CNN Premier of Michael Morton Documentary Rescheduled

News coverage following the passing of Nelson Mandela has prompted the rescheduling of “An Unreal Dream,” the true account of Michael Morton’s wrongful conviction of the murder of his wife, Christine; his 25 years of wrongful incarceration; and his exoneration. The documentary will premier instead this Sunday evening, Dec. 8, at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on CNN TV. See details here.

As part of its focus on the Morton case, CNN reports on five cases identified as “high-profile exonerations” (here). In addition to the case of Michael Morton, the article highlights the exonerations of Brian Banks, Douglas Prade, Clarence Harrison, and James Bain.

3 responses to “CNN Premier of Michael Morton Documentary Rescheduled

  1. Michael Morton is an American man of dignity and integrity as much as the World celebrates Mandela…we have our hero here!

  2. I first heard about this case when I read the first of two articles about it in Texas Monthly so I was looking forward to the CNN documentary. Texas Monthly said it was the first time in its history, I believe, that they had to devote two issues to the story. How will the Michael Morton Act ensure that all evidence is going to be shown in future cases?

  3. THIS IS A STORY OF TRAGEDY AND TRIUMPH, JUST LIKE THE STORY OF MARTIN PETERSON! A teenager gave her mom a note written in purple ink that said her step-father had been molesting her. Her mom told her to write more, so she wrote a second note in blue ink, with more details. The daughter said that before she told her mom, she told her best friend by giving him the purple note. This made him the “outcry witness.” The police were called to the house and the deputy who responded was given the notes. He entered them into evidence in the order the mom said they were written: purple first and blue second. Nearly two years later, when the outcry was deposed and asked about the note the daughter gave him, he described the size, shape and contents of purple, and said he never saw blue. A few moments later when the daughter was deposed and shown the notes, she said she showed him blue. Eight weeks later, the prosecutor reversed the notes and entered them into evidence for identification purposes only. She marked blue as Exhibit A and purple as Exhibit B. The next day at trial, when the prosecutor showed the daughter both exhibits and asked her which note she showed the outcry, she again said blue. When the prosecutor questioned the outcry, she didn’t show him either note, because she knew he was talking about purple. She intentionally concealed this information and allowed the jury to falsely infer that the daughter and the outcry were talking about the same note. My husband, Martin, was sentenced to LIFE and went to prison for over 4 years because of this falsified evidence and testimony – no DNA, no corroboration, and the medical evidence proved her claims to be impossible! He was only released last year because we discovered his jury Foreperson committed “direct criminal contempt of court.” He agreed to serve 5 years probation, but the prosecutor’s boss refused to even question the lying juror. So, will the prosecutor be punished for her crime against Martin and the Court? We certainly pray so…

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