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False Memories: Robert Thorson: How We Shape Our Fallible Memories

Blind Ambition: More Than a Dozen Men Ask Court to Formally Declare Their Innocence

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  1. Hi my name is Charles Wilcox I live in Troy New York. I have a story that needs to be heard it’s about back in 1998 I was pressured into pleading guilty or something I didn’t do and there a police report I never said or sign FOX23 News tape and a test was negative. And a witness. Please look into my case I have a story

    • Charles,

      The question must be asked, and loudly.
      Who benefits from making felons from those who are not?
      It happened to me in May of 1992. A jury in Rock County Wisconsin convicted me for an assault I did not do. I was in Illinois at the time.
      The fact is they do not need actual evidence. All of the persons cleared or exonerated by DNA analysis proves that. All or most of advantages in court rules of trial procedure are weighted for prosecution. That is furthered by a serious lack of accountability by way of qualified immunity for both the police and district attorneys. That immunity often lends itself to government staff too.

      So in reality, we are left with a nation governed by those without a conscious nor real accountability for bad behavior. Instead if one has been found to have been wrongly convicted he or she will find some tort cash being thrown their way. They merely buy silence in the face of the unconscionable. That sir will only continue unfettered, similar to unreasonable electronic database searches now routinely used by LEOs.a

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