Jack McCullough Exoneration. Case Not “Yet” Closed.

We have previously written about the Jack McCullough case here, here, and here.

Jack was convicted in 2012 of the 1957 abduction and murder of 7-year-old Maria Ridulph in Sycamore, IL. Jack was a neighbor of the Ridulph’s at the time. This used to be called the coldest case ever “solved.”

The current DeKalb County prosecutor, Richard Schmack, felt ethically compelled to review the case, and determined that evidence proved Jack could not be guilty.  Consequently, he filed a motion with the court to dismiss charges. Just this past April, Judge William Brady did dismiss the charges, but declined to do so “with prejudice.” This now leaves Jack vulnerable to being re-charged and re-tried. Maria Ridulph’s brother is continuing to seek appointment of a special prosecutor to re-open the case against Jack.

Now, a witness for the prosecution, who was incentivized to testify at Jack’s trial, has come forward to claim the the state did not live up to its part of the deal they made with him.

Well, if you’ve ever doubted the politically-driven and self-serving nature of the justice system, please see the recent CNN story HERE.

8 responses to “Jack McCullough Exoneration. Case Not “Yet” Closed.

  1. America’s deadliest prosecutors: five lawyers, 440 death sentences | US news | The Guardian 6/30/16 http://bit.ly/29g6MQn

    • Might this explain it? Remembering … At the core of our neo-slavery today, the mass incarceration of our people? 13th Amendment? In order to create a better America, a more comprehensive education of our history is needed, to better understand where we are hearing today.

      Frederick Douglass 4th of July speech | People’s History of the United States http://bit.ly/29jhgvr

    • Today, the 4th of July, we spent the day at Perryville Prison, visiting our daughter, Courtney Bisbee, innocent and wrongfully convicted. No freedom here, or for the tens of thousands of innocent men and women languishing in prisons across America “land of the free”. No day off, in fighting for freedom.

  2. “What to the slave is 4th of July?” Frederick Douglass’ historic speech | People’s History of the United States http://bit.ly/29jhgvr

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  4. if someone lies and you didnt know it and tjey called you crying needing help would you check theire idea if you thought they were 18. cause they posted they were well my son didnt now hes a lude or lucidious perdon that has to register because of that and while outon bond didnt open door at freinds graduation party he hid so same cop who arrested him charged him with kidnapping omg how many of us hid or ran when we wete young this florida

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