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Eyewitness Nightmare: We’ve Convicted Countless on Evidence that is Unreliable 25% of the Time

A fundamental principal in American criminal justice is that one is innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. But in the past two decades, DNA-proven wrongful convictions have revealed that we’ve routinely met the standard of “beyond a reasonable doubt” with evidence that is quantifiably incorrect one-fourth of the time.

A 25 percent error rate in school has historically earned the very lackluster grade of D. A 25 percent margin of error would shutter any hospital and ground any airline. But, in the criminal justice system, most Americans, blinded by trust in the system and a popular allegiance to “tough on crime” policies, have yet to Continue reading

Law Schools: Add Wrongful Conviction to Core Curriculum

“Like many people, I [once] accepted one of the myths,” said Jeffrey Rosen, the New Republic’s legal affairs editor and law professor at George Washington University. The Los Angeles Times called Rosen “the nation’s most widely read and influential legal commentator.” A legal book author, he is a summa cum laude graduate of Harvard College, was a Marshall Scholar at Oxford University, and is a Yale Law School graduate. One of his specialty areas is criminal procedure. Yet, he recently humbly admitted that he’d gained a new understanding about our criminal justice system, namely, that it convicts the innocent far more often then most imagine.

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