Friday’s Quick Clicks…

  • Robert Dewey’s DNA exoneration early this week would never have happened if not for lucky preservation of the evidence; more on Dewey exoneration here
  • More on the Ohio Innocence Project’s attempts to exonerate Dewey Jones via DNA and other new evidence
  • Protests in Toledo, Ohio interrupt Prosecutor’s lunch; protestors want prosecutor to agree to release DNA for testing in Danny Brown’s case so that Danny, already exonerated, can confirm his innocence to a sufficient level for state compensation
  • Prosecutor in suburban Cincinnati faces criminal charges for intentionally altering an indictment in a case (adding gun specs)
  • Maryland Supreme Court’s decision that collecting DNA profiles from arrestees is unconstitutional may get appealed to SCOTUS
  • Canadian exoneree Romeo Phillion files $14 million lawsuit for wrongful conviction
  • New book focuses on risks of bringing back death penalty in UK
  • Update on the efforts by the Innocence Project to free Booker Diggins in New Orleans

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