A Perfect Storm Brewing for Fire Investigators in Court

Terry-Dawn Hewitt and Wayne J. McKenna have posted the above-titled article on SSRN.  Download here.  The abstract states:

The genesis of this piece comes from a trend the authors have observed in three separate but related areas, which we believe are converging into a perfect storm for fire investigators. These are: 1) the ongoing movement by courts across the nation to scrutinize more closely the reliability of expert testimony, 2) a growing apprehension about wrongful convictions stemming from faulty forensic evidence and problems in fire investigations, culminating in the revolutionary report published by the National Academy of Sciences, and; 3) the continuing development of industry standards that are raising the bar for fire investigators. Part I describes each of these forces, and then Part II demonstrates how together they are creating a mounting pressure on fire investigation experts to defend their qualifications and the reliability of their opinions in court, particularly insofar as analyzing the fire scene and interpreting fire patterns is concerned.


2 responses to “A Perfect Storm Brewing for Fire Investigators in Court

  1. Fantastic! Long overdue.

    • Docile Jim Brady – Columbus OH 43209

      Well and succinctly stated , Phil.

      ☺ I would have typed ▬►LONG◄▬ , albeit I have too much time on my hands ☺

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