DNA Proves A Man Innocent Too Late To Release Him From Prison

Based on an exculpatory DNA test report, the Criminal Section of the Supreme Court of Spain has posthumously exonerated Antonio Guile Martínez, who was wrongfully convicted of robbery and sentenced to two years and eight months in prison.

Guile was convicted April 2011 of robbery and mayhem by the Criminal Trial Court in Seville, Spain. The victim identified Martínez as the person who broke her car window to steal her purse and with whom she struggled to stop the theft.  She positively identified him three times: in a photo array, a live line-up, and finally, during trial.

Martínez was exonerated March 21, 2014, after it was discovered that a blood sample obtained from the window of the victim’s car belonged to another person. Sadly, this crucial information was discovered a year and a half after Guile’s conviction and after Guile died in the prison.

Once again, misidentification proves to be a global problem leading to wrongful convictions.

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Professor Justin Brooks
Director, California Innocence Project
California Western School of Law
225 Cedar Street
San Diego, CA 92101

For more information, please see:  http://www.otrosi.net/article/el-supremo-absuelve-un-preso-que-falleci%C3%B3-en-prisi%C3%B3n-mientras-cumpl%C3%ADa-condena-por-un-robo-qu

3 responses to “DNA Proves A Man Innocent Too Late To Release Him From Prison

  1. How truly sad. I know that feeling of losing a loved one who was wrongfully convicted. My innocent brother Nolan Klein spent 21 years, 5 days incarcerated for a crime he did not commit. Just prior to his death in 2009 the exculpatory evidence was found hiding in the Washoe County District Attorney’s file.
    Just as his attorney’s were getting ready to file Motions for new trial and bail Nolan died. He never made it out. His attorney’s filed a Petition for Exoneration and the Nevada Supreme Court issued an Order denying the Petition for Exoneration because they lack jurisdiction and Nevada has now laws for a Petition for Exoneration.

    In 2011 I found the prime suspect that police had committed the crime my brother was convicted of. He had knowledge of the crime as well as other crimes the police suspected him of. He said sometime after the crime he went to the Sparks Police to inquire into the status of the Payless Shoe Store Crime my brother was convicted of and was told that they got their man and put him away for a long time.

    I have no choice but to seek a posthumous pardon for my brother and then I’ll go after the Washod County DA’s office and the prosecutor who intentionally withheld the evidence that exonerated him. I can prove this because the prosecutor left his handwritten notes in the file that he was defying a 1988 Court Order to turn over all of the evidence.

    I will never give up to clear my brother’s name.

  2. Cynthia Smith

    This is so terribly sad…..There’s nothing like having time out of your life stolen from you for something that you didn’t do BUT to literally have the final day’s of your life stolen for something that you didn’t do should
    be unexcusable!

    There are two kinds of justice there is man made justice which is full of fault ‘ s and mistake’s. However there is God’s Justice which is inevitable and Just. We’re ALL going to face God’s justice in the end.

    point: The individual’s who cause action’s like this to happen WILL have to answer when the TRUE MEANINGFUL. Judgement day happen ‘ s they may not think that they will EVER be held accountable BUT they will!

    I wish to wish this man’s Family my condolences. I’m truly sorry that this happened to your family.

  3. This is really sad. It’s a shame on us humans to let this kind of things happen. My heart goes out to him and his family

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