Second serious DNA ‘error’ in UK made public.

Hot on the heels of the Adam Scott case where DNA contamination at LGC labs in England led to an innocent man being charged with rape, (see post here… Review of convictions after DNA contamination in lab discovered.) we now read that another error – this time a typographical error made during data entry on a computer – has led investigators on a wild goose chase for more than a year in a murder inquiry. The revelations in the case of Gareth Williams, whose death still remains a mystery, has led to further comments on the problems with the privatisation of forensic science in the UK, as well as the risk that miscarriages of justice are just as likely as ever, with faulty science often being to blame. Read here:

Calls for inquiry into ‘astonishing’ DNA error

and comment on privatisation from Prof Peter Gill:

Privatisation is a catastrophe, warns godfather of forensics

Listen here to Michael Mansfield QC warning that miscarriages of justice in England and Wales are NOT a thing of the past:

Michael Mansfield: ‘Risk of miscarriages of justice as great as ever’ – video

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