New California Law Addresses Prosecutorial Misconduct

Prosecutors who intentionally withhold evidence from defense attorneys or the court could face tougher punishment and greater scrutiny under a new state law prompted by the misuse of jailhouse informants by Orange County prosecutors.

The legislation, signed by Gov. Jerry Brown, strengthens the ability of judges to remove individual prosecutors and, if warranted, their offices, from cases if prosecutors are found willfully withholding evidence.

The new law also requires judges to report offending prosecutors to the state bar, which licenses attorneys.

From the Orange County (CA) Register:

Link to full article:

C. Ronald Huff

2 responses to “New California Law Addresses Prosecutorial Misconduct

  1. It is about time! The people who are innocent are helpless! Especially if they are poor. Imagine sitting in a court room full of Prosecutors with every means imaginable at their disposal to put you behind bars for life! And there you sit, with the best defense you can afford, wow. Also Prosecutors have to problem coaching their witnesses. Without the means to defend your self, you might was well ask the Prosecutors, what kind of deal can I get to at least only serve a shot term in prison. NOT RIGHT!!!

  2. We should treat them fairly: if there is clear that a prosecutor intentionally suppressed evidence, he/she should be disbarred, charged, prosecuted, convicted, and imprisoned — just like any other actual criminal. (Incompetence should not even be an issue. Even though – with all the wrongful convictions throughout the United States — it appears courtrooms across America are being operated and overseen by a bunch of idiot buffoons.)

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