BBC report on malleable memories

The BBC has published a short but interesting media report on malleable memories here, which recognises the work done by Innocence Projects (“Why does the human brain create false memories?”, by Melissa Hogenboom, 29 September 2013).

2 responses to “BBC report on malleable memories

  1. This makes complete sense. The innocence project is making a big impact in helping create awareness for the cause of wrongful incarceration along with compensation and that is remarkable. It is a cause that very few are aware even occurs in society, it is something few think about. There needs to be more DNA testing involved in the conviction process. That is shown nessisary after reading this brilliant article by BBC. People are not perfect. Judges, along with witnesses, make mistakes. That is also the reason there should be a federal law that provides compensation for those wrongfully incarcerated due to a whiteness creating a fals memory, not enough DNA evidence, or a judges poor ruling.

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