Oklahoma May Be About to Execute an Innocent Man

Richard Glossip is scheduled to be executed by lethal injection in Oklahoma next Wednesday, 9/16.

He was convicted of a murder-for-hire plot based solely upon the testimony of the actual murderer, who implicated Glossip after coercion by the police, and to save his own skin.

See the CNN story by Helen Prejean here.

4 responses to “Oklahoma May Be About to Execute an Innocent Man

  1. Excellent! Signed petitions, shared widely and call the Governor! Murder by the state (not in my name) of an innocent man by fallible human beings playing God with peoples’ lives must end.

  2. Reblogged this on Wrongly Convicted Group Website and commented:
    The murder-for-hire theory of the prosecution is not credible, a witness in the room next door heard voices, arguing, contrary to story of the killer. Apparently some jurors didn’t believe the story but convicted on an incorrect theory that Glossip could have saved the victims life after being told of the crime – incorrect because firstly ( despite the incorrect testimony of the medical examiner at the second trial ) the victim was already dead, and secondly because Glossip didn’t initially believe the killer. The clamour for a stay is growing.

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