California Anti-Junk Science Forensics Bill Signed Into Law

Mike Bowers, on his blog Forensics in Focus, has posted the news that a new “anti-junk science forensics” bill has been signed into law in California.

The law permits post conviction defendants the ability to contest expert testimony that was presented against them at trial. In other words, convictions in which experts have either repudiated their past testimony, or used forensic “science” that is later deemed faulty by legitimate research, are subject to later proceedings reversing that conviction.

This is a huge deal, because it prevents prosecutors and judges from just using old case law as an excuse for ignoring habeas corpus appeals expressing new forensic research and attitudes.

4 responses to “California Anti-Junk Science Forensics Bill Signed Into Law

  1. Phil Locke, Great news!

  2. This is great news, indeed. So many Exonerees, including me, spent years waiting for someone to finally address junk science used to wrongfully convict them. And how many others languish in prison today while their our exoneration drags on? Thanks for sharing!

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