Prosecutor Misconduct in the Todd Willingham Case

Cameron Todd Willingham was executed in 2004 by the state of Texas for setting a fire that killed his three young children.

We’ve reported numerous times on this blog about the Cameron Todd Willingham case, and here is just one of those articles – Will Texas Admit It Executed an Innocent Man?

 It’s clear to even the casual observer of this case that Todd Wilingham was wrongfully convicted and wrongfully executed.  The State used now-debunked junk science in determining the fire that killed the Willingham children was arson.  The case is carefully documented in the award winning film Incendiary: The Willingham Case.

And now, another snake has just slithered out of the pit that the Texas justice system has made of this case.  It’s been revealed that the Willingham prosecutor, John Jackson, made a secret deal with jailhouse snitch, Johnny Webb, in return for his testimony that Willingham had confessed the crime to him in prison.  And further, that Jackson then concealed this deal from the Texas Board of Paroles and Pardons which was considering a stay of execution for Willingham.

Reported here by the Innocence Project – New Evidence Suggests Cameron Todd Willingham Prosecutor Deceived Board of Pardons and Paroles About Informant Testimony in Opposition to Stay of Execution.

Read the stories from the New York Times here, and the Manchester Guardian here.

5 responses to “Prosecutor Misconduct in the Todd Willingham Case

  1. They should execute the prosecutor!

  2. Docile Jim Brady – Columbus OH 43209

    Re: execute the prosecutor .
    Much , MUCH too kind , albeit that would protect the public from said prosecutor .

    A more meaningful sanction , albeit perhaps unlawful , would be a recorded action against the offending prosecutor’s loved ones in the prosecutor’s presence ( an action that is swift , decisive and to BE REMEMBERED ) then a forced disappearance of the offending prosecutor .

    Lastly , furnish copies of the recording to the local , state and national bar associations , plus to the disciplinary entity and supreme court of prosecutor’s jurisdiction .
    The copies could be accompanied with the one word message “BEHAVE ‼ .

    DISCLAIMER: ☺ I received no direct help for the above “modest proposal” from S. King ☺

  3. Jailhouse snitches are involved in SO many wrongful conviction cases. The sad thing is that it always takes many years to uncover proof of this. What can be changed so that it would be immediately obvious? There must be something.

  4. Lynne – to my knowledge, there is little if anything done by prosecutors to ensure the integrity of “snitch” testimony. My belief is that in most cases they have to know they’re standing behind testimony that is false. A huge first step in solving he “snitch testimony” problem would be to have honest and ETHICAL prosecutors. A more draconian approach could be legislation barring “deals” for testimony.

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