Glossip Execution Stayed in Oklahoma

Please see our earlier post on this subject:  Oklahoma May Be About to Execute an Innocent Man.

An Oklahoma appellate court has granted a two week stay of execution for Richard Glossip while it considers motions filed by his attorneys. See the CNN story here.


3 responses to “Glossip Execution Stayed in Oklahoma

  1. Phil, Thank you for the update. The public outcry must be heard!

  2. Reblogged this on Wrongly Convicted Group Website and commented:
    A chance for justice for Richard Glossip at last.

  3. I find it strange that a judicial system will believe the word of a convicted killer.
    It stands to sense they will blame anybody to save their own sinful life.

    I feel he was a police informer and a deal has been struck with an unscrupulous official.
    This poor man is a scapegoat for the murderer’s life


    Not the happy state I envisaged.
    State Murder!!!

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