The Shame of Lorain – Redux

Smith & Allen

The case of Nancy Smith and Joseph Allen of Lorain, OH is a tragic tale of a badly broken justice system gone haywire.  Their story has been reported on this blog here and here.  And the fact that this sordid tale involves the Ohio Supreme Court makes it even worse.  They both spent almost 15 years in prison until a judge confirmed the charges against them were bogus, and had them released.  But the prosecution wouldn’t acknowledge this, and wouldn’t give up.  The Ohio Supreme Court ruled that the judge didn’t have jurisdiction, and another judge was assigned to the case.  The outcome was that “deals” were struck by the defense and the prosecution, and the results of those “deals” are reported below.

Any rational person who examines the facts of this case will conclude that Nancy and Joseph are absolutely innocent.  However, to avoid being sent back to prison after initial release, Nancy had to plead to a lesser charge and was given credit for time served, but had to give up any future possibility of exoneration.  Unfortunately, Joseph did not have even this option.  He is being sent back to prison and has to give up his right to further appeals.

You can read the story by Bob Chatelle here.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is shining example of the fact that for (most) prosecutors, it’s not about justice, it’s just about winning; and doesn’t that just suck.

One response to “The Shame of Lorain – Redux

  1. Phil, Thank you for covering this horrific case of injustice.

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