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Ohio Supreme Court Declines to Hear Prosecutor’s Appeal in Wrongful Conviction Case

Yesterday, Dean Gillispie, 47, the Ohio Innocence Project’s first client, had yet another court victory. The Ohio Supreme Court declined to hear Montgomery County Prosecutor Mathias Heck’s appeal of an earlier court decision that vacated Gillispie’s conviction and sentences.

Gillispie spent 20 years in prison for three 1988 rapes, which he always said he did not commit. His identification by victims in a photo line-up occurred two years after the crimes. No physical evidence connected Gillispie to the crimes.

In December 2011, U.S. District Magistrate Judge Michael R. Merz ordered Gillispie’s release after determining that he did not get a fair trial. Prosecutors Continue reading

Eyewitness Nightmare: We’ve Convicted Countless on Evidence that is Unreliable 25% of the Time

A fundamental principal in American criminal justice is that one is innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. But in the past two decades, DNA-proven wrongful convictions have revealed that we’ve routinely met the standard of “beyond a reasonable doubt” with evidence that is quantifiably incorrect one-fourth of the time.

A 25 percent error rate in school has historically earned the very lackluster grade of D. A 25 percent margin of error would shutter any hospital and ground any airline. But, in the criminal justice system, most Americans, blinded by trust in the system and a popular allegiance to “tough on crime” policies, have yet to Continue reading