Another Shaken Baby Syndrome Acquittal

An Iowa District Judge has dismissed the case against Peter Ranke, who was accused of injuring his 3-week old baby by shaking.  And further, the judge sharply criticized the diagnosing doctor for mishandling the investigation into the child’s injuries

This case highlights the proclivity of child abuse pediatricians to jump immediately to an SBS diagnosis; without giving due consideration to possible differential diagnoses.

See the Iowa City Press-Citizen story here.

2 responses to “Another Shaken Baby Syndrome Acquittal

  1. From reading the testimonies of some of these doctors, I have to believe that they feel the differential diagnosis is a complete waste of time and resources. Despite some statements to the contrary, it still seems like they see the “triad” and immediately presume SBS/AHT. Any search for other illnesses is cursory at best.

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