Three cities to start reviewing criminal-justice mistakes

It’s been a common refrain in the innocence movement that when an airliner crashes there is an intense investigation on how it happened to prevent similar crashes, but when a wrongful conviction occurs the criminal-justice system does nothing to prevent a recurrence.

Well, that’s about the change. According to The Crime Report, the major criminal-justice players in Philadelphia, Milwaukee and Baltimore have agreed to develop a system to review cases that went wrong or almost went wrong in an attempt to keep similar mistakes from happening again. Stephen Handelman writes about the project, which will be supported in part by the National Institute of Justice, here.

7 responses to “Three cities to start reviewing criminal-justice mistakes

  1. Mr. Locke, Yes – “a wrongful conviction is an airplane crash” and should to be treated like one. The devastation it causes in innocent peoples’ lives, their children and families is unconscionable.

    Thank you for writing on this subject, which is the critical issue facing America, as thousands of peoples’ lives are destroyed daily across the America, by prosecutors and police who are incentivized to “grow” the broken criminal justice system, that has made the U.S. #1 Jailer in the world. A shameful statistic.

    America, “land of the free” is a myth in the true realty of what we have become as a society and culture. It is long overdue to change that destructive culture that does NOT represent the America we thought we lived in — one of presumption of innocence, due process and fair administration of justice.

    Conviction Integrity? The lack of systems of accountability and assessment in the broken criminal justice system is shocking to learn, after watching the live streaming national conference, this past week-end, at the Quattrone Center for Fair Administration of Justice / U. of Penn Law School, Spring 2014 Symposium on CONVICTION INTEGRITY. A notable panel of experts from the medical fields, science fields and other industries who all came together to share their “systems” approach, that is totally lacking in the criminal justice system, where, since the beginning has run , with no accountability or assessments about the failures of the criminal justice system. One, that is essentially run to protect themselves from liability, incentivized to destroy innocent lives, and most have absolute immunity and face no consequences for their errors, failures, lack of training or education, ignorance and incentivized malicious prosecution.

    Enter the private prison profiteers, the “branding” taking place as people are turned into commodes for dollars, reminiscent of the new “slave-trade” that replicates America’s shameful history — we arrive at today’s crisis – which grows financial inequality, is unethical and immoral. What have we become as a society, that we allow a handful or profiteers, who get obscenely rich, at the expense of our democracy and people?

  2. Quattrone Center /UPenn 2014 Spring Symposium – April 4-5, 2014

    • Arizona’s wrongful conviction, the lid slammed tightly, during another election cycle. Over 40,700 supporters to free Courtney Bisbee, Maricopa County, Arizona, are being ignored, as they have since 2006, when new evidence – proof of her innocence and a scam for money — came forward. Her new evidence and exculpatory evidence has never been heard in an Arizona Court. Why not? When this happens to Courtney, it can happen to anyone. What does this say about Arizona’s justice system?

  3. Camille. Please note that the posting editor here is Martin Yant.

  4. Phil, Thanks for the correction. Also, a correction is needed on people used as “commodities for dollars”.

    Thank you, Mr. Yant, yes, you has been all over this issue, as well as, the Reid Technique which was also discussed at the Symposium — that must be recalled.

  5. A Systems Approach to Conviction Integrity – Quattrone Center for Fair Administration of Justice / UPenn Law School
    Agenda – Spring Summit 2014

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