California Governor Vetoes Bill to Protect the Innocent

Jerry Brown, the same California Governor who recently signed an ‘anti-junk science forensics bill‘ into law, has vetoed a bill that would provide protection for the innocent, and hold prosecutors “mildly” more accountable.

The vetoed bill would have allowed judges to inform juries when prosecutors had been caught intentionally withholding exculpatory evidence, which is already a breach of ethics and arguably illegal.  Note that the bill did not even include sanctions for ethics-breaching prosecutors.

See the San Francisco Examiner story here.

See the Washington Post story here.


2 responses to “California Governor Vetoes Bill to Protect the Innocent

  1. Phil, Thank you writing this article and posting the links! One of the articles has a link to Governor Brown’s letter. The Governor just confirmed who holds the power over him, the justice system and the courts — the powerful prosecutors’ associations!

  2. Reblogged this on innocencemattersblog and commented:
    This makes no sense . . .

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