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Brooklyn, NY, Conviction Review: Seventh Man Set Free, After 17 Years in Prison

The New York Times reported yesterday (here) that Roger Logan, 53, has been exonerated and released from prison as a result of the ongoing probe of 90 murder cases by a conviction review unit under the direction of Kings County District Attorney Kenneth P. Thompson. Logan—the seventh man to be released since Thompson took office on January 1, 2014—had steadfastly maintained his innocence during the 17 years he served in prison following his conviction and sentence of 25 years to life.

Logan had been convicted of the 1997 shooting of Sherwin Gibbons, who was killed in the vestibule of a Bedford-Stuyvesant building.

The Conviction Integrity Unit is looking at all 57 murder convictions involving former detective, Louis Scarcella, whose unorthodox tactics and unraveling convictions have prompted serious scrutiny, as well as other convictions stemming especially from the 1980s and 1990s, a time of rampant crime and violence. Continue reading

Man Paroled after 18 Years in Prison; Another Brooklyn Murder Conviction Unravels

Sundhe Moses, 37, was granted parole on October 31, 2013, without meeting the usual requirements. Moses didn’t acknowledge guilt, take responsibility, or express regret for the crime for which he was convicted and imprisoned for the past 18 years. Instead, he said he was innocent. While it’s very unusual for a claim of innocence to be an effective parole argument, the evidence supporting his claim was convincing enough for the parole board to grant Moses’ release. Continue reading

NY Conviction Integrity Unit to Review Notable Detective’s Cases; Chicago Urged to Follow

Louis Scarcella, 61, now retired, a gregarious, former New York police detective who was a go-to investigator for the city’s highest profile murder cases, utilized techniques that might euphemistically be called creative or unorthodox. As the New York Times reported (here) on Sunday, Brooklyn District Attorney Charles J. Hynes has ordered a review of 50 murder cases handled by Scarcella in light of growing questions concerning his tactics and mounting concerns about the integrity of the resulting convictions. Today, the Chicago Sun-Times has published an editorial urging the Cook County State Attorney’s Conviction Integrity Unit to pursue a similar review of the cases of another productive investigator, Chicago Police Detective Reynaldo Guevara. Continue reading