay an attorney. I just want my life back.

    while i was in prison for the 4 year sentence my ex husband put a needle in y daughters arm, getting her hooked on heroin and pulled her out of school. I didn’t hear anything about my children for years, they would not let me have pictures of them. I was raped by a department of corrections employee while locked up and eventually settled a law suit I had against the department of corrections for the rape. I was suppose to register for ten years but they say i was wrong and it was fifteen. and if you get any convictions for new crimes (unrelated even to a sex offense they automatically roll it another 15. my daughter called me at work crying and said “mom don’t hang up” I of course didn’t hang up. she was in Cali and my ex-husband kicked her out cuz he brought him what he thought was laced dope. she was a mess. She came to Seattle but was so use to the streets that she wouldn’t come home. I said the hell with it and proceeded to lose everything. I paid safe passage around the city for her with my settlement money. Paid to know everything and was called if i was needed. I ended up going to prison again but when i got out I decided to do something different to help her see that anyone can make it. I became a social worker. she lives with me. covid hit and then i had a subdermal hematoma then my clinic closed.

    i have so far been hired for 4 separate jobs. Signed my offer and did my onboarding. the day before i start each one rescinded their offers. why ? because apparently i am disqualified from being around vulnerable adults. even though for the past two years i have been. my daughter and i are going to end up homeless with nothing. she has written letters to employers but nothing. i have to register until 2033. and the career that i love is apparently a no go. why was it so easy to believe a little girl who obviously wanted to be with her dad but so hard to believe her when she confesses it was a lie. and to say registration is not punishment? what a joke. I have to live in Everett because none of the buildings would house let me live there because of my SO status. my settlement from being raped in prison was smaller because no one would feel bad for a SO to gets raped. I don’t know what I am going to do . I literally was an amazing social worker. Now I just cant take it anymore. my daughter is 28 and i love her so much. she has so many issues because of what her father did. and the craziest part was that he only had supervised visitation for reasons really bad reasons, and not one state worker ever checked on my kids. I am so tired of being accused, judged, sentenced, every other week.

  260. C a r o n Phelps

    Yes there is a lot of these people out here that lie and I don’t know what they get out of it just to have someone convicted from what they’re feeling falsifying information I don’t even know how they can live with they self

  261. C a r o n Phelps

    I don’t know how these people live with they self people put people down people lie on people for no apparent reason but I’m a firm believer in what goes around comes around

  262. My husband now was charged in 1995 as a sexual predator for supposedly raping and penial penitration in Florida. The investigators told him he’d get less time if he admitted to having blood somewhere. He was 28 stepdaughter was 13 but there wasn’t any dna evidence and the didn’t make the doctor who examined her and said her hyimen was still intact appear in court to testify. He filed motions but all of them went to the same judge so he sat in prison for 5 and 1/5 years had 10 years probation and has to register as sex predator. He’s on probation now for a different thing and with the first 4 probation officers in the last 2 years we’ve been able to go with our daughter and our 2 beautiful grandkids to local parks as long as we let them know they lived with us the first 3 years of their life and now this 5th probation officer won’t let us take them anywhere and dcf and judge has approved him to be around them the probation officer won’t let us go anywhere and it’s affecting us and the kids . What can a person do in Florida. I have to have something in writing which I feel is very wrong.

    • I’m not trying to be disrespectful when I say this. I too was convicted of a sex crime that I did not commit and in Florida no less. I downloaded a program similar to LimeWire and mass downloaded pornography. My wife had left me and I even lost my kid to an e-topic pregnancy. My family abandoned me and I wasn’t quite right. I had no intention of downloading illegal pornography. My life was going wrong and I just needed some type of outlet. Before this I never even had a parking ticket.

      Even the detective said it was an accident but he changed his narrative several times, plea deals were retracted even after passing a polygraph denial. Long story short I realized there is no justice and you’re only as free as you can pay for. There’s nothing really to understand being innocent does not matter. And everyone will twist things to their narrative and the more you fight it the more you look guilty regardless of your innocence. I am sorry but putting things in writing fighting for what’s right in this matter… Florida acts like it’s about Justice but in reality as long as they can find someone or something responsible or hold somebody responsible regardless of Innocence, they’re okay with what they’re doing and they actually become offended when you say they’re doing something immoral. I don’t see the self delusional behavior changing anytime soon and my life has been destroyed by it too.

      I even had to come to the realization, a real sick realization. Just like with any website or Network authorities can easily shut down things specially if they’re widly used. Everything I’ve read and understood points to the fact that they themselves are putting this horrific pornography out there as a ends justify the means to try to find pedophiles. So in essence the real pedophiles are law enforcement. It makes me sick to think that these people are viewed as heroes… like I want to vomit , sick. Rationally think about this they can easily shut down networks even if FDLE can’t the FBI surely can they want that Network up and running. They are aware of peer networks they monitor them again they set people up and other people are collateral damage. I’m sure other sex crimes are a better safe than sorry mentality. I am sorry to read about other people it does not make me feel better at all and I wish that there was a way to fight it “in any way”.

      The fact is in these situations, no one cares it’s an ends justify the means mentality and the state is perfectly okay with that because behind there scenes they’re not much better and there’s no real fighting something like that when corruption has gone that deep.

    • If anybody has advice on a state that does not have registration I would like to hear it because of ineffective counseling my probation is being terminated and a miscalculation on my point sheet… I find it funny that my life was destroyed and people didn’t even bother following their own rules of law… But it’s something I guess. And I need to restart my life in the most positive way I can. I need to leave Florida I hate everything about this state and it’s just making me bitter. Please any advice send to my email. All I ask is please be respectful and if you have to have a conversation I don’t even care what it is just please use logic and reason thank you.

      • I saw my last post was not uploaded or removed I will not be posting anymore I have not been disrespectful or violated any types of terms or agreements I have just been honest with how things are.

        Any information that may be helpful please send to

        I was innocent on my crimes and truly find everything about this situation atrocious

  263. Curtis Lee Smith

    I was wrongfully convicted on sexuall battery in 2003 in which I turn down Time Served of 10 1/2 months to get 2 10 year sentences. I Have proof on transcript showing Ted Ayo went into the jury room while me and my step children were outside the courthouse during the only recess at 1:45 p.m. July 02,2003 .I have channel 10 videotaping my whereabouts. I had a 16 year career gone and a lawyer that prayed on me for money because he owed the prosecutor a favor and I was the Guiana pig .I have twelve jurors that was witness to the A.D.A. going into the jury room during deliberations and I was railroaded. Reporters Even stated I was railroaded .I want my Life back because my freedom of full term 10 flat years wasn’t as bad as freedom with the Stupidity of humans mindset this has been pure hell .at least a prisoner knew who was who in terms of pedophiles and they are dealt with .I’m not the one and I just want my freedom to hunt and live in the mountains of Tennessee.

  264. What’s hard is proving that your innocent because no one cares. Nobody wants to help and law makers don’t care about if your innocent or not.

    • If factually innocent of the allegations against you, you have options, the best thing you can do is get ahold of the attorney of record and review the entire case file against you. Compare the police report with witness interviews, if the alleged victim was a child, make sure the case file contains a forensic interview conducted by child protection services. DOJ requires all sex crimes involving an alleged child victim to be investigated by both law enforcement and cps. If cps did not investigate or conduct a forensic interview then you have grounds to have your case dismissed on their failure to follow DOJ protocol.

      A good starting point on gathering info is youtube. Watch sean Penn’s witch hunt documentary on YT. Then watch forensic interviews with child victims on YT (many videos by cps, etc are available to illustrate how interviews are required to be conducted and what not to do).

      You want to educate yourself on how an interview is to be conducted so you know how to spot errors in interviews that constitute leading questions, coaching, etc.

      Whata missing from the interviews? Etc. Did the officer state date and time for interview? If not that’s a DOJ protocol its lacking. Take a polygraph, a polygraph cannot be used in court to prove innocence or guilt, yet can be used to promote your claim of innocence.

      Start a website and/or crowd funding page, post the evidence supporting your innocence. Illustrate what was missing from interviews, like the contextual details for example or the tell me more prompts, etc.

      If the alleged victim simply gives a vague description of the crime (example: he had sex with me and i was drunk so I dont remember) its lacking contextual details (the who what when where why, what did the room look like? What was he wearing? Did you smell anything unique? Etc) if the investigating officer does not try to get contextual details its grounds for dismissal.

      The only thing keeping you in the position your in is you. It’s not the cops fault, the prosecutions fault, the alleged victims fault that you refuse to fight and investigate yourself, it’s yours. The more you educate yourself on DOJ protocols, improper investigation techniques, etc. The better odds of a reversal you have.

      Anyone who doesnt do all they can do to prove their innocence is not innocent they are guilty and just pissed that they got caught.

      Dont have a job? Donate plasma, collect cans and recycle, etc. Downsize living expenses so that your money can go to your own investigation.

  265. MJ, hopeless in Mississippi

    So what is the next step for a wrongfully accused convicted sex offender? How can they possibly get it changed? A good lawyer? They cost a fortune! And all the while the accuser goes along with their life with no repercussions. In our case my husband was accused by a pissed off little teenager that he told on for smoking because she kept stealing his cigarettes. Now his entire life is ruined. It makes no sense. What can we possibly do to change the laws on this???

    • Forgotten in Illinois

      I’m really sorry your hubby is now part of this nightmare. Unfortunately there’s really nothing that can be done. For now. There’s people lobbying for justice for those of us caught up in this nonsense all the time but there’s no political entity that wants to be labeled as sympathetic towards sex offenders. It’s very little comfort I know but your hubby isn’t alone. I’ve been on the registry for 16 years for a crime I couldn’t have physically done even if I was that type of person because I was 2 counties away in jail for missing court on a traffic ticket. Where there’s a need to feel like someone is making a difference there will always be a prosecutor and judge willing to hide and look past facts and a useless public defender willing to not do what their job description should be. If his sentence is new he can still file appeals. I didn’t know that I had 3 years to file one here in Illinois and I was 2 weeks past that 3 year mark when I finally scraped up enough money to retain an actual lawyer. It is expensive but for the love of God don’t wait any longer than you have to if you can afford it right now. Most law firms do accept a certain number of pro bono cases a year. Call around, even ones not in your area, to plead for one of those spots. And don’t be too proud to plead. Otherwise you’ll both be pleading with society to back off for the rest of your lives.

  266. Scammers watching you over internet and T.V. sets putting out look ilike moch king people to get some accsaution assaults on the hated…. people, famley just for revenge and set ups and maybe even retiremnet lost trying to get you arrestd under fruad attempt and making thier own listed sex offender for revnege excetrera , no police involed , no court ot judges case, or anything ..thier doing thier own police arrest by implanting through scecert signls in people with electric harssmnet voice implantables that are put in teeth, jaw and like the stero implants to make you listen to thier hundreds of threats and to hopefully get you in an accident.. they got from the underground not in our conutry or something they copied!
    I wonder if this is what I read on the internt it’s a New air waves ( Cyber implant) scammers systrem that beats the police system! They got you on thier sh^%$#T list! They will even invetsigate on their own or though a relt itive…and pay old friends or even your own family from 10-40+ years ago to tell a dirty lie to get you listed with lotterey wiinnings! even fake picture ,video, signature, pictures, letters, steal your inheretance by fruading your name stake, birth rights… and witnesses accounts! to beat the lie detector also! I heard this happened tpo someone…lady came form europe she heard a voice she know she was bugged siude the people milions of dallars! So if somone says your a sex offender, trying to fraud you…. ask the police so they tell you what you are ornot are! I guess ths is what i fel they meant , but that is for the police and FBI to figure! No one is perfect right?The stuff people come up with is just crazy !

  267. Catherine McLean

    My fiance has been wrongly convicted as a sex offender a d had inadequate defense by a puic defense defender who didnt even use in his defense that the victim stated she had co tracke

    Contracted herpes and my Fiance was tested and showed no sign of having herpes or ever having it. He served the 9 years and because she was raped sodomized my fiance after Megan’s law has to register for life and how they have his picture on the website looks like he could be petaphile.
    His life has been destroyed his Public Defender Dave Stanley he was fired 3 times as a prosecutor, and public defender got fired and appeals lawyer got fired.
    What does that tell you.
    My fiance cant apply for housing and while I was a County Park Host my fiance began to live with me at park working his own fulltime job and soon had to do a background check where I was then fired immediately for his wrongful conviction now ruining my life where I can no longer be a Santa Barbara County Park Host !
    Thier has to be a way for my Fiance ce to be reimbursed for his wrongful conviction for pain and suffering and myself as well!
    Anyone have any advice what can be done as hes had to be labeled a sex offender for 38 years!

  268. I agree on all these post I have a story and my family is going through the same thing and the sad thing I am the only parent so imagine how hard it is for me go through this as just one parent. The state robs low class families because they know that we don’t have the ones to support or help pay for the things that our love ones need in there and more then that the guards and staff don’t care what happens to them. They are bullied in there and beat up and abused. They just want there money. Families have to suffer because the judge ,prosecutor and the state think it’s ok to make fun of and so our love ones have to fight for there lives just to live for another day. God I pray for all those who are innocent and pray for all those who all hate may the good lord help us change this law of punishment and let those who are innocent be able to live freely without being looked at as bad ppl. In Jesus name amen.

  269. My son was wrongfully accused if rapping twin 5 year olds that he raised since they were six months old. Their mother testified on his behalf. No DEA, NO EVIDENCE. No Doctor examination , yet 49 year sentence.

  270. My son is a victum of being accused of pedophile charges. If you could read his hearing transcript you would ask yourself why was is he convicted. The prosacuter did everything possible to make sure she convinced the jury he was quilty. The only thing she was concerned about was getting a conviction regardless of how his evidence show him innocent. Now he is serving 15 years in prison for something he did not do. He got out on parole last November and in August this year he was sent back to prison for watching light porn. But they did not catch him, he told them he had watched it but that did not matter even though he told them he was sent back to prison on a parole vilation. To make
    everything worst off it was his daughter who claimed he tried to rape her when she was about 5. Him and his wife were divorced and it was messy, she hated him, she interferred in his custody when he had his kids. She wanted him out of her way. Him and his daughter were always close, he did everything for her. I know, he lived with me and my wife after the divorce. He loved his daughter and son and in no way could he do such a thing to her. The bull crap he had to go through when on his parole was rediculous. Murders have it better then he did on parole. It was sicking what he had to endure. Let me say this, if I had a micro thought he did that to his daughted I would disown him. He is in prison for something be did not do and suffering the consequences of being labeled pedophile. The Pennsylvania court system or for that matter any court system is nothing more then a kangeroo court when it comes to pedophile cases. Their were no witnesses presented against my son, just his daughter testimony but several on behalf my son but that did not matter to the prosecuter. Why do they put pedophiles in prison when they should put them in psyciatry wards for help. Being in prison does not help, it only makes it worst and even much more worst when they are releashed on parole. I wish I had the funds to get my sons cased reopen and retried. I don’t really know why I am writing all this, it will do no good to help my son. Guess I am just venting to you.

  271. Some groups or a individual who does not like you or your nationality or your friends or famely mix or are racist……. they make thier own sex offender watch /torment list and your thier number one offender!!!…they put you on it, treat you like a real sex offender, block what you like , and use voice technology by implantng it in your car, home, even your job or hack your speakers or radios and TV sets , useing stalking phone or computer wear then tamper with everything in your life and home and even other famley! It is to make you leave the area, casue marriage break up, make you look bad at work if they know othere you work with, and they will call you a sex offender and threaten your life and pets and cars with dangereous activity when your not around them..and try to keep your attention so you look thier way to keep ankoring you as thier listed sex offender and they will even use thier own children to get your attention! They will even attempted scam copying!Some have even gone to your past with paid investiugator friend( who are not anymore ,but go along with the game for money !)who make fake findings and pay your old friend, brother or sister money to say false lies!
    These people plan it all ahead of time( 20 + years ago!) then later hope to get all you have hoping you get a heart attack formthe health problems tyou get from thier threat activities!…. with fraud actors holding fraud written letters filled with rape accusations!
    Some use it to keep you from telling police that the person calling you a sex offender.. they may have been involved in a crime and that is why they listed you or are targeting you a sex offender’s the old carrot hold, check mate game, you get them in trouble they will do the same to you!You figured out they have twins and the oether one is one wanted by poilce maybe!?> Senerios are none stop, inheretance stealing also….?but this is some of the games happening here! It is mostly to shut you up and out!They say it is a game… but it is not in the shoes of the argeted person! This is what some people up here have been having…an they are getting smarter with elecrtic technology and phone apps!

  272. Jonathan Dillard

    I’m an wrongfully convicted sex offender, the prosecutor has been with holding evidence , the judge refuses to accept or allow the polygraph I passed with flying colors to be submitted to the courts that I’m Innocent, the way I was convicted was illegally done by the public defense attorney and the prosecutor for the US collervrating to take advantage of my mental status at the Time, which was stbhe time I had an IQ of 72 while heavily medicaided on antipsychotics that as it turns out after I got out they discovered I don’t have a mental illness I have autism level 2 but at that time I was heavily medicaided and not able to function normally , I had what htey call the zombie affect, they had me sign a blank plea agreement prior to even creating it, then. Met with my family to go over the plea agreement and the psi report deliberately leaving me out, excluding me from my own defense process, as the attorneys knew if I found out what they had done I would not go for it and demand a trail but I went to prison not knowing what I was there for, I have statements made and submitted to the courts and everything that proves I’m not guilty and that it happens exactly the way I said it did but the judge is a visiting judge whom telyes on the prosecutor to inform.him of the documents I provided and what his stance is on it all, the prosecutor has been deliberately withholding the information that is there and due to the judges partiality to him after 2 years called me s liar stating that I signed the plea agreement on February 18, 2016 when I I was actually in the hospital recovering from back surgery to install a new nuerondtimulstor and no matter how much evidence I provide the prosecutor stops the information. From getting to the judge he calls me s vextious litigant and vldims there are no documents and all I say is baseless yet he refused an eviedntsrybhearing or to allow the polygragh he ordered me to take through the probation office and the statements from the sex offender treatment program director Matt h who says I’m the first person he actually believes is truly innocent I’m not rich and flst broke as the officer whom first entered my home unprovoked deliberately trashed me about my home in front of my poor mother and my roommate causing me petminstely to be also physically disabled due to a callsoed back and the nerves being crushed between the disc and yet the judge calls me s liar and is willing all over every single one of my civil rights meanwhile I have to go out of the state to get medical care due to the amount of damage fine to me by this cop that no one seems to care about at all norveoll any help or advaccy programs do anything about it due to the kind of charges , all Internet related non. Violent , but that isn’t stopping the mistreatment I get from my PO or localse enforcement officers doing thier worse and my poor elderly mother who has the first stages of demnetiavnowvrrlying inmmebfir her care and the last care provider quitting after seeing what is on the web about me. She quit , I need help to take care of me and dongstd to even type or write up anything for the courts or meet the deadlines they give after what officer Bryce king did to me and his getting away with doing he works for the Nampa city police department in Idaho, I am running out if resources and the judge vilosting all my civil rights and the DOJ seeing what the charges are not bothering to even. Lok into the the judicial misconduct complaints I filed not what he prosecutor has recently done by iilicetting the local state police of Idaho and his ghod friend there Lt. C. Badge number 893 with a deliberate falsified alligation of me not obeying the court orders regarding following doctors orders to have the diagnosed of dkitsophrenia and take the medications that foneith it calling me s threat to society after they had already sent in documents to the courts as to why they aren’t doing that and I don’t meet the credits for it and the full comprehensive testing that had been fine proving I I was misdiagnosed that I have autism which the state is working on wuslifuingbmebgirvservucrs for the DD waiver as I meet the credits for it and just have to to do the final ssentmentbto see how much helpni qualify for. I need to move out of the state but can’t yet due to all this. Doni sn unable to any medical care here it’s very difficult to get anything done from a verbally abusive probation officer who hates you for fighting the conviction and even states in front my sister she is being mentally abusive and verbally creul out of vanductuveness so yes I totally get how being wrongfully convicted is extremely easy to be done and espisclly hard to fight when the system ifjustuve is no longer about justice for all but about justice for the Rich only. My treatment program director Matt had said that nthe punishment I’m getting is excessive even if I was guilty and he said he knows as he works in that field of experience for years and what is being to me is wrong, that is the sex offender treatment program director who he having doubt to my innocents or does the polygraphyer, . James Page of Boise Idaho yet here I am sitting my mother always infesr the cops will bust down the door with more false charges as the threats that have been made by them is uncalled for and gives her nightmares literally, shevsidhesvthrybeiukd stop or that if I didn’t fight it it all would just go away but it would not, and nvervwillnasvlong as this wringfull conviction is allowed to stand. No one cares or will help not sure what to do next. Any ideas people’s call 2088037808

  273. Catherine McLean

    Yes my fiance was wrongfully convicted for asodomy rape in which the woman was afraid of the one that actually did the crime who repeatedly remarked about how he would do that to her at work with my fiance and his public defender did nothing to defend my fiance over 30 years ago when he was only 24 she was over 50 in a restaurant where my fiance was used as a scapegoat because he had no support no money for a lawyer and he did not have herpes which she had and that evidence was not used. The actual criminal used my fiance to cover his own guilt by threatening the victim and her Doctor demanded a name she used his name because my fiance was a chef and had words with her about putting her order tickets in on a timely manner and she was upset about so she claimed him to be the rapist. Law enforcement came to his house and without any evidence took him to jail for a crime he did not do and has ruined his life .
    His face is on the sex offenders website labeled under a Megan’s law inforcememt in a category list same as if he had sex with a person under 18 asodomy a petaphil .
    He served over 10 years for something he did not do and has to register every year before his birthday. The most terrible thing as that also I’m on a housing waiting list that says no sex offenders can get public housing and he was terribly misrepresented !
    Both his lawyer and judge were both disbarred and too much time has past to get help on this ?
    Please any help would be fully appreciated!!

  274. My heart is again in mourning after reading more testimonies of such injustice. Our system is not broken, it is evil.

  275. Revenge artists and new gang group telepathics technologist who are playing narcosistic control revenege games are useing: Cell phone implantables and mind control tooth implantables or a sound set to your own bodies signals maybe ( Their reading our sleep tests medical recordes ?}…. and the internet brain implants for phone comunications as a new way to phone you and to stalk you and blaming police or real crime investigators …. and to force unliked poeple and those who are mixed, colored, married colored famlies and hated people to admit fake crime stories they did not do to lsut them sex offneder and to ruin thier happy lives and fruad you of life love, home and money, And Inheretance scams! A military person told me about this..This is the elctric harssment that has been proven and judegs, police and miliatry need to be aware they have mockers impostors and voice actors who are playing thier role of duty and invading privacy issues and playing home made undetectable and hidden inside the bodty or teeth phone offending verbel unlawlful games included! I did some research and found Special Solutions Investgators of Ill and they can detect these hidden phone nanao sized Voice /criss cross signal also implants which do just what they say! This is why anyone around you can’t hear it hear what the ones around you hear is spy technology just like what spy cats were implanted for during the war..sneaky way to force anything wherer noone on the outside will hear!Bouncing, reversing and piggy backing sound waves through the airwaves, same way a telephone pole works!They ned to make a interceptor you can where and it sends it to the police or hire …? a old tape recoder picks it up in reverse gobbled up sound and a radio picks up signl on a non voices am station at your telivison set and inlet box for your computer and TV set antennea and the telphone poles! and drive around it will get hire or lower in areas ..but it is hard to figire out just who is doing it!!!! That is wht he explained to me ! Crime laws and whom does the judging and convictyions need updateing because there are sneaky mockers and impostors!They are mocking those humming sounds people have been hearing…?
    You can hear more about on The Al Norrey radio show . 10:30 p.m. STATION 99.5
    In his arhived classic shows!

  276. What is the compensation number for someone wrongfully put on the sexual offenders list in the state of Virginia and New Jersey per year per state?

  277. I entirely agree with this article. I myself have had to deal with my husbands case for the last three years.

    In 2008, he accused of performing oral sex with a 12 year at the youth treatment he was residing at. He had just turned 18 four days prior. He was later convicted on February 12, 2010 on two counts of Aggravated Sexual Battery and was labeled as “violent against children.” He spent a total of 8 years behind bars where he raped and tormented for not only being gay, but also for a crime that he didn’t commit.

    I ordered a copy of his 2010 court records and 16 of the pages all suggest that, not only was he set up, but that the trial court judge failed to paperwork from the Sheriff’s office. There was no victim impact statement that was submitted to the court, no was there any physical evidence, just a lot hearsay, along with a supposed confession and police statement that both matched the printed handwriting of the investigating. There was no chain of evidence and no evidence logs available. His signature was forged onto a guilty plea and on several other documents.

    Additionally, the judge ordered that he be incarcerated at a special needs facility near his parents, however he was sent to another county jail — thus violating a court order.

    The sad thing is, this is Tennessee. The chances of a sex offender winning for Post-Conviction Relief is next to zero. Tennessee courts rarely do it.

    Well, I filed for my husband to the trial court, Criminal Court of Appeals, and the Tennessee Supreme Court. All three courts denied his motions. And now, we have no choice but to try to petition for an exoneration.

    He’s losing sleep over this. I’m losing sleep over this. I’m worried that I’ve been doing all this work for nothing and that my husband will never have the rights that he should’ve been entitled to when he turned 18.

    I’ve seen him around children. He’s not violent. He doesn’t have plans of hurting children, much less doing anything sexual to them. He’s respectful, kind, and caring; an it’s not a show just to feed any desires or inclinations. His only crime is wanting his freedom.

    The Sex Offender Registry is harmful and the laws on the books that one could be convicted of are dangerous — especially when it involves an innocent individual.

    Change needs to happen. The courts need to reevaluate their own rules and precedents that are harming innocent people who are being convicted of crimes that were never commited.

  278. So the question is, WHAT ARE THEY TO DO?

    My Brother, who I’ll refer to as “John”, now 41 years of age (2023), was accused and charged with 1st Degree of Sexual Abuse, at the age of 19 (2001) though the alleged “crime” happened when he was 17 years of age (1999) and supposedly was a 1 time even that while under the influence of alcohol and marijuana digitally penetrated the Libia Majora of a family friends under 14 minor daughter.

    There was no other evidence used in his case other than a signed “confession” acquired after a 4 hour interrogation while he was actively intoxicated.

    Represented by a Public Pretender who he never saw prior to his sentencing.

    The Judge (I believe now passed) in the case who while sentencing him to 10 years in D.O.C. only ever asked are you related to “Father’s name” which “John” said yes Sir.

    It is rumored the arresting officer, a couple years later was terminated for Child Pornography on a work computer.

    And “John” who is assessed as a level 3 because the examiner terminated the polygraph claiming it was “inconclusive” yet reporting “John” would not comply and having no training was attempting to control his breathing in an attempt to manipulate the results of the test.

    All of this while taking Prozac and Seroquel and being diagnosed as having both Borderline Personality Disorder and Bipolar Depression II.

    He has been out of prison since 2011 without new charges or “acting out” yet must register for life even though the last 6 years he has lived in his S.U.V. with only Food Stamps.

    Does he have grounds for a wrongful conviction of a sex crime? Can he do anything to get his life back? How does he go about it?

    • P.S. – Might I also add the original”charge” was Sexual Abuse, a class “C” felony carrying a sentence of 3 to 10 years.

      He was coerced into taking a plea deal by this Public Pretender who told him his 1st hearing 3 prior to a actual trial “this is our best deal, if you do not take this offer, the Prosecuting Attorney will amend it to RAPE, a class “Y” felony carrying a sentence of 10, 20, or LIFE; and they are asking for a minimum of 15 years with 70% served before consideration of any chance of parole.

  279. Beware: There is a new scam : Your appliances, TV set or computer or car radio or their hearing was hacked by a voice technology… was hacked by someone saying You are a sex offender and being monitored , you can’t go anywhere or do anything ever , you need to leave your home. job and do stuff….^%$# for them, they will pay you big money! Someone else says you have been implanted with electric implants so they can follow your every movement! But police in areas around you have nothing saying your under any probation or being monitored for any legal situation… or Court judged permitted because of conviction situation!
    A friend had this happen to them it is terrible what they were doing to that person!!
    Someone was taking advantage of that person and did some nasty revenge, set up take over on them or was trying to put them in a mental hospital and trying to shut them up about some interesting issues!!

  280. I was wrongfully convicted of rape in 2013.
    I am a single mother, and I was falsely accused by a neighbor after he played with my son in our apartment. I did 6 1/2 yrs. and was released in 2020 and have been continuing to fight this evil wrongful conviction in Washington state. The sate separated me from my 4 1/2 yr. old son and I have never seen him again. If you know of anyone how can assist me in my persisted search for exoneration, I would appreciate it.
    This is good people can write to explain was really happening to American citizen.

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